Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fruitarian Interview - 31 - Mango Wodzak

31st in my series of interviews with fruitarians, this time someone's interviewing me! (Thanks Rudolf!!) - See also the short audio (radio) interview with me here.
Hello mango, we've known each other for some years now and I know that you're a happy Frutarian.

How did you reach the idea to become fruitarian?

Well, it was a slow process for me following a series of revelations about diet, food and life in general. I went through all the steps of omnivorism, vegetarian, vegan, raw fooder and fruitarian, with each step being equally important and life changing for me, finally reaching fruitarianism through a goal of simplifying and a desire to minimise harm to the planet and its inhabitants - in addition of course to the added health benefits..

mango the fruitarian

Who were your role models?

There have been many people, and books, that have influenced me in my life, but although they've given me food for thought, I've never really aspired to be like anyone else, instead focusing more on trying to improve who I myself am.. - Meeting with varying degrees of success!

The problem I find with life, is that truth and falsehood are so intertwined it is often difficult to judge what is good and what isn't, but I do believe there is good in everyone, and that everyone has something to teach everyone else.. IE We can all learn from each other.

Was it difficult for you to become fruitarian?

Well, like I said, it was a slow process and took many years.. I was calling myself a fruitarian long before I had fully succeeded in putting it fully into practise, purely because although I was still eating things that I knew weren't completely ideal (like carrots, kohlrabi, radishes, lettuce or even the inoccasional steamed potato!!- for various reasons), I had a knowledge, goal and strong yearning toward solely fruit eating (indeed something I had already done for long stretches at a time), and knew that I would one day succeed..

I think an important step in helping me be successful at sticking at a fruit diet, was moving to be with Kvĕta. It really helps to be living with someone that for the most part shares ones thoughts and beliefs, especially, in this case, concerning diet.

From your own experiences, what are the benefits of the fruitarian way of life?

The benefits are manifold, but more to the point for me, is what are the disadvantages of not being fruitarian!? Eating cooked food makes us sick.. Eating grains and cereals helps turn the earth into a desert.. The fruitarian way of life seeks to bring health back to the planet, the individual, and of course the animals, with that all important emphasis on minimising harm and destruction.

I fully believe that a wide range of good quality fruit not only cleanses us internally, but also supplies us with any and all of our daily nutritional needs.

mango the fruitarian

In your opinion, are there any disadvantages connected with fruitarianism?

Healthwise, none that I can think of.. Socially it may be an issue for some, and there may be times and places where one might be left with little choice but to go hungry, but in general I seek to avoid such situations..

What does your family think of your way of life?

My parents have learned to live with my choices, and even been influenced by them.. I think generally they agree that a fruit diet is healthy, and I believe they may also be a little secretly envious that they are so unable to do the same, and are still hooked on bread and meat. To give them credit though, their diets have definitely improved over the past years, and in my opinion, they now eat far more healthily than they ever did when I was a kid, conusming only a fraction of the amount of animal products they once did, and much more fruit, especially when they are spending time in Spain.

How has life improved for you since your emigration to Australia?

Well, I have a hand to hold now, and the future is looking more clear in terms of making my fruitarian paradise dream come true..

Have you made new fruitarian friends since arriving in Australia, or is the Internet a better way to meet fruitarians?

Well, to be honest I've not met too many people at all here yet.. I'm still living in Sydney with Kveta, as we wait for the bureaucratic stuff to be processed. I did meet one guy, Julian, who turned fruitarian after we met.. But still at the moment it seems to be mostly the internet that keeps me in touch with other fruitarians..

What do you think of the international connection of likeminded fruitarians?

Yeah, through the Internet, I've met a fair few people interested in the fruit diet, but unfortunately the internet can give a false view of things, with some people misrepresenting themselves, so it's difficult to know really who's who and what's what.. I don't believe anything can really beat face to face meetings or local gatherings..

Do you find that Australia is offering you a more social environment with more people on your wave length?

One thing's for sure, walking bare foot here is really not something viewed as extremely unusual, as is the case with England, where I grew up. Back in England I often got shouted abuse for having long hair, being bare foot, or just generally looking hippyish. I can recall several occasions clearly where I felt intimidated or even threatened.

Here, on the other hand, it is accepted, and noone realls bats an eyelid. Socially though, I am still pretty much a recluse, and apart from květa of course, and a few neighbours that I don't really have much in common with, I don't really know that many people here. I am really looking forward to leaving Sydney and heading to the Tropics, where I hope to catch up with some old friends, and connect with new ones..

How does paradise look like for you?

My dream is to find a piece of land with some well established fruit trees already producing on it.. The land should have fresh water on it (for bathing), and plenty of privacy and freedom to plant more trees and practise naturism..

Paradise for me though, would be void of all carnivorous habits, all blood sucking insects, venomous snakes and used car sales-people, so I'm unlikely to find that while earth bound.. Still, I'm the eternal optimist - never say never..

Are you permitted to stay in Australia indefinitely?

Not yet. Touch wood, if all goes well, I should get that paperwork finished by September this year, 2009. Until then, I'm just waiting as patiently as I'm capable..

Do you miss your home country, or feel sometimes you want to return to Europe?

I don't miss the UK, or the rest of Europe. But do miss my parents and sister and her family.. If it weren't for them, I think it doubtful that I would ever return.. But they are there, so I will likely be back in Europe at some point. - I've yet to figure my finances out first though..

How do you cope being a fruitarian in this world?

I generally don't make such a big deal out of it. I see the world as mad, but that's not for me to fix.

In your opinion, why do you think it is that most people never, or only rarely, take the step from omnivorism/vegetarianism/veganism to fruitarianism?

I think the simplest of answers is that they get stuck..

The world is full of conflicting ideas and opinions, and only few share the insight to progress to fruit.. For others, the brainwashing is too difficult to fully overcome.. And I hate to say it, but if people don't have that faith, understanding and commitment to stick at 100% fruit, then it is pretty inevitable that they will fail, even if they momentarily adopt the belief that fruit's the way to go. Mostly, I think, because of fear.. - When things get too tough, they will make all kinds of excuses to themselves; that fruit is in some way inadequate, and that they need this or that vitamin, protein, or whatever else it is that the media is using their scaremongering tactics about..

So there's that social pier pressure side of things, where family and basically well meaning friends that lack the insight will try their darnedest to convince us that we are on the wrong track and that science has already somehow proven that we are destined to fail, with potentially catastrophic results(!), and then there's also that plain old addiction that stops people advancing, and that much as they may understand at some level that fruit is a superior source of nutrition to other food stuffs, they will be too hooked on zombie flesh, cheesy yoghurts, raw gourmet foods, or breads or even spinach and rocket.. Addiction is a serious psychological and physical problem, and prevents many of us from reaching our goals..

Do you think you would ever like to have kids?

Mixed feelings. Yes, I'm pretty sure, I would love to have children in my life.. but only if i were fully settled in the right place.

Is there anything you are particularly fond of?

durian maybe? sunbathing naked.. Beaches.. Exploring the unexplored.

Are you happier and healthier since becoming a fruitarian?

I'd say yes to both..

What do you still wish for in your life?

Like I said, to find myself a good home in the countryside, and to grow fruit trees.. Also to set up some kind of healing retreat there, where people can come and do fruit juice cures.. And to finally finish writing a book I've been working on for too long now.. Hopefully these things will help get money flowing once more.. It's been a while since I had any significant source of income.

What is your latest and most important knowledge?

Good question.. I've been constantly witnessing 2 things over recent months..

The first is just how much people tend to waste.. Since I started recycling other peoples junk, which all began some months ago, when I began seeing the value in disguarded scrap metal, and progressed to countless finds of bric-a-brac that kveta and I clean up and sell at a local market.. Honestly so much good stuff is thrown out before it's worn out. what a waste!

and 2ndly, how much the raw food movement has been taken over for commercial gain.. It saddens me to see so many people confusing themselves by calorie counting fiction, protein string theories, and ideas like this 80/10/10 thing which although may stem from well meaning intentions I believe complicate unneccessarily, and take away from the simplicity of just eating fruit and enjoying it as nature intended.. (I think also, that whole "raw gourmet" movement is slowing people down too!)

In your opinion what is the most important in the life of a fruitarian?

Well, actually I don't think that I believe that there's one most important thing.. But I definitely believe that getting as close to the source of my fruit as possible is important, as well as having a wide range of good quality fruit, and a natural peaceful setting to live in, with good friends.. I'm actually missing out on some of that, and definitely noticing it!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kveta's new Photo-Blog..

This is just a quick shout out to let you all know that Kveta has opened another blog where she intends to post regularly photographs from the 2 of us..

Her blog can be found here:



Friday, April 10, 2009

Guardian Fruitarian Talk Board

I recently decided to add my tuppence worth to a "raw vegan fruitarian" discussion, ongoing on the UK Guardian newspaper website:

The Guardian Fruitarian Message Board

I do this occasionally, browse the internet to find relative topics to add fruitarian thoughts to, and naturally meet with varying degrees of success.

What gets me most, is just how few people are able to argue their point in a rational manner, typical responses I come across are "that's just plain crazy", or "you're a fruit cake".. Instead of saying why it is that points I might put forward are supposedly loopy, they will avoid the issue altogether by dismissing it entirely and resorting to petty name calling.

This particular discussion, is not especially different to many others I've joined briefly over the years.. Trying to get the skeptics to address individual issues is pretty pointless.

Fruit - Real food

Fruit - The highest of all foods. For mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing - The garden of Eden diet.

One guy just said my morals are wrong. Sure, anyone is entitled to believe that another's morals may be wrong, but if it were I, I would try my darnedest to state clearly why I thought any given set of morals were or weren't wrong.

Oh well.. I lost no sleep over it, and on the plus side, there were definitely a couple of people in the discussion that were at least open to the idea of an all fruit fruitarian diet.. It looks like one of them, at least, even has the promising potential to join the ranks of fruitarians, and is already supportive toward fruitarianism.. [Voluspa, if you are listening. You made my visit to the discussion worth while]

As always..
Peace to All,

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fruitarian Dating Site and Forum

Rudolf has recently updated his fruitarian forum and fruitarian dating site, open for fruitarians only.

Connect with others following the fruitarian path and into fruitarianism, at his fruitarian personals website:


Or visit his fruitarian forum here:


(You'll need to register at both to participate).


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Fruitarian Book - 4 - The Path to Paradise

Just a quick shout out about the latest fruitarian book to hit the streets:

fruitarian book - Fruitarianism, the Path to Paradise

It's from Fruitbat Anne. Anyone interested can visit and order from Anne's website by clicking on the image above.

Peace to all,