Thursday, February 28, 2008

Useful Programs - 2 - Resizor

I am regularly sent photos by various people around the globe, generally they are sent with such large dimensions (straight from the camera no doubt), that it can be quite time consuming just waiting for them to download.

Well, there are lots of programs out there that one can use to resize a picture before sending it. Most of them are quite complex for the novice.

Resizor is different though, it's a small standalone application used for image resizing and retargeting.

Unlike Photoshop its small, loads quickly, and easy tostart using.

It features something called "seam carving technology" for image retargeting, which is basically a technique used to resize the images with out losing the quality of the image.

You can use filters for resampling of images for superior quality, resizor claims that some of these filters offer superior quality than photoshop.

It's currently available only for Windows.


Have fun, and send me a less bulky picture next time!!


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fruitarian Book - 1 - Fruit: The Ultimate Diet

Fruit: The Ultimate Diet (click to order)Fruit The Ultimate Diet - by Rejean Durette (156 pp).

The supposed first book of its kind to delve so deeply into the whole concept of a fruitarian diet.

Page after page reveals reason after reason to become fruitarian as every single myth regarding the diet is dispelled and it becomes ever so clear that if you want to be as healthy as possible on every level, the answer is simple:


Contains nutritional, physiological and anatomical facts supporting fruitarian eating. Discusses what a fruitarian eats and how to make the diet work for you.

Chapter titles: The Common Sense Diet; Man is a Part of Nature; Back to the Garden; Man's Blueprint; So Where's all the Fruit? Food Production; What's Wrong with Cooked Food?; What About Vegetables?; Living on Fruit; What Constitutes Food?; What About Protein?; What About Calcium?; Calories, Protein, Vitamins, Etc.; Common Myths About Fruit; Weight Loss; Food Combining; Eating Fruit In Season; Supplements; Fruits Have it All; Organic vs. Commercial

Having not yet had the oportunity to read the book, I am unable to vouch for the contents or state clearly whether I am in total agreement with it or not. However, it is likely that there are parts of it that I may disagree with, but I am sure that overall the book will be very inspirational to anyone who reads it.

You can order the book by clicking here: Fruit: The Ultimate Diet


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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Useful Programs - 1 - Flock 1.1

First in my series of useful programs to download..

This is for anyone out there that blogs or uploads photos, Flock is an excellently useful tool.

It's essentially a web browser (like firefox, Internet Explorer, opera, Safari and many of the other web browsers available out there..).

Basically, it's built upon Firefox version 2, but has some pretty niftily impressive extensions built into it, making blogging and photo sharing a real pleasure.

These are just some of the things you can do with it:

1. Easily post a blog entry to your blog (works with most blogs, but not with myspace. - Yet.)
2. Easily upload pictures to photobucket, picaso, flickr and other photo sharing websites.
2a. The great thing about this is it can automatically resize your images to the size you prefer, and also lets you crop the image so you can just select the part of the image you want to upload..
3. Lets you drag and drop any picture into your blog entry, and resize it to fit with your blog..
4. Checks your email (currently only works with gmail and yahoo)

There's heaps more stuff too, but those are the main things that have us hooked..

Both Kveta and I use it to  post our blog entries.

You can download Flock version 1.1 beta, from here:


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Friday, February 22, 2008

Topsy-Turvy World - 6 - Candidasa

durian growing on treeI've travelled a couple of times to Bali..

I am not as impressed with it as some people I know.. For starters I think it is heavily over populated, especially in the south of the Island. The tourist trade has ruined much of the beach front. - I am sure though, that once upon a time, it used to be a veritable paradise.

True, there are parts of the island that are still untouched and rather beautiful.. Especially the north of the island and extra especially the north west, which is mostly still national park with limited access, and much of the centre of the island too..

But I am in no great hurry to ever return there. On average, I found that, in general, many of the people living there were too pushy for my linking, and I was especially disgruntled by the fact that most men smoke from sunrise to sunset apparently using just one match a day, as each dieing cigarette is used to light the next one..

OK.. I may exaggerate some, but that's certainly how it seemed to me at the time..

Candidasa (pronounced Chandy-dassa) is one place that I'd like to mention as an example of human folly.. (it's a beach town in the south east of the island). This place used to have beautiful golden sand beaches with coral a short swim from the shore, and teams of multi coloured fish of varying size.. The sea was mostly calm, and the beach was full of coconuts..

All that, changed with the advent of tourism.. Money hungry businesses started erecting concrete buildings as huts for the tourists. In an effort to keep costs low, they harvested most of the coral to use for making the cement (ground up for the lime I guess)..

The result became shortly evident.. Removing the coral caused the sea to boil wildly as the coral had previosly acted as a wave breaker, keeping it otherwise calm.. Anyhow, the sea came in, and washed away the beautiful beaches.. Excepting a few die hards that managed to survive, the multicoloured fish all but disappeared with their shelter, home and playground stolen from them, and Candidasa became something totally else within the space of about a decade, with the ugly concrete buildings lining the beach front where once stood coconut palms..

After realising what they had done, there was a massive attempt to restore things.. Concrete was poured back into the sea to replace the nolonger coral and to act as wave breakers.. The beaches never regained their golden splendour but instead remained mostly bared rock, stone and pebbles.

Of course, far more cement was used than was ever made from killing the coral..

Quite sad really..

True, people often appear to be quite friendly there, but alas a good many of them put on a smile in attempts to do some kind of business with you.. whether it be to get you to buy their sarong, or to overnight in the multitude of guesthouses across the island... (Apologies to the genuinely nice people that I met on the island, because there are certainly some of you!!)

Needless to say, I've no plans on going back there any time soon (though I try not to say never!)..

To leave things on a positive note.. the durian is good there, and those lovely unique white mangoes that I've only seen there and no where else.. And they have great tasting unique flavoured passion fruits that I was practically living off of..

Well.. I guess we all make mistakes. (that's not meant as an excuse.. just a fact)

orange fleshed durian

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nuts in a fruitarian diet??

Me in SpainLet me tell you why I don't do them..

For starters, they are not fruit.. Much as many might classify them as such..

And as a fruitarian, I try to avoid eating the seed of a plant, unless it is so intricately entwined with the fruit itself, that eating it together with the fruit is pretty unavoidable. (as is the case with pomegranate, tomato, passion fruit, kiwi, etc etc). In these cases, I see the seed as ultimately benefiting from or profiting through being swallowed unavoidably whole, as the digestion process will actually help kick start whatever enzymes are in the seed needed to get it germinating. Thus the deal is symbiotic for both us, and the plant.

However, there are other reasons too..

You may not be aware of this, but I believe all natural fresh ripe and ready foods eaten mono on an empty stomach, have what a group in France have christened an "instinctive stop"..

I've studied their philosophy somewhat (more on that in another blog entry), and certainly can't say that I am in agreement with it in it's entirety, but certainly there are aspects of it that are worthy of consideration.. The instinctive stop being one such item..

The instinctive stop is recognisable through a change in flavour.. It can bring on tingling sensations, or burning sensations, or just subtle changes in flavour of the fruit, rendering the fruit in question no longer as appealing as it was at the beginning of the (mono) meal..

An easy example of this, that you are probably already familiar with, is the burning sensation you might get if you eat too much pineapple.. That is your body telling you "Stop!.. Don't eat anymore.. that is enough now.."..

But the "stop" may be more subtle.. it may just be that whatever it is you are eating, suddenly becomes less appealing to you. Listen to these signs, as your body is telling you in it's own way, that it is finished with that now..

Compare this with any cooked food, - there is no instinctive stop with cooked or processed foods.. Eat chocolate, and your body will scream out insatiably "more more!".. It is easy to push things over the limit, overdo things, and consequently render yourself sick.. In fact, the intellect has to kick in and say "That's enough now! Break it up", because if it doesn't, the intellect knows the consequences..

But that's not how it should be.. The body should always be the one that decides..

On a fruit diet (keeping things simple and not over mixing as many raw fooders habitually do), you are safe to keep eating until the foods appeals no more.. There is no chance of putting on weight, or making yourself sick through over eating (provided the fruit is truly fresh, ripe and ready to eat without bruises or mold).

So.. Back to the nuts.. Did you know that pretty much ALL commercially available nuts are heat treated. I can think of no exception...

As such, there is no "instinctive stop" with nuts.. And your body will crave the addictiveness of them, thus be unable to truthfully tell you that enough is enough..

There have been times that I have found and eaten freshly fallen nuts directly from under the tree. These are commonly called "wet nuts" (due to them still being fresh and moist and soft), and they differ tremendously from the commercially available "dry nuts".. I can honestly report, that after eating 2 or 3 "wet" walnuts, I got a clear recognisable feeling of taste change, and the food became unappealing, just as it is supposed to.

Drawing from another experience, I think it was Christmas 2001, I was working night shift at the post office sorting department. Throughout much of the day I slept, and late afternoon, evening, with it being too cold outside (this is back in the UK, snow on the ground etc.etc.) I minimized my shopping and thought I'd sustain myself on predominantly nuts. I think I must have devoured about half a kilo of nuts (weight with the shells) every day for 2 weeks..

The consequence, I made myself sick sick sick.. My body struggled to cleanse itself, and basically knocked me out for about 3 weeks.

Fruit would never do that!

Thanks to Fruktoed for a small russian translation:
Что касается другого прошлого моего опыта, я думаю это было рождество 2001 года, я работал в ночную смену на почте, занимался сортировкой. На протяжении всего дня я спал, и после обеда вечером, становилось слишком холодно на улице (это происходило в Англии, снежная погода и т.п.) Я решил сэкономить и думал продержусь преимущественно на орехах. Я думаю что поглощал около пол кило орехов (вес вместе с скорлупой) каждый день в течении 2 недель.

В следствии чего я заболевал все сильнее и сильнее. Мое тело боролось с очисткой самого себя и в сущности я вырубился на 3 недели.

С фруктами никогда ничего подобного не могло бы случиться!


Make no bones.. Commercially available nuts, or any dried nuts, are cooked food, they are as moreish as some cooked foods, and the consequences are the same... Intoxication!!
After 2 weeks of nuts.. just recovering on the beach..

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Monday, February 18, 2008

What we ate in January 2008, and how much it cost..

Once more, this is an estimated but still pretty accurate list..

ruit Quantity Cost
Apricots 2 kgs
Apples 1 kg
Avocados 96 $73.00
Bananas 7 $1.82
Capsicum 1kg $1.40
Cherries 3.5 kgs $23.64
Cucumbers 14 kgs $21.79
Durian 57 kgs (including shells) $171.62
Grapes 12 kgs $19.90
Kiwi 15 $9.95
Longans 1 kg $6.43
Lychees 11 kgs $67.73
Mangoes 80 $55
Casaba Melon 3 $6.30
Rock Melon 9 $17.50
Nectarines 70 $37.49
Oranges 20 kgs $15
Papayas 7.5 kgs $23.67
Passion Fruit 8 $1.50
Pineapple 1 $2
Tomatoes 25 kgs $20.67
WaterMelon 200 kgs $93.40

Totalling $675.31 Which means that we averaged $21.78 for 2 of us each day on food.. That's $10.89 (Australian dollars each per day).

Bare in mind that we generally eat an avergae of 5 or 6 different things eah day, and that I fasted for 4 of the days in January, it should give a very rough idea of what we might eat on a daily basis..

And to see one totally random average day, then I recorded what we (kveta and I) ate on the 20th of January:

08:00 half a litre of juice each (made from blended mangoes and grapes)
10:00 three quarters of a durian between us..
11:00 kveta had juice from a quarter of a rock melon, I had the other quarter juiced with some grapes too..
12:00 I had one avocado, and one tomato.
15:00 the last quarter of a durian. Shared.
15:45 juice from the other half of the rock melon..
17:15 me: 1cucumber, 1 tomato and half an avocado.. (mixed) Kveta: 2 tomatoes, 2 cucmbers (mixed).
18:30 me: 1cucumber, 1 tomato and half an avocado.. (mixed) Kveta: 1 tomatoes, 2 cucmbers (mixed).
after 21:00 Kveta 1 cucumber, 2 nectarines, 2 apples.

As you can see, we don't follow the traditional 3 meals a day plan.. rather we sort of graze throughout the day.
We don't really have a pattern. Just eat when we feel to.. and as a rule of thumb we are generally ready for food at about the same time.

To see more of what we eat on a more or less daily basis, then head over to Kveta's blog, where she tends to give rough summarys of what we both eat daily..

Hugs forall,

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Interview with a fruitarian - 4 - Fruitbat Anne

Interview with Fruitbat Anne
(* voir aussi la même interview en français *)

Hi Anne, - & Annes MyspaceFruitbat Anne on her back Pateo
Thanks for doing this interview!! - You're 42 this year, is that correct?


And you've been on a fruit diet for, what, 16 years now?

Yes, I started transitioning onto a fruit diet when I was pregnant, with my elder son, in 1991.

Had you been vegetarian or vegan or doing raw foods prior to switching to a fruit only diet?

I became vegetarian in 1985, progressed to a vegan diet a year later and gradually started omitting refined and processed foods from my diet.

What was the deciding factor for you? Were you influenced by a book, or a particular person or did you just somehow evolve into fruitarianism?

When I was at uni, in 1986, I tried a raw food diet as a progression of veganism. However, as well as fruit, this diet included raw veggies, lots of sprouts, seed 'cheeses' and rejuvelac.

This diet never really 'did it' for me. I was not really enthused or delighted by the sprouts and raw veggies.

In 1991, whilst pregnant, I attended a talk, at our Animal Rights Meeting, by local fruitarian author David Shelley. Now here was someone who glowed with health and enthusiasm.

This guy really did walk his talk. I was captivated as were several of my friends. We immediately set off upon the road to Fruitarianism.

Some of my friends went straight from a vegan diet onto fruit. As I was pregnant, I went through a transition stage. I ate mostly organic fresh fruit but I also ate some cooked veggies and grains.

What was beautiful about my beginnings in fruitarianism, was that there was athis lovely supportive group all embarking on a fruit diet. We also had an organic fruit buying group and we were fortunate enough to obtain really great quality organic fruit.

Prior to switching to a fruitarian diet, had you met anyone else that was practising it?

No, David Shelley was the first fruitarian I met, and a great advert for the cause!

You were living in Leicester, England at the time, they have a good fruit market there, I guess that would have helped?

Well Leicester market is certainly a wonderful place for fruit, however most of our fruit was from the organic buying group. I think that this organic fruit realy helped as it was the best quality organic fruit sourced from all over the World and was full of goodness and vitality.

We did get fantastic Mali mangoes from Leicester market and the multicultural nature of Leicester meant that we also got great Asian and West Indian fruit.

It must have been great having others around you that were also moving onto a fruit diet!!

Yes, I was very lucky with this.

You successfully raised your first child, Camlo, on a fruit diet, and your 2nd child, Cappi, is nearly 4 and thriving on fruit, did you ever feel under any pressure to feed them anything other than fruit??
Never, because they always had the most wonderful health.

When people see that a child is truly healthy I do not think that anything that they do or say can stand up against the sight of true health.

Cappi enjoying himself

What happens if either were or are presented with sweets, lollies, ice creams and the like?

Cappi shows no interest in eating these things, he has been offered sweets many times but I explain that he does not eat them.

There is cooked food in the house , but he never wants to eat it. He often says to me 'We eat fruit Mum'. It is as if he does not consider other foodstuffs as food for himself.

Do you have to be constantly vigil that they don't eat food that you don't want them too?

No there is no difficulty here.

I think I would find that difficult. It is a very fluid and relaxed thing with Cappi.

If he found a biscuit on the floor, he would not pick it up and eat it.

I think I would find it very strained and challenging if he was constantly looking out for cooked food to eat.

I think the simplicity that Cappi sees fruit as his food makes our life flow in a beautiful and relaxed way.
I understand your partner supports your choice of food but himself eats the traditional vegan cooked diet, do you think he intends to join you on a fruit diet at some point? Do you think he eats more fruit since you've been together?

My partner has a great interest in fruit and the fruit diet.

One of his goals is to one day be on a fruit diet and there have been periods in our relationship where he has eaten a fruit diet.

I think when one has a house full of delicious fruit, then there is always the incentive for anyone else in the house to eat more fruit.

How long have you been living in Australia? You must have a bigger choice of good quality fruit than you ever did in England?

I have been in Australia for almost five years now. The big difference here is that just about all the frut we eat here is locally grown, which I love.

The fruit I ate in England was of great quality because of the existance of our organic buying group and the Market and ethnic fruit shops, however it was just about all imported.

From an environmental point of view , I much prefer eating local.

Also we have the bonus of being able to grow fruit in our own back yard. Cappi has had the pleasure of picking and eating papaya, mangoes and bananas from the garden. Something that my elder son never had the chance to do , when he was young.

After practising fruitarianism for as long as you have, you must surely know a fair few people doing likewise?

When I was living in England, we had that beautiful support network of seven or eight fruitarians all living nearby. We have since spread out to all corners of the globe. Living in Australia , I have contact with lots of lovely fruitarians but it is mostly via e-mail or letters.

Did you notice any big difference to your health and vitality after moving to a fruit diet?

So much, I just feel really well and healthy. I have tried macrobiotic and raw food diets, which gave me a certain level of health but nothing has given me the real aliveness and vitality of a fruit diet.

Especially when I am on mono, I feel so happy and well.

It is pure joy to spring out of bed each morning and feel more alive than I did when I was 18 .

How did your parents react when you told them you ate only fruit and nothing else? And how did they feel about their grandchildren not being given food other than fruit?

My late mother was just fantasic. She was the most open and non-judgemental person I have ever met. She would go out of her way to buy the nicest fruit for Camlo, when he was little.

Her support was a treasure.

My father is more traditional in his thinking. I think he would love to be able to buy Cappi sweets and ice-cream.

I think it is the case with some people that they feel more comfortable and secure if others are eating the same diet as themselves. If others are eating differently ,then their security is threatened somehow.

However, my father does respect my wishes and does not give Cappi sweets or cooked food.

You've got a twin sister right? Is she anything like you? What does she make of the fruitarian thing?

We are definately not identical twins!

She is great in that she always gives Camlo and Cappi lovely fruit. Which I really appreciate.

However I think she thinks our diet is a bit extreme and that I am a little nuts!

What's your take on all this vitamin B12 and protein questions that seems to concern most people interested in fruitarianism?

B12 is a funny issue. I tend to think that fruit eaters need less B12 than flesh eaters. Absorbtion is a key factor too for B12.

I think that on a foraging fruit diet all the B12 we need would be on the surface of the fruit.

I think we need to be growing our own fruit or foraging for it.

As for protein, the only cases of protein deficency I have heard of is when a person is literally starving, so any protein they ingest is converted into energy.

I personally believe that protein overdose is far more of an issue than protein deficiency.

What's the most common question you've been asked once people learn that you are on an all fruit diet??

But don't you eat bread?

Where do you get your protein from?

Do you have a favourite fruit?

All Hail the Charentais Melon .

The Charantais Melon, also known as canteloupe

Can you recall the first time you tried one?

No, but I imagine the melon would have been from Waitrose in England.

Since I got bitten by the Charentais bug, I have spent time in Cavaillon, in Provence, the Home of the Charentais Melon. It was just paradise for a melon lover; fruit shops everywhere filled with melons. I have never been in a town with so many fruit shops.

I was in melon heaven!

Hah sounds great! .. And while still on the subject of melons that you are so clearly a great fan, I know that you have done several months monoing on just melons, could you tell us a little about how you felt while you were doing that? [See also:]

Cucumbers Melons and GourdsI felt so fantastic in every way whilst on melons. Mentally, physically and emotionally, I was on a high, without being 'spacey' or ungrounded. I felt so well and happy. I tend to feel at my best whilst on a mono diet, something about the sweet simplicity appeals so much to my body. I was getting very good quality melons during my melon days, including the mighty Charentais, my favourite.

A month and a half into my six month melon diet, I came first in a walkathon, out of 4,000 people . Proof, to me, that if one is getting quality fruit then one can mono very healthily for extended periods of time.

And another year I believe you even fasted every 2nd day, that's some feat! How was that? How were you eating on the days you ate? (do you think you ate more than average on those days?) - was it a full calendar year, or did you start in a month and end in the same month the following year?

Melons - book of photosI started on January 1st. 1997 and carried on for a full calender year. During this time I attended college full-time, cared for my six year old son and treated massage clients. Again I felt great. My teeth also improved during this year. I think they appreciated the rest!

I do not think I ate much more than usual on my eating days, although sometimes I ate earlier in the day, than I normally would.
I felt very lucid and clear headed; I won a writing competition during this time, which I put down to my clear mental state.
I was eating juicy fruits and avocado during this year.

Obviously you don't have cravings for foods other than fruit any more, but did you ever? and if so what where they, and when do you think you stopped having them?
When I first went on an all fruit diet,after the transition period, I would often have dreams about other vegan foods, I could even taste the foods quite clearly in my dreams. I also craved pulses and veggies for a few months.

Several years into my fruit diet, I got a really, really strong craving for eggs. I had not eaten eggs for about 10 years. The craving was so strong that if I had not been ethically opposed to eating eggs, I feel that I may have given in to it. After about 36 hours the craving totally disappeared , never to return!
I tend to think it was some old residues from eating eggs that were being eliminated.

I think that after a few years on a fruit diet, a lot of elimination has taken place and the body being cleaner does not desire cooked foods. Also fruit simply becomes one's food and I did not view other foods as food for me.

What do you think would be a typical days eating for you? Can you just give an example of what you might eat on an average day?

If I am on a mono diet, then obviously I just eat that fruit all day.

If not I still eat mono meals, that is one fruit at a time, not mixed with any other.

At the moment (Australian Summer) I may have a mango or 250gms of lychees for breakfast.
An avocado for mid morning.
Some fresh orange juice lunch time.
In the Afternoon more juicy fruit,a selection from what is seasonally available at the moment: mango, lychees, watermelon, passionfruit, fresh figs, sapodilla or jackfruit.
Late afternoon maybe another avocado or more juicy fruit.

I do not tend to eat nuts and seeds as I find them harder to digest than fresh fruit. If I feel a need for more concentrated fruit, I much prefer to eat avocado. Similarly I do not usually eat dried fruit. I much prefer fresh fruits and I feel dried fruits can be de-hydrating.

I think that good quality dried fruit can be useful however if one has limited access to good fresh fruits.

Living in South East Queensland, I am fortunate enough to be able to obtain great fresh fruit year round.

Well you clearly seem comfortable on such a diet, but do you think it could be improved on? How do you see yourself eating 10 years from now?? Where and how do you see yourself living in 10 years from now?
If I grew or foraged wild all my own fruit.
I really think home grown and wild fruits cannot be beaten!

In ten years I would love to be living in the middle of a Tropical fruit orchard!

What's the worst thing you've eaten since being on a fruitarian diet, and how did you feel after it?

I have not really eaten any thing 'bad' since being on all fruit diet. I think that I had a long transition period leading up to a fruit diet. Therefore when I started on an all fruit diet it had been years since I had had sugar, white flour or other highly processed foods.

Foodwise, I last felt 'bad' after eating ready cut up Jackfruit in Bali. I think the flies from the next-door meat market had been dancing on it!

I know that a lot of fruitarians have teeth issues, how are yours and if they are good, what's been the secret of your success with them?

My teeth feel great at the moment. I think that there may be elimination through one's teeth when starting on a fruit diet. I believe that teeth, like the other living parts of the body, are channnels for elimination and when one is on a clean diet then elimination may occur through the teeth. Elimination of foreign matter such as fillings may happen as the body has a chance to cleanse.

I think that great quality fruit is the key to a great quality body, including good teeth.

Wild foraged foods, home grown and organic. I believe are vital for whole body health.

Do you think you've been an influence on other people you've met, to eat more fruit?

A really nice thing that happened to me at a David Wolfe talk in London. I met a beautiful and healthy young woman she said
that she converted to raw food after reading an article about Camlo and I , that was in The U.K.'s 'Best' magazine.
That was a lovely feeling. So I hope that the more of us fruity people there are in this World, then the more there will be!

Camlo, your oldest son, has decided of his own accord to eat food other than fruit, and is currently experimenting with cooked foods.. Can you tell us a little about how that started and what changes you've noticed in him since that change? Physically and Emotionally(if any).. How do you feel about that? Do you think he will one day return to a fruit diet? Do you think he would be open to being interviewed like this too? I would love to hear his point of view, and I'm sure others would too!!
Camlo still has good health and still eats a lot of fruit. However he has put on more adipose tissue, since eating cooked foods.
He is still a lovely soul and I do think that food is only one part, albeit a big part, of what makes us healthy and happy people.
I think Camlo appreciates the beauty and health that a fruit diet can bring, and I think it would be wonderful for his well being if one day he goes back to eating fruit.

Camlo wanted to eat other foods, as I think that he felt the peer pressure to be more like his friends. Here in Australia vegetarians are few and far between let alone fruit eaters.

I do think it is important that he makes his own decisions, one cannot force another to be a fruit eater. I chose my path and Camlo must choose his and I respect this. I do only have vegan food in the house as an ethical boundry.

He does not want to be be interviewed at the moment, try him in a few years time!

Well, Camlo may be reluctant still to be interviewed, but If I'm still around and blogging in a few years, I'd love to interview him.. What about Cappi, I know he's still young, but do you think he'd be up for the challenge? He'd be without doubt the youngest fruitarian I've interviewed yet!!
I think Cappi will be up to it.

Cappi sitting on a jackfruit

That's great news, I'll prepare an interview for him.. Meanwhile, what do you think, does he really do well on fruit? What kind of fruit does he enjoy most?
Cappi is a beautiful , healthy and thriving fruit boy! Just try catching up with him! Jackfruit and Durian are his favourites

What was the first thing he ate - after breast milk of course?

Mulberries were one of the first, also avocado and chocolate sapote.

Have either Camlo or Cappi had any of the traditional childhood diseases? How was/is their health while growing up on fruit?

No neither has had any of the 'usual' childhood ills; such as Chicken Pox, Mumps and Measles; despite them coming into contact with their peers suffering with these diseases. Personally, I think that if one's immune system is working properly then disease simply will not occur no matter how much one is exposed to others with so-called contagious illnesses.

As children, their general level of health and vitality is wonderful and people often comment on this.

Camlo still has good health, even though he eats cooked foods ; a legacy I think to his first 14 years on fruit.

How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly live on just fruit?
Life is too short to worry too much about what other people think.
According to the 'sane' literature I should be dead by now!

Finally, is there anything you'ld like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

Just try it for yourself and feel how good it is!
One can read all the books in the world and all the personal testimonials, but nothing beats one's own life experience.

Have a Fruit Ball!
Love and thanks from Anne XX.

Thanks Anne

Anne on her back veranda

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Useful Website - 1 -

The first in a series of useful websites I've discovered.. (not specifically fruitarian related).

My good friend, and fellow fruit enthusiast, Jamshed, recently told me about this online resource..

Freecyle is this wonderful, somewhat global, system, whereby whatever you don't want (that has some value), instead of throwing it away, you give it away to someone.. (It works through a network of "yahoo groups")

Equally, if you see something you like that someone else has finished with, you can take it off them..

That's it.. no money involved, no accounting, just a network of people freely giving and taking from one another..

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, then check out the website, and search for a group near you..

Freecycle Network
changing the world one gift at a time

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Freecycle..

PS Will just posted a comment informing me of another link that you can use to find a freecycle group near you:

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The goal of this web log..

My goal with this blog is to create a one stop resource center for those on a fruit only fruitarian diet, and for those interested in fruitarianism in general.

I also intend to review some books both on the raw fruit diet, and also on more esoteric subjects like out of body experiences, 2012, conspiracy theories, aliens, and the like.. Plus occasionally throw in some info on websites that you may find of particular interest.. generally, stuff that many of you may not even be aware of.

I am doing so freely, because I have this knowledge that I am both happy and keen to share with you all.

I feel quite sure that the universe will repay me in it's own way, but if you appreciate what's being created here, and do at all feel to help it grow, any donation given freely would surely be taken as encouragement and incentive to keep blogging.. If I were to feel that I was genuinely wasting my time doing this, it is likely I would stop.. But while blogging, I am also gathering information for my book, which I surely hope to get finished one day!!

Peace to you all,Mango.
PS It's early days still.. but I have big plans for this weblog!!

my hand entrenched in a fallen jackfruit.. trust me, it was very very delicious!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Interview with a Fruitarian - 3 - White Flame

White FlameHi White flame, thanks for taking part in this interview, from your email address, I would hazard a guess that you are currently living in Poland, is that correct? Is that where you are from/grew up?

At the moment , yes I am living in Poland , but I often change places, I cant say that I’m tuned to this country, I grew up in Poland but also part of my childhood was in Africa so I speak English all my life and I can’t say that I feel rooted in any place. I had lived in UK for some time too.

Do you mind if I ask how old you are? If you are male or female?

I’m 32, male  

Do you have a blog or website or pictures of yourself online?

I’ve started some, but now I currently live without internet at home so I took off my website.

How long have you known about fruitarianism, and how did you hear of it?

It just came to me, I don’t really exactly remember. Fruitarianism was never a final goal for me, it was always a level I have to pass through  

Were you convinced that it was a good thing when you first heard of it, or did you have your doubts and disagree with it? When did you first realise that you wanted to live on fruit?

I evolved. When I heard about it I was ready for it. I felt really great eating only fruits from the beginning.

What I became aware of is that nowadays almost every thing what people eat it is really poisoning our body if you look at the way how food is being produced.

So fruitarianism seemed for me to make the least harm to our bodies, but it is not a perfect diet as most of the fruit we eat contains different chemical substances that shouldn’t be there.

I see also you have plans also to one day become breatharian, how long has that thought been in your head?

About seven years since I’ve heard of it , I just felt that this was for me. Since that time I practice intensively different spiritual techniques to achieve this. It may take up to two years more to reprogram everything I have to. It is a long process, at least for me.

What was your diet like while growing up?

Unfortunately, it was a traditional polish diet. My family eats meat and other stuff just like the whole world does. But since I was 18, I began to decide on myself and I left eating meat

Can you tell us a little about your health when you were eating the way you were, and how it has changed since being on an all fruit diet?

It changed meaningly , I felt much much better, especially when I left eating cereals, I wished I had done it earlier. I can not imagine that I could go a step back.

Are you married or have a partner, if so, what do they think of your choice of food? What about children, do you have any, and if so, what do they make of your new food outlook and aspirations?

I was in a relationship for the last five years it ended a while ago from different reasons that didn’t have anything to do with my life style.

She was a vegetarian and fully accepted my life style . For example it was natural for us that we ate separately. She accepted my goals and I was grateful for that. I can say it is not common for a girl to decide or agree with a situation like this. For most relationships eating together is a ritual that joins, unites.  We were able to live without that. We met at the time I already had been doing some experiments with fasting, so she knew what I was up to from the beginning.

I don’t have any children. And when I think of fostering children in a way I would like to. I  know the society in which I live in would make me serious problems. That is the reason of which I may never have ever any children. If I had, I think for sure I would have to move away to a different part of the world, and I will do it some day.

And how about your parents/are they still alive, what do they think of you going fruitarian?

Only my mother is alive and she has to live with it that her son is so weird and living that way.

My father died some years ago, I think it would be impossible to eat like this in his presence. He was very conservative. It was a great drama for him when I stopped eating meat and eggs. I just cannot imagine his reaction to fruitarian life style or inedia

Have you, or did you ever tell either of them, that you were heading for inedia too? If so, what was their reaction?

I was talking to them about it at the beginning when I first became fascinated with this , but they started to react so hysterically, so I decided to remain silent. Mass – hypnotic believes maybe very harmful and I don’t want to awake  those instincts and fears anymore. It’s better not to tell anyone about inedia until you fully succeed in the process, because when you’ve lived in that way for a longer period of time and you have proof that nothing bad happened they just have to accept the fact and let go of the fear easier.

Do you take any supplements or spirulina or stuff like that? Are you at all concerned about not getting enough calcium/protein/B12/whatevers??

No, never , I was always against all supplements. I ate spirulina some years ago for a short time but it was just for the taste, like a spice for me,

I know how the symptoms of lack of B12 may look like. I never had any of those symptoms.

The doctors just couldn’t understand how this is possible.

Have you ever suffered with cravings, or have you ever binge eaten? how did you deal with such times?

I don’t feel any need to eat anything else than fruits. When I accomplished a level I never felt any need to go back . When I left eating meat I never felt any desire to eat it anymore, the same was with leaving dairy products and later bread and so on.  

What does your typical day look like foodwise? And for how long have you been eating this way?

I am a fruitarian for a year and half. Before I was a vegetarian for 6 years, vegan for 2, fruits and cereals for 4.

I think I still eat because of my emotions and when I feel cold.

I don’t eat on specified hours. I eat from time to time, depending on lots of things

Do you have a good variety of fruit for you to choose from where you live now?


Have you ever met anyone (not online) who eats just fruit? Would they want to be interviewed?

Actually no, I have met some raw food eaters on the Rainbow Gathering but I don’t have any fruitarians among my friends now. Most of them are vegetarian or vegans. I think it’s time to change that.

Do you normally tell people how you eat? If so, what do you think is the most common question people ask you about your diet?

I don’t tell about it to people who I see that they are not ready to accept my philosophy.

For some it still seems impossible, I don’t intend to brake down their reality they live in. Every one needs and has his own time and his own evolution. I am able to lie to them about my eating if the situation requires so, because in some areas of the world telling the truth could be just dangerous and make conflicts with the local people. So, in specific situations I can eat different things, cleaning the food with just giving Reiki on it. But I won’t ever eat meat for anyone.

I talk about it freely among young people who show keen interest of how it is possible. Peoples reactions: for some I am crazy and they would dream to put me in a psychiatric hospital. And on the other hand for some I am a guru and they listen to me. I never try to convince any one to follow me. I’ve made this step by step and it took a long time for me to change. I like to inform people about there processes and the benefits of this way of living.

Do you have a favorite fruit?

Not really , maybe oranges are the queens of fruits for me  

Can you recall the first time you tried one?

No, It must have been in my baby years

Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

I won’t eat

But do you have any clear idea of where you would like to be living, and what you might be doing in your life, besides having left food behind?

I’ve seen your websites, I see you’ve been wandering around Spain and UK some time ago but you’ve moved to Sydney? Why there?

Australia is a great place to be on a fruit diet.. Besides, I came over hear to be with Kveta..

Welll yes, I can see that, Australia is a very good place for practicing Inedia, climate, sun, and there are some breatharians living there ( besides Jasmuheen of course) so I was thinking about moving there in few years time.

There are some non eating people in United States, Brazil, and I think the largest group of people is in India.

So I have a few options, I don’t know yet.

For sure I would like to have a few people like me around because I feel I just don’t tune to any one around me now.

I know one person in Poland that didn’t eat for two years, but he lives in a large city , I don’t like cities.

Yes, I think I know the guy you are talking about.. (possible reference to Joachim M Werdin)

Poland is too cold for me. And I had a situation this winter that I didn’t see the sun for the whole week!

The Mystery of 2012The other thing very important to me – I think even it is the most important reason to become an Inedian [Breatharian] is the 2012 prediction. And I think that Gods are inspiring me to stop eating just for me to feel safe, if any thing happens on earth – and there are scientific reasons for me to believe that something will happen – I will feel safe.

There was a time in my life when I was a student, and I once had a situation that I didn’t have any money to buy any food for the whole week (long story). I felt fear. I worried about my life, my survival. Then few months later I heard about breatharians I said “God, you really care about me, this is it!!!!" I felt a great relief, this is my answer to my questions, that there is an other way. This was it.

I am an outsider, I don’t want to bond myself with the system for life and death and be a slave of working for money all the time.

This is a perfect solution, if the system brakes down someday I’ll be able to survive, I wont go down with it.

On the other hand I have dreams, visions, and so (a few of the where very drastic) about 2012, so I don’t want to settle down anywhere for long before that year.

So what do you think you'll be doing then?

I spend lots of time on yogic practices and I don’t think that would change

Hollow EarthBesides – working for public – I am a musician, and I also heal people with Reiki and fire etc. so don’t think I will have problems with finding myself a goal. My other dream is “hollow earth” ( search google , lots about it)

I don’t cook, you don’t cook, so you know how it is to have at least 2 hours more of the day for yourself comparing to other people. Well I didn’t have any problems to manage this amount of time. And I will have more.

I’m still meditating on my new goals , I don’t know exactly yet what to do and where.

How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly survive eating the way you do??

I think that those around me just got used to it. There is no one among my closest society now who would like to convince me to change my diet or life style. There was a time that my family was scared and made a lots of problems, but when they saw that I look alright they just stopped worrying about me. They do not understand this but they have to accept the fact they see on their own eyes

Finally, is there anything you'ld like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

When you eat something fresh- you look and think fresh

When you eat something dry, your skins becomes more dry

For sure – as a fruitarian you will look younger and live longer and be more happy in your life.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Topsy-Turvy World - 5 - Blackwater Protestors.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary ArmyAnother example of the insanity of the world we live in..

You may not have heard of Blackwater before.. Basically they are a private military organization, or mercenary group that keep a relatively low public profile, but are used as an elite team by the US special forces.. Supposedly as security forces, but I'd describe them more as specialized legal hitmen, or trained thugs. They were and still are I believe, present in Iraq. You can read more about them here:

Anyhow, blackwater apparently (not that the media should ever be trusted to give us 100% truthful reports mind!)  shot and killed many people (wounding many more in the process) in Baghdad without provocation or cause, many of whom who were innocently standing by and happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time..

Well, if that is not bad enough, no charges were ever made against them, other than a few words of reprimand and possibly a slapped wrist or 2.

Fast forward a little, and a group of nonviolent activists staged a protest demonstration outside the Blackwater headquarters in North Carolina..

The result? The group were arrested and imprisoned without fair trials..

Read more here:

This world is truly mad!

blue tongued lizard in the garden

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Days of Fasting and Feasting - February 2008

Kveta and I are starting to do somewhat regular short periods on mono juices..

Since the 1st February, we've had very little. Here's a summary of what food intake we've had starting on the 1st..





Dry Fast

1 glass of orange juice/1 glass tomatoe juice/ 3 tomatoes/ 1 glass orange and mango juice/ 1 glass tomatoe juice/ 1 apple/ 1 glass tomatoe juice/ 3 tomatoes. 1 orange, 2 tomatoes


2 oranges juiced with 1/2 an apple. 1/2 yellow melon juiced. tomatoe juice 5dl, tomatoe juice 4dl, tomatoe juice 3 dl, 1/2 yellow melon juiced.

2 oranges juiced with 1/2 an apple. 1/2 yellow melon juiced. tomatoe juice 5dl, tomatoe juice 4dl, tomatoe juice 3 dl, 1/2 yellow melon juiced.


Dry Fast

Dry Fast


Dry Fast Dry Fast


9 glasses of watermelon juice

9 glasses of watermelon juice


6 glasses of watermelon

6 glasses of watermelon


5 glasses of watermelon

5 glasses of watermelon


Dry Fast

7 glasses of watermelon


6 glasses of watermelon

6 glasses of watermelon

Each glass is about 5dl of juice..

Basically, to begin with, we just juiced what we had left in the house, then went on to the watermelon which we still have an abundance of! (They were being sold at 29 cents a kilo!!)

Today's Sunday, the 10th day, and we've decided to go and get a durian this morning.. I am looking forward to it as really feeling to eat something other than watermelon!!

Watermelon growing in the garden

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Interview with a Fruitarian - 2 - x - deleted

2nd in a series of Interviews with fruitarians

This person had a change of belief concerning the fruitarian diet, and requested on the 22nd April '08 that the interview be deleted.

Previous Blog Post - Mystery Fruit
Next Blog Post - Days of Juice Feasting -Feb 08

Previous Fruitarian Interview - Kiwi
Next Fruitarian Interview - White Flame

List of Fruitarian Interviews

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mystery Fruit - 2

DSC00855.jpg DSC00855.JPG picture by mangodurianWell.. So far there are no comments guessing the name of the mystery fruit number 1.. So that mystery is still open to be guessed at!!

Well.. this one is probably even more bizarre..  It is a fruit, but not actually edible.. - At least not in it's raw ripe fresh state - At least not by humans.. (Although I have seen a documentry showing giraffe picking them from the trees and just chew chew chewing on them..  - Fascinating viewing!!)

They're rather hard and don't really look too appealing to me, but they certainly do look interesting!!

Anyone care to hazard a guess what they are??

If no one guesses correctly, Ill post the answer later.. but not until you've had a chance to think about it.. (same goes for the first one).

Well, what do yous' all reckon??


DSC00857.jpg DSC00857.JPG picture by mangodurian

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fruitarian Interview - 1 - Kiwi - deleted

This is the first in a series of interviews with fruitarians:


Friday, February 01, 2008

The Germ Theory Myth

Any doctors out there reading this?

Correct me if I'm misinformed, but I've been told that during the 5 or so years one studies to become a doctor, only 2 or 3 weeks of that time is spent studying nutrition..

Now, all things considered, that does strike me as being rather odd.

I would have thought it pretty obvious that nutrition plays an important role in our healths, and that a good knowledge of nutrition is all the general run of the mill GP might really need to know..

Instead, I am lead to believe, that being a doctor is primarily about learning to recognise symptoms, and knowing what medication can be used to suppress them..


In bygone days, before science took over the world, sick people were occasionally diagnosed as being possessed by invisible diabolical entities..

Really, things haven't changed that much.. Nowadays those invisible diabolical entities are called "germs", or the like.. And their presence is what the medical community has swallowed, hook line and sinker, as being the enemy..

But I strongly believe that they (the health industry) are .. How can I best put it? - Barking up the wrong tree!!

Centuries of man hours.. billions of dollars.. has been squandered.. In in vain attempts to defeat the wrong enemy..

..Think about it..

Cockatoo in the park

Germs are, no doubt, forever evolving and mutating themselves, and it's unlikely we'll ever be rid of them, so why are we even trying?..

The real issue is not the germs..

What the medical industry so conveniently manages to avoid seeing, is that a germ infested body, is comparable to a fly infested dustbin..

Can they not see the folly of continuously reinventing the fly spray needed to kill the super fly that mutates?

Would it surely not be so much easier to clean the dustbin? To teach the owner of the bin how to clean it and explain how to prevent it from getting dirty again..


This is a profound truth that the medical industry chooses to ignore:


In essence, all dis-ease, no matter which cleverly coined latin name it has been allocated, has the same basic cause.. It is really quite simple. Toxemia.. the gradual (or more rapid) poisoning of the body through eating, inhaling or injecting things which one basically shouldn't.. Whether it be car exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, heroin or even plain old kentucky fried pizza burgers.. All will eventually pollute the body enough to cause it dis-ease of some latin form or another...

In fact, I would not be at all surprised if we were to learn that germs are more of an alli then an enemy.. They feast on the decaying filth and do their bit to help clean it up.

But if you don't want them.. then, the solution.. Stop the pollution!

Stop killing your food, stop cooking your food..

Eat more fruit!!!


Local flower

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