Friday, November 19, 2010

What's the best fruit to eat to cure ..... ?

One of the most common questions I get asked from people is "what is the best fruit to eat to help recover from such and such a disease?", or "to receive this or that result?" - Like someone might read of my eye colour change on a fruitarian diet, and then ask me "what's the best fruit to eat to change my eye color?".. or they might have some weird form of ailment, specific type of cancer, or wish to know how best to recover from chemotherapy etc, and they want my advice on what particular fruit would be best for them to eat.

Hanging out on a rock.

Well, firstly I want to state that I'm clearly not a "doctor". Which is really ultimately who you should see if you want something to be prescribed to you.

Secondly, I can really see that anyone asking such questions does not fully get fruitarianism yet.

The thing wrong with the whole specific question "What should I eat?", is that it supposes that somebody somewhere has a better idea of what one should eat than you yourself do. And you are truly mistaken if you think that to be so.

The simplicity of true fruitarianism is that a fruit diet is by it's very nature cleansing and healing, thus whatever it is that might be unsettling you, dis-ease-ing, bothering or generally plaguing you, provided things haven't been pushed beyond a theoretical point of no return, then adopting a fruit only diet will eventually render things right once more. Or as right as the body is capable of becoming..

Thus, if your eyes are brown because of any previously health degrading diet, then eating fruit will eventually clean things up to the point where if you live long enough you're eyes will once more return to the colour they should be..

"How long will that take?" Is the question I then get asked.. But how can I or anyone else possibly know the answer to that? Especially when we all have such specifically differing histories, different ages, states of health, varying genetic backgrounds, different living environments, etc etc. The truth is, changing ones diet to all fruit may still not be solely enough to attain the results one would like to see. For instance, one's eye colour may naturally be brown, and no amount of cleansing will alter that, or ones living and working environment may be so polluted that results may be much slower in occurring, or ultimately hindered or prevented until one makes changes or moves out from whatever circumstances one is in..

About to take a shower.

Live in a clean environment, and adopt a steady fruit diet, and I believe within weeks one will see results already, within months most semi-serious afflictions should be history, and within a year or more, you should be content with your path and singing the praises of the fruit only diet..

But the truth is, there are all manner of obstacles that stand in our way toward that one year goal. - Addiction and cravings being likely foremost, and it is unlikely that few will be capable of adopting and sticking to a purely fruit diet. Then socially we will be under a lot of pressure to stop being stupid and eat more sensibly, and if you don't have strength of character and conviction that what you are doing is right, then of course failure at fruitarianism is a likely result.

Don't take my word for it. I am not really telling you that fruit is right, and will definitely help you out. Quite frankly I don't want that responsibility. This is not to say that I personally don't believe what I'm writing. I have 100% faith in what I talk about, but that still doesn't make me right. Perhaps I have grossly erred. That is for you and you alone to decide..

So back to the specifics.. Why can't I help on which specific fruits are best for any given occasion? Well, the truth is that much as I believe human physiology is basically the same for every individual human on the planet (thus I personally have no doubt that a 100% fruit fruitarian diet is ultimately the correct diet for all humans), the specifics at any given point in time can vary greatly. Thus if I'm hungry right now, and the thing that appeals most is orange juice, then orange juice is what I should eat/drink.. But it would be complete folly for me to think that that is what you need right now too.. You need to go for what your own inner body intelligence and wisdom tells you is right. Don't listen to anyone else.. Not even me. Especially not me, I'm just some has been IBM system programmer..

Taking a shower.

Of course, you might think that macdonalds is what you truly desire, but I am obviously talking within the boundaries of fruitarianism. So when I say eat what appeals most, I mean eat whichever fruit appeals most, and you can be sure (or at least, I can! - it may take a while for you to personally gain such certainty, or you may never do so, the choice is yours!), that that fruit is the one that you need to be eating right now, and that that fruit is the one which is ultimately speeding you on the way to your goals.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Topsy-Turvy World - 15 - Wasted Money.

Probably most readers are aware of how money is regularly squandered by world governments.. Money that could easily be channeled into solving global famine problems, sickness issues, homelessness, drug issues, orphaned children, crime and more. The world has the resources to tackle such issues efficiently today, but lacking the insight and altruism to do so, chooses instead to channel money toward things that actually maintain the status quo, that help ensure that the bulk of the riches stays within the greedy hands of the minority.

Kveta sunbathing out in the bush.

Millions of dollars are spent on trying to find bogus cures for man made (inflicted through ignorance) illnesses, cancer and the like. Local councils with lack of hindsight and too much money on their hands exhaust funds watering public grass lawns only to spend more time, money and earthly resources mowing them again days later, or using heavy machinery to pick up stray bits of randomly flying litter. And then of course there's the military, I've read previously that globally over 30% of all taxes go toward military funding, and the creation of weapons of mass destruction and training for those brainless pawns that are to dutifully operate them when commanded.. Kveta has just told me that while growing up, a school teacher once stated that the money spent on and by the military is more than enough to buy everyone's food everywhere, such that efficiently redirecting their funds alone could provide us all with free food! Just imagine that the global consciousness shifted, and people realised just how destructive current food choices really are, and instead of focusing on the megamonocrops of cereals, wheat, corn and rice, (depending on climate) etc, the bulk of which probably get forwarded to feeding poor imprisoned and suffering fellow animal brethren, and instead began planting fruit trees, intermingling species and adopting sustainable nonanimal centered permaculture techniques.. How quickly the world could be turned around from its path of suicidal destruction it's currently on.

Eventually of course, I optimistically foresee a time when humans do see the light, and no doubt money too will one day follow the path of the dodo and become extinct.. but meanwhile, while it's still used as a method of procuring ones needs or desires, things clearly desperately need to change.

Some examples of complete money squandering folly I've come across recently, are that the US pentagon spent $19 billion dollars (yes, that's a 19 with sparkling dollar sign before it and 9 zeros after it!) on research to discover that the best bomb detectors are dogs. What insanity and such a sad waste of resources! (read more about this here or here, or just google search the subject).

Me taking a bath.

In Britain, nowhere near the American figure just quoted, but still a substantial amount that could far more wisely be spent, £94,000 has been granted to conduct a study on what makes people attractive.. I mean, honestly! Is this even serious?.. To what end?! (read more here).. If only the government would grant us the same amount for getting some river frontage land to plant exotic tropical fruit trees on, enough to demonstrate sustainable fruit growing through vegan permaculture techniques in practice.. We could make far better use of the money.. We'd invite people over on donation only basis and run month long fruit cures helping people transit in natural settings free of otherwise other temptations. But some are wise, and others are otherwise. And people like ourselves that could desperately be aided by government funding would just be laughed out of their paper pushing bureaucratic offices..

Politicians are constantly squandering money staying in unnecessarily expensive hotels, traveling 1st class, conducting research that leads nowhere, and forever requesting more money to further such studies. Recently I read also of some student who came up with an inner city transport problem solution on a grant of less than $1000, and with money to spare, the local government had previously spent millions, (yes, millions!) trying unsuccessfully to come up with a solution, that some high-school kid solved satisfactorily himself on a limited budget.. I've just been trying to google this but although the news was relatively recent (within the last 2 months), I've not had much luck finding it, but trust me it's there. It happened.

local swimming hole

A little closer to home, here on the East coast of Australia, the Australian government forked out $2 billion to construct and install a desalination plant just south of Sydney. They already knew the inefficiency of desalination from the Victoria one that cost over $3 billion, but the icing on the sugar was that they stuck it less than 3 kilometers from a major Sydney residents sewage outlet.. Jeeze! WHy is even sewage still being pumped into the ocean!? They would have surely been better off spending the money on recycling that waste, rather than extracting clean water from the sea that must be creating 1000s of tonnes of waste mineral products, and what are they going to do with all that, one asks.. This is nothing short of complete and utter madness..

Politicians, Government, Military, I tell you the world would be a lot better off without any of them.. At least not in the form they now are.. I mean, the military could still exist but transform itself to be protectors of the environment instead of zealously jealously paranoiacally  protecting artificially forcefully imposed borders, they the army could protect the land from destruction, the navy, stop pollution in the seas, and the airforce become a responsible body preventing and cleaning up air pollution. Government could coexist with the masses much more harmoniously and less wastefully, shifting focus to the true well being of the planet and all it's inhabitants existing without the potential for wrongdoing that they have, and itself being governed fairly.

Hurry up folks.. we need that global change of consciousness that will lead us out of the tunnel of the dark damp ages, and into the compassionate loving light of a reestablished Earthly Eden.


Monday, November 08, 2010

Rene Beresford (23/12/1928 - 24/10/2010)

Rene Beresford has moved on. He quit his earthly shackles barely 2 weeks ago, and no doubt finds himself in a space and time of peace and wonder.

For those of you that don't know Rene, he was the founder of the Australian based Fruitarian Network, and toward the end of the 80s and throughout much of the 1990s edited and produced a small informal quarterly newsletter, which was surely an inspiration and encouragement for many world wide, with many wise written words and testimonies on the benefits of the fruit only diet.

Rene was 2 months short of becoming 82, and and surely wasn't having an easy time toward the end, with failing eyesight and mobility problems, I've been told he died with a body riddled with cancer..

A fruitarian dieing of cancer? Yes, that would puzzle me too if it were strictly true. I mean, it's not that I categorically rule out the possibility of a fruitarian with cancer, as there can be other contributing factors besides food intake leading to such physiological situations, but sadly I believe Rene, being originally of dutch decent and background, growing up through Europe in the 2nd world war, suffering many hardships and no doubt other tough life experiences, did not adopt his fruitarian ideas until quite late in life, and despite his seeming conviction to fruitarianism, Rene himself had difficulty putting his own beliefs and philosophies consistently into practise. So, much as he was undoubtedly dedicated to spreading the truth about food, he himself never truly sought out the correct nurturing environment and surroundings to allow integration of such ideas fully into his own life.

I last met the guy toward the end of the 1990s, but had a decent chat with him on the phone barely 7 or 8 months ago.. He expressed at the time some frustration that he had not come to fruitarianism earlier in his life, and wished to indicate that his ails were not at all stemming from a fruit diet, - something I'm sure he'd wish to be made known to any puzzled followers.

In honour of the fellow, there will be a small memorial held this coming sunday (14th November) at 16:00, on the northern end of Trinity beach (Cairns, Australia), anyone who knew him, or of him, is welcome to attend, just bring along an item of fruit or 2 to share, and enjoy the picnic.

Rene's newsletter was most definitely a comfort for me as I myself struggled sticking with fruit and even raw, and it helped to read of and share experiences with others through the informal newsletter, and know that I was far from alone with those struggles (in those pre-internet days, such fruitarian magazines were about the only way we had of connecting with other like minds!). So I'd like to personally thank Rene for being there and being an often voice of reason.

Wherever you're at, enjoy the fruits of your labour Rene!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Strange Abilities - 1 - Echo Location.

For a long time now I have been someone that adamantly doesn't believe in human limitations. Perhaps this is because ultimately I believe that we are all beings of a fundamentally spiritual nature, and even though this is something we often tend to forget on a day to day basis, occasionally the world offers me gentle clues and reminders that this is so. Thus, if you were to ask me if I believe that it's possible to ultimately live without food altogether, I would be inclined to answer "yes". Admittedly, I've yet to physically meet anyone that's put this fully, consistently into practice, and I don't doubt that for the most of us, were we to try, we would no doubt meet untimely ends.. However, I do here occasional news of supposed globally spread breatharians whose stories seem to me (perhaps naively) to be genuine. See for example the case of Prahlad Jani. I believe such incredible feats require to be entered into with a full awareness of ones essential spirituality, and without, are likely (though no 100% guarantee!) doomed to fail.

dan kisch teaching echo locationBut even still within the realms of the blatantly physical, the human body is capable of so much more than we are generally aware, incredibly, seemingly miraculous feats of strength, or endurance, or abilities to hold ones breath for extended periods of time, or withstand other extremes.

Recently I've been reading up on something called Echo Location. An ability normally reserved for the likes of sonar clicking Dolphins, Bats and possibly other blind nocturnal animals, but it seems that such qualifications are not restricted to these species alone. Indeed, there's a guy out there called Daniel Kisch who teaches people to echo locate, showing that it's a capability well within the reach of humans. Daniel himself is blind since barely a year old, and probably one of the first people to truly exploit this potential we all have.

This is Dan mountain walking with
a group of fellow echo locators

This is by far from being a one off phenomenon, with many other humans (especially sightless) recently also adopting the skill. I think you'll find the following video quite fascinating:

And if you think that's amazing, there are even dogs out there that use echo location as a means of getting around.. see this story of a German Spitz:

And similar:

Weird and wonderful stuff. (More info on Echo Location at Wikipedia)

a few days ago, taking a bath
Me, a few days ago, taking a bath in a wild creek