Friday, April 10, 2009

Guardian Fruitarian Talk Board

I recently decided to add my tuppence worth to a "raw vegan fruitarian" discussion, ongoing on the UK Guardian newspaper website:

The Guardian Fruitarian Message Board

I do this occasionally, browse the internet to find relative topics to add fruitarian thoughts to, and naturally meet with varying degrees of success.

What gets me most, is just how few people are able to argue their point in a rational manner, typical responses I come across are "that's just plain crazy", or "you're a fruit cake".. Instead of saying why it is that points I might put forward are supposedly loopy, they will avoid the issue altogether by dismissing it entirely and resorting to petty name calling.

This particular discussion, is not especially different to many others I've joined briefly over the years.. Trying to get the skeptics to address individual issues is pretty pointless.

Fruit - Real food

Fruit - The highest of all foods. For mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing - The garden of Eden diet.

One guy just said my morals are wrong. Sure, anyone is entitled to believe that another's morals may be wrong, but if it were I, I would try my darnedest to state clearly why I thought any given set of morals were or weren't wrong.

Oh well.. I lost no sleep over it, and on the plus side, there were definitely a couple of people in the discussion that were at least open to the idea of an all fruit fruitarian diet.. It looks like one of them, at least, even has the promising potential to join the ranks of fruitarians, and is already supportive toward fruitarianism.. [Voluspa, if you are listening. You made my visit to the discussion worth while]

As always..
Peace to All,


Tinah said...

hehe.. the thought of eating fruit always inspires me! Fabulous picture : ) Fruit is luscious~

To those who would open up to that possibility, my they have a lot in store for them!~~

<3 & joy,

todd glasco said...

When people respond negatively in such a immature manner, it generally means either

1) they have not the intelligence to answer thoughtfully (in which case you may be casting pearls before swine)...or

2) They have no real reason, but want to discourage you and others (in which case you may be casting pearls before swine).

This is why i generally avoid such traps of contention as i find these responses frustration. Life is too short for unnecessary frustration imho.

The Lord bless you mango.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


kveta said...

yeah, everyone, well said. we all experience at time negative comments on our raw lifestyle, especially as fruitarians. i think in many cases it comes out of fear of change and the unknown. after so many years, i find mostly comments like: you must be crazy, amusing.

thank you, sweet mango for such a readable fruity blog. and all your writings. kiss, kveta

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Everyone,
thanks for sharing your thoughts!
yes.. fruit is certainly luscious - DE-luscious!!

Todd, I hear and understand what you are saying, and agree mostly, although I no longer get frustrated. also, the good thing about the internet, is that the pearls are all virtual, so if casted, they're there for all to benefit from, or not, as the case may be.. So although some of the people that responded did so from a very biased point of view, others may still get and profit from what was written - possibly for many years yet to come too..

Kveta dearest, I agree.. fear of change may often be a motivating factor behind peoples negative responses.. I also see that failure to see things may also be grounded in deep rooted predjudisms.. We are told what and how to think, and what is true, and for some the possibility that the world is not how we have been told, is just beyond comprehension..

Also I think many of the people that respond are just kids (possibly in mind alone), unable to really think for themselves, and are not really interested in doing so anyway, and are just there to have in what their minds they consider fun, by attempting to be witty with their words, and poking fun at those that think differently.


Anonymous said...

Todd you are still a newbie so wait to get several detoxes and we will see if you are going to be that positive about the fruity diet!
I think that the Fruitarian diet is the only diet who can help us feel better and heal as well if we have a condition. However after 2 years of battle with this diet , I would say the key is to avoid the detox process.If you eat a little bit nuts during the week you can decrease the detox process and feel well.Mango when your book is going to be out?


Anonymous said...

Hi Fred,
I’m new in fruit diet. I tried to cut nuts totally from my diet. First of all it was difficult, and I had strong craving for them, and then after a few weeks I felt very low energy level. Therefore I added them to my diet again, and now I feel better. I have to mention when I compare my food list with Mango’s food list, I am not eating avocados or durians as much as he is. Perhaps that’s the reason I need to add nuts to my diet. Could you please explain in detail what you meant when you said by adding nuts to the diet, you decrease the detoxification process? Do you have any experience on that or can you refer me to a source to get more information. I would appreciate it if anyone else shares his/her knowledge or experience on this matter.

Anonymous said...


If you are new to the fruitarian then your body will clean itself if you eat only fruits. The process can be very unpleasant. As I said you will reduce the detox process by adding a few nuts per week. Ovos are fruit therefore won't be helpful to reduce the detox symptoms. I also eat rarely beans and hemp milk. But I feel that they are also important in my diet.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi all, thanks for the comments once more..

When Fred writes that by eating nuts you can avoid detox, may or may not me true for the individual.

The thing with nuts, as I've written several times previously, is that they are not raw, hence the effect it will have on the body is very comparable to certain cooked foods, and by eating nuts, or cooked foods, the body will focus its energy more on digesting and assimilating these difficult foods, and less on elimination (elimination = detox)..

However, what you have to realise also, is that by eating any none foods, you may just be postponing the detox.. The best is always to bite the bullet and get it over with.. especially if you are young enough and strong enough to cope with that..

Sorry.. The book may still be a while yet.. I have not updated it for a year.. I have to be in the right frame of mind.. It will get done one day!!