Monday, June 16, 2008

Reasons to Be Fruitarian

1. Rational Reasons to Be Fruitarian

The following posts cover fruitarianism from what I consider a rational common sense point of view:

Do we all have different nutritional needs?
Common sense view to our fundamental physiological fruitarian natures

2. Environmental Reasons to Be Fruitarian

This one touches on the environmental benefits of fruitarianism:

Environmental Fruitarianism
Fruitarianism and the Environment

3. Ethical Reasons to Be Fruitarian

And this post briefly goes into the ethics of fruitarianism

Fruit wants to be eaten..

4. Physiological Reasons to Be Fruitarian

And for the anatomical physiological reasons behind a fruitarian diet see:

Raw Fruit: The Natural Food of Primates
Physiological/Biological Anatomy of a (fruitarian) Human
Another Physiological/Anatomical Comparison Chart.. this time with fruitarians..

5. Economical Reasons to Be Fruitarian

And I attempt here to prove that a fruit only diet can be very economical:

Isn't it expensive living on just fruit??
See the posts of what we eat on a monthly basis

7. Spiritual/Religious Reasons to Be Fruitarian

For Spiritual and/or religious reasons to be fruitarian, see the links below:

Veganism/Fruitarianism and religion

PS have I missed any reason?

A swan, painted onto the hand of the artist

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Anonymous said...

Excellent list! I keenly anticipate reading the spiritual reasons too. I think you have it all covered otherwise, and I am greatly enjoying reading your blog (i just discovered it via searching for raw vegan fruitarians on google - I am also trying to become fruitarian as fully believe in the benefits).

So many thanks for creating this blog.

peace and goodwill to you,

Unknown said...

Great post Mango,
I like the new webpage style the jackfruit looks good.
I am in Florida for a few hurricane months now.
My brotherinlaw just picked three big jackfruit from the tree we have in Thailand but I guess I will be eating local Florida mangos instead and mamays are in season here also.
Keep up the good post.
Love Peace and Happiness,

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi marvin and cherimoya!
thanks for your comments..

Hey, if either of you (or any other reader!) fully believe in the 100% fruit diet, and would like to be interviewed, then please let me know..

Cherimoya, yes, the jackfruit was deliciously soft and chewy..

thanks for the encouragement,