Wednesday, October 28, 2009

oil Slick still growing..

I'm still following the news about the oil slick I mentioned a while ago..(here)

It's been leaking into the sea for over 10 weeks now, and still not been plugged.

(a 4th attempt that was scheduled a few days ago, but was canceled.. I know not why)..

Online reports are saying that the slick has grown and now covers roughly 25,000 square kilometers, and is still expanding!!!

In my opinion, this is an environmental catastrophe comparable to Chernobyl.. And still the TV news makes NO mention of it..

sea snake swimming in sludge

I discovered this forum that is giving some news and links to the disaster:

Estimates for how much is leaking daily vary, but some reports say as much as 13,0000 or more litres a day..

Here's one recent news report:

And this is how I use google to read more:

Google search forlatest oil slick news


Monday, October 26, 2009

Useful Programs - 6 - Free International Phone Calls

For the past 6 months, Kveta and I have been using a program called Justvoip, to make virtually free international telephone calls..

I write "virtually free" because there is a minor 5 (US) cent connection fee for each call (regardless of whether or not the callee is engaged or otherwise doesn't pick up), but other than the meager 5 cents, the calls made are free, and one can chat, as far as we are aware, indefinitely.. Certainly for significantly more than an hour..

It's a program somewhat similar to Skype, in that you are using the internet to initiate the call, but with the major difference that with justvoip, you can set it up to use your home, or, in certain countries, mobile/cell phone.. (thus it works with even the slowest of internet connections!!)

In other words, the program first rings to your private phone, and once you've picked up, then rings to the phone you wish to call, and seamlessly connects you both together..

It's a great service, and we've never yet had any problems using it..

The only requirements are that you have a paypal account with at least $10 in it, which you pay as advanced credit for your calls (for the 5 cent connection fees), and a mobile phone to set up your account (an activation key is sent to your mobile as a text message, which you'll have to enter to activate your account. - Not ourselves having a mobile, we used the mobile of a friend to receive the onetime only text message).. It's all explained pretty well on their website, from where the software can be downloaded free of charge..


The software can be used to make both national and international calls.. Admittedly, not every country is free to call, but the US, the UK, and several other countries are 100% free, apart from that 5c connection fee, of course.. And other countries offer significantly reduced fares in comparison to other methods of telephoning..

As I said, we signed up and started using it about half a year ago, and we've already saved ourselves well over a hundred dollars in phone calls, and from the initial $10 payment, we still have more than $6 left in our account..


Friday, October 23, 2009

Free Energy - 2 - Magniwork

This video talks about a so-called zero point magnetic power generator.. A supposed Free Energy Generator that uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion.

A Perpetual motion device refers to a machine that runs perpetually i.e. indefinitely, and produces a larger amount of energy than it consumes. Thus, it produces free energy indefinitely, runs by itself, without having to need a third-party device or resource to power it.

If it does as is claimed, once started, it would supposedly run indefinitely creating completely free electrical energy, which theoretically could fully power ones home for free.

I must admit, I've never been privileged to see such a device in action, and can't vouch with certainty that it is genuine, but I have been researching it some on the internet, and it does appear as if some people are actually using them..

It is definitely something I wish to look in to more once we are settled in our new home.. - wherever that maybe, we are waiting eagerly to get there..

If any readers have technical/mechanical expertise enough to know with certainty if this device may or may not work, please please let me know.. I'd love to hear from someone that has actually attempted, successfully or not, to put one of these things together?!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Topsy-Turvy World - 12- Oil Slick Grows

This is another piece of news that the media in general seems to be turning a blind eye toward.. Choosing no doubt instead, once more, to focus on the latest rugby scores.. - I have to say, whoever it was that said that sport is opium for the masses, sure hit the nail on the head there!

Anyhow, if you haven't heard about it already, more than 2 months ago, an oil rig between Australia and East Timor began leaking oil into the sea at the rough rate of 400 barrels a day..

The exact quantity of oil sludged into the ocean will probably never be told, but satellite images are said to show that the toxic spill has already spread over 7000 square nautical miles!!..

So far, there have been 3 unsuccessful attempts to plug the leak. (the last one made 3 days ago on Saturday).

It's estimated that up to 15 species of whale and dolphin, more than 30 species of seabird, five species of turtle, and countless fish are the potential victims of the spill. As many as 30,000 sea snakes and 16,000 turtles may have already been affected by the slick. - dead or dieing slow deaths.

Local fishermen who still rely on the dark age rule of live and let die and gluttonously feast on the flesh of fellow beings, report that they are catching dead fish, and are falling sick by eating fish caught in the Timor Sea. They say that by eating the fish they're suffering from skin irritation and illness.

If they could only see that they could be living in paradise if they chose to, with their rich soiled tropical country ideal for the growing of most forms of worldly exotic sweet juicy fruit..

What irks me about this is that the first attempt to plug the leak was made just 10 days ago... I mean, I understand that capping the leak is an extremely complex task.. I believe we're basically talking here about a 25cm hole somewhere under the ocean floor, that's just spewing oil out.. but surely a rescue rig could have gotten there faster, and despite difficulties, had the operation been prioritised more, the toxic spill could, should and would have been stopped by now..

PTTEP Australasia, the company responsible for the leak, has been offered help in capping the leak, but for bizarre reasons known only to themselves, have refused - The government has been asked to force the company to take up the offer.

I've been following this story on the internet over the last few weeks, - about the only decent way to get news these days,- and there seems to be a lot of playing down of just how bad this oil slick is.. even some people claiming that the ocean in that area has hardly any life in it, so what's the big deal?

The news on TV on Saturday, made absolutely no mention of the slick, nor of the bungled attempt to plug the leak..

The Greens claim the environmental impact of the spill has been far greater than the government and the company PTTEP admit..

Want to give your opinion? You can sign a petition here:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy World News - 6 - Bread to boost IQs?

Bread Additive to Increase IQ?

The latest nonsense from the bizarre stories of the news, is that the Australian government has proposed to make the addition of iodized salt to bread, compulsory.

Their supposed logic is that it will increase the IQ of the nation..

How they have managed to come up with something so nonsensical is once more beyond me, and yet further evidence of this topsily-turvily insane world we live in..

Forget the labour intensive wheat.. forget the mind numbing addiction of the stodged flesh and grains diet.. Don't forget that bread is dead, and no matter what ingredient one might turbo fuel into it, it's still going to be dead.. it's still going to clog up our systems with it's mucus residues and fat spreading capacity..

You really want to boost the IQ of a nation?

Transform and harmonize it's landscape with multi-specied fruit trees, feed it's people with the fruit of those trees, and stop all the annual mono food crops, and insane reliance on animal flesh..


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free energy - 1 - Suppressed by Governments.

I Just stumbled upon this enlightening video about alternative energy sources.. It basically explains why so few people have heard about free energy, and the common misconception that free energy doesn't exist.

I hope to write more about this in future posts..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crazy World News - 5 - NASA bombs the Moon

NASA Rocket Crash

For such a major event, it received very little coverage with the Australian media.. In fact, when I first heard about it a few days ago, I could hardly believe what I was reading, but a few more searches around the internet and news sites confirmed that it was indeed true..

NASA bombed the moon..

Well, official sources would have us believe there was no bomb involved, but conspiracy websites abound with contradictory theories, and regardless of whether or not there was a bomb, the fact still remains that they launched a rocket directly at the moon, with the intention of a mega impact collision at 9000kms an hour.. (supposedly equivalent to the power of a 1.5 tons of TNT explosion, followed four minutes later by a 2nd collision)

Of course, NASA plays the whole event down, appeasing the masses by telling us that it is all in the benevolent aid of scientific research and the quest to prove once and for all if the so-called lunar ice-caps do indeed contain that precious commodity of water..

Watching the news here, it is mostly taken up with useless information about some rugby players caught pissing in hotel pot plants, or the sadness of drunken fans whose team lost the big match, and we are thus spared more noteworthy worldly news that is of genuine value. - Like the ever growing ginormous oil slick that rarely if ever gets a mention, and this NASA mischief being another of the many such events that the media seems to just brush over as basically irrelevant..

And yet, does the moon not play a decisive role in the movement and timing of earthly tides? Would the US be complacent if it were the Iraqis or Pakistan that were detonating the lunar pole? Not knowing the full extent of the moons nature and it's relationship to earth as a satellite, how could they ever be completely sure that their foolish mega-mythbusting-explosion, might not feasibly cause tsunamis and earthquakes down here? And even if, as they dubiously claim, the goal is genuinely to establish if water exists up there, surely such an intrusive rocket fueled, or otherwise, explosion would contaminate any such water source, making it potentially unfit for any theoretical future moon colony, besides who can say with certainty that there is categorically no life in existence on the moon, and thus that the bomb is harmless to the moon..

The operation is said to have cost $79,000,000 , - money that surely could have been far more wisely spent..

The mind truly boggles.. Military research is generally of the most destructive ilk.... Indeed, I recall reading some years ago, a correlation between nuclear bomb testing and earthquakes.. and it was supposedly, according to the article, an established fact that after every single nuclear bomb detonated, there was/has been at least one mini to major earthquake within 24 hours, within a 1000km radius of the detonation site.. Makes me wonder if the recent Samoa and Sumatra quakes might not also have been ultimately connected with military playing their silly hell-bent destructive war games..

Shoot, I seriously doubt most readers have ever heard of the deep sea sonic-boom testing, performed by the military, and most likely cause of a surge in confused deafened beached whales.. Very difficult to find any news at all on that one!

And if you are of the naive persuasion that NASA is in no way shape or form connected with the Military, then you need to wake up and stop kidding yourself..

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fruitarianism for the Environment..

It takes up to 50,000 litres of water to produce 1 kilogram of beef compared to only 2,500 litres to produce 1 kilogram of rice, and significantly less still for tree based agriculture producing 1 kilogram of fruit..

A short while ago, the UN released a report titled "Livestock’s Long Shadow". In it, they explain that the animal exploitation industry, major suppliers of unhealthy addictive foods, are one of the most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems the earth is currently faced with ..

This isn't food

The solution? Move away from animal farming, and mono cereal crops, and begin focusing more on a fruit tree orientated agriculture.. This will not only help restore the planet to it's one time splendour, but will ultimately save and prolong lives, and awaken awareness.

In addition, animal industries habitually negatively impact bio-diversity through causing loss of native habitat, introducing non-native species which leads once again to unnecessary competition for both food and water..

The solution is clear again, to use land to plant more trees, creating more bio-diversity, and offering a long term solution to food production through environmentally sustainable fruit growing techniques..

neither is this one

Additional detrimental impacts animal raising has on fresh water supplies, all of which can ultimately be avoided by ditching dark ages flesh eating habits, are that livestock often trample and destroy river edges and pollute water ways, native vegetation is systematically destroyed to make way for monocrops or pasture land which will ultimatley cause soil erosion and effect rainfall..

The manufacturing of leather and other so called animal bi-products is a major source of pollution, with it's reliance on formaldehyde and other toxic chemical pollutants..

In the US, animal factory farming pollutes more waterways than all other industries combined..

A large chunk of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to conventional animal farming techniques.. take into account the fuel and energy consumption such farming methods rely on, and the statistics are surely even more disturbing.. - Animals raised for food in Australia alone produce about 3.1 megatonnes of methane annually. (Methane has a far greater global warming potential than carbon dioxide).

or this one

Believe it or not, grazing takes up nearly 50% of the Australian continents arable land, - a rough 380 million hectares!!

Instead, we could be planting more intermixed varieties of fruit trees.. - Eating more fruit, and ultimately cutting the meat, wheat and cheesy dairy from our diets, is a very effective way for individuals to make a very real difference to reducing global warming.

Livestock animal grazing additionally has a direct impact on the environment through compacting and acidifying soils, and increasing to unsustainable levels the volume of manure and other by-products.. effecting land and waterways..

According to the CSIRO and the University of Sydney a massive 92% of all land degradation in Australia is caused by animal

and this is surely not food - does it look appealing to eat?

Increased numbers of agricultural animals, over-farming and overgrazing has lead to vicious cycles of deforestation, erosion and habitat destruction. Eventually this will lead to starvation prompted by the disappearance of plant food sources.

Meanwhile, out in the ocean, innocent fish are being caught by the 10s of thousand, all to satisfy human gluttony for their zombie flesh eating habits.. The consequences are that these modern fishing methods have depleted populations to such a level that the industry is now targeting deep sea fish, species not previously taken.

Not only are fish populations being forced into a spiralling decline, but destructive fishing techniques including dragnets, long lines, purseseine nets and driftnets are destroying large parts of the ocean environment in the process. - unintentionally capturing other sea animals such as non-target fish species, whales, dolphins, turtles, seals and sea birds like the albatross. Many of these species are facing extinction due to fishing. - Insatiable gluttony for food with eyes has created vast areas of the ocean void of desirable fish..

How about this? hungry?

All this mindless destruction when the only real food that encourages a healthy body, mind and planet, fruit, goes virtually unrecognised for the solution it harbors..

Fish farming is equally insane, creating concentrated faecal contamination in specific areas of the ocean and rivers, promoting the rapid spread of disease and parasites, to both captive and wild fish populations. Even more bizarre is that farmed fish are even fed fish! – 5kg of wild fish is needed as feed to produce 1kg of farmed fish.

I could continue listing insanities, many of which, probably together with yet more mind-numbing ones, are available on the internet, but what would be the point.

But this is food!!

The only real solution is very clear to me. Leave behind destructive habits reliant on the slaughter of fellow beings and their homes, and instead plant fruit trees to eat their luscious offerings - the most superior of all nutrition, and the only environmental friendly and truly karmically free food..


Saturday, October 03, 2009

European Fruitarian Festival

I remember, not so long ago, a time when the term fruitarian was virtually unheard of, and whatever followers that may have been in existence, were so few and far between that it would have seemed most unlikely for 2 to ever meet.

Nowadays, with the grateful aid of cyberspace, fruitarian networking is slowly happening and the meeting of kindred fruit lovers, in both the virtual and real world, is becoming increasingly more likely..

The world is upside down

Forums especially construed for fruit eaters are becoming increasingly more sought after, and those claiming fruitarianism as their path, are equally multiplying.

I'm happy and privileged to be consciously witnessing this change, and being the optimist I am, interpret it as being part of a steady evolution of human consciousness toward the light, and an unshackling of the blood and gore so seemingly eagerly pursued by those that still cling to destructive dark age habits..

Sure, I would love to see things move faster, and for humanity to speed up the whole evolving from the dark-side thing, but little I can do about that except try to remain focused on a brighter more fruit filled future..

Anyhow.. I digress, as I likely often do.. The purpose of this blog post is to let readers know of a fruitarian gathering being planned for Europe, next summer.. Anyone liking the idea of meeting up with fellow fruit lovers, and having the time and means to get there should visit:

It's basically a free festival that I gather will be set up to run along similar lines to Rainbow Gatherings, where a "magic hat" is sent around to collect donations.

Our little garden the morning of
sydney's orange dust cloud
(for more pictures of this peculiar
phenomenon see here)