Sunday, March 30, 2008

Useful websites - 6 -

Buy my artKveta has already blogged about this once, but I thought I'd make mention of it here too..

redbubble is this neat website that lets you upload your artwork, photography, poetry, etc and make it available for others to buy.

Its really simple, costs nothing to join or use, and very easy to navigate..

So if you've got any good work you'ld like to make commercially available, then get creative and give redbubble a go:


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What we ate in February 2008, and how much it cost us.

Once more.. In an effort to show the economical viability of an all fruit 100% fruitarian diet.. this is what kveta and i spent on food last month:

Fruit Quantity Cost
Avocados 80 $59.90
Bananas 21 $4.12
Capsicum 1kg $1.67
Cucumbers 5 kgs $11.96
Durian 40 kgs (including shells) $121.27
Figs 3 kgs $20.51
Grapes 6 kgs $10.00
Longans 4 kg $31.75
Lychees 2.5 kgs $17.86
Mangoes 80 $48.70
Honeydew Melon 2 $5
Rock Melon 4 $8.00
Nectarines 14 Kg $28.82
Papayas 10 kgs $24.23
Peaches 1 kg $1.45
Tamarind 1 kg $8.10
Tomatoes 8 kgs $11.79
WaterMelon 65 kgs $37.45

Totalling $458.70 Which means that we averaged $14.80 for 2 of us each day on food.. That's just $7.40 (Australian dollars) each, per day.

Bare in mind that we generally eat an average of 5 or 6 different things eah day, and that I ate nothing on 6 days of February, and Kveta ate nothing on 2 of them.. See - Days of Fasting and Feasting, February 2008..

Kveta is normally pretty good at keeping her blog regularly updated with what we are getting food wise, so you can always check out her blog here:


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Monday, March 24, 2008

Useful Website - 5 - Find out the location of any telephone

This one quite handy..

If you have a telephone number of anyone, based anywhere in the world, you can feed it in to this website:

And it'll tell you the geographical location of the telephone..

Not sure if it works with mobile phones..?

Anyhow, you may find it useful at times..


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Useful Webiste - 4 - Guide to Web Hosting.

Apart from my usual all things fruitarian related posts, I try to keep my eyes open for other potentially interesting places on the internet, and just stumbled upon Kaushal Sheths Blog..

I've previously been asked 2 or 3 times about where best to host ones website, and Kaushal answer that in his post:

A guide to - Web Hosting

Also, he offers help to those wanting to customise their blog templates (he claims his rates are nominal), and provides a number of different blog templates for both users of wordpress and some for blogger/blogspot.

Admittedly, he blogs about a lot of stuff which is of really no interest to me at all, and most of his focus is on wordpress themes, and tips and tricks for using and tweaking wordpress, which is not really relevant to me as I'm content with blogspot..

Hope you get some use out of it,

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Interview with a Fruitarian - 8 - Pelagus

Could you start by telling us a little about yourself, your age, and where you grew up?

PelagusSo here we go... me. i'm a french photographer, a writer, an activist, abolitionist, antispeciesist. i've been dedicated to change things for over a decade. i use my work (images & words) to change the perspective of people toward animals (human & non human) & plants.

Even though i'm only into writing & picturing, i enjoy many other arts. i especially like when activists use their art to move people.

I don't consider age as being a reference of anything, along with race or sex (yes, i'm against sexism, racism, ageism, ect.) & do my best to not refer to people using those codes of segregation.

I grew up in the north of france, saint valery sur somme, on the seashore. My parents are still living there & I go there sometimes.
i'm a sport freak. i swim & run daily. i enjoy hikes. i love the wild as much as the city actually. Just different perspectives.

I believe you're currently living in France at the moment though, is that right? How long have you been there? What brought you there? Are you in a city, or somewhere more rural?

Today i'm living in paris, until the end of june it seems. i've been living here for the past 8 years of my life. i got here when my boyfriend of the time found a job in the suburb of paris. i moved with him, then found a job myself. When i left him, i stayed. Ever since, i traveled a lot. A minimum of 3 months each year, usually in the united states. One of my favourite place to be :)

How old were you when you first started making a conscious effort to move away from the diet you grew up on?

i became a vegetarian when i was 14. That was completely for the sake of non human animals. At the time, i really hates humans for the way they were using, torturing & killing them. i was very angry. i made all the changes by myself, because i didn't know any other veg people. i met the first vegetarian person when i moved to paris. i was so thrilled :) As soon as i learnt about antispeciesism, & how cows & hens are treated -as nothing but objects- i decided to go vegan. That was the obvious thing to do.

Tell me a little about the diet you grew up on and what was a typical days eating for you?

PelagusI grew up on a "healthy" omnivorous diet. i'm saying "healthy" because i never ate any sweets or fat things like most kids today. My mother was very careful to give me what was considered as "good" at the time. Since she is swedish, i had a lot milk, & due to the french "health" idea... lot of cheese!

i would have 3 meals per day. Breakfast would be cereals with milk, the lunch & dinner would have raw veggies, meat, cereals or potaoes, & cooked veggies, then cheese & usually fruit as a dessert.

Has anyone else in your family made similar dietary changes?

Since i became a vegan, my mother started using less meat & dairy for herself, mainly because of the propaganda i've been doing about hos non humans are not food or things made to be used to feed us. Then, as i turned raw, then fruitarian, she's increased her raw intake of veggies & fruit. Usually eating vegan when my father's not home. During the summer she eats 100% vegan & about 80% raw.

When did you first hear of the idea of not cooking food, and did it make sense to you the first time you heard of it?

i first found out about it, after 1 year being vegan. i was looking for something different. i needed to do more then what i was already doing. What i found was mainly about the health issue, & since i was not feeling that good on a cooked vegan diet, i thought i'd give it a try for a week or so. After one week, i could hardly believe all the positivity getting out of me. i noticed all the wonderful changes in my health, but i also noticed the impact on the environment. i have to say it is what made me stick to it! Using less electricity, less water, less soap, perfumes, ect. After a few months, i stopped washing my hair & body using soap, just water & my smell was so good!

So how many years have you been all raw now? When was the last time you ate something cooked?

i've been raw for 7 years now. i think my last cooked meal was in march or april 2001

Nowadays you are eating just fruit right? How long has that been?

Today, nothing but fruit, right!

it's been 4 years now. i had a first try in 2002, during 1 year, but messed up with my health, because i had absolutely no knowledge about health, so got low on B12 & had to go back on a raw vegan diet. i kept it for a year, then gave myself another chance to test the fruit diet. Now, everything is fine & i'm dealing with it quite well it seems :)

When did you realise that fruit was the thing for you?

PelagusI think it became obvious when i saw the improvement with my diabetes.

How was your health while growing up? What about prior to switching to raw and fruit?
i have type one (hereditary) since i was 10 yy. So i can say i've been through all diets & it started getting better when i got raw, then even better when eating nothing but fruit. To give you an idea, as a kid, i would need about 70 units of insuline daily. Going vegetarian then vegan didn't change much, maybe de decrease of 20 units to the most. When going raw it decreased even more... today, i never use more then 20 units, even for sweet fruit like oranges or durian.

Have you met any other people eating just fruit? - Who was the first other person you heard of? How many fruit eaters do you know (of)?
yes i have. One of your ex neighbors actually, rudolf :)

i think you are the first fruitarian i heard of, i checked your website for information & quite enjoyed the fact that you were an ethical fruitarian. For, just like about meat & dairy, this is my reason for not eating plants. i do not want to kill or hurt a sentient being.

Now about the number of fruitarians i've heard of... it is quite difficult today, because many people label themselves as fruitarians, yet eat seeds or greens. To me, someone eating seeds cannot be a fruitarian. i mean, obviously a seed is not a fruit! My motto is: if it sprouts, it's not a fruit!

What do the French generally think of your diet?

They usually freak out! Especially vegan people, who consider their own diet as quite extreem... Omnivorous people are completely amazed & it actually helps them go vegan more easily. They understand it is not going that far lol!

What about your parents/family, are they cool with it, or do they consider you a bit of a crackpot?

i have no idea what my father thinks about my diet (he learnt on tv that i was eating raw - & i don't know if he understood i'm eating nothing but fruit). My mother was so scared in the beginning, then as she saw the changes in me, started to trust what i'm doing & to give it a try as i mentioned above.

Can you give us a brief rundown of what you might eat on a typical day?

PelagusI have one meal/ day. i usually eat fruit full. i don't quite like cutting & making "salads" or mixes. i only do when i invite people, so they see some things are similar to the cooked diet.
Anyway, yesterday, i had about 5 oranges, 2 pineapples & 3 avocados.

Do you have perhaps a favourite fruit?

ahah, yes i do! my favorite fruit is durian. But i rarely eat any because they come from malaisia & i don't want to encourage the transport of exotic fruit you know. So i never have more then 3 every year. i'm doing my best to not use any fruit that comes from further then spain or north africa.

Can you recall the first time you tried one?

i had a chinese friend who was actually  turning vegetarian because of me. He decided to make me taste all the different fruit coming from his country. Durian is the one that stroke me! He warned me about the strong smell & taste... today, i usually keep the skins a few days after i ate the fruit, i like it so much lol!

What's the fruit choice like where you live now? Do you have good markets? Good quality?

In paris, it is quite easy to get anything you want or need & of a good quality. But then, it all depends on your ethical choices when it comes to an environmental concern. i eat organic as much as i can (there are 5 health food stores less then 5 mn walking from my apartment) then there are farmer markets daily all around my place. There you can find small producers who might not necessarily have the organic label, yet don't use chemicals or pesticides. i prefer supporting those small farmers rather then the big organic corporations.

As you plan on leaving France relatively shortly, where do you plan on heading next?

i guess i'll start with the united states, this is really a country i adore, especially california. i'm not quite sure about what'll be next, but it should be central, then south america.

Have you done otherwise much travelling around the world? Any favorite places?

i simply LOVE traveling! My mother is swedish, so i went in the scandinavian countries many times as a child. i've been to several european countries (my last trip was in spain this winter), then the united states & mexico.
So yes, south california in the us is my favorite place to be, especially santa barbara & around.

Do you see yourself settling anywhere? Where and how would you like to be living 10 years down the track?

Not yet. i would like to travel some more, & discover some other places, tropical ones, to see how it feels there. i guess asia is a must. But we'll see. i'm not good at planning anything, i let things happen when they should. i like to see things as happening when the time is right.

Family? Kids? - Do you have a partner?

no children, a dog friend who lives with my mother now. She's actually a raw vegan :) She used to be my partner, but you know, since she's "just" a dog, traveling with her is impossible. But i have no human boy/girlfriend.

Any hobbies at all?

Not really. i mean, i'm doing what i'm enjoying as a job. Then exercize is something i need a lot, & i'm doing it daily, but i wouldn't call that a hobby... more of an addiction ;)

Dietary wise, do you see yourself making any further improvements, or are you happy with how you eat today?

i've always been interested in the breatharian diet. i don't see me applying this any time soon, but it seems to be something i would like to try. i already sungaze, which is part of the process i think. But improving my time in the sun is definitely something i want to improve.

Is your weight stable? What about your moods, general state of health?

The funny thing is, i gained weight when i turned raw. Since then, i've been slowly losing it. But turning it into muscles due to exercise. Anyway, i'm about 50 kilos for 1m70.

My mood is quite peaceful. This is a big change actually, i used to be overexcited, but the fruit diet made me more conscious of who i am & more aware of my feelings. i'm more balanced then i used to be. & it is a good feeling.

When was the last time you felt really sick?

That was the winter 2006/07. i had been sleeping in the street to support homeless people. They were smoking a lot, so i was always surrounded by this & it weakened my body. i caught a cold.

Are there any disadvantages with the fruit diet that you can think of?

hmm, being harassed with questions every time you refuse something ;)

What's the most common question you get asked when people find out you just eat fruit, and what's your answer?

Where do you get your proteines?

all fruit have proteins, some more then others, like olives mangos or avocados. But then it is a capitalistic myth to sustain the meat & dairy industry that humans need a lot of it. The need of the body are about 2% of the intake.

Do you have a blog or webpage?

no blogs, just an old website about activism:, then my photo website:

Finally, anything else you'ld like to add? Maybe some words of encouragement you'ld like to offer to others wishing to become fruitarian?

i would like to thank you for this serie of interviews you've been doing. It is wonderful to see many different perspectives for the choice of a diet & of a lifestyle.

i think the fruitarian lifestyle is the most ethical one. It is the best way i found to respect humans, non humans & plants & also the planet. The less one contributes to exploitation, the better chances the world gets well :)

Thanks again!

Thank You!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Is the medical industry to be trusted?

I think not..

Personally I think the only real good things they do, are working in serious accident emergencies.. broken bones, severe wounds and that kind of stuff..

Apart from that, I'd say the medical industry is not to be trusted farther than capable of being thrown.

In my eyes, they are not much more than legalised drug pushers, employed by the state to do just that.. - Push drugs.

And those drugs will seriously not do anything to improve your condition.. They will kill you. Sooner or later.

This is the reason why it is ultimately of great benefit to patients when doctors go on strike..

Statistics show that whenever doctors and the medical industry have gone on strike,  the mortality rate in the affected area has fallen dramatically..

During doctors strikes:

In Bogota, Colombia, in 1976, the death rate fell by 35%..
In LA, Calafornia, in 1976 the death rate dropped 18%..
In Israel, 1973, the death rate dropped 50%.. Only once before was there a similar drop in Israel, and that was during a previous doctors strike in the beginning of the 50s..

After each strike, the death rate jumped again to its normal level..

I have heard also of mental patients showing radical changes in their mental healths when their medication was reduced and raw fresh foods where introduced into their meals..

I get some of my info from my favourite magazine.. Nexus .. well worth reading!..

regards and hugs,

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fruitarian Book - 3 - The Health Revolution

Ross Horne had been on a fruitarian diet for 3 years at the time of writing this book.

I first read it around the mid 1990s and must admit I was pretty impressed with most of what he says.

Some of it is pretty scientific, but still easy enough for the average bod to get to grips with, and most of it is really all about common sense, which is right up my street as that's the approach that I prefer, so this book really hit home with me.

It looks like the price is a little steep on Amazon at the moment, but if anyone is interested in a copy and willing to pay for it via paypal, then leave a comment, or drop me an email, and I will keep my eye open for a 2nd hand copy of it here in Sydney.. I seem to recall seeing a copy of one in a 2nd hand shop we go to sometimes..

Meanwhile, this is a poem printed in the back of the book, that I think is really quite profound:

The Ambulance at The Bottom of The Valley.


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Monday, March 17, 2008

Days of Fasting and Juice Feasting, March 2008

In what has become our somewhat regular, monthly, minimal eating, juice feasting pattern, I am recording here our days of juice feasting..

05/03/08The Juice from half a watermelon, plus half a cucumber from the garden, and some cherry tomatoes also from the garden..The Juice from half a watermelon, plus half a cucumber from the garden, and some cherry tomatoes also from the garden..
06/03/08 The Juice from half a watermelon, plus half a cucumber from the garden, and some cherry tomatoes also from the garden.. The Juice from half a watermelon, plus half a cucumber from the garden, and some cherry tomatoes also from the garden..
07/03/08Dry FastThe Juice from one watermelon.
08/03/08The Juice from half a watermelon.The Juice from half a watermelon.
09/03/08The Juice from half a watermelon.The Juice from half a watermelon.
10/03/08The Juice from half a watermelon.The Juice from half a watermelon.
11/03/08The Juice from half a watermelon. The Juice from half a watermelon.
12/03/08The Juice from half a watermelon.The Juice from half a watermelon.
13/03/08The Juice from half a watermelon.The Juice from half a watermelon.
14/03/08Dry FastThe Juice from 3/4s of a watermelon.
15/03/08The Juice from half a watermelon.The Juice from half a watermelon.
16/03/08The Juice from half a watermelon.The Juice from half a watermelon.
17/03/08Grapes, durian,avo, longans, grape juice.Grapes, durian, longans, grape juice.

We did plan on just drinking waltermelon juice yesterday too, but we were down to ourlast one, and once it was opened, we discovered it was off..

So we decided to go shopping instead.. :)


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Movie review - 1 - Hair - The Musical

Now, admittedly, I'm not the worlds greatest musical fan, but about 10 years ago, a friend invited me to watch Hair.. I was very dubious about the prosect, and I guess I had already judged the movie to be not one that I would particularly enjoy..

So you may imagine my delight as I slowly got drawn into the story, and mesmorised by the music..

Hair is, with but one small exception, the movie that I have seen more times than any other.. Each time I hear a little music from it, it brings a small tear of sadness and joy to my eye. I'm not quite sure why..

It's set in the 60s, and not perhaps at all what you might expect..

Me and my niece relaxing in the gardenLet the sun shine in, and be pleasantly surprised!

Read another review about it here:

PS If you are interested in what the one small exception is (mentioned above), then it is a russian childrens animated puppet show called Kiwaczek.. I think I watched it with my little niece almost every day for several months.. Very sweet story..


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Friday, March 14, 2008

Fruitarian Books

Anyone looking for some fruitarian books to read, then I just knocked up a fruitarian book store:

Fruitarian Book Store

Or see below:

(If anybody knows of some books I should add, then please post a comment, and I will see what I can do..

Fruitarian Book Store


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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Interview with a Fruitarian - 7 - Suvine

Interview with Suvine -
 - For a list of more interviews with fruitarians, see
 - List of interviews with fruitarians.

suvineHi Suvine, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed!!

Could you start by telling us a little about yourself, your age, and where you grew up?

I was born in Paraguay to an American. My dad was anthropologist and was studying Indians. Raised in Buffalo, Ny and also in Latrobe PA with Minister and church organ grandparents. I do not remember anything from church it was so boring. Not in my language. It was this solemn dreaded thing where people sat like robots, making up stuff in their heads, when reality is perfect and so awesome all around them. My Dad became an Attorney and my mom went for her masters degree. I went to a private Catholic School, all throughout high school. I went to college for humanities.

So where are you living today?

I moved to Coral Gables, Florida in 2001 from Boston. It is paradise here.

You've been doing the fruit thing for just over 2 years now, can you tell us how it all started for you? What motivated you in that direction, any particularly strong influence from someone or an event or something?

Exactly three years now. It started because the raw vegan thing was great for 2 months and then I felt just the same as I did cooked. I was raw vegan since 2003. Even weighed the same as cooked. I wanted something beautiful. I am an aesthetic. I read other fruitarian books and they struck me as all nutcases. I was worried I would be flighty. I decided to do this because I wanted to be good, beautiful, happy and clever. For good reasons. I had no inspiration but myself. I became a fruitarian and right away, I excelled. It took me longer to figure out right from wrong, but I excelled at anything I did, whether it was good or bad for me.

So what was a typical days eating while you were growing up?

Ooh this is fun for a fruitarian to talk about...the good ole days. I loved mac and cheese, p&j, choco puffs, nerds, chicken wings, cream of mushroom soup, ramens, rice a roni, mashed potatoes and gravy. I did not like home cooking, I wanted american trash food. I loved chicken nuggets with honey. I ate the topping off the pizzas and left the crust. I could show you before and afters that would make you know for sure, this is the only good thing that has ever happened to me.

Has anyone else from your family moved onto a fruit diet?

No. I got many people on it though from my blog. People meet me and they become raw at least, for short or long term.

What do they think of your choice?

My family? I could care less what they think. Who knows what they say about me, I know my sister purposely likes to talk about real food, like Burger King, and how she likes meat, and could never do what I do, blah blah blah.. This stopped when I baked her a lasagna and put in real meat. I just dont care about others choices and made a point. - I just dont care what they think, or eat. Kill cows yourself, won't phase me.. My mom admires me no matter what I do. My dad, well, he can think what he wants, but my annual photos, travels, friends, my happiness, that all speaks for me.

How has your health been before and after moving onto a raw diet? -

Night and day. I would love to share with y'all everything, but most of the stuff is so damn horrible. I want people to think nice things of me. My past, oh its this dark hole where my health was so bad. 12 antibiotics in my last year, noone could help me. Every kind of infection few times a year, skin infections, yeast, urinary tract infections, kidney..

My mom had multiple surgeries and had many things removed. I was on that path. I had it so bad, I could not tell right from wrong anymore. I would make horrendous choices, and make the worst predatory friends. I had no identity. And even though I speak with horror, I was a normal American girl. Hiding from the world , pretending, just surviving. Literally surviving.

You recently decided to leave the fruitarian diet behind, only to rejoin it just a few weeks later, what brought on that change, and how do you feel now about it?

Well, as a raw vegan I missed cooked food so much and wanted it wanted it until one day I got it, and I realized, it was just memories I wanted. The food had changed it tasted differently, it made me feel awful...even depressed, I wanted it out of me so bad.. Same thing happened with Fruit. I missed raw vegan food. One day for two weeks after, I had my fill. Gained 20 lbs and realized, no, this is not me. It's good, but I am more than an eater in life. I am a doer, and I like to feel good. It's just not me, you understand?

At the moment, I see from your blog you are working for a law firm, most fruitarians I've been in contact with have dreams of getting their hands dirty, owning their piece of land and planting, growing fruit trees in the tropics, do you share that dream at all?

I did work on a farm for 2 years. A raw vegan farm in Homestead Miami called Glaser farms. As a pretty smart lady, I worked in the office of course, but I saw farmers everyday. It is not the kind of lifestyle I would like. Any one can farm. The least intelligent can do it.

If I had my own farm, I would do chaos gardening, meaning I would throw seeds everywhere. But I would have to own the farm backyard myself, buy it, earn it.

I would love to be a fruitarian who lives on a beach all day, or plants fruit on her land and lays out swimming naked for free without an expense..but even that requires money and somebody has to pay for it. At whose expense would that be? I would like it to be at mine.

My aim is to be self sufficient. I do not want to need anyone or live off others' work. I try to be productive and useful.

I am good at certain things. I like to use my mind. A law office is excellent for that. There are so many challenges and things to think of. Attorneys spend alot of time thinking and planning. There is paperwork of course and everything has to be exact or else the whole
thing is blown.

I am competitive and consider money the root of all good. I know that money is the symbol of our individual rights and freedom...and with money, I can travel the world, I can see beaches anywhere, fly anywhere, and I can go in style. I can eat organic anything. I can buy organic anything. And I deserve it because I made it. And its mine. And people can see my pride and my untouchableness.

Where and how do you picture yourself living 10 years from now?

Happy, with someone I love in a great relationship. The best two people can ever have period. The best. I want the best of everything. I want to earn it. I want to live in the biggest place, have the nicest car, be beautiful, the prettiest, and have the best kids I could ever have, and be free and have lots of tropical fruit. I want my life to be a complete circle. I want to serve greatness.

So do you know many other fruitarians?

No, I do not know any. Raw vegans yes. They are mainly my fruit suppliers, they give me good deals and bring me fruit , but I pay for it myself.

What do work coleagues think of you eating fruit? Do you do so openly?

No, they do not know. On Valentine's day I got a Durian, the best gift one could ever give me, and they looked at me, like, " That's it, You got a piece of fruit???" So you see, they are not even in my timezone. Durian is the absolute gold in my world. One girl does the watermelon juice fast after me for one day once, on unripe watermelon. If I told them I was a fruitarian, I think they would laugh at me.

Tell us what you might eat on a typical day?

MONO fruit. Fruit one at a time, ripe fruit, not supermarket fruit, but fruit grown in people's yards tree ripened. That is what I eat. I like to cut up Star fruit, love Jakfruit, love Longans and mmmm I love the florida oranges. Like sweet dessert to me all the time. My favorite is durian. Its pretty much what I want all the time. I will eat apples, conventional fruit, as long as its good and not old.

Do you think your diet could be improved on, or are you happy with it as it is? - Do you see yourself eating this way for the rest of your life?

I guess the greens question bugs me. Contradiction I need to face and then make new ideas of what is good and bad. I have to see for myself if greens are important to our diet as frugivores. I see myself as a fruitarian until I die. On fruit, one feels immortal, it is so strange. I feel eternal. I can't prove this, feelings are not always accurate tests, but for sure, my senses are heightened. I feel good, and for longer.

The danger of fruitarianism, is you really need to be grounded in reality. Thoughts become hyper heightened. You will look like a lunatic if you become irrational. We need to ground ourselves in reality. Reality meaning what is outside of us, independant of our consciousness, solid. All this obsession and movements with the unknowable, spiritual, or supernatural is not healthy at all. Reality is here and we put trust ourselves and in our senses. Our mind is the highest thing in the world. It sees clearly WHAT IS. We are powerful. We can do whatever we want if we look at reality and follow its laws, laws like cause and effect. Wishing wont make it so. Ony doing will.

When was the last time you felt really sick?

Raw vegans and frutarians do get sick. Its a myth that we are impervious. If I fly in a plane I will get a runny nose, but that is it. If I do something bad to my body, I will get a symptom. If I eat strange fruit, fast or am dehydated, glands may swell. I do not get week long flus or diseases. But let's say if its air conditioned at work, and Im not dressed and very cold, I will sneeze or get cold "symptoms" until it is fixed. The difference is, its short and I usually can fix it with a half gallon of water. If I eat something bad or rotten, I get tummy aches, but they are so tiny. So I do react.

Are there any disadvantages with the fruit diet that you can think of?

Yes, teeth. Everyone says something different as to the theory. I will just give you facts. Healthy teeth, I mean, no filings, no root canal, no work, no implants, no cavities, just perfect teeth, they stay and thrive.. Bad teeth, go. This happens to raw vegans I know as well. The body just rejects it. Noone knows why. People have "feelings" and opinions..And if they claim to know why, ask for proof. I do not know why. My teeth are so white and beautiful. But root canaled implant, fell out. I trust 100% that all my teeth will stay. If I have any reason to believe this hurts my teeth, I would stop it. My teeth are so beautiful. Ask any long term life fruitarian, they still have lovely teeth.

Now people say different things I read about. One guy said after eating for papaya only for a year, his teeth started becoming loose.

Hmm. Now why would he do that? Others say by eating unripe fruit, their gums and teeth loosened. I just think there is more to this.

My teeth never hurt so much as when I was eating raw nuts. Actually all my teeth problems were there when I was a cooked food eater on prescription medication. that is what would have really killed them, pills, dehydration.

Finally, anything else you'ld like to add? Maybe some words of advice or encouragement you'ld like to offer to others wishing to become fruitarian?

It took me a long time to get to where I am comfortable. A long time. Battling dragons is easier. Its so worth it. Its so worth it. Its so worth it. I feel so good, and light and beautiful. As I age, I watch myself. I go through many stages. I am finally happy , whole and complete. I am in reality. I do things, things happen. I create my own luck. I am god. There is nothing higher than me, I love myself, and I am the means and the ends. I am the final goal. Fruit is the highest diet. To be the greatest we can reach.

Thanks Suvine!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Topsy-Turvy World - 7 - Littering is our nature

You know how we are all taught not to litter when we are growing up, and that we don't all find that easy?

.. At least to begin with - At least, I didn't!

Well, really, when you think about it, littering is an intricate part of our nature, and always has been.. it's only in recent years, with the advent of plastics, glass and tins and the like, that littering has become the issue it has..

In our natural settings, we could easily just be eating our fruits, and letting the peel fall where it is, for the earth to eat..

Living in a fruitarian Eden, I'm pretty sure this would be how things are..

I suppose, that littering has become such an issue it has, is just a sign of how we have distanced ourselves from where we should or could be..


More evidence of the fundamental topsy-turvy nature of the world we live in..


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Useful Website - 3 -

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to is this great service I've just discovered that allows you to blog for money..

Here's what they say about themselves:

“Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers can pay bloggers to write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers site."
It's 100% free to join, but there are some criteria for joining in.. For starters, you need to be ranked by google, and you need for your blog to be active (at least 2 posts er week).

Basically it works through advertisers paying bloggers to write posts on their opinion of their products, and linking back to them.

In a nut shell, you can get paid for blog advertising with links back to the advertisers site.

Payment is made weekly, directly to your paypal account, so you will have to set up an account with them first, but that's quick and easy, and instructions are provided at

Just log in every day, and check what advertisers are available, and blog about the ones you feel to.

I can't think of a simpler way to blog for money..

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Book Review - 1 - The Mystery of 2012

A non Fruitarian book review.

This is a book about the predictions, prophecies and Possibilities for the year 2012..

As you may know already, according to some pretty ancient civilizations, the year 2012 is the predicted end of the world as we know it.

That's not to say the world blows up, just that things will change.. Whether the change be a shift in global conscience or something far less subtle is uncertain.

2012 is deeply ingrained in the Mayan calender prophecy and culture..

These are some words taken from the book The Mystery of 2012:

It seems that we could be in for a ramp up in human evolution and/or for catastrophes affecting the solar system... The Maya apparently pointed to an event where on the solstice of 21st December 2012, our sun lines up with the equator of the milky way - a once in a 26,000 years event..

Well.. we won't have to wait too much longer to find out whether or not anything vastly different will happen then.. Just  over 4 & half years away now, and we all know time flies.. 

Here's hoping that we are all safe, growing fruit trees, and away from the cities by then, because if something should happen, the cities are definitely not the place to be..

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Interview with a fruitarian - 6 - Cappi

Cappi is Fruitbat Anne's son.. being raised on a fruit diet. He's nearly 4, and agreed to be interviewed. Hope you enjoy it!
(* voir aussi la même interview en français *)

CappiHi Cappi!
Thanks for letting me interview you!
So you are one of the few fortunate children out there who get real food to eat. What do you think about being raised on fruit??

It's good and it feels nice

Have you ever eaten anything at all, that wasn't a fruit? If so, what did you think of it, and how did you feel after eating it?


Now I know you eat some nuts at times too, do you think they are as good a food as fruit, or do you prefer fruit?

Prefer fruit.

What's your favourite fruit and when was the last time you ate some?

Durian, yesterday.

Cappi feeding the cat

What is it you like most about them?

Because it is so yummy.

What's the funniest looking fruit you've ever seen?

Spiky faced Durian.

Cappi sitting on a jack fruitAre there any fruits that you don't like?

I can't think of one.

Do you eat meals like other kids do (at fixed times) or do you just eat whenever you are hungry?

Just when I'm hungry.

Do you eat fruit salads, or just one fruit at a time?

Just one fruit at a time.

What do you think when you see other kids eating ice-creams or lollies, sweets, candies and stuff? Do you sometimes feel you want to eat those things too??


What about bread and stuff like that, does any of that appeal to you?


Do you ever get sick, or catch colds?

No. I have had a runny nose but not a bad cold.

What kind of things do you enjoy doing?

Playing , singing, dancing, drawing , painting and going to the beach.

Do you enjoy climbing trees and eating the fruit directly from the tree?


Can you tell me about a time when you did that?

I went up a Mulberry tree, and I pick fruit from low branches on trees. I picked a Papaya from my garden.

Do you have any friends that enjoy fruit as much as you do?


Cappi in his gocart

Have you any dreams or ideas about what you might want to do when you are older?

I think I want to be a helicopter dancer pilot.

Do you think you will continue eating just fruit, or do you think you might eat other things too??

I think I will just eat fruit.

How many people have you met that eat fruit like you and your mum?

Jamshed, Mango and Kveta.

Do you like fresh fruit juices too? If so, what's your favourite juice?

Yes, Orange juice.

What fruit have you got growing in the garden?

Blueberries, Papaya, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Watermelons, Passionfruit, Mangoes and Bananas and some baby fruit trees that do not have fruit on them.

What kind of places do you like to visit the most? (beach/forest/fruit tree orchard/river/city/whatever?)

The beach best, I like going to Brisbane, to Maleny on the bus and going to places on the train and I like going to the rainforest at the Big Pineapple.

Finally, do you have anything you'ld like to say as words of encouragement to those wanting to start off on a fruit diet?

Yummy fruit!!!!.

Thanks Cappi!! I look forward to seeing you again whenever that may be!


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Friday, March 07, 2008

Fruitarian Book - 2 - Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda

Not entirely a 100% fruit biased book, it most definitely did encourage me in that direction when I first read it some 15 years or more ago.. Actually, I would be quite surprised if the author himself has not become 100% fruitarian since writing the book.

I really love the author's, (Joe Alexander) bold no nonsense common sense style. He just gets straight to the point and says what he thinks.

This is a great, inspirational piece of work, and something any budding fruitarian would benefit from reading...

Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda (click to order)I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I can't emphasize enough the importance of being inspired while transitting to a fruitarian diet as there is absolutely no doubt in my mind how diabolically addictive cooked food really is, so every word of encouragement should be welcomed heartily...

Hope you read and enjoy it!

Hugs as always,

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

How long does it take to totally clean out ones system?

During my years as a fruitarian, I have been asked on numerous occasions how long it takes before one can bask in the benefits of a fruitarian diet.

Well, in my opinion, one begins benefiting immediately, but clearly that may not always be apparent to the practitioner..

In many cases, it may appear that the reverse might even be true, that one actually feels worse on a fruit diet, as at some point, detox will inevitably raise its ugly head and stick its gnarled clubbed foot in the door..

How long it will take to get totally clean will be different for each individual, taking from just weeks for some, and many months or possibly even years, for others..

It will all depend on age and state of health, and living environment, quality of fruit, and surely other factors that are too many to mention.

As a rule of thumb, the younger and healthier one is, the easier and smoother things should flow, and the quicker the benefits of fruitarianism should be visible..

Fruit the Food and Medicine for Man (click to order)To make it more clear what you actually have to contend with, I would like to mention a story Morris Krok mentioned in one of his books.

Morris had been on a predominantly fruitarian diet for some years (It's been some years since I read the story, so bare in mind that I'm quoting from memory, and don't have exact details of the story handy). Anyhow, he was in peak physical health and was running marathons on a pretty regular basis, often travelling around his country (south Africa) to attend different organised marathons..

On one particular occasion, he travelled to a town and checked in to a motel in preparation for a marathon due to begin the following morning.. That evening, while relaxing in his room, someone knocked at his door..

Morris got up to see who was there, and to his surprise, a woman he had not seen for many years stood in front of him. - An old flame.. - Let's call her Doris, just to give the story some added flavour. Morris and Doris had been going out together years previously, some time before Morris had moved onto a fruitarian diet.

Now Doris had heard rumors that Morris was in town and staying at the local Motel, so thought she would surprise him with an impromptu visit.. Not wanting to arrive empty handed however, she took a bar of chocolate along with her... And not just any old bar, mind, but a particular branded bar that she knew was (or had been) Morris's favourite..

Now Morris was taken aback and pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar setting, and for whatever reason or excuse he may have given himself, he decided to share the chocolate with Doris, and together, they slowly polished off the chocolate bar while reminiscing on days that once were..

...Now on to the result.. And this is pretty profound, so I really hope you can all learn something from it.. brace yourself!

The following morning, Morris awoke with terrible cramps.. I think in his legs, but they may have also been his stomach.. So severely it affected him, that he was not only unable to run the marathon he had intended, but also he recalls that it took him one whole week before he had fully recovered and felt his normal fit self!!

So think about that.. If it can take a healthy body one whole week to recover from just half a bar of chocolate, image how long it will take for a body to recover from 20, 30, 40, 50 years of constant dietary mistakes!?!?..

So please please don't expect immediate noticeable results, but do rejoice if you should get them!!

See also.. my thoughts on detox..

Hugs to one and all,

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Some thoughts on cravings and fruitarianism..

Cravings are something that I have often been asked about:

How do you deal with cravings on a raw food Fruitarian diet?

Unfortunately, there is no immediate simple solution to that one..

I reckon, there is probably not a single raw fooder or fruitarian out there, that has not had to deal with cravings, and only a small handful may have actually succeeded in not letting cravings win at their temptation..

I for one gave in to cravings countless times before I eventually succeeded in overcoming them.. It took me years. Literally!!

But that doesn't mean that it will take you that long.. Let my experience be more of a "light at the end of the tunnel" thing.. Because it is possible.

Kveta recently also posted a blog entry on cravings too:  Kveta's thoughts on addiction and cravings

Her recommendation is to read the Anthony Robins book.. 

I've not read it myself, but he is apparently great at helping people overcome addictive issues in their lives, and the book "Awaken the Giant Within" may be of great benefit to those of you that are struggling with cravings and possibly binge eating.

What I want to tell you is that truly, you are not alone.. Much as it may seem that way at times!

You have to remember that you basically are coming off a life long drug addiction. And don't deceive yourself that it will be easy.. Let no one try to fool you otherwise.

In my opinion the most important thing you can have to succeed, is faith in the goal. If you don't forget, or loose sight of it, you will succeed, and health and vitality will be yours as it is your birthright..

If you fail, don't be mad at yourself unless you find it productive for you to be so..

if you keep failing, you are not mad, you are human. if you persevere, you will get there, as I did, and many others before me..

I have every faith that you can do it!

Remember, giving in to a craving, just feeds it and makes it more difficult to be rid of it, so for a while you may need will power and steady determination.. But if you should keep failing.. - be the observer!! Watch how your body reacts to forbidden foods.. Understand the harm that you may be doing to yourself, and eventually that feeling of "regret" should guide you back on the right track..

If you are having trouble at all with quiting animal products, whether it be the flesh or the stolen milk, or eggs, it may help and encourage you to read more books on facts behind the animal food industry.. For myself, I had such a great moral feeling that supporting that trade was fundamentally wrong, that I never once looked back or felt tempted to touch such nonfoods.. This knowledge really helped me to never really even experience cravings for animal flesh and its ilk..

Reading is naturally a source of great help and encouragement, and a good book can really spur your determination onward..

Don't be too hard on yourselves.. Remember you are in a tricky situation.. like being an alcoholic in a world full of alcoholics.. So it takes a special person to break free.

peace and well wishes to you.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Useful Website - 2 -

Ever seen a video on youtube that you felt like downloading, but didn't know how to?

Well.. here's the answer..

Go to:

Then just type in the URL (direct web address) of the video you are interested in.

It'll then be downloaded to your computer so you can play it whenever you feel to.


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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Interview with a Fruitarian - 5 - Sarah Parker

Sarah after transiting to fruit diet Hi Sarah! -
Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions!
Could you please start off by telling us a little about yourself, how old you are, where you are living/grew up etc..?

I'm a 31 year old wife and mother of three young children.  I grew up in Malaysia, a fruitarian paradise, but for the last 12 years I have lived in the US.

Do you have an online presence - website/ blog/pictures??  -  my Before and After pictures are on that site.

Thanks for the introduction! How long have you known about fruitarianism, and how did you hear of it?

I have known about it for 7 years.  When my first children (twins) were born I began researching  diet and nutrition because I finally made the connection between food choices and health.  We made the choice to go vegan.  I did hear of fruitarianism but thought that was way too wacky for me to ever consider it.

So you weren't convinced that it was a good thing when you first heard of it then? When did you first realise that you wanted to live on just fruit?

Yes, I had high doubts!  I truly thought fruitarians were crazy people. It wasn't until I kept researching and very slowly made the transition to high fat raw gourmet (low fruit) to a high fruit/low fat diet that I realized I had become one of those crazy people myself.

sarah on fruit dietWhat was your diet like while growing up?

I would say it was healthier than the typical American diet.  My parents served us plenty of fruit at each meal (for "dessert").  I also did not consume as much junk food and soda pop beverages in my early years.  (My parents did not let me.  :)  I'm so glad!). I did however grow up on things like white rice, small amounts of animal products (which I always hated until I got used to them as I grew older) and white bread.

Can you tell us a little about your health when you were eating that way, and how it has changed since moving toward an all fruit diet?

When I hit adolescence, I had horrible acne, was puffy and carrying around a lot of water weight. (Up til then I'd been an extremely skinny child).  I also had major teeth problems.  Along with the other various "normal" childhood diseases, I also went through a 1 year period of getting painful boils all over my body repeatedly.  The weight gain continued slowly all the way through my 20's and I began to feel old and often exhausted.

Sarah before fruit dietSo you are married, what does your husband think of your choice of food? What about your 3 children, what do they make of mums new food outlook?

My husband slowly has come around.  He is currently pursuing this lifestyle with me.  He has always agreed with me on the concept intellectually, so he has never given me resistance to my own choices or my desire to feed my kids fruit.  My youngest has never had anything else.

That's great news! More fruitarian kids!! How has the health of your children been, especially comparing the youngest one with the older ones that have eaten things other than fruit?

All three are healthy and vibrant.  The worst thing that the youngest one has ever had is cold symptoms and slight fevers.  They now know what to do when sick and will take to bed with lots of water.  They never stay down very long and don't seem to get as sick as other kids.  The oldest two have only been fruitarian for over a year now, but have been vegan from birth.

And how about your parents, what do they think of you going fruitarian?

They do not understand it, but since my family is very healthy and active on this diet, they leave us alone about it and in fact try their best to be very supportive in general.  They are great!

before fruit dietWhat kind of things are you currently eating that you want to leave out from your diet and why?

I still occasionally consume dried tomatoes (unsoaked) and would like to leave those behind entirely.

Do you take any supplements or spirulina or stuff like that? Are you at all concerned about not getting enough calcium/protein/B12/whatevers??

No supplements or superfoods for me.  I have grown to be completely confident that a healthy lifestyle is all it takes to achieve glowing health.  Diet is a big part of that but so are several other factors, such as exercise, sunshine, emotional poise, etc.

Do you suffer from cravings, or have you ever binge eaten? how do you deal with such times?

If I ever have cravings now it is not for cooked food but for things like dried tomatoes or too many avocados.  I would say I rarely binge eat but I have overeaten on some things in short spurts before.  When I have cravings I just remind myself that I am human, but also that it is not worth feeding a craving for a few seconds of instant gratification, it is not worth the longer moments of ill health it would bring to my life.

What does your typical day look like foodwise? And for how long have you been eating this way?

I typically eat two meals a day, the first meal some time after noon and after I have worked out.  My first meal is typically mono fruit of some kind - bananas or persimmons or papayas or whatever is in season, cheap and appealing to me at that moment.  My second meal I have some acidic fruit like oranges or pummelos and I will usually have some fruit veggies and other veggies then too, usually tomatoes, bell peppers, and maybe some lettuce or celery.

on a fruit dietDo you have a good variety of fruit for you to choose from where you live now?

Thankfully, yes.   I don't have it as good as I did growing up, but I really can't complain!  There is an abundance of fruit choices in the south where I live.

Have you ever met anyone (not online) who eats just fruit?

Besides my family, I have recently met Richard Blackman of

How long do you picture it taking before you are eating 100% fruit? Do you have a set time frame plans for getting there? Are you already there??

I do not necessarily have a goal of 100% fruit only.  My diet, by volume and calories, is definitely fruitarian by definition but I do not see any great improvement to be gained by leaving out all greens forever, so at this time I have no plans to ditch those unless as I go along I get clear, undeniable signals from my body telling me to do so.

Do you normally tell people how you eat? If so, what do you think is the most common question people ask you about your diet?

No, I am very secretive about it.  I find that most people either don't care or are not ready to hear about it.  Our close friends do know, for the most part, although we don't bring it up all the time in conversation either.  With others, I figure that the ones who are truly observant and curious will eventually notice and pick up on the trails I sometimes leave lying around just in case someone is truly interested.  I figure the ones who really want the info will know how to get it out of me.

fruitarianDo you have a favourite fruit?

I have several, I can't pick.  I love: Mango (my favorite fruit since I was a very young child), durian, hachiya persimmons, papaya and grape tomatoes.

Can you recall the first time you tried any of those??

I remember loving mango since I was very very little.  My parents thought I was allergic to it so they would not let me have huge amounts of it very often, but I craved it and always begged for it.  It remained my favorite fruit all growing up.

Yes, I can imagine that growing up in Malaysia you must have had access to a wide variety of fruit.. Some of the best durian I've tried has been while travelling through Malaysia, and I love the chempadek there! Do you and your family sometimes go back there for visits?

Yes, I love chempedak too!  We haven't been back there since 2002.  The cost of so many plane tickets is just too high for us right now.  Unfortunately, the last time we were back, we weren't fruitarian yet, although I was vegan.  My older two kids did get their first taste of real fresh durian at that time, though!  I have pictures of them as 1 yr olds, smashing it in their mouths like there was no tomorrow.  I shoulda known then that fruit is their preferred food!

Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

I see myself living in the same area but further out of the city, on a piece of land my husband and I have purchased.  I see us eating off our own fruit trees and being as self-sustainable as possible.  I see us having our land as our playground!  Either that, or Hawaii, we haven't completely decided.  :)

Just a girl trying to change her lifeHow do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly survive eating the way you do??

I say, "You may be right", smile and move on.  I'm not out to prove anything to anyone.  I just want to live my life quietly, the way I want it, with no interference from anyone.
Finally, is there anything you'ld like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

I'd like to say that you have discovered a truly beautiful and sustainable way of living.  Keep pursuing your dreams and you will begin to achieve more glowing health than you ever thought possible before!

Well, many thanks for taking the time for the interview Sarah, good luck and fare well on your journey!!

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