Thursday, July 26, 2012

Woodstock fruit festival documentary.

Hi guys..

I know, I know.. I don't blog anymore. it's true. The rest of my life takes up too much time.

However, I'm just here to say a few quick words about a potential new fruit centered documentary that will be made should there be enough funding.

You all surely recall the "pure fruit" documentary of Kveta and I? Well, Emile, the director, and David, the camera guy, may team together once more to film the woodstock fruit festival this year.

Although their focus is more on fitness, their undue preoccupation with calories and the 801010 philosophy, the festival nevertheless promotes a predominantly fruit diet, and will hopefully encourage others to consider a moving toward true fruitarianism.

Anyone wishing to see the documentary made, can help out by contributing.. See the webpage here:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fruitarian Documentary

The Fruitarian documentary featuring myself and Kveta is finally finished and available to watch for free for one week, online.

Emile (the director) has created a facebook page called "Pure Fruit", with more details.

The film can be seen directly here too:

I have stopped blogging. Not sure if it's a temporary thing or more semi permanent.. In any case, Kveta and I are both doing well, and enjoying living in our new home which fulfils many/most of our dreams. We hope to spend the rest of our days here surrounded by fruit trees.

I hope to one day continue writing my book, and let all the story be known. But for the moment, the garden is our priority, together with enjoying life and sunshine.

peace to all,