Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back online....

Hi folks..

after basically several months of next to no cyber activity, kveta and i have finally gotten ourselves hooked up onto the wide eyed web once more..

we've been online for a little less than a week so far, and are slowly easing back into the comfort and pain of being once more able to check our emails on a regular basis, look up useless facts on wikipedia, check out what's happening in cyberspace.. etc etc..

but seriously.. i missed not having my regular internet fix, and even if we did connect up briefly and inoccasionally through internet cafes and the like, we did naught much more than check our most important emails and sign off again..

so now that we're back, what next?

Feasting on australian durian

to be honest, i'm a little uncertain of the direction of this blog, over the past couple of years, i think i've said pretty much most of what i've felt to on the subject of fruit, diet and ethics.. Sure, there's always more to be said, and no doubt, i'll be saying it.. as and when the inspiration takes me.. but as a regularly updated blog, i really don't know any more whether i need to..

I still want to keep posting new interviews, as and when they happen, (speaking of which, I have one video interview I need to get youtubed and uploaded still), and I'll still keep updating my journal on a semi regular basis too.. and i guess i don't really know fully what i'm saying here myself, because I don't think I've fully settled the destiny of my blog..

I guess, I just want to say, don't expect too much to be forthcoming... but then again, don't expect too little.. either.. What was it Kwai Chang Caine learned - expect the unexpected I think it was.. but don't expect anything too profound (that's me talking again)..

Anyhow, nice to be back and talk more later..