Monday, August 11, 2008

List of Interviews with Fruitarians

There have been 39 believers in fruitarianism interviewed so far (although the 3 of the interviews have been deleted).. At least one more fruitarian interview is in the pipeline.. If you happen to know of someone else that would care to be interviewed, then please let me know.

1. Interview with Kiwi - 3rd February 2008
- Deleted by request of interviewee..
2. Interview with x - 7th February 2008
- 21 Year old male, from Portugal. Requested interview be deleted, 22/04/08
3. Interview with White Flame - 13th February 2008
- 32 year old male. Planning on cutting out food altogether and becoming breatharian.
4. Interview with Fruitbat Anne - 17th February 2008
    La même interview en Français. - 28th May 2009
- 42 year old fruitarian of 16 years, has 2 children raised as fruitarian.
5. Interview with Sarah Parker - 1st March 2008
- 31 Year old mother of 3.
6. Interview with Cappi - 9th March 2008
    La même interview en Français. - 3rd June 2009
- Nearly 4 year old boy, son of Fruitbat Anne (no. 4)
7. Interview with Suvine - 13th March 2008
- Young woman from the US, fruitarian for 3 years.
8. Interview with Pelagus - 23rd March 2008
- Young woman from France, - writer, activist.
9. Interview with Sun~Rose - 3rd April 2008
- Grandmother in the US - Author of book A Radiant Life
10. Interview with Julian - 11th April 2008
- 28 year old guy, living in Nicuragua.
11. Interview with Kveta - 20th April 2008
Oprah interviews Kveta - July 2010 (on kvetas blog)
Video Interview - December 2009
- born 1957 in the Czech Republic. - My partner.
12. Interview with Rob - 26th April 2008
- 39 Year old man, Living in Idaho. Used to be very overweight.
13. Interview with Rudolf - 6th May 2008
- 46 Year old guy from Munich, Living in Spain.
14. Interview with Life - 14th May 2008
- 36 year old guy from Tupelo, Mississippi, but located in Spring, Texas.
15. Interview with Fred - 21st May 2008
- Deleted as no longer considered trustworthy.
16. Interview with Jimmy Braskett - 3rd June 2008
- 42 Year old New York Musician.
17. Interview with John Rhodes - 11th June 2008
- Interview extracted from the Vegan Views website.
18. Interview with Pommegranite - 25th June 2008
- Female, age unknown. Mother of 2.
19. Interview with Richard Blackman - AKA Fruitarian one, or F1, or Jericho Sunfire.
Interview number 1 - 3rd July
Interview number 2 - 7th July
Interview number 3 - 12th July
20. Interview with The Annie Within - 25th July 2008
- Fruitarian in progress, grandma in US.
21. Interview with Manuel J Lugo - 5th August 2008
- 22 Year old Student living in Texas
22. Interview with Peggy Critchlow - 17th August 2008
- 47 and Living in Utah..
23. Interview with Kathrine Freeland - 26th September 2008
- 17 year old student living in Florida.
24. Interview with Hondo - 1st November 2008
- 30 year young guy, living in Georgia, US..
25. Interview with Petr Cech - 5th December 2008
- 34 year old Czech guy, living in Denmark.
26. Jamshed - 24th January 2009
- 40 year old friend of mine, currently in UK but headed for US.
27. Interview with Todd - 27th February 2009
- Born 1961, currently residing in southern Virginia, usa
28. Interview with Randall Gal - 14th March 2009
- 24.5 years of age guy, grew up in Ocala Florida, USA
29. Interview with Me (Mango) - 17th March 2009 (see 31. too)
- This is an ABC (Australian) radio interview with myself.
30. Interview with Cat - 28th March 2009
- 25 year old woman living in Vienna, Austria
31. Interview with Mango(me) - 29th April 2009 (see 29. too)
Oprah Interview with Mango - July 2010
Video Interview - December 2009
- Born 1961, living currently in Sydney, Australia
32. Interview with Darrick - 10th August 2009
- 39 year young guy from Oregon, US.. Currently living in Thailand.
33. Interview with Sandrine - 4th November 2009
- 30s something French girl, living in southern France.
34. Interview with Tord Lyseving - 3rd December 2009
- born in 1943 in the city of Luleå, northern Sweden.
35. Interview with Rob Lockhart - 25th May 2010
- born in Scotland, raised in New Zealand.
36. Interview with Jeff Atwell - 13th July 2010
- born in 1978 in Ohio, Currently living with wife and daughter in California.
37. Interview with Yann Fanch - 29th July 2010
- born in 1967 in Brittany, France.
38. Interview with Rejean Durette - 30th September 2010
- born in Canada, 1965.
39. Interview with Stacey Barrington - 6th October 2010
- born in 1969 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
40. Interview with Pom Vincent - 15th June 2011
- Deleted upon request by interviewee.

If you believe in the 100% raw non processed fresh fruit fruitarian diet, (ie no animal products, no roots, leaves, seeds, nuts (including coconuts!) etc etc) and have serious intentions of getting there or already doing it, then consider being interviewed too..

- Just drop me an email or post a comment here, and I'll be in touch.

This list will grow as more fruitarian interviews are published.



Anonymous said...

It sounds good and very healthy. I am not trying to be negative, but I will be craving for other types of food here. Carbohydrates that you get from bread a cereal is also very important

Anne said...

Dear Health, Fitness and Science,
yes we do need carbohydrate in the diet, for energy and brain power.
You will be pleased to know that fruit is full of carbohydrate. Fruit carbohydrates are in the form of fibre and also fructose or fruit sugar.
Bread contains complex carbohydrate, which needs to be broken down by the body into simple carbohydrates(like fruit contains) before the carbohydrate can be used.
This is one reason why fruit is so easy to digest and yet gives lots of energy; without depleting the body's energy in the process of digestion.
Have a peachy day,
love from Anne XX.

Traveling Bean said...

I've very much enjoyed reading through these interviews! I'm a high-fruitarian raw vegan but I plan on going full fruitarian eventually. I don't eat vegetables anymore since my body doesn't seem to handle them well and cooked food is a definite no. The only non-fruit item that I really eat is tofu but I'm tapering off of that and plan to cut it out soon. It's so refreshing to read about other fruitarians! Thank you for posting these interviews.

Kelsey Ann said...

Mango can I change my Kelsey Taylor (Kiwi) Fruitarian interview to just say 'Kiwi' and not my name in any of it just for security reasons? That way it can stay up but not mention my full name (and also remove my webpage links)

thanx so much!

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Kiwi,
Sure.. I Just removed you name and links to your website as requested..

Unknown said...

Hullo my name is Orlin H. González :) I am 18 years old and have been a raw vegan for four years. For about one year I followed 80-10-10 but I did not enjoy all the recommend greens the diet calls for. I have transitioned to a fruitarian lifestyle more and more and I have now almost lived a whole year on just fruits. I have done several extended periods of mono fruit meals and now I only enjoy eating mono fruits. I want to practice nonviolence as best as I can and I strongly believe this is the way to do it :) If you ever want to interview this fruit bat just contact me :). I love all the interviews on your blog :) My email is:
Much love and ripe white sapotes :)