Monday, October 27, 2008

Rob's orange journey..

Just a quick shout out for Rob, a fruitarian who I interviewed back here:

Interview No.12 with Rob

He has decided to go purely onto oranges until his next spring, and will be blogging about his journey..

So anyone interested in following his progress, head on over to:

Rob's Orange Journey

PS. I know I'm not blogging much lately, but rest assured, all is well, and I'm enjoying life, and will write something again sooner or later..

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The symptoms of detox..

I've already written a little about detox in previous posts, (Some thoughts on Detoxing, The Golden Rules of Detox, Nuts on a fruitarian diet and How long does it take to totally detox), but recently our feline friend Orellio, asked in a comment on the creationism vs evolution post, to write more about the symptoms of detox..

Yeah, well, it's simple really, detox is just the body expelling stuff that shouldn't be in there. And as I've said previously, the main thing you've got to realise is that such expulsions are often unpleasant, uncomfortable or even darn right painful.. (But, looking on the bright side, think of the benefits!)

That's not to say, of course, that every form of physical discomfort we might endure, is a sign of detox.. If we bash an arm against the table, it'll hurt.. if we fall over and scrape our knees it'll likely sting some.. and sometimes, at the stickier end of the stick, we can be just so plain toxic, that the body has plum given up trying to expel stuff. I'd venture to say that cancer is one of those things that occur, once the body has basically become over saturated with toxicity, rendering it so sick, that having been pushed to it's limits, it can no longer take care of itself as it normally would..

But back to the symptoms.. I guess that the most common form of detox that we all know and love so well, is probably the common cold..

Forget the germs, bugs and bacteria.. they are not the issue at all, the real issue is the mucus.. that sludge that blocks up our passages..

Without the mucus, that warm cosy slimey sticky gooey stuff, the germs would have nowhere to call home.

Get rid of the mucus, and there can be no cold, flu, or pneumonia..

As I've sid before, the germs are naught more than flies around a dirty dustbin, and although they may add to the irritation, the real issue is solved by cleaning the dustbin.. Not killing the flies with pharmaceuticals.

Ask any long term, consistent, fruitarian when they last "caught a cold"..

Other symptoms of detox are headaches, (normally due to bloodstream being polluted, and until that "pollution" gets moved around and expelled, the likelihood of the headache disappearing is slim.), stomach aches and the like..

Similarly to cancers, discomforts that are not specifically detox (but clearly related to toxicity) are things like rheumatism, arthritis, certain allergies to natural substances, diabetes, and a whole host of formally differently classified syndromes often baring the name of whichever white-smocked scientist first recognised it's pattern and behaviour under a microscope..

Regardless of whatever latin name such symptoms may be classified under, the fact remains that they are only there, because the body has been polluted. I know it sounds simple, but that's simply because it is. - The truth is simple. Stop the pollution and whatever symptoms are visible, will gradually disappear of their own accord.

This is knowledge that the medical industry seems completely oblivious towards, and it seems they would rather have us believe that headache is caused through lack of asprin in our diet.

The focus may have been shifted from invisible diabolical entities that needed exorcising out of us, to microscopic bacteria that randomly infests us, but nothing has really changed.. - germs can only exist where there is already decaying filth.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write before I started this post.. I just let the words trickle from my fingertips.. and I'm sure they will not be the last on this subject..