Thursday, November 22, 2007

My brief introduction..

Hi all,
This is me now, I'm 46.. (Today - November 2007)

North Rivers Area, NSW, Australia, May 2007

I've been vegetarian since I was 25.. Turning Vegan roughly 6 months after becoming vegetarian.. On raw foods since I was 31-ish, I think, and eating increasingly higher percentages of fruit since that time..

I guess I was around 35, 36 or so, when I realized that fruit was the ideal food for mankind, and went many times, months on end, eating just fruit.. I've been calling myself fruitarian since that time..

I have been living with Kveta in Australia for just short of one full year, and thanks to being with her, this is probably the longest time I have been eating just fruits..

Although if I am to be strictly truthful there are occasional exceptions where I might eat an odd leaf, or some peas or stuff.. but these are just rare exceptions, and more done out of curiosity than out of any real nutritional necessity.. but no more salads anymore.. Progressively more simplified and mono..

I eat a half a durian most days, maybe 3 or 4 avocados daily, an orange juice, and some tomatoes.. might be a typical day.. but sometimes cucumbers, pawpaws, cherries.. basically whatever is in season..

My dream is to leave Sydney and have a place in the tropics.. but momentarily there are visa delays as that procedure is still in process..

I keep an online journal on my website:

Peace to one and all,

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Anonymous said...

I noticed in your picture your eyes are a light green but you mentioned in a blog they used to be brown. Can you tell me how many months it took to change to green and how old were you?

Delia from California

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Delia,
My eyes have changed colour numerous times throughout my life. They were once Hazel brown with speckles of green, and are currently a sort of green/blue colour.. I think they are still not fully settled.

I find your question difficult to answer, as I don't think I've ever been really aware of when the changes have taken place..

For sure, they started lightening up after I switched to predominantly raw foods around the age of 30/31.. I recall that I got a new passport at around 31 or 32.. the immigration office needed my eye colour, and the woman processing that stuff looked at them and said "blue" .. I was very surprised as I had no idea they were blue, but looking in the mirror, I could see she was right..

Definitely, while a teenager, they were a kind of speckled hazel brown green colour..

So sorry, I can't give you any real chronological dates of when the changes happened.


Stormy said...


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Shannon,
yeah - that's what I think about lots of things.. !

jenny in germany said...

Hi mango! Wow, here I am looking at information about b12 and raw vegan lifestyles and I find your site. I've heard much about you from my friend Markus Hahn who I lived with as an exchange student for 10 months. Nice to run into you and hugs your way! -Jenny

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi Jenny, I believe Markus was planning on visiting me here in Australia next year.. I'm so sad that won't be happening now, he is sorely missed. He was truly one of the loveliest people I've met. Last time I saw him it must've been about 2004 I think..

I recognise your name,, it's great you are still keeping in touch with Kathi and Pauline.. And I'm so pleased to hear that the raw vegan lifestyle is of interest to you! Markus had been in the process of translating my book into German at the time he passed,, I'm sure he would have done a truly splendid job with that.. have you read my book? (Destintion Eden).. Look me up on Facebook… All the best to you, hugs, mango