Thursday, February 04, 2016

the Eden Fruitarian guidebook ...

I have some news with my books…

Firstly, my second book, the Eden Fruitarian guidebook has now been published …
the Eden Fruitarian guidebook

It's 390 pages, so slightly bigger than Destination Eden … It's not so much a sequel, but more of a complimentary book, expanding on the ideas expressed within the first book.

Also, yesterday, February 2, 2016, saw the official release date of the revised second edition version of Destination Eden. The publishers are asking if anyone who has read the book would care to give a short one or two line review on the Amazon page, (and take a look at the other reviews while doing so!) any support in doing so will be greatly appreciated!

about two weeks ago, an Italian version of Destination Eden was also released to the public:

and also a Serbian translation:

A couple of other language translations are in the pipeline… A German version, and also a Spanish version… I will post here when they are both ready; sorry, cannot give a time estimate.