Thursday, December 17, 2009

Arrived in the tropics safely..

We've just arrived at Mareeba... Well.. strictly speaking, not exactly "just", we actually got here 2 days ago, but relatively speaking that's "just" enough, - especially after hanging out to get here for 3 years or more ..

We're currently staying on a tropical fruit farm, owned by a guy named Clinton, who we've not yet met as he's down in Adelaide at the moment, and not due back until the 23rd..

We've already made our minds up that we won't be staying at this particular place for any longer period of time, and will be exploring the area in search of somewhere else.. Our main criteria being some established fruit trees, land enough to plant more.. privacy, and an easily accessable pond or creek for bathing in..

This place has a beautiful creek and watering hole, but unfortunately also a very steep hill to get to it, and not the simplest to get into either.. making it virtually impossible for kveta to enjoy it..

Literally hundreds of fruit trees here, with a minimum maintenance setup.. currently really not much fruiting, although still an abundance for the few of us here at the moment.. Basically, mangoes, inga-beans (the infamous "ice-cream bean"), and a few different sapote varieties.. There are 2 giant mango trees that get raided by the fruitbats nightly, and the ground is literally carpeted by mangoes each morning. (they get cleared up by the wheelbarrow loads daily, and used as mulch amoung the banana plants)..

I've taken a wander around the fruit orchard, and there are a fair few fruit trees I don't recognise.. It'll take me a while to start to learn to recognise trees again, and it's a skill I'd love to nurture..

Early mornings, the orchard is visited by Kangaroos and wallabies, and nearly bumped into one this morning looking around, plus was welcomed by a chorus of kookaburras singing in the distance.. I love the fact that there are places like this, but for Kveta and I, we realise that there's no way we could look after so much land and fruit trees.. I think our focus in terms of getting ourselves up and fed from the garden will likely involve several pawpaws, passion fruit of various varieties, and other quick growing plants, plus a few other fruit trees we both love, like mangoes, oranges, avos, and more..

I think we are still a ways from finding a place to settle, but really, as we still are not familiar with area, we don't have any timeframe in mind, and it's a good time to be practising patience.

We've just empted the car from our stuff, into the room we are momentarily staying in.. The tent just seemed to break up on us.. with the poles basically flaking and breaking.. Not sure if we will be able to get any replacements, but we'll certainly try.

So the last couple of days we've been winding down from our journey, and happily doing so.. The guys from the US, Emile and David, are still with us filiming for another few days. Doubtful that their documentary will find a conclusion before it's time for them to leave, but we'll be filiming ourselves some, with a mini flip camera they've provided us with, after they have left..

More sometime later, but no idea when..


Saturday, December 12, 2009

On the Road!!

Kveta and I have up and left Sydney!! We left on Wednesday morning, (the 9th of December), saying goodbye to all our neighbours with a fully loaded car.. today is Saturday (12th).. Morning, to be more precise.. 09:00 ish to be even more precise, and so far we've traveled just over 1500 kms, and are in some place called Miriam Vale in a Motel, (i'm estimating a little over 200kms from Rockhampton - that magical town that rests snuggly on the lattitudinal line known as the tropic of capricorn.. where the coconut palms suddenly start appearing..

We spent the night in a small rest area, a little south of here, and have just caught up with the film crew who were ahead of us a short ways in Miriam Vale. We had our first shower of the journey in the guys room, and are taking advantage of the internet access they have in their room..

Otherwise, things are going well.. the travelling can be a little tiring at times, and we still have a good 1300, 1400 kms ahead of us.. so will be on the road for a few more days yet..

Very excited about having left sydney for good, and finally passed over the sydney harbour bridge, waving goodbye to the opera house and the big little city..

We've been camping in our trusty little tent since leaving, and buying fruit along the way.. munching mostly on cherries and lychees which are in season here now, but even managed to score a couple of durians from a woolworths yesterday, and after feasting on one last night, still have one left in the car.

We also visited tropical fruit world, and scored a few tropical fruits as small samples of what to expect once we find our new tropical home (white sapote, yellow sapote, mamey sapote, green sapote.. but no chocolate pudding fruit yet.. not the season for that one)..

It's a pleasure travelling with the 2 film guys who are filming us as we head northward, and are making their doco on fruitarianism, focused initially around our search for a new home..

anyhows, will sign off here.. not sure when we'll be online again, so ciao for now!!

hugs to all,
kveta and mango..
(Kveta says she'll blog too as soon as she gets a chance.. probably after we are a little settled somewhere - even if only temporarily - no real time frame on that one though!!)..

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Interview with a Fruitarian - 34 - Tord Lyseving

34th in my series of interviews with fruit fruitarian fruit eaters

Hi Tord

OK, Could you please start off by introducing yourself? Just tell us who you are, where your from, where you're living now, your age, family situation, or anything else you think will give us a quick insight into who you are..

Once (I think it was in 1983/84) I was sitting in some meditation with closed eyes and saw 12 of my earlier lives. It came like tidal water waves, first one very clear picture, then one more and ….in some kind of historical time succession. I will only mention a few here. This experience was very strong and hit my mind with obvious consequences. It started in Africa where I was a medicine man treating a sick woman in my place, a little aside the village. I prepared a natural medicine with red berries in a wood vessel, I stirred and smashed the berries to a paste for her to eat and I also smeared this outside her body. Several people standing in a circle was expecting a healing miracle as before. I had a high position in this African village. Later in 1990 my former wife flew me to Africa, Gambia, where I stayed for a while and met many people, even an old medicine man in the bush who liked me to stay at his home to teach him my skills in natural medicine. I was honored to hear that and it was some kind of confirmation of my earlier life experiences.

Another strong "historical tidal water wave" hitting my mind was among Maya or Inca people in Mexico or Guatemala. I saw a colourful dressed man with a lot of power and also cruelty. Still I can paint this colourful man with a huge feather headgear on his head. In this life I have also visited Guatemala and came close to the old temples especially the Chichen itza temple was a great "deja vue", or recognition.

A third earlier life was in America, Canada, as an Indian chief. A funny thing is that even other friends in my surroundings expressed my connection to American indians as a famous indian chief. In 1960, in this life, I visited a place in Canada and at that time I was dancing with real indians in a camp, reserve. I was dancing with my history. In Russia I was, at different times a young and a famous piano player and very close to the Tsar Peter the great, helping to build warships. In this life I have also been in Russia twice, some kind of repetition to understand my own history!?

My last earlier life experience was as a war pilot in England during the second world war. I was a wing chief but quit, landing in the Netherlands on a farm and married a beautiful girl, the daughter of the farmer. In this life I have been (in a small scale) involved in aerobatic and gliding flight. Also some kind of recognition.

That was some of my background and of course I have also been poor, slave, put in prison and other life experiences but these 12 incarnations were so strong and clear like a branded pattern in my brow. I have also been involved in many battles....

In the present "Gregorian" time I was born in 1943 in the city of Luleå, in the very north of Sweden. I was a very active, sporty and talented boy and I never used any kind of drugs, cigarettes and just small amounts of alcohol. I was often put as a group captain in the school and the teacher often chose me to demonstrate things. Helping people has been an obvious "karma" to me. Probably because of my earlier life of cruelty and sacrificing other people. As a health, natural doctor I still have this task to help and inspire people to a better health and life. I have also been a so called coach for some top sportsmen and musicians in Sweden who got successful outcome.

When I was young I was very interested in art and I started painting very early and my drawings were often on the wall in my school to demonstrate how a good drawing should look like. Crazy thinking! Today, all the students paintings are on the wall.

I was studying at KTH (Technical collage) in Stockholm and as a researcher. I was also connected to FOA M (Swedish National Defence and M stands for section for material research, my speciality was plastic and rubber). I followed the studies for a doctor's degree for about two years at my institution of Polymer technology. I wrote several reports about my work and one international research article in Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 1973. At that time I was very proud to get this work accepted by the experts in the editorial board in USA. After that I was called "Dr. Tord Åredal" (my name at that time). This title, Dr., came on letters from all over the world and from the editorial board of the magazine. So I am not a real traditional technical doctor because I never got through the traditional trial with opponents.

I did not make any career in the common industry, just jumped on a new trail and bought two health food shop, where I could start my new life. I had all my patients in my shop and my loving mother (who became 92 years) often helped me with the customers.

I have three children (boy-40, girl-38 and girl-15 Gregorian years). My last wife was a flight captain and we travelled around the world with the hope to settle down in a place with a good climate and a lot of cheap and tasty fruit. We tried to settle down in Tenerife, La Palma or Brazil. We were anyhow and in some loving way taken back, by our spiritual friends, to Stockholm in 2006. Now I live with my girlfriend Lisa, look at the enclosed picture. We are helping Lisa’s parents to build at their farm and also in some extent in their business. My son is just going to start a new building company and I also help him in some matter. Lisa and I have, at the time, contact with people interested in the fruitarian lifestyle. Some young school people, mostly girls, like to make interviews with me and write project works about the fruitarian life and health in common. I am happy to see this interest especially from young people. The spiritual world sends old souls in young bodies to make the world more fruitful.

My website is: This site has not been updated for several years but my intention is to make a better one soon.

My best career of all was when I became fruitarian 1984/85 in Sweden. It has been my most exciting journey so far and I am expecting more interesting research and new discoveries in the future.

Congratulations to your nice website, Mango! Perhaps my site can be as good as yours?

I'm aware that in comparison to other Scandinavian countries, Sweden is more switched on in many ways regarding diet, especially with the work that Lily Johansson and Alf Spångberg did.. Were they at all influential in you becoming fruitarian?

In 1984, I was at that time fruitarian with nuts and some seeds, I was responsible for a health home in Norway for a time where we had a mixture of Raw Food diet and Lilly Johansson’s vegan diet. This health home was at the time close to a bankruptcy. They called for me and the business became successful. We were also in the Norwegian television and after that the ”flow” of people came to the place.

I visited Lily Johansson once with my mother to cure her gallbladder stones. She got out all stones, with help of olive oil cure and lemon juice and vegan food, and never after that any problem. I talked with Lilly and she said that she should like to eat more fruit and even to become a fruitarian but she could not because of her reumatic problems. She got pain when eating some kinds of fruit.

I tried to explain why and something about fruits ability to solve this but not with much success. Lilly died in 1999, age 79. Alf Spångberg was born in 1924 and I believe that he is still alive. I was already fruitarian when Alf Spångberg became a little known in Sweden.

I became a fruitarian because my spiritual guides helped me with this career. A common reaction when I became a fruitarian was that most of the people, including ”esoteric alternative", medial or not, looked at me to be very extreme. Even some medial friends thought I would die of malnutrition eating only fruits………????

So I'm guessing that growing up there, you would have been eating a more standard diet of the time and location? Can you tell us a little about how that was?

When I was young I loved fruit. When my father came home with a full box of oranges I could easily eat 7 to 8 of them directly. I also mention some of this behaviour in the book you got ”My Path to Freedom”. I could also eat lemons 4 to 5 at the same time without any problems. I loved tomatoes when I was young and some of my friends and I visited some tomato land where we could grab it. I was really born as a fruitarian child but my parents had no understanding of that. I was eating the food my mother served and not until the late 1970´s I became a vegetarian. In the beginning of the 1980’s my family lived on only raw food so called living food. My first wife and I went to Hippocrates institute in Boston to learn their program with sprouts and wheat grass and………..My wife got much better after that. We, my family and I, lived in that way for 2,5 years.

After my revelation (also in my book) in a state of meditation, 1983/84, I became a true fruitarian. During my transition I have of course, a few times, got some temptations sometimes for bread, potatoes, fish (salmon) and even a few times meat. The few times I tested the common food I got very bad reactions. I like to call it cleansing reaction. Once, 1993, I tested a chicken, potatoes and bread. The reaction after that was just a loving experience. I got a lot of mucus from my nose and my right foot went to sleep or became paralyzed so I could not lift it for one week. I had to drag my foot and I also got pain in my right leg and tremblings in some muscles.

As soon as I was eating common food, just a few times and only one meal for test, and also vegetarian cooked food I got directly a lot of mucus from my nose and a creeping feeling in my legs and of course I had a heavy, unpleasant feeling in my head. It was obvious how the food effected my brain. This ”food regression” can be seen as a part of my experiments and to give me better understanding of my body reactions. A god part of my private research work.

Do you know that Shakespeare’s (Hamlet..) once expressed ”I am a heavy meat eater and I am aware that this will harm my wit”. Still he is well known and famous. Do you know what Shakespeare’s mean? It stands for shaking pears, so perhaps he was a potential fruitarian……???

What was your health like growing up? And your weight?

I was a healthy boy with just a few colds. I was in motion all the time with different sports, dancing, cycling, boxing, swimming, running, jumping, table tennis, football, ice hockey, bandy, tennis………

How does your health then, compare to your health now? Do you feel your age?

My age is today 66 and I never before felt better. I am together with a 35 year old girlfriend and I don´t feel much older then she, physically. Her father, a nice and creative man, who is my ”father-in-law” is one year younger than me and my ”mother in law”, also creative and nice business woman, is one year older than me!

Tord and Lisa

When was the last time you felt at all unwell?

Thirty years back in time. It is a question of definition but no diseases during my time as a fruitarian. When I was on the raw food diet I could get some cleansing reactions which are both good signs and normal. I will, as long as I live, never get any kind of disease. I have decided that, and will live the rest of my life without any kind of so called disease. The people who read my book carefully will understand my point.

What does a normal days food supply look like for you? Do you eat fixed meals at fixed times of the day?

The time doesn´t direct my eating. My wish is that the Gregorian time will not exist after 2012. I only eat when I am hungry. Some days I don´t eat at all, I am only drinking some small amount of lemon water. My intention in the near future is to minimize the food and to be independent of food. Lisa and I have the same goal. Many days I make a mixture in a blender of a few bananas, avocados, blueberries and a little soaked dried fruit. (mango, dates and pineapple). I mix this with juice from two hand squeezed grapefruits. Nowadays I take some berries, strawberry, blackberry, cloudberry, raspberry or some berries I have due to the season. I put it on the surface of the mix and sometimes with a little shredded coconut. Sometimes even carob. This mixture can last for two days.

I know you wonder about Durian fruits in Sweden. Once I went to Indonesia and Sumatra with my former wife and 8 year old daughter (at that time). We where eating Durian every day and the cost for one Durian was less than half a dollar. We usually carried a sack full of Durian. For me Durian is a favourite fruit like Jackfruit which I was eating a lot of during my visit in Australia. It is possible to get Durian in Sweden but the taste is mostly not good and the price for one Durian is around 40/50 dollars.

I gather you've written several books on fruitarianism, mostly in Swedish, but also one in English, when did you write the first one?

The first book was a Living-Food-book i.e a raw food book in 1983. I printed it myself and sold every book I made, around 600 copies. My first fruit book was written in 1986, ”Maten Din Medicin-fruktstadiet (The Food Your Medicin-the fruit stage)”. Still this book is selling and I have sold around 1000 copies so far.

Where can someone order them from?

In some health food stores, bookshops and from me directly. People can also get them from a library in Stockholm.

You mentioned that the 2nd of July was declared as World Fruit day in Sweden, I really meant to blog about it, but the day slipped past and I plain forgot.. How did you go about declaring the day, and what kind of response did you get?

There were at least 120 people who participated in this first World Fruit Day in Sweden. You participate by eating only fruit that day and many people liked this idea and manifestation, so for Lisa and me it was a good start. We will of course declare the World Fruit Day even next year, same date. Maybe we will organize some public event that day, we will see.

How many fruitarians do you know, how many do you think there are in Sweden, and why do you think there are so few fruitarians?

I think there have been 2-300 trying to become fruitarians. Some for short times, some for a few years with fantastic experiences. Many of these people fall back because of social conditions. They can’t stand the social pressure.

Of course all temptations, old dependence and cravings of the common food play a roll. Many try for short times but slip back.

Can you tell us a little about your transition to fruitarianism, was it overnight, or more of a gradual thing?

As I said before, I was meant to be fruitarian already when I was born. All kind of food in the childhood and when growing up I like to look at as a regression of food energy and to fit into the social world. I created my own reality which was just given with love and meaning. In my books, even the last one ”My Path to Freedom” I mention 6 different stages which can be a help for people trying to become a fruitarian. All people are not meant to be it. My own transition was from vegetarian over to raw food and then a quantum leap over to the fruit stage. The spiritual guides helped me to take this leap.

What did your family and friends make of your revelations?

Just to be a vegetarian, in the end of the 1970s, made reactions and to be so called fruitarian was a very radical and frightening thing for most of the people in my surroundings. My way was starked out so I just followed that path without any regard to my family or friends.

Has anyone else in your family made such changes??

No one.

What kind of foods did you find most difficult to leave behind?

In fact, it has not been any difficulties to leave the old food for only fruits because of my love for fruits already in early years. When I became a fruit eater I was thinking, “at last I can eat and live on only desserts! What a wonderful world……”.(Louis Armstrong).

As I mentioned before I had sometimes longings for bread, potatoes, salmon….. My private research with my body as a laboratory gave me a lot of understanding of cause and effect from the food I took. This was a loving experience. When we make a food transition we have to be aware of that it is a kind of regression i.e. when we are cleansing the body cells the cell memory will act as finding archeological finds and sometimes these finds will take you back in the history even with your body.

I used to say that to become a fruitarian is equal to become an esoteric archeologist.

You are digging and polishing your own history and a lot will be found during this expedition of challenge.

Do you feel any need to supplement your diet at all?

Not at all!

Are you happy with the choice and quality of fruit you are getting in Sweden?

Satisfied, Yes! I know from all my travel in the world that the taste in warmer countries, eating directly from the trees is superior. I can find my paradise only inside myself so the geographical place is not the first priority. Once I was very close to settle down in Cooktown in Australia but……Sweden seems to be my land at the moment.

So any plans to travel or relocate to a warmer climate, or are you happy living where you are now?

I never say never but as the world looks like just now I am satisfied to stay in Stockholm or close to this capital (sounds like money because kapital in Swedish means money).

Sometimes I long for a warmer climate where I could grow my own fruit trees and have a fruit garden with at least 50 different sorts of fruits. What a Paradise!

If we could get more sun in Sweden with half a meter humus soil layer we could easily grow any kind of fruit trees in a short time. I hope this climate change will come soon.

Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

I will probably still eat fruits in a limited way making many lectures because of the increased interest in energy savings. Especially among young people the change in consciousness will influence a lot of scientists making many works for doctor's degree about food and how it will effect the society and the human beings brain and behaviour. This because the fruit energy will effect every subject in the society. This understanding will get a break through starting 2012. Then it will escalate.

Do you think you could improve on your diet at all??

Me and my girlfriend Lisa have a goal not to eat i.e. not any depending on food. The reaching of this goal could be in this lifetime or the next. We improve every day because we have a plan…

How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly survive eating the way you do??

Today, no one asks about that any longer. I just bless every question in that way.

Is there anything you'ld like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

Fruit is freedom and freedom is love!

Finally, I know you are working with a Hydro - Atomic Institute there, could you tell us briefly what that project is all about?

In fact I am not working in this company, just supporting it with little money, ideas, contacts and to integrate Free Energy into the building industry. I like to be a ”free radical inspirator for new thoughts”. If I am connected I am not free. The New World needs new thoughts. The project of free energy is built upon water and hydrogen, even to get water directly from the air. This is not any new but…… To succeed with an introduction of a ”new technology” in the traditional industry is a hard work and also dangerous because it creates a lot of threatening conditions. We need new leaders without greed and hunting for money and power.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

back online..

our funky new laptop arrived last thursday, and we are back online..

however, i'll likely not be blogging much until we get relocated..

lots of stuff to do between now and when we leave, and not much time for writing..

and to be honest, not sure when we will be settled with an internet connection again.. could be weeks, could be longer, but for sure i will blog again once we have found our piece of paradise, or sooner..

meanwhile, i have noticed that someone else is blogging and writing stuff around various places on the net, using not only my name, but also my picture. someone pettily getting their kicks out of doing so, and this persons views do not reflect my own... So sorry for any possible confusion those other posts may be causing.

Not much I can do about it, but frankly i'm not too bothered, it's almost comical.

Life's good,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

laptop down..

hi all..

just a short informative note that shortly after i posted the last fruitarian interview with sandrine, our laptop crashed on us..

we took it in for repairs immediately, and after believing that it would be fixed after a few days, have just discovered that it would actually take another 1 or 2 weeks. I have the laptop back again as we have to decide whether or not it is worth repairing..

Meanwhile, this is my first time on the internet since the laptop broke, (i'm in an internet cafe!) and my email account is pretty full with stuff for me to read through and process..

I'm afraid it will have to wait, as I'm reluctant to stay here too long. So apologies, once more, for unanswered emails/comments etc..

meanwhile, kveta and i are still plotting our sydney escape that should become an actuality before the 10th of december..

kveta has also not been on the internet since the laptop went on us.. I had a couple of blog entries queued to go, that were posted automatically, so it may have appeared as if i was here, online, but actually wasn't..

anyhow's.. no telling when we will be back, but we will be making efforts to get back online as soon as possible..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rabbit Proof Fence

Watched this very moving sad film yesterday..

Something called Rabbit Proof Fence..

It's a true story from some 60 odd years ago of 3 young aboriginal children that were forcibly separated from their mothers by the state, in a barbaric attempt (that only ended in 1970!) to somehow eradicate the aborignal race, through interbreeding them with white people..

The girls are taken over 1500 kms from their homeland, where they are then imprisoned with a whole bunch of other kids suffering the same fate..

Through bush survival skills, these 3 girls escape the home they are forced to live in, and miraculously (2 of them) find their way back to their mother..

It's an incredibly sad movie that had me crying through the most of it, and even now, just thinking of it, the tears are welling up again..

I find human behaviour often extremely incomprehensible..


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Vaccines - The truth

Vaccinating is a multi billion dollar business.

based on the sick theory that injecting crap, if you'll pardon my greek, into ones blood stream is good for you, and will help prevent you from getting sick..

Well.. I've got news! It 'aint gunna do much else than pollute you and make you sicker than you already are..

I really think everyone should see this video:

It makes me very sad, knowing that the vast majority of people out there are so trusting of the medical industry, and have apparent complete faith that the industry fully has our best interests at heart.. And yet they are often little more than legalised drug dealers..

See also, the following website for more information:

- Just click on the image..

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Interview with a Fruitarian - 33 - Sandrine

This is the 33rd interview of a fruitarian.. You can see the others interviewed so far here.. Any fruitarian reading this that would like to volunteer to be interviewed, please contact me. The criteria is that you should have faith in a 100% fruit diet (no nuts, seeds, leaves, roots, animal products etc. just simply fruit), and be either eating that way already, or have serious intentions and making good headway toward doing so..

Hi Sandrine,

Hi Mango

Sorry i've been so slow getting this to you, but thanks for letting me interview you!

no problem ! my english isn't very good, so feel free to correct any mistakes.

No worries, I'll do that of course..

OK, Could you please start by telling us a little about who you are, your age, where you are living/grew up? etc..etc..

I'm a french girl in my 30's, living in the south of France, near Nice. I grew up in Paris and decided to come here when I was 19, to be closer to nature and sun.

Diving in to the sea

Since I was 20 years old, I've been searching a lot on how to live life as simply as possible, spiritually, mentally, physically.

Do you live alone, or share living with family or a loved one?

it changes... currently, my mother is with me.

Do you have a website/blog or some way people can get in touch with you or follow your progress? Any places you like to hang out online?

I have a blog :,, I also testify and answer and ask questions on diverses forums (eco-bio, iheartfruit, onnouscachetout, doctissimo...).

So, Sandrine, I know you have recently come off a long fast, can you tell us a little about that and what prompted you to start it?

I've known about fasting for ten years now, but never had the energy to do one.

During the first month on fruits, many people told me again about fasting, their experiences, short ones and long ones.

I started by doing some fasts on water for one and two days that same month.

I observed some intense detox after this month, but decided to accelerate it by starting a longer fast after I had informed myself as much as i was able about the fasting process.

My motivations were mostly to be more in peace with my emotions and heal some cysts on ovaries and sciatica inflammation and simply to have the experience of not eating.

I was alone on my home, resting most of time, and communicating with friends, family and fruitarians by the web. I felt some days extremely exhausted (particularly at night) and other days/times with a giant energy that was unknown for me.

going in to the sea
I started a blog because friends asked me many questions about the fruit diet (often the same ones) and fasting, so I decided to pass on information I had found, links, personal reflexions and to do a daily narrative of my fast.

I would have liked to do a 21 day fast, but for some reasons I stopped it one week before.

I kept a fasting diary on my blog ("carnet de jeûne") to keep track, to motivate me and inform my mother and friends.

Very amazing that on the 9th day I had a long walk, and the 15th day, I took my car and went to the beach with my mother (where I stopped the fast).

That must have been quite an experience, were you able to not binge on food after breaking the fast, I know that's a mistake that many people make..

I broke the fast on a sunset beach, with a grapefruit, and after continued to eat just fruit. I ate a little too much (only fruits), but it was ok.

The mistake that I made was to eat fruits too acid, not very ripe, so it give me hemorrhoids (horrible sensation !).

Coming from France, I am sure that you must be familiar with the Instinctive Eating movement started by Guy Berger?

I've heard a little about it.

What's your personal opinion of their method of eating?

according to what I know, I don't feel in phase with the idea of eating raw insects, it is not instinctive for me !

Eating raw and of good quality seems to be better than many other diets but you know, I've never been able to digested raw vegetables well.

In some way, I find it interesting, to eat what seems good to ourselves, but I think, because of the distance with our instincts, and that we are intelligent humans, it is important to inform ourselves, to share knowledge, experiences, to see clearly what are the consequences of different foods.

I heard that people who eat a lot of raw meat often get cancer of the colon...

Now that I better observe our body, I think it's evident that we are not made to eat animals.

In the passed, I have tried this, but always felt bad with that, because I have such love and compassion for them.

When I was child, I can remember a time when I returned to the sea a fisherman's bucket full of fish...

I looked briefly at the sea, to notice that half the fish were dead... and then ran away as fast as i could :D

Growing up in France, was your diet pretty typical at the time? - Give us a brief run down of what you used to get through, foodwise, on a typical day.

from around age 3 to 19 : milk chocolate with slice of bread with jam or honey, I would eat lunch at the school cantine, various sweet things (more or less bad) for mid-afternoon and for dinner, often had some fresh orange juice, raw vegetables, cereals and meat or fish.

Sometimes junk food, but not too often.

Compare that to today, what does a typical days food intake look like for you now?

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since I started eating just fruits, my days have changed, I tried various ways of eating fruit.. The common point is that fruit is now my food :D

For the past three weeks, most of the time I've been eating grapes, oranges and grapefruits. Also kakis (persimmon/sharon fruit) and some avocados. I eat when I feel hungry, and/or too much detoxing.

Around 1.5 to 2 kgs of fruit minus the skin.

Some days, I fast (1 or 3 days mainly) or just take juice diluted in water.

Neat, So when did things start to change for you? Did you progress slowly to vegetarianism, veganism, raw food and fruitarianism, or was it more of a sudden change?? What sparked those changes?

After moving to Nice, I started making changes to my diet, I ate organic food, vegetarian most of time, but it was not very balanced. Too many refined things, to many grains (and tea and chocolate). I switched to a vegan diet, but didn't feel well, and returned to an omnivorous (fish) diet.

I wasn't too happy about that, but the problem was that I couldn't find a healthy balance, search though I did.

I heard about the fruit diet in my 20's when I read "autobiography of a yogi" but I don't recall too well as I think it seemed so far away from my possiblities...

The last 3 years had been very painful for my body, I was more and more invalid (spine and leg) and the problems on ovaries were unable to be resolved by doctors and naturpaths. On january, an alternative doctor advised me to eat fruits at lunch (nothing for breakfast) and "normal" meals for dinner. She also invited me to stop : milk, dairy, tea, coffee, chocolate, cereals, sugar, all refined food, all condiments (mostly salt).

I wondered how I could have enough energy with just fruit during the day ! But I decided to give it a go, and it changed my life !!! I was in a Pilates (between yoga, dance and gym) training which required a lot of physical and mental energy, and I was very surprised to see that I had so much more than before ! I stayed on this diet for roughly three months, and then went one month to a friend's home, where I abandoned a big part of this regime and started to feel bad, physically, mentally, emotionally. Then I returned home and did lots of research on the internet to know more about the diet of my doctor.

I discovered hygienism and one day, I read on a Shelton's revue that a woman living on fruits, healed most of her serious diseases and felt very very good, better than she'd ever felt before, even when she was a child. Shortly afterward, I read that Shelton believed that fruit is ideal and the best food for humans. The same day, rich on the experience, I started to eat only fruits, it was the 20th april 2009.

Has anyone else in your family made such changes??

my mother has started improving her diet over recent years. She listened to my discoveries and sometimes she follows me to her rhythm. She eats more and more fruit, and some days only fruit, or fasts.

my aunt also eats more fruit. My stepmother asks me questions sometimes and my brother is intrigued.

Taken on the 9th day of the fast

What do your parents and the rest of your family make of your choice of diet?

my mother understands very well, my father was a little scared in the beginning, but that's ok. During my fast, he advised me to make a psychoanalysis and to be careful of anorexia !!! :-)

The rest of the family don't care about, or were scared too, or don't know my diet. When I feel and see fear, I try to explain my best, but also if the person stayed in fear, at the start of my changes, I took some distance not to be infected and to continue my way without conflict.

After six months now there's no more problem, it's accepted by my main family. And they are more and more amazed and curious...

Can you tell us a little about your health before and after the changes you've made? What about your weight, any major changes?

It changed my life ! A friend said "it's a miracle" (and he moved on to fruit just after !).

I had been diagnosed as having spasmophilia, fibromyalgia for several doctors. The symptoms just flew away...

physically: eyes, better vision, and no more hypersensitivity toward the sun (no need for sun glasses) ; a sciatic inflammation disappeared, lots of back pain disappeared, I gained a lot of flexibility...

Also, I'd had bad sleep since adolescence, and now sleep very well and adopt a more natural rhythm (go to bed early) : what happiness to wake up with so much vitality, slight digestion (had a lot of difficulties before).

Cysts on ovaries seemed to vanish, specially during the fast. I didn't get diagnosed but all the symptoms decreased significantly, and I observed mucus excretions.

No more skin problems, acne (excluding when I eat too many avocados).

emotionally: anxiety, joy, can better manage emotions, can face problems with much more serenity.

mentally: less scattered thoughts, mental really more efficient and calm (I observe that, and others tend to agree).

- all that had gone wrong while I ate other things !...-

Do you sometimes crave foods other than fruit? If so, how you deal with that?

During two months, no cravings. After, around 10 cravings in 6 months. When I eat others things, I observe the taste, the feeling during eating and the consequences (body bad smell, digestion difficulties, skin, eyes...).

Whenever I'm craving, then, I want fruits !

I've observed that some foods and condiments are very very addictive: salt, wheat flour, milk, sugar.

After I eat foods other than fruit, I am more and more persuaded that fruit is the best !!!

I try not to feel guilty but to learn from the lesson.

Last month I had various experiences and made several observations.

the B12 issue had been puzzling me, and I had some difficulties to find good fruit, invitations to restaurant... So I tried several things (but continued to eat fruit in majority).

All my conclusions redirected me to fruitarianism.

When I ate other things, my diseases reappear a little, and I particulary noticed that my digestion was painful, my sleep not so good, go to bed later, my nose became blocked, my perspiration smell bad, my thoughts were more confused, me more excited, and depressed.

What kind of foods did you found most difficult to leave behind?

strangely in the beginning it was the bad junk food (pizza, hamburger, dishes very cooked). I had never being really accustomed to eat this but I think it is what I missed the most because those things are more concentrated in their addictiveness.

Given that my body was detoxing, it shouted for the lack of such things, by giving me images and desire of those horribles foods !!

Recently it was more food that I had been accustomed to eat (steamed vegetables mainly).

Strangely, I used to like very much chocolate but have had no great desires for it. I just re-tested one time and didn't like it much, very heavy and not so pleasurable, but feeling this addiction of it.

Do you feel any needs to supplement your diet at all?

no, I stopped all that, even plants.

If I observe some symptoms of lack of b12, maybe I might take supplements for a while, to let the body re-adapt to this new kind of food.

Are you happy with the choice and quality of fruit you are getting?

now it's ok most of time, but I ran all around to find good places to get my fruit.

Now I eat less variety of fruit than in the beginning and take as much local and seasonal fruit (all organics) as possible.

Ever tried a durian?

yes ! a little part, very special, like the texture and a little the taste, but it was unfortunately not so fresh and I think too ripe.

Any plans to travel or relocate to a warmer climate, or are you happy living where you are now?

I thought to go on island :D maybe I'll go later, but for now I'm happy here !

I have sea, sun and mountains, the climate is sweet.

Do you normally tell people how you eat? If so, what do you think is the most common question people ask you about your diet?

yes, I like to talk about. If I feel a space to exchange on that, I do. When I explain that I eat fruits, only fruits, people often don't react immediately. After I re-make clear and they have a very surprised expression on their faces ! It makes me smile :)

they usually say "fruits, only fruits, from morning to evening ?!" or something like that.

The common questions, I don't know, obviously there is the one of the proteins but I find lots of people who are more open minded. So I can't remember the most common question, maybe if there are any lack of vitamins etc and if I am good healthy, not tired.

And how I do with my social life (invitations...).

Some others say it's foolish, and try to put me on my limits to see how I react.

All these are interesting and instructive for me.

Taken on the 9th day of the fast

How do you answer their questions?

I sometimes reply by posing my own questions back..

I try to not intellectualise too much, I talk about my experience (my healing and all the activities, sports I do ; my emotional and mental states also), the experience of others (Arnold Ehret, Anne Osborne and her children, you and Kveta, a woman who has only eaten apples for 20 years and is a yoga-dance-pilates teacher -in India-, Richard Blackman/Jericho Sunfire etc) and give some information I've read, and things that they can reflect on, like the blood menstruations which can disappear without being unfertile.

Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

no more material eating !? :D or juice, or fruit.

Where ? maybe like to have a little place in France and travel in the world.

How ? simply, learning from relation, transmit the others about nutrition, hatha yoga, and others therapeutic approaches. All that can be grouped under the term yoga.

Do you think you could improve on your diet at all??

yes, I think we can always improve our diet ! even if I was only on prana, breatharian, maybe I could use the respiration differently and continue to evolve.

On fruits, I feel differently depending on which fruit I eat...

Do you know any, or many, other fruitarians? Any that would care to be interviewed?

I know some fruitarians that you already know. But all the people I know don't eat only fruit. (several eat only fruit on the day and on dinner some vegetables and sometimes cereals).

I never thought that I will talk with so many people who eat so much fruits and want to be fruitarians and breatharians !

Many of my friends eat more and more fruits. I've been contacted by several people who eat fruits in majority or want to do.

How many fruitarians do you think there are in France?

from talking with another fruitarian here, I gather we are around 30. but I think the majority don't eat only fruits. It seems like the fruitarian movement has grown some over the past few years (and months around me)!!!

Thanks to internet and all the people who share their experiences, and also the thoughts that don't need any support to be transmitting ("telepathy").

How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly survive eating the way you do??

I may have a different response by the moment, but I've already said that "some people made it before me" and just smile.

Most of the time, my experience, -health and vitality- speaks for itself.

A friend said to me in the beginning : "ok, it's cool... now I want to see you in 6 months !" so, now I will call him and say that the time is passed and we may meet again !...

But it's true, we must be a little crazy to change so radically our diet ! :D "sweety craziness"

* human wisdom is foolishness in the eyes of god and man's folly is wisdom in the eyes of god *

Finally, is there anything you'ld like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

go on, take information, communicate with others, listen to your body, nobody can know more than you what's good for it.

it changed so much in my life, healing, feeling an energy I've never felt before, even as a child. The physical, mental and emotional sides are more and more calm and effective.

anxiety flies away, joy takes its place, feel liberating, life becomes more and more simple, it smells good (and us too, no need for soap etc).

more able to live in present moment.

it is not a coincidence that all wise people end up adopting a special and light regime.

- we all have a wise person within us !

fruitarian sandrine
Practising yoga - about a month ago


thank you Mango for all that you do to share you experience and making fruitarianism more known in the world.

I read all your interviews on my long fast and I loved to read of the diverse experiences of others. It encouraged me a lot.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Topsy-Turvy World - 13 - Burgers that last forever..

There's this guy in the US, who for the past 18 years has been collecting burgers, and keeping them on display in some sort of museum.. Apparently they don't even decay, and their appearance and smell remain pretty much unchanged..

I'd actually heard of this some years ago, when a friend of a friend who lost a burger behind a cupboard, retrieved it some months later with not even mold growing on it, and still smelling strongly burger like..

And people actually eat this stuff?!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

oil Slick still growing..

I'm still following the news about the oil slick I mentioned a while ago..(here)

It's been leaking into the sea for over 10 weeks now, and still not been plugged.

(a 4th attempt that was scheduled a few days ago, but was canceled.. I know not why)..

Online reports are saying that the slick has grown and now covers roughly 25,000 square kilometers, and is still expanding!!!

In my opinion, this is an environmental catastrophe comparable to Chernobyl.. And still the TV news makes NO mention of it..

sea snake swimming in sludge

I discovered this forum that is giving some news and links to the disaster:

Estimates for how much is leaking daily vary, but some reports say as much as 13,0000 or more litres a day..

Here's one recent news report:

And this is how I use google to read more:

Google search forlatest oil slick news


Monday, October 26, 2009

Useful Programs - 6 - Free International Phone Calls

For the past 6 months, Kveta and I have been using a program called Justvoip, to make virtually free international telephone calls..

I write "virtually free" because there is a minor 5 (US) cent connection fee for each call (regardless of whether or not the callee is engaged or otherwise doesn't pick up), but other than the meager 5 cents, the calls made are free, and one can chat, as far as we are aware, indefinitely.. Certainly for significantly more than an hour..

It's a program somewhat similar to Skype, in that you are using the internet to initiate the call, but with the major difference that with justvoip, you can set it up to use your home, or, in certain countries, mobile/cell phone.. (thus it works with even the slowest of internet connections!!)

In other words, the program first rings to your private phone, and once you've picked up, then rings to the phone you wish to call, and seamlessly connects you both together..

It's a great service, and we've never yet had any problems using it..

The only requirements are that you have a paypal account with at least $10 in it, which you pay as advanced credit for your calls (for the 5 cent connection fees), and a mobile phone to set up your account (an activation key is sent to your mobile as a text message, which you'll have to enter to activate your account. - Not ourselves having a mobile, we used the mobile of a friend to receive the onetime only text message).. It's all explained pretty well on their website, from where the software can be downloaded free of charge..


The software can be used to make both national and international calls.. Admittedly, not every country is free to call, but the US, the UK, and several other countries are 100% free, apart from that 5c connection fee, of course.. And other countries offer significantly reduced fares in comparison to other methods of telephoning..

As I said, we signed up and started using it about half a year ago, and we've already saved ourselves well over a hundred dollars in phone calls, and from the initial $10 payment, we still have more than $6 left in our account..


Friday, October 23, 2009

Free Energy - 2 - Magniwork

This video talks about a so-called zero point magnetic power generator.. A supposed Free Energy Generator that uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion.

A Perpetual motion device refers to a machine that runs perpetually i.e. indefinitely, and produces a larger amount of energy than it consumes. Thus, it produces free energy indefinitely, runs by itself, without having to need a third-party device or resource to power it.

If it does as is claimed, once started, it would supposedly run indefinitely creating completely free electrical energy, which theoretically could fully power ones home for free.

I must admit, I've never been privileged to see such a device in action, and can't vouch with certainty that it is genuine, but I have been researching it some on the internet, and it does appear as if some people are actually using them..

It is definitely something I wish to look in to more once we are settled in our new home.. - wherever that maybe, we are waiting eagerly to get there..

If any readers have technical/mechanical expertise enough to know with certainty if this device may or may not work, please please let me know.. I'd love to hear from someone that has actually attempted, successfully or not, to put one of these things together?!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Topsy-Turvy World - 12- Oil Slick Grows

This is another piece of news that the media in general seems to be turning a blind eye toward.. Choosing no doubt instead, once more, to focus on the latest rugby scores.. - I have to say, whoever it was that said that sport is opium for the masses, sure hit the nail on the head there!

Anyhow, if you haven't heard about it already, more than 2 months ago, an oil rig between Australia and East Timor began leaking oil into the sea at the rough rate of 400 barrels a day..

The exact quantity of oil sludged into the ocean will probably never be told, but satellite images are said to show that the toxic spill has already spread over 7000 square nautical miles!!..

So far, there have been 3 unsuccessful attempts to plug the leak. (the last one made 3 days ago on Saturday).

It's estimated that up to 15 species of whale and dolphin, more than 30 species of seabird, five species of turtle, and countless fish are the potential victims of the spill. As many as 30,000 sea snakes and 16,000 turtles may have already been affected by the slick. - dead or dieing slow deaths.

Local fishermen who still rely on the dark age rule of live and let die and gluttonously feast on the flesh of fellow beings, report that they are catching dead fish, and are falling sick by eating fish caught in the Timor Sea. They say that by eating the fish they're suffering from skin irritation and illness.

If they could only see that they could be living in paradise if they chose to, with their rich soiled tropical country ideal for the growing of most forms of worldly exotic sweet juicy fruit..

What irks me about this is that the first attempt to plug the leak was made just 10 days ago... I mean, I understand that capping the leak is an extremely complex task.. I believe we're basically talking here about a 25cm hole somewhere under the ocean floor, that's just spewing oil out.. but surely a rescue rig could have gotten there faster, and despite difficulties, had the operation been prioritised more, the toxic spill could, should and would have been stopped by now..

PTTEP Australasia, the company responsible for the leak, has been offered help in capping the leak, but for bizarre reasons known only to themselves, have refused - The government has been asked to force the company to take up the offer.

I've been following this story on the internet over the last few weeks, - about the only decent way to get news these days,- and there seems to be a lot of playing down of just how bad this oil slick is.. even some people claiming that the ocean in that area has hardly any life in it, so what's the big deal?

The news on TV on Saturday, made absolutely no mention of the slick, nor of the bungled attempt to plug the leak..

The Greens claim the environmental impact of the spill has been far greater than the government and the company PTTEP admit..

Want to give your opinion? You can sign a petition here:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy World News - 6 - Bread to boost IQs?

Bread Additive to Increase IQ?

The latest nonsense from the bizarre stories of the news, is that the Australian government has proposed to make the addition of iodized salt to bread, compulsory.

Their supposed logic is that it will increase the IQ of the nation..

How they have managed to come up with something so nonsensical is once more beyond me, and yet further evidence of this topsily-turvily insane world we live in..

Forget the labour intensive wheat.. forget the mind numbing addiction of the stodged flesh and grains diet.. Don't forget that bread is dead, and no matter what ingredient one might turbo fuel into it, it's still going to be dead.. it's still going to clog up our systems with it's mucus residues and fat spreading capacity..

You really want to boost the IQ of a nation?

Transform and harmonize it's landscape with multi-specied fruit trees, feed it's people with the fruit of those trees, and stop all the annual mono food crops, and insane reliance on animal flesh..


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free energy - 1 - Suppressed by Governments.

I Just stumbled upon this enlightening video about alternative energy sources.. It basically explains why so few people have heard about free energy, and the common misconception that free energy doesn't exist.

I hope to write more about this in future posts..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crazy World News - 5 - NASA bombs the Moon

NASA Rocket Crash

For such a major event, it received very little coverage with the Australian media.. In fact, when I first heard about it a few days ago, I could hardly believe what I was reading, but a few more searches around the internet and news sites confirmed that it was indeed true..

NASA bombed the moon..

Well, official sources would have us believe there was no bomb involved, but conspiracy websites abound with contradictory theories, and regardless of whether or not there was a bomb, the fact still remains that they launched a rocket directly at the moon, with the intention of a mega impact collision at 9000kms an hour.. (supposedly equivalent to the power of a 1.5 tons of TNT explosion, followed four minutes later by a 2nd collision)

Of course, NASA plays the whole event down, appeasing the masses by telling us that it is all in the benevolent aid of scientific research and the quest to prove once and for all if the so-called lunar ice-caps do indeed contain that precious commodity of water..

Watching the news here, it is mostly taken up with useless information about some rugby players caught pissing in hotel pot plants, or the sadness of drunken fans whose team lost the big match, and we are thus spared more noteworthy worldly news that is of genuine value. - Like the ever growing ginormous oil slick that rarely if ever gets a mention, and this NASA mischief being another of the many such events that the media seems to just brush over as basically irrelevant..

And yet, does the moon not play a decisive role in the movement and timing of earthly tides? Would the US be complacent if it were the Iraqis or Pakistan that were detonating the lunar pole? Not knowing the full extent of the moons nature and it's relationship to earth as a satellite, how could they ever be completely sure that their foolish mega-mythbusting-explosion, might not feasibly cause tsunamis and earthquakes down here? And even if, as they dubiously claim, the goal is genuinely to establish if water exists up there, surely such an intrusive rocket fueled, or otherwise, explosion would contaminate any such water source, making it potentially unfit for any theoretical future moon colony, besides who can say with certainty that there is categorically no life in existence on the moon, and thus that the bomb is harmless to the moon..

The operation is said to have cost $79,000,000 , - money that surely could have been far more wisely spent..

The mind truly boggles.. Military research is generally of the most destructive ilk.... Indeed, I recall reading some years ago, a correlation between nuclear bomb testing and earthquakes.. and it was supposedly, according to the article, an established fact that after every single nuclear bomb detonated, there was/has been at least one mini to major earthquake within 24 hours, within a 1000km radius of the detonation site.. Makes me wonder if the recent Samoa and Sumatra quakes might not also have been ultimately connected with military playing their silly hell-bent destructive war games..

Shoot, I seriously doubt most readers have ever heard of the deep sea sonic-boom testing, performed by the military, and most likely cause of a surge in confused deafened beached whales.. Very difficult to find any news at all on that one!

And if you are of the naive persuasion that NASA is in no way shape or form connected with the Military, then you need to wake up and stop kidding yourself..

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fruitarianism for the Environment..

It takes up to 50,000 litres of water to produce 1 kilogram of beef compared to only 2,500 litres to produce 1 kilogram of rice, and significantly less still for tree based agriculture producing 1 kilogram of fruit..

A short while ago, the UN released a report titled "Livestock’s Long Shadow". In it, they explain that the animal exploitation industry, major suppliers of unhealthy addictive foods, are one of the most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems the earth is currently faced with ..

This isn't food

The solution? Move away from animal farming, and mono cereal crops, and begin focusing more on a fruit tree orientated agriculture.. This will not only help restore the planet to it's one time splendour, but will ultimately save and prolong lives, and awaken awareness.

In addition, animal industries habitually negatively impact bio-diversity through causing loss of native habitat, introducing non-native species which leads once again to unnecessary competition for both food and water..

The solution is clear again, to use land to plant more trees, creating more bio-diversity, and offering a long term solution to food production through environmentally sustainable fruit growing techniques..

neither is this one

Additional detrimental impacts animal raising has on fresh water supplies, all of which can ultimately be avoided by ditching dark ages flesh eating habits, are that livestock often trample and destroy river edges and pollute water ways, native vegetation is systematically destroyed to make way for monocrops or pasture land which will ultimatley cause soil erosion and effect rainfall..

The manufacturing of leather and other so called animal bi-products is a major source of pollution, with it's reliance on formaldehyde and other toxic chemical pollutants..

In the US, animal factory farming pollutes more waterways than all other industries combined..

A large chunk of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to conventional animal farming techniques.. take into account the fuel and energy consumption such farming methods rely on, and the statistics are surely even more disturbing.. - Animals raised for food in Australia alone produce about 3.1 megatonnes of methane annually. (Methane has a far greater global warming potential than carbon dioxide).

or this one

Believe it or not, grazing takes up nearly 50% of the Australian continents arable land, - a rough 380 million hectares!!

Instead, we could be planting more intermixed varieties of fruit trees.. - Eating more fruit, and ultimately cutting the meat, wheat and cheesy dairy from our diets, is a very effective way for individuals to make a very real difference to reducing global warming.

Livestock animal grazing additionally has a direct impact on the environment through compacting and acidifying soils, and increasing to unsustainable levels the volume of manure and other by-products.. effecting land and waterways..

According to the CSIRO and the University of Sydney a massive 92% of all land degradation in Australia is caused by animal

and this is surely not food - does it look appealing to eat?

Increased numbers of agricultural animals, over-farming and overgrazing has lead to vicious cycles of deforestation, erosion and habitat destruction. Eventually this will lead to starvation prompted by the disappearance of plant food sources.

Meanwhile, out in the ocean, innocent fish are being caught by the 10s of thousand, all to satisfy human gluttony for their zombie flesh eating habits.. The consequences are that these modern fishing methods have depleted populations to such a level that the industry is now targeting deep sea fish, species not previously taken.

Not only are fish populations being forced into a spiralling decline, but destructive fishing techniques including dragnets, long lines, purseseine nets and driftnets are destroying large parts of the ocean environment in the process. - unintentionally capturing other sea animals such as non-target fish species, whales, dolphins, turtles, seals and sea birds like the albatross. Many of these species are facing extinction due to fishing. - Insatiable gluttony for food with eyes has created vast areas of the ocean void of desirable fish..

How about this? hungry?

All this mindless destruction when the only real food that encourages a healthy body, mind and planet, fruit, goes virtually unrecognised for the solution it harbors..

Fish farming is equally insane, creating concentrated faecal contamination in specific areas of the ocean and rivers, promoting the rapid spread of disease and parasites, to both captive and wild fish populations. Even more bizarre is that farmed fish are even fed fish! – 5kg of wild fish is needed as feed to produce 1kg of farmed fish.

I could continue listing insanities, many of which, probably together with yet more mind-numbing ones, are available on the internet, but what would be the point.

But this is food!!

The only real solution is very clear to me. Leave behind destructive habits reliant on the slaughter of fellow beings and their homes, and instead plant fruit trees to eat their luscious offerings - the most superior of all nutrition, and the only environmental friendly and truly karmically free food..


Saturday, October 03, 2009

European Fruitarian Festival

I remember, not so long ago, a time when the term fruitarian was virtually unheard of, and whatever followers that may have been in existence, were so few and far between that it would have seemed most unlikely for 2 to ever meet.

Nowadays, with the grateful aid of cyberspace, fruitarian networking is slowly happening and the meeting of kindred fruit lovers, in both the virtual and real world, is becoming increasingly more likely..

The world is upside down

Forums especially construed for fruit eaters are becoming increasingly more sought after, and those claiming fruitarianism as their path, are equally multiplying.

I'm happy and privileged to be consciously witnessing this change, and being the optimist I am, interpret it as being part of a steady evolution of human consciousness toward the light, and an unshackling of the blood and gore so seemingly eagerly pursued by those that still cling to destructive dark age habits..

Sure, I would love to see things move faster, and for humanity to speed up the whole evolving from the dark-side thing, but little I can do about that except try to remain focused on a brighter more fruit filled future..

Anyhow.. I digress, as I likely often do.. The purpose of this blog post is to let readers know of a fruitarian gathering being planned for Europe, next summer.. Anyone liking the idea of meeting up with fellow fruit lovers, and having the time and means to get there should visit:

It's basically a free festival that I gather will be set up to run along similar lines to Rainbow Gatherings, where a "magic hat" is sent around to collect donations.

Our little garden the morning of
sydney's orange dust cloud
(for more pictures of this peculiar
phenomenon see here)


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Party For The Animals...

Recently, my old friend Zalan passed through.. (he stopped by again yesterday, on his way home).. Among the new things I learnt from him, he made mention of a revolutionary new political party that has recently gained a foothold in the Netherlands (Holland)..

They're called:

Party for the animals

And their uniqueness lies in that they are ethically opposed to the usage and abusage of animals - In pretty much all possible spheres - Cosmetics, entertainment, scientific research, food or clothing..

They follow principle vegan guidelines in their belief that animals are not ours to eat, wear or experiment upon, and have become an effective political voice for the otherwise politically voiceless.

- Never before has a political party devoted to animal welfare been elected to a national parliament anywhere else in the world, and I'm pretty impressed with the headway they have made so far..

I'm guessing the Dutch are probably a little further advanced than most countries when it comes to vegan issues and animal rights, but let's hope the trend will spread and more governments will begin to adopt animal friendly attitudes..

Anyone wishing to find out more can do so by visiting their website.

Party for the animals

Peace to one and all,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

British are Not stupid..

As promised, here's the follow up video from the Americans are not stupid video I posted earlier.

I don't take these things too seriously, but in my opinion humans in general are pretty dumb though..


Friday, September 11, 2009

Living on a Shoe String

Living the life I've chosen, I've often been asked how can I afford to travel and live as I do?

The truth is, I haven't had a steady 9-5 paying job in well over 18 years now.. - Between the age of about 16 to 29ish, I had a pretty normal steady well paying career in the computer industry, often being privy to working with the very latest in cutting edge main frame technology available during that era.. (those so called super computers , chunky old dinosaurs, that were slower than most bog standard laptops in treacle available these days!)

Me at my current job. collecting golf balls
At work.. Crawling through the undergrowth
(click to enlarge)

Of course that was long before the internet appeared on the scene, - although it did sort of exist as a collection of smaller independant networks loosely and frequently flakely connected with one another...

But i'm digressing..

Yes, since quitting my day job, with the inital dubious quest to bike around the world, I've been the forever opportunist with eyes and ears alert for ethically acceptable paying work that happens to cross my path, and although I have some times gone for months with no income at all, I've never had to go hungry.

In front of my bushesI should hasten to add, that when I let go, I had virtually no savings due to an extremely badly timed property purchase (immediatly preceding a collapse in the property market), that left me about as penniless as I'd ever been..

Anyhow, that all seems like a lifetime ago now, and since jumping into the unknown, there has been an endless stream of conveniently spaced temporary or seasonal job opportunities..

Not in any particular order - Most definitely not chronological, I've worked as a cleaner, shelf stacker, fruit picker (various flavours!), gardner, sawer of wood, mover of rocks, pathway builder, wall builder, webpage designer, tree planter, guesthouse receptionist, farmer, vegan chef, masseur, table builder, translator, tv/movie extra, interpreter, pond cleaner, math teacher, swedish teacher, english teacher, firework display assistant, nude model, juice maker, postoffice sorter (christmas rush), deliverer of junk mail (briefly, - until I came to my senses!!), scrap metal collector, and more...

Currently I'm helping an elderly woman with her cottage garden on Mondays (see image below), and collect little lost wayward golf balls from the bushes on our local golf course (see first picture).. So, by no means have I a proven way to get financially rich, but certainly know how to make enough to cover daily food expenses (which besides the car, telephone and electricity is pretty much our only real expense).

The garden where I work on Mondays.
The cottage garden I've helped create
(click to enlarge)

I am reminded of that biblical passage that basically states that just as the birds of the field, and other animals are provided for, so too will we be if we have the faith to take that leap.. So I am in no doubt that anyone else stepping out onto the fruitarian path, desiring to let go of more traditionally accepted lifestyle choices, would have every success in finding their basic necessities and more along their path, and should one truly wish to travel vast distances, a means to do so will inevitably manifest itself..


Monday, September 07, 2009

Harley in Penang..

I've no idea what this says, but apparently Harley has been spreading the raw vegan message in Malaysia and has gotten some of his message across through this malaysian chinese newspaper:

Harley in Penang, Malaysia

Like I said, I've no idea really what the article says, but knowing Harley he's probably telling people to get off their butts, exercise more, cut out the flesh and eat 30 bananas a day..

- Any Chinese reading readers out there care to enlighten us? You can click the image to enlarge it..


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Get paid to use a search engine..

As bizarre as it may seem, recently i've discovered 2 different Search Engine websites that actually pay for us to use their search engines..

Of course there are strict conditions as to how we should be using them (ie, only for legitimate search uses, not automated or random terms that are inconsequential to us - and naturally there are sophisticated mechanisms behind both websites just waiting to ban anyone who misuses their services!!), but that said and done, if we just use them for our daily searches, we will be paid, albeit small sums (which'll add up over time! - as the saying goes, look after the pennies and the pounds'll look after themselves)

OK, so here are the websites:

1. The Supporting Friends website

As far as I can tell, this website not only pays you for each search, but will also be donating to the charity of your choice.. To be honest, as I've only just signed up, and started using it, I've yet to fully figure out just how the payment thing works, other than that I have set my Paypal to receive payment..

I've set up my charity to supporting carbon friends, and I think 50% of what I earn gets funneled that way..

2. Tixuma

This one is similar but without the charity option.. And the the other major difference that this website is in German!!

If you can't understand German, don't worry, once you've signed up it's pretty simple to use and requires little to no knowledge of the language..

To ease the registration process though, you can use the following link which should give a rough translation of the website:

English Translation of the website

(just press the "login button" - top right, and then the "registration" button to the left)..

The cool thing about this website, if I've understood correctly, is that they will pay on referals 9 levels deap!

CongWong Panarama
View of one of our local beaches - Click to enlarge

So go ahead, if you use a search engine regularly, start getting paid for doing so..

Mango the raw vegan fruitarian.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


A week ago, we had a visit from a friend of mine from Victoria (Australia).. A guy named Zalan.. (we first met some 16 or more years ago at an international vegan festival in Spain).

Well, he was only around for a couple of days, but we got to share some durian in the sunshine, and will be seeing him again in a month or so as he's flown up to Cairns for a while, but will return before heading back down to central victoria..

Kveta, Me, Zalan
Kveta, Myself and Zalan, sharing a durian

Zalan's not fully fruitarian, but he is a long term raw vegan who eats a high percentage of fruit, in fact, the last few times I've met up with him, I can't really recall him eating much other than fruit.. He's currently working on a book on the topic of vegaculture..

I believe he may possibly have coined the term himself (thogh don't quote me on that!).. - Vegaculture is basically a method of sustainable compassionate gardening techniques loosely based on the whole Permaculture (permanent agriculture) concept. With the clear exception that vegaculture, unlike it's permaculture predecessor, is completely unreliant on any form of (mis)usage of animals, other, that is, than those occurring 100% naturally through the attraction of the biodiversity which it's principles encourage..

You're probably aware already that most organic, and especially biodynamic, food production is pretty heavily reliant on the animal abuse industry, using it's blood and bone meal byproducts in misguided attempts to enrich the soil..

durian on our little sitting wall.

Vegaculture recognises that the usage of such slaughterhouse products is an unnecessary evil best avoided through composts and soils made using purely broken down vegetable matter and decomposing mulch, - especially fruit peal and leftovers (our little garden we have, gets 3 big buckets of compost added to it each week, and is both rich in colour, and alive with an abundance of worms!).

Also vegaculture, with it's roots in vegan ethics (hence the "Vegan Culture") and compassion, sees beyond keeping any animal species captive, and thus hens, goats and other animals would not be a feature of such a garden built on it's principles.. Unless of course they were natural wildlife visiting the jungle garden..

Me and zalan on Little bay beach under the hanging rocks.
Myself and Zalan on little bay beach

Well. his book is half way through, and once done I will be sure to write a review of it, and post a link to it in a new blog post.. (which I'll add a link to here too, on this page, if i remember, when done).

Mango the raw vegan fruitarian

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Americans are not Stupid..

Hey, I just watched this video.. I guess, not to be taken too seriously...

Enjoy ! And don't fret if you're american, I'll show you the british one soon too.

mango the vegan fruitarian

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Facts of Life - 1 - Companion Animals

Some simple facts about the companion animal industry worth thinking about...

A gorilla thinks about it..
A Gorilla.. Thinking about it..
  1. Roughly 50% of all fish caught goes toward feeding companion animals.
  2. In 1986, around 70% of animal medicines were used in farm livestock. Now over half animal medicine sales, by value, are for companion animal use.
  3. Pet food provides a convenient way for slaughterhouse offal, grains considered “unfit for human consumption,” and similar waste products to be turned into profit. This waste includes intestines, udders, heads, hooves, and possibly diseased and cancerous animal parts. - about 50% of every food animal does not get used in human foods. Whatever remains of the carcass — heads, feet, bones, blood, intestines, lungs, spleens, livers, ligaments, fat trimmings, unborn babies, and other parts not generally consumed by humans — is used in pet food.
  4. Because irresponsible people accidentally or intentionally allow their animals to reproduce, about 10 million “excess” dogs and cats will be killed in shelters this year, while millions of homeless animals live short, hard, hungry lives on the streets, only to die miserably from disease, injury, or predation.
  5. Most dogs sold in pet stores, through multiple breed newspaper ads, or over the Internet come from “puppy mills,” where dogs are bred solely for profit, are kept in abhorrent conditions, and are frequently denied adequate veterinary care.
  6. In some localities, animals who end up in shelters may be sold into research through a practice known as pound seizure.
  7. companion animals from clinics, pounds, and shelters can and are being rendered and used as sources of protein in pet food.
Disobedient Beaver

These are just a random selection of some of the multitude of facts, that many, even seasoned vegetarians, are not fully aware of, and reasons why it is worth considering not being part of this particular animal domination field..

- Or at the very least why serious efforts should be made to feed pets a more sane diet. In my opinion, preferably a raw vegan one, but better still to take a firm step forward from keeping animals as pets, and realise that doing so is degrading for both animals and ourselves.

mango the raw vegan fruitarian.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Useful Website - 23 - Free Human Translation Website

You know how most of us when we were still kids, (and possibly later in life too!) used to dream of having super powers, like super strength, or the ability to fly, or become invisible, or walk through walls, or have x-ray vision etc etc etc. you know the kind of stuff I mean..

Well, me as a kid, I always dreamed of having the gift of tongues.. I liked the idea of being able to understand anything said to me, and to have the ability to answer back in kind..

Yeah, I'm certainly not denying it, I'm a dreamer for sure.. and although mastering all languages is a bit of a far fetched fantasy, I can only get by in 5 or so languages, I'm never-the-less a great believer in not setting limitations...

So in my quest for language learning, I often see what new and snazzy websites are out there that may aid in the process of mastering and improving them, and one particular website that I've been playing with for some months now, is called:

Jollo is a new website idea to help translate sentences between languages. With it, you have the ability to type in the text you want translating, and have it instantly translated to the language of your choice by several different online machine translation websites, with the different results displayed under each other..

But wait! That's not all.. - there's more to be had..

Not only can you get and compare machine translation from various translating websites, you can also request for a human translation.. And free of charge too..

Basically the free human language translation is done by one of the many active Jollo members, and yet other members may vote on the accuracy of the translation...

It's neat stuff, and a great tool to help get a better understanding of some sentences which we might find otherwise puzzling..

Hope you can make use of it too..