Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions.

I will add to this list as and when I write new answers to relevantly asked questions..

  1. Who are you?
    Very deep question. You can read more about me on these pages:
           My Brief Introduction
           My "About Me" page
           My Interview
           My Audio Interview
           Astrological Me
           My Oprah Winfrey fruitarian interview

  2. So, what's a fruitarian??
    I've tried to explain that here:
           My Definition of Fruitarian
           Just fruits, no nuts, seeds, roots or greens

  3. And when you say "fruit", how exactly do you define that?
    Pretty simple, just read these posts:
           What is a Fruit.
           The difference between fruits and nuts.
    Voir aussi: La difference entre les fruits et les noix

  4. How many fruitarians do you know?
    Well, I'm slowly interviewing all the ones I know of:
           List of Interviews with Fruitarians

  5. What are the benefits of eating just fruit?
    The benefits are manifold. See:
           Reasons to be Fruitarian

  6. What about all the fruit sugars, wouldn't that rot your teeth?
    I address my own loss of teeth here:
           Fruitarianism and Teeth

  7. How much and when do you eat?
    That all depends on what's in season and what's available. This link may give more of an insight.
           These are the blog posts detailing our monthly food

  8. How do you deal with cravings?
    Yes, good question, here're my attempted answers:
           Some thoughts on cravings..

  9. Are nuts part of your diet?
    In a word, "no".. See here to find out why:
           Nuts on a fruitarian diet
           The difference between fruits and nuts.
           Just fruits, no nuts, seeds, roots or greens
    Voir aussi: La difference entre les fruits et les noix

  10. What about greens? Do you eat them?
    Personally, I believe fruit to be far superior to greens.
           Greens on a Fruitarian Diet
           Just fruits, no nuts, seeds, roots or greens
           Questioning Greens on a Fruitarian Diet 

  11. Are mushrooms a fruitarian food?
    not exactly..
           Mushrooms on a Fruitarian Diet 

  12. What about avocados?
    Sure, I eat them when they appeal, and don't restrict them in any way:
           Avocados on a Fruitarian diet

  13. What does veganism mean?
    I think it's important to understand this:
           Veganism is not a diet

  14. What's a fast?
           This is what I mean by fasting

  15. What about protein on a fruitarian diet?
    I've written about this here:
           Protein on a Fruitarian Diet
           Why Nutritional Science Fails

  16. What about the B12
    Ah, the old B12 question.. Read here:
           B12 and Fruitarianism
           B12 on a raw vegan diet (mostly fruitarian)
           Why Nutritional Science Fails

  17. What's your view on Germs?
           The Germ Theory Myth

  18. What do you think of the medical industry?
           Is the Medical Industry to be Trusted?
           The Health Industry
           Fruitarianism and Teeth
           Why Nutritional Science Fails

  19. What's the big deal about fruit trees?
           Plant a fruit Tree

  20. What is detox?
           The Golden Rules of Detox
           Some Thoughts on Detoxing
           The Symptoms of Detox

  21. How long does detox take?
           How Long Does it Take to Totally Clean out one's System?

  22. What do you use for soap?
           Is Soap really clean?
           And some thoughts on sun creams..
OK.. I'm sure there will be more questions and answers over the coming months. If you have questions you want answered, then post comments, and when I can, if I feel to, I will do my best to answer them..

Local fruitarian Fauna - Rainbow Lorakeet



Courtney G said...

A little off the topic of the blog post but....I love those birds in the photo at the bottom...did u take that picture yourself? Where were you?--It looks like you could have taken that from your window or something. Do those birds live around you in the wild?


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Courtney,
yes those birds are beautiful aren't they? they are local we have them here all the time, they're called rainbow lorakeets.

I took the photo at our local fruit market where they were feasting on a box of grapes that were discarded..


DeSySaSteR said...

Hi mango, I really love your blog :)
I'd like to make you a question...Or better I have a question floating in my mind and don't know how to answer and I'd love to know your opinion about it...
I'm raw-vegan, still in transition (still eat some very little cooked or similar but no meat or milk or cheese or egss ect..)...
I began, first of all for ethical reasons, than I found out that it was the more healthy thing to do for ourselves...we're frugivores...I firmly believe it..
So it's not in our nature also to kill other animales... i can assure it's not mine... when i ate meat, it was only because it arrived to me already dead, and I dind'nt really want to think about it...
but now everything is changed...
So comes aout a problem with my cats...
surely, not like me, they are carnivore, so I don't want to hurt them manking them eat vegetables...
but i also don't want to buy dead and tortured animals to feed them... I don't want to hurt poor animals to make their meal, but I also don't want to hurt them...I love my cats...
I don't know what to do...I feel forced to buy them meat or meat croquettes to give them food...
I don't know what to think...
maybe the error is to domesticate animals too different from us? we could respect and observe them but not making them depent from us for food...?
But my thought is, living in a city... to leave cats free haunting for their food and free to live differently from us, is the best thing...but the reality is that they're anyway forced to face a non-natural place, full of dangers ... and so I think it would be egoistic to live them by theirselves expecially when they're already domesticated...when I look at the eyes of a cat, left alone in the dirty, cold streets of this orrible cities, I don't feel like I'm leaving him/her to his/her natural life, but alone in our mess...Not like when thei're instead free in the countryside (if they don't get hurt or shoot, killed by men,annoyed by their presence, of course...)
I'm in trouble...also because I feel also guilty to feed them with industrial food...not only for the animals who are killed but also because I firmly believe it is not healthy ... even if I give them meat...it's industrial meat coming from big animals they could never haunt, being really small predatorys...so isn't it also innatural?
anymay it is hypocritical for me..I could never kill a cow, or any other animal, if i had to do it to take their food...
maybe the answer is only that we (humans) have made a big mess ...!
We eat vegetarian pacific animals like us, instead of being their friends and protect them or leave them free...and we domesticate carnivorous animals making them eat the rests of our innatural meals...
But I really love animals, all animals... and surely my two cats...
but how can i be coherent with my vegan and natural view of life? Not hurting innocent animals, not killing, and not forcing other animals to change their nature ?
What's you opinion?
Thanks very much...

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Elisa,
many thanks for your thought provoking question.. I am working on an answer for you, and will post it as a blog post within the next few days..

I will also put a link to that post as a follow up comment, and update my FAQs to include your question once I am done writing my answer..

peace to you,

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi again Elisa.. I just posted a blog entry about companion animals and the ethics of keeping them.. you can read it here: