Sunday, October 09, 2011

Vision of Eden

It is my firm conviction, that the principle focus behind fruitarianism should be the understanding of the uniqueness of fruit as a food choice. Unlike all other foods, fruit is the one true food that karmically speaking is clearly "given" freely. Fruit is the only food which ultimately has the potential to be truly compatible with the immortal words of "the Beatles", love is all you need. All other foods require the death or partial destruction and injury toward a life form. Whether it be through the cold hard steel of a knife blade to a pig's throat, the imprisonment and suffering of animals kept for no other purpose than human gluttony, the untimely assassination of wild free roaming animals, the constant ploughing of fields for mono cereal crops destroying the lives and habitats of countless small wildlife. Even the consumption of seeds and nuts often prevents the seed from any chance of germination and a life of it's own, and the uprooting of carrots, lettuce and similar either completely terminate the life of a plant, or destroy a good part of it. All these actions incur karmic debt, which, whether we like it or not, are aware of it or not, will be paid off in kind.

It is unrealistic to think that fruitarianism proposes an immediate total eradication of such needless harm and death, but I do see it as a method to greatly minimize such, and over time as the consciousness of humankind expands toward its spiritual potential, I do not believe that such a goal is at all unrealistic.

My vision is to see the whole world embrace this concept. I believe that once humankind has inevitably done so, other species (YES!) will naturally follow suit.. So instead of looking up to other species as examples as to how we should eat and live (Sadly most often the case today), other species will be guided and influenced by us, and ultimately the chaotic bloody balance of nature as it currently exists, will evolve into a harmonious peaceful balance where all species will be able to live their lives without fear of this insane dog eat dog, kill or be killed competitive ruthless insanity..  survival of the fittest will be replaced by mutual respect and cooperation. I by no means propose to have all the answers, far from it, but I do trust that there are no problems without solutions and that as we continue to evolve, the path will become ever clearer. Ultimately fruitarianism proposes a "Live and let live" solution.

What I don't believe should be part of fruitarianism, is calorie counting, focusing on carbohydrates, electrolytes, minerals, vitamins etc etc.. I think these factors ultimately stem from "FEAR", and a clear lack of trust and faith in fruit. Most people are truly hoodwinked into following this pseudoscience side of eating, and although they themselves have no real idea what proteins or calories really are, they still wield the terms as if they were personally very familiar with them. Lying to themselves and others in doing so.

Fruitarianism is about letting go of such fears, trusting in the goodness of fruit, living as simply as one can, having faith, (there's always room for improvement!) eating when hungry, drinking when thirsty, resting and sleeping when tired. It is not about following fashion based on greed and consumerism, but about walking barefoot to regain contact with the earth, being naked, weather permitting, whenever one can do so without victimization, letting ones hair and beard, when applicable, grow naturally, not defacing ones body with tattoos, piercing, make up and chemical cleaners, certainly not undergoing pointless surgery. Rather it concerns the understanding that the medical industry is a multi billion dollar business that ultimately does NOT have our best interests at heart. Understanding that the body will heal itself from pretty much anything if we follow the rules of simplicity and fruit eating.

I believe it is also about getting closer to nature, about getting our hands covered in soil as we plant and care for new fruit trees. Not competitiveness, not Alpha-male centred and dominated society, but mutual support and understanding of one another, and using our energy toward the ultimate vision of Eden and personal spiritual growth.

Fruit has not only the ability to cleanse us both internally physically and mentally, but also applied externally is great for washing our bodies, as well as making us more spiritually aware.

As always, I feel I have barely scratched the surface, and the final peace and tranquillity that will reign will be beyond all our expectations.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Concerning the Fruitarian Interviews.

I have a fair few things in my head I need to get done, including many in terms of writing and this blog etc.

One of them, is that I've long been meaning to sort through my "list of interviews with fruitarians", and figure out which are genuine and which are not.

Not far from where we live.

Truth is, each time I have made contact with someone in regard to a potential interview, the first thing I have tried to establish is that that person is already eating 100% fruit (with no nuts, including coconuts, seeds, vegetables including sugarcane juice, no roots, no tubors, no greens etc etc.. just purely fruit), OR that that person has a genuine intention of one day reaching such a diet, and that they should be sure that this is a genuine lifetime commitment, and not a passing experimental fad.

Sure, I am far from lacking understanding that people may reach a realization of fruit, but that circumstances may hinder such an immediate progression, or that addictions may first have to be confronted. I accept that probably this is the case for many, if not most. I am certainly not in denial there may be difficulties. I know I myself struggled from time to time, but during my failings, I never once lost faith that fruit is the only genuine food for humans, and always kept my goal in mind and sight.

Sure, also, I may not have made it totally clear to interviewees that I was not after people that were not 100% certain with their commitment.. But my intention has always been show purely people that have a genuine 100% committed intention of eating solely fruit.. (ie, once more, nothing but fruit, no greens, carrots, coconuts, sugar cane etc etc..) This is by no means meant as a judgement. Far from it. I understand and respect others freedom to make their own choices. (note: there have already been a few interviews that have been deleted on request because the interviewee had a change of heart).

So, what I would like to do, i s get people who I've interviewed in the past, to please please comment honestly and fairly, and tell me whether or not they can swear that 100% fruit is indeed their goal. If it is not, I respectfully desire to delete the interviews of those whose direction is elsewhere.

If however, you still consider yourself at heart to be a 100% committed fruitarian, but not quite there, please let me know what you feel about that, whether or not you have some timeline to reach your goal, or what the reasons are that you feel you are not there yet? (fear, uncertainty (then you shouldn't be interviewed yet), lack of choice, addiction, etc etc).

For me, fruitarianism is not, and never has been, about eating so many percent fruit, or so many percent of ones caloric intake from fruit. Readers will know that I scorn calories and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins and sugars, 801010, and workouts. Sure, I understand that this is the focus of many, just it is not mine. The fruitarianism I talk of does not have it's roots in any of this modern complex pseudoscience, but rather in simplicity.

The roots stem from a potential Garden of Eden. Fictional or not, matters not to me. I see it as a genuine direction and focus for humankind, that has the potential to ultimately heal this planet, restore forests, stop land erosion, and restore our demented psychi.  Taking us up a few vibrational levels to the species we may ultimately evolve in to.

The way I see it, fruitarianism as well as being about simplicity, is also most importantly an ethical issue. It's about doing no harm, or minimizing harm to as great an extent as feasible. Naturally, there are other sidelines to that.. health, environment, economics and more, and these are all of course important factors too, but not my predominant focus..

Of course, making things clear once more, when I talk of a 100% fruit, I am referring to raw ripe and ready fresh fruit. Not cooked fruit, not canned fruit, not dried fruit, not even sun dried fruit. Not grains or nuts that some people at times have erroneously classified as fruit. I am talking of the part of the plant which is, karmically speaking, given freely. I know I'm repeating myself, but much as I myself see it as simple, peoples' minds are often so rooted in complexity, they fail to see the simple.  They seem to desire instead complex formulas and figures. That is not what fruitarianism is about. I've mentioned before that some friends of mine once met a girl who claimed she was fruitarian, and visiting her, found her eating peanut butter, jam and bread.. For her, the jam was made from fruit, and the peanuts were fruit to her too, as were the grains of wheat in her probably home made bread..

A good friend has asked me recently about this, saying there are many people claiming fruitarianism but eating things other than fruit. It's true, I know I don't have a monopoly on the word. It is used and abused quite loosely these days. But I ask, where is the simplicity of 80% fruit constituting fruitarian. There is none.. How can one even know really that 80% of ones diet is fruit.. It's a joke. Seriously, it's such a loose description open to people eating 50 and 60% and fooling themselves that they eat 80%.. even scientifically calculating the calorific content of ones food to figure out the 80% factor is a joke. It will vary daily.. and whose deciding what the other 20% can and can't be? Certainly unless the follower of such a pattern is 100% vegan, I wouldn't take them seriously dietwise anyway.

See.. this is also the thing.. back in the day, my own path took me through vegetarianism, veganism, raw veganism to fruitarianism.. There was a deep commitment to ethics in each step. When I began eating raw, I never could have imagined that people could choose to eat raw eating animal products too. The thought just never crossed my mind. But I like to think I'm a little wiser now, and I know that is far from the truth. Trouble is, many of the people reaching what they define as fruitarianism, have made their choices purely out of health reasons, they may talk of ethics, but have never even been a committed vegan.. If they can't be a committed vegan I can't see how they can ever be a committed fruitarian, regardless of what percentage they believe they are at...

So, enough of my waffling..

This is a request to all my interviewees.. please tell me where you are at, are you committed, are you eating 100%, do you think you ever will be, how long do you estimate before you reach that stage, what are the issues preventing you from doing so immediately??

Please be as honest as you possibly can. I will not think less of you for opting out, or for struggling. Please feel unjudged and at ease.

kind regards,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Tony Wright interview..

Some years ago, I was invited to take part in some wacky sleep deprivation experimentation going on down in Devon, UK..

Not fully knowing what to really expect, myself, and friend of the time, Antony, agreed to meet up down there, and give it a shot.

I was living in France back then, up in the Pyrenees, but a stone throw from the Spanish border.. pretty well off the beaten track.

Ant on the other hand, was in the UK, and therefore able to get there quicker than I, so thus arrived a day or 2 before I did.

On arrival at Exeter bus terminal, Ant was there to greet me together with another guy named Tony Wright.

What followed were probably 10 of the most unusual days of my existence.. spent in a big old farm house out in the countryside.

There were a bunch of us there.. Me, Ant, Tony, Dave, Steve, Harmonie and Karen. Karen was the original editor and publisher of the FRESH network magazine, which some readers may recall from the 1990s, before it became a glossy commercialised affair.

The theory was that one half of the brain is basically a demented version of what it once may have been. Likely rendered so, due to generations of cooked food abuse. Supposedly, it is this half of the brain which is generally in control.

Meanwhile, the other half, supposedly relatively undamaged and properly functional, slumbers on in a sort of "hibernation" mode.

Tony Wright was the man with the theory, and according to him, simplifying the story somewhat, once the mind becomes weary, it sort of switches off the bulk of our senses before finally shutting itself down, allowing us to enter into the sleep state. It is during this time, that the fully functional not demented half, kicks in. But it seems it's a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, and once sleep is over, the evil half wakes rubs it's eyes and pushes aside the good half with a complete lack of disrespect for communication.

So the whole point of the sleep deprivation experimentation I was part of, was/is that if you can force yourself to stay awake for long enough, eventually the evil half will become too tired to function, and without the opportunity to turn off the senses as it normally would do, just shuts down, leaving for quite likely the first time ever, the good half active with a conscious mind.

OK.. I admit, I may be simplifying the whole scenario, but basically during the following 10 days, apart from what we christened the odd "micro"nap, (short lapses into sleep of no more than a minute), I remained awake.

Now this seems an unlikely tale.. especially when one considers that I enjoy my sleep and can easily sleep 10 or 11 hours every night, but somehow, I believe that the above paragraph is for all intents and purposes truthful.

The events that ensued are not what I wish to go into right now. They can wait for another when. But, the fact that we were all pretty much eating fruit only, I believe helped the experience unfold.

But the point of this article?

Well, in recent years, I've had very little contact with those folks from back then, but recently I stumbled upon a few interviews with Tony on Youtube, and thought I'd share them with yous all: