Sunday, December 30, 2007

Topsy-Turvy World - 3 - What do you love?

This short poem just about sums up the topsy turvy nature of the world we live in: (adapted by me)

You say you love the world,
but you help in it's destruction..
You say you love the sun,
yet you sit in the shade..
You say love the ocean,
yet you sully it with your toxic chemical suncreams..
You say you love fresh air,
but you happily pollute it with perfume and cigarettes..
You say you love children,
Yet you feed them foods that make them ill,
You say you love cows,

but you stake and steak them..
You say you love lambs,
but you chop them..
You say you love fish,
but you hook and batter them..
You say you love birds,
yet you cage them in, and steal their eggs..
You say you love animals,
but what's that I see on your plate?
You say you love trees,
but you fell them..
You say you love flowers,
but you pick them..
You say you love carrots,
yet you uproot them..
You say you love the wind..
 but still you close the door.

is it any wonder,
that I sit here confused,
when you tell me,
'it's love that makes the world go round..'
Now I am afraid also,
that you will say..
"I love you"..

And remember at all times..  that if you are not confused, then you are most surely just not thinking very clearly.

Kangaroo in the early morning..


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Friday, December 28, 2007

The golden rules of detox..

While transiting to a fruitarian diet, some amount of detox is pretty much inevitable..

Here are some points to remember:

  1. Detox is a good thing, - and not your enemy.
  2. Detox is never pleasant.
  3. Detox can take on many different and varied forms and guises.
  4. Detox can be sped up (but also intensified!) by not eating!!
  5. Future detox can be vastly prevented, but it is generally wise to not stop present detox.
  6. All consumed cooked foods, will (eventually) be the cause of some detox.
  7. Detox can sometimes appear to be ongoing. Especially if you eat a high percentage of raw vegan foods and small amounts of cooked foods.
  8. Certain food combinations can cause detox.
  9. Detox is an emergency elimination.
  10. Most forms of dis-ease from which we suffer are predominantly some form of detox or other..
  11. Detox is the bodies way of cleansing itself as it strives toward optimum health.
  12. Detox is initiated for 2 main reasons.. Either because the body decides that it is in desperate need of a spring clean, or because the body is invaded by an external menace (that incidentally, can only thrive where filth is present (germs - more about that in a later post to follow)).
  13. Remember.. Your headache is not caused by lack of aspirin in your diet!!!

Eating an Avo from the tree.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A fuitarian in the big brother house?

Me with a mud pack.hi all,

i'd just like to remind you all, that if you want to see a fruitarian get into the big brother house, then please sign up at the big brother website,and vote for kveta to be a housemate..

here's the direct link to her appliction video

to vote you need to be a member at the site,and to be a member, you need to have an australian address, but there is no control whether that address is real!

thanks and hugs,

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Fruit wants to be eaten..

Unlike every other type of food out there, fruit actually "wants" to be eaten..

OK.. Maybe my choice of words is wrong.. Anthropomorphizing the fruit a little too much, but think about it some..

Fruit is the only type of food that is really, clearly, given freely..

Bacon would not be a choice if the pig had any say in the matter.. A lamb, given the gift of speach, would most probably say "no" if you asked if you could eat its leg, fish would no doubt choose to stay in the water, if they could, and I feel pretty sure turkeys must object once their Christmas is made clear to them..

Chickens are surely protesting from having their eggs stolen and freedoms restricted, and both cows and their calves would be up in arms, if they had any, with the theft of their milk.

Given the chance, bees will attack and defend ferociously, even sacrificing themselves in the process, in order to protect their precious honey..-A sure sign that they do not give it up voluntarily..

But even for the things that have no oral or physical ways to defend themselves, it does not take a great leap in thought and faith to understand that they would likely protest, if they had the ability..

Eating a carrot involves destruction of the whole plant, the lives of lettuces and cabbages are brought short once picked. Even individual leaves torn off of a plant, seems in some way to me, to be against the grain of a universe supposedly built on love... Eating grains, cereal, nuts and seeds generally involves depriving those capsules of any real chance of a life that could have been theirs..

But fruit..!! Now fruit is a whole different kettle of fish.. or should I say "basket of mangoes"! Fruit is different!

Given the choice, the plant that bears the fruit, would most likely be saying "eat it! eat it!".. Because through eating the fruit, you will be helping the tree spread it's seed.. And the more tasty the fruit, the more likely you will be to nurture and care for it's seed.

Fruit is the only food that is given karmically free, and thus the food that is truly compatible with a universe whose fundamental principal and driving force is love.

Eat fruit, be cute, love long and prosper.
hugs mango.

fruit waiting to  be eaten..

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Topsy-Turvy World - 2 - Healthy Chicken.

Those that know me, also know that I am often ranting on about how the world is sort of "Upside down".. that things that seem bizarre for me, are actually considered normal by others.. and of course the reverse is true.. things i consider normal, are considered bizarre by others.

this is what i mean by a topsy turvy world..

take yesterday, for example,.. i walked past a sandwhich bar, with a sign saying "Healthy chicken".. and a picture of a fried chicken under it..

Now to me, there's no way I could think that that chicken was the least bit healthy..

In fact.. picture this.. A house is burnt down, and with it one elderly occupant.. her remains are discovered, and the local newspaper photographs it, and writes above the pictre, "Healthy Human"..

Can anyone see where I am coming from?

But even when one looks at it from the point of view of a supposedly "healthy meal", it is still bizarre to me, and such a warped feast was never meant to be a part of our regular sustenance.

It's just clever advertising I suppose..

- The world has gone mad.


Standing near the ice cream bean trees

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some thoughts on detoxing

The anatomical body is generally occupied by 4 major tasks..

1. Digestion.
2. Assimilation.
3. Elimination.
4. and Healing..

And generally speaking, that's the priority in which those 4 tasks are undertaken.

As you can see, healing is last on the list, which is the basic reason why not eating (fasting) will pretty much always speed up the healing process... (that's pretty profound.. think about it!)

About to tarzan swing into the pond..

But back to detox.. Detox is a sort of emergency elimination.. When the body, with it's own innate wisdom, decides to put other things on hold, and concentrate all efforts on elimination.. And because it's a sort of emergency situation, emergency elimination organs are brought into play..

Some of the more common forms of detox, bring on nausea, headaches, stomach cramps, dizziness and much more, and are generally accompanied by a loss of appetite.. The common cold is probably the most common form of major detox the body regularly initiates, and as such, it is wise to not suppress it with medicines or pills.. Your body knows what it is doing, trust it, and don't try and fight it.

Understand this: Detox is a good thing! It is your body spring cleaning, without it, the body would become so saturated with toxins, that it would most surely keel over and die.. So much as you may feel horrible and miserable and negative through detox, it is actually really a very positive thing, and shows that your body is still functioning as it should..

Now you have to bring your mind into sync with it, because the mind is the tricky thing, the spanner in the works..

If you can genuinely understand what it is that makes us detox, then you are really more than halfway toward freeing yourself from detox..

Remember It isn't detox that is the enemy!!

When we transit from the standard cooked food diet of zombie flesh and stodgy lasagna dumpling pies, or whatever it is that one eats, onto a lighter diet, (whether it be vegetarian, vegan, raw food, or fruitarian), we are generally giving the body a reprise.. an ease back on tasks 1 and 2, such that the body can concentrate more on elimination.. Thus we suddenly may feel worse..

We may feel worse, but in reality, we are actually getting better!!

Detox may hit us especially strongly when going on to a raw food, or even more so, fruitarian, diet.. This is because fruit as a food, conains highly cleansing properties,and will encourage your body to cleanse itself.

So don't despair.. be aware!

And think about this.. - Eating large amounts of fruit, and small amounts of cooked food, can sometimes cause your body to be in apparent permenant state of detox..I have experienced thismyself,and I know how it can be discouraging for those who practice such, as well as for those around us..

This is why some people fail at fruitarianism, because they never go the full hog.. They get sooo close, but because they hang on to vices and addictions they've had, they are pulled back down into them, believing the fruit diet is just not for them..

Moving on to a fruit only diet, some detox is inevitable... But be patient, and give yourself time to adjust and cleanse, and you will come through it stronger and healthier..

OK.. As I've mentioned before, I am workingon a book, but it is slow in the making. I will advertise it on this blog whenever it is done, but I don't know when that will be..


health to us all,

Friday, December 14, 2007

B12 and Fruitarianism.

Similarly to the protein question (Protein on a Fruitarian diet), I have often been asked: what about B12 on a fruit only fruitarian diet??

Unfortunately there is no really simple answer.

Once upon a time, I used to be really into the supposed science of nutrition.. I used to be able to name all the essential amino acids and could tell you what each one was supposedly good for. I knew how to complement proteins, and I knew the sources of most vitamins, iron, minerals.. you name it...

But I gave that all up when I discovered one could use a sort of "common sense" to see whether or not something was right.. or not.

What I have since learned, is that pretty much the entire human race does not know how to eat, and as such, any statistics taken of mineral or vitamin levels within a human, are all based on an essentially sick species, and thus are misleading and of no genuine use to anyone..

Try to look at it this way.. every species out there, in it's natural habitat, consumes it's food in a raw state.. No cooking or processing is necessary.. And indeed, studies have shown that if you try to feed a species processed foods, they will almost certainly be worse off for it.

Got that? Humans are no exception, and that is the first thing one needs to understand if one wishes to maintain optimal health.

Personally I decided to leave nutrtional pseudo science behind..

Now, you may not be someone who believes in the biblical Eden, so if you aren't, then just skip to the next paragraph, but if you do.. ask yourself the question; where did Adam and Eve get their B12 from? The answer is they didn't even know it existed!!..

I have serious doubts that a lack of B12 is the real issue.. More likely is that the body gets somehow sick from other things, and these other things cause the body to not function as it should, and part of the symptom of not functioning correctly, is a loss of B12..

Have I confused you enough already? I think I'm starting to confuse myself...

Enough said.. I don't do B12.. I don't knowingly and deliberately seek out sources of B12.. If I get any, it would be, I guess, from not being meticulous about cleaning my fruit before eating it.. This has been the case for many years, and I have never had any of the B12 deficiency symptoms..

I'm sure I haven't answered the question.. You just have to put your faith in fruit, and you will see and learn that it is our ideal and only true food...

Me having a mud bath..

hugs to all,
Mango the Fruitarian.
PS See also: B12 on a raw vegan diet (mostly fruitarian)

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do we all have different nutritional needs?

Some years back, a decade or so ago, I was living in a French vegetarian/vegan community up in the mountains close to the Spanish border.

A community called Douceur et Harmonie, at a place called El-Faitg.

There was this elderly woman there, the founder of the community, her name was Viviane.. If she's still in the same body today, then she would be in her 90s by now..

Anyhow, Viviane had this theory that we all had different physiological/nutritional needs, and that some of us just could not live well on an all raw vegan diet, let alone solely fruit..

I recall she wrote about it making a comparison to how the horse chestnut tree and the sweet chestnut tree, although looking similar, had very different needs as far as their soil was concerned.. one preferring it more acidic than the other, or something similar..

She said the same was true for humans, in that we may all look similar, but that our needs were actually different..

But her logic was clearly fundamentally flawed, and as much as she may have been right that horse chestnuts and sweet chestnuts looked similar, they were still nevertheless 2 completely separate species.. Like she was comparing Pandas to Polar bears.. Had she compared sweet chestnut tree, to sweet chestnut tree, she would have seen that they all had the same basic requirements..

Similarly (sort of), ancient ayurvedic philosophy, divided humans up into 3 main body types (or doshas as I believe they called them), each with different nutritional requirements (pitta, vatta and kapha).. and the more modern version, especially since the advent of the book Eat Right For Your Type by Peter J. D’Adamo, divides people up depending on their blood type.. (The theory goes that people with "Type A" blood are best off as vegetarians, while people with "Type O" blood are natural born zombie flesh eaters. and the "Type B's" are somewhere in the middle, needing cheesy yogurt lasagnas no doubt..

But I propose that they are all wrong.. We are far more similar than any of these philosophies care to admit..

Of course at any given point in time, our individual requirements may differ, but overall we are all fundamentally physiologically alike.. Are stomachs and hearts are generally in the same places.. as are our kidneys liver and lungs.. all serving the same anatomical purposes..

What the ayurvedics, and the blood type diet people are seeing, is apparently different types of people.. but these apparent different types, are just different bodies having been consistently abused in different ways..

Once the body returns to a truly good state of health, it will become clear how those seeming differences were nothing more than self inflicted, and that we are truly all fruitarian.

Nothing will sustain us, maintain us, nurture us and help us evolve as a species more than returning to a fruit centered diet.

Swimmin in the pond

hugs for all,
Mango the Fruitarian

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Get paid for every visitor to your website or blog..

Well.. this is completely unrelated to my normal fruitarian train of thought..

Ever wish you could get paid for every visitor to your website or blog?

Well, apparently this is now possible.. See the link below to find out more..


If you have any ideas for other ads I could stick here that wouldn't interfere too much with the general flow of things, then feel free to comment and tell me about them..

DSC00474.jpg DSC00474.JPG picture by mangodurian

Hugs for all,

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Protein on a fruitarian diet?

I've lost count how many times I've been asked the question: "Where do you get your protein from?".

I think the thing one should realise, is that much of nutritional science is really only good marketing ploys.

We are brain washed and hoodwinked into believing certain things are true about what we should and shouldn't be eating, that we rarely actually stop to consider whether what we are lead to believe is truth, really is.. truth..

Protein is one of those things that we all tend to think we know about.. The meat marketting board has been telling us for decades that the human body is built up on protein, and that meat contains protein, and ergo, we should eat meat in order to get that protein.. And the flesh industry has been very powerful and influential in selling its wares through clever pseudo scientifical advertising disguised as fact.

Looking at things from a purely common sensical view point, one might wonder how an elephant managed to get so big and tough eating just plant matter.. I guess they are fortunate that they are unable to understand the pseudo science we as humans, are fed from childhood on..

The human race, I suspect, suffers more from over indulging on high protein foods, and is afflicted far more with excess protein intake than from too little of it.

Yeah, I am no scientist, I'll be the first to admit, but when was the last time that you actually met anyone that suffered from too little protein in their diet? I suspect that anyone that would be suffering from too little protein, would have to be on a malnourished, more or less starvation diet, to be doing so..

Contrary to what many might believe, fruit actually does contain amino acids, the building blocks of protein.. And a broad range of different types of fruits, I am told, can contain anywhere from about .8 to 2.5% protein.. And when one takes into consideration also, that the supposed time of life when the human body needs the most protein, is during the first years of ones life, when the diet naturally should consist of just mothers milk, and that the protein content of mothers milk is said to be roughly 1.5% protein, it would seem that fruit would be the ideal food.. Covering our protein needs to a degree of perfection that the excessive amounts of protein in meat clearly could never do..

Anyhow.. all this is hearsay, and as I said, I'm no scientist.. I cannot stand and say with conviction that any of those figures I just wrote are correct, I have no microscope to verify these findings, and I wouldn't recognise a protein f it hit me in the face.. Instead, I have my own proof from my own experience.. feeling better now on a fruit diet, than I ever felt on any other diet. and feeling far healthier and younger for it too..

About to plunge into the damn..

Try it.. if you are persistent, you won't regret it..

PS see also my list of Frequently Asked Questions..

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Vote for Kveta to enter the Big Brother house!!!

Hi all,

Big Brother has just posted the video applicants for the 2008 Australian big brother.. Please head on over there, and vote for Kveta..
Here is the direct link to her video:

Kveta's Big Brother Application.

Thanks y'all,
Kveta in her selfmade rainbow dress, on the beach

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A summary of everything I ate during November 2007.

People may be curious as to what this fruitarian eats.. Usually I don't bother writing it all down, but I've decided to do so once a month, giving a summary of what I ate the previous month.. (Kveta ate pretty much the same as I did, except slightly less avos, and a few more cucumbers)..
If you want to see more of what I eat on a day to day basis, then I suggest you go over to Kveta's blog.. she generally writes down what we both eat each day.. her blog is here:

Anyhow, this is a stastical account of what I ate throughout last month (November 2007):
(Listed in order of quantity - pretty much most of it eaten mono..) (I did not eat anything on 4 of the days)

30 kgs of watermelon (blended and drunk).
60 avocados
10kgs durian (weight of just the flesh)
10 kgs papaya
20 mangoes
7.5 kgs tomatoes
3.5kgs Cucumbers
.75 kgs of Apricots
.75 kgs of Cherries
.75 kgs of Cherimoyas
.5 kgs longans
.2 kgs dates
.2 kgs peas

.. That about sums it up.. oh and I had one mouthful of water on one of the Fridays that I didn't eat..

Me sunbaking on one of the local beaches.

Hugs to all,

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Defining my version of fruitarianism.. on video.

Hi all,
please bare in mind that I am new to this video making thing, and also have always shyed from the camera.

I am really just describing my own particular habits that define my own version of fruitarianism, and not trying to tell others whether they are or aren't fruitarian..

Anyhow, here it is:


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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What is a fruit?

After my last post, defining fruitarian, I thought I'd like to write just what a fruit is..

When I say fruitarianism involves eating or aspiring to eat a diet consisting of 100% fruit, I don't mean nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.. I do not believe these should be fair of the ultimate fruitarian diet.

By fruit, I mean the edible part of the plant that surrounds the seed of the plant..

Fruits include:

durian, mango, nectarine, apples, orange, strawberries, bananas, pineapples and other such obvious fruits that spring to mind..

but also the following are fruit:

Avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, and even eggplant and pumpkin..

These are all edible fruits that surround the seed of the plant..

OK, so some are less edible than others, like the eggplant and pumpkin, but they are nevertheless still fruit.

So what's not fruit?

Well.. Obviously not meat, fish, eggs, cheesy yoghurty slime sludgey stuff,
not roots nor leaves nor tubers nor nuts nor legumes or grains.. even if raw, and even though some do consider those to be regular parts of the fruitarian diet, I don't share that view.

Stick to fruit I say.. It's the only part of the plant which is truly given karmically free.

Mango the fruitarian.

me on the beach

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Definition of Fruitarian.

There are probably as many definitions of fruitarian, as there are of vegetarian..

- We get vegetarians that eat everything but red meat, and others that eat chicken and fish, and of course the vast majority that take dairy products and eggs.. And yet the word itself sounds like it would depict someone that just ate from the vegetable kingdom.. far from it.. Language is rarely logical..

Similarly, we get fruitarians that eat roots, leaves, tubours, seeds, grains. indeed, even whole plants.. We get fruitarians that mix it all together in massive gastronomical onslaughts, others that try to simplify by eating mono, and we even get fruitarians that believe it is dangerous to eat just fruit!, and ones that cook or otherwise abuse their foods before ingesting..

(As a little anecdote, I recall some years ago a couple of friends of mine went to meet a fruitarian in Ireland.. They found her at home eating bread and jam.. In her mind, both were made from fruit and seeds/grains which she supposed to be a regular part of a fruitarian diet)

So who am I to decide what does and what doesn't classify one as a fruitarian?!

Kveta walking to the damnI suppose it is the nature of things that if there is a teaching of sorts, that once out there, it gets perverted and distorted and warped and diversified.. I feel quite sure (admittedly, perhaps naively so) that original vegetarians just partook of vegetable matter, and never dreamed of supplementing their diets with milk from other species or birds eggs.. And certainly they would never have considered themselves vegetarian if they ate fishes or chickens..

But language adapts itself, and people that weren't vegetarian, became vegetarian, not by changing their diet, but just by the constant redefining of the word vegetarian until they became socially and linguistically accepted as being vegetarians, even though they once wouldn't have been..

Thus new words sprang into existence to help define where one was really dietistically and ethically standing.. The word Vegan popped into existence in the 1940's, to describe someone that was really vegetarian.. and later still the terms lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, lactov-ovo vegetarian, even semi-vegetarian and socio-vegetarian became common descriptive tags ..

I fear that much the same will and is happening to the term fruitarian.. Simply to begin with.. with definitions such as 80% fruitarian, or the like.. But more complex terms are almost bound to pop into existence.. Like lacto-fruitarian which a couple of Swedish contacts I have made believe to be a sound version of fruitarianism (involves capturing, imprisoning and stealing the milk of other species).. And "drop-fruitarian" which I've heard a few times already, used to describe a fruitarian that only eats fruit that falls naturally from the tree.. Personally I doubt seriously the existence of any such fruitarian, but I sure would like to be given the opportunity and abundance to try it out!

Looking at the word fruitarian, you would think that it meant someone that just ate fruit.. Agreed, that seems logical enough, but the truth is that the very vast majority of people out there that call themselves fruitarian, do make exceptions to the "just fruit" rule, once in a while, some more frequently than others.. myself included..

Personally, I put my belief and faith in fruit.. I have no real doubts in my mind that a broad range of fruit can cover all our nutritional needs, and that ultimately it is all we really need to eat... Even more so, that it is all we should be eating.. I aspire to forever simplify and move closer to nature and naturism, and in doing so, eat only fruit and encourage the seeds of each fruit to grow around me.. These are my aspirations, and that is the sort of fruitarian I wish ultimately to be.

So did that answer the question? Probably not.. Ultimately, it doesn't really effect me who calls themself fruitarian, and what their goals may be.. My focus is on finding my own home, and living my own dream.. of fruit tree growing, and sunshine and clean water, and naturism, and fresh raw fruits, and a lifestyle that will prove I am capable of living in Eden without trashing it. (How else can we expect to get back in?).

Hugs to you all,
Mango the fruitarian

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