Saturday, January 02, 2010

Just fruit.. No nuts, seed, roots or greens..

That's the kind of fruitarianism I'm ultimately in to.. I've been able to pull it off pretty consistently since joining up with Kveta back in 2006, although there were definitely times that the all fruit diet was my diet for extended periods, prior to us getting together..

Meeting up with Harley, Freelea and others recently, it has really made me aware of occasional divergence in consistencies.. Inconsistencies I don't want hidden..

I've been calling myself fruitarian for many years already, even at times when I may have forsaken my beliefs and picked at the occasional steamed potato or piece of broccoli.. Other times, too, I would be on an all raw vegan diet, with a high fruit percentage, but include some carrot or lettuce, dried seaweed or similar .. I make no real excuses, other than struggling to live on a budgeted existence where I often considered fruit to be unaffordable..

Perhaps I was just using budget and a shoestring lifestyle as an excuse to hang on to old habits that morally and from a physiological health point of view, I didn't consider ideal, but for whatever other reasons, I still found appealing..

I became aware that fruit was the ideal food probably in the early 1990's, and dreamt of myself living purely on fruits, despite putting myself in geographical positions where pulling my dream off, would have surely at times required me to often go hungry.. Something I didn't feel quite prepared to do.. So compromise I did.. And it certainly seemed like compromise was a necessity at many times..

I guess I've long been the philosophiser.. Questioning things that most people take unquestioningly for granted.. And often wondering if there is perhaps a better way to do things.. At times I'm quite saddened by how much madness, sickness and suffering this world has, and see much of it as self inflicted through ignorance..

Through my recent encounter with a few 801010ers that passed through this place we're currently staying at, especially, I guess, Harley, who has a challenging personality.. and Freelea and Nick, who I felt were ultimately more curious than critical (I consider questioning anothers principles to be a healthy way to understand ones own better).. I became more conscious of small irregularities, and his challenging ways have encouraged and inspired me to make improvements.

I guess, we presented ourselves as fruitarians that eat solely fruit and nothing else, and by doing so, we opened ourselves up for critisism.. I was asked how long I'd been doing just fruit, and replied basically, consistently, since getting together with Kveta, and Harley, who had heard that ABC radio interview with me from a year and a half ago, queried yes, but that's not strictly true though is it? .. For a sec, I was a little confused, but then recalled that I had confessed to munching on the occasional pea or 2.. Clearly legumes are not fruits, - fruits being the edible flesh that surrounds the seed of the plant, and he's right.. The true fruitarian diet doesn't involve eating seeds unless they are intricately entwined together with the appealing edible flesh that surrounds it.. as is the case with the tomato, kiwi, passion fruit, etc..

So, do I have to reevaluate how long I have been fruitarian? Part of me wants to get the facts right, and part of me wants to cling to being the long term fruitarian I consider myself to be.. I mean, botanically speaking, I believe we are all frugivorous, whether we realise and practise it or not, but words are important to me, and clearly the term fruitarian isn't being used here to describe ones anatomical structure..

So what's the deal with the peas? Well.. I guess it's confession time.. it hasn't been just peas.. Since arriving in Australia, I have eaten several things that botanically speaking are not fruit, and thus, in my own thoughts are not 100% ideal.. But then I confess also that much of my very existence on this plane goes against what I feel is ethically correct, and environmentally responsible.. I could make excuses until the fat lady sings for the cows to return home to be eaten.. But to what end?

I know that life on this level, on this planet, is full of compromise to my ultimate aspiring beliefs.. But despite fighting what many might consider a relentless futile uphill struggle toward improvement and seemingly unobtainable perfection, I believe that the struggle is ultimately for the benefit of all earthly existence.. And will strive onward questioning the very nature of our beings..

So what else have I eaten? I'm probably about to burst my own bubble, I'm sure many would love to hear, and use it as evidence to support their possibly already preconceived impossibility of a fruit only diet..

In addition to peas, I have also eaten broad beans, many of both, by the way, grown by myself in the little garden we only recently said goodbye to.. but that's no excuse.. I ate them. Yes.. I also confess to occasionally picking at leaves of various sorts.. Like if I walked passed a big display of rocket, I might pull one leaf out, and chew slowly on it.. or snap off a tiny piece of broccoli from the broccoli stall, munching on it in passing.. Or, and this was probably more common, if I passed a small wild growing edible weed, I might often tell someone I was with at the time, that this plant is edible, and break of a leaf or 2 to share, probably mostly always chewing on a leaf or 2 myself..

And the last non fruit I ate? Standing in the garden, here, where we are now at, Nick asked me if I had tried sweet leaf. I told him I used to eat it profusely, but stopped doing so, and yet still, I stood next to him, broke a leaf off, and chewed and swallowed it.. I guess I felt it was to give me a small reminder of the taste. I found it vaguely palatable, but not particularly appealing.. That was barely 2 weeks ago.. But also, on the way up here, we stopped off to admire some sea view, I think it was pretty close to that "Big mango" place, which is in Bowen, I think, but I could be remembering incorrectly, anyhows, irrelevant that is, the point was that at this place, we bumped in to a Ute (which for those of us unfamiliar with Australian slang is basically a "utility truck", just a small open backed truck) full of Islanders, Fijians, I think, that had been denutting some local coconut palms, and had a Ute load of nuts.. They offered us some, and thirsty I was, so I drank of one they opened for us.. (the first sip on one since Thailand 2006)..

Now, coconuts are one thing that I sort of felt OK about eating, despite thems being nuts and all that, and not fruit.. But deep down, I was aware that they are not ideal.. I guess equally so for sugarcane juice, which at times in my life I've truly feasted upon.. When I used to live up this ways, some 10 and more years ago, freshly pressed sugar cane feasts were a semi regular occurrence..

But back to the coconut.. I carried it with us and cracked it open on arrival here, with keen anticipation and hopes that it might be jelly like.. Again, coconuts have been at times a staple part of my diet.. basically a free and abundant food I endulged regularly in.. This nut was hard though, and I left it on the table in the communal kitchen where it was soon devoured by someone..

So.. am I done confessing? I reckon so.. that's about the brunt of it.. So go ahead and tell me I've been fruitarian for 2 weeks.. I guess at the end of the day, perhaps I shouldn't even really bothered about being attached to the label..

But now I feel I want to defend myself and my beliefs despite clearly nonsupportive hypocritical actions..

I know that not all my choices have been correct, or based on what I believe to be morally or ethically correct.. no denials there..

So why am I writing all this? I desire to improve, and base my daily decisions more on where my commitments are at, and also I want people to know and trust that fruit alone is enough, so to minimise indecision and avoid nagging doubts of others as much as possible, I will henceforth seek consistency more.... And to my defense again, the small exceptions I have made over recent years have been small..I mean, small enough to be basically insignificant, and void of any real dietary importance, or of any nutritional value.. I think the only food that I ever made a meal of, were a very inoccasional small bowlfull of peas.. All else was of such miniscule amount, that I don't see them as part of my diet.. Despite that at a certain level they clearly were.. Those nonfruity exceptions have been so rare, that they may have only taken place on a handful of days a year, with the rest of the time, eating purely fruit and thriving on it..

I'm aware Harley and others have their own ideas of what diet is correct, and that their belief is that eating a fruitarian diet, may lead to malnourishment, dehydration, and lack of energy.. True, yes, I'm not exactly budding with enthusiastic desire to run around the orchard, or bike 70kms into Cairns.. And he's certainly someone with a very high energy, having trained at elite athletic levels.. I intend to write more about my thoughts on the 801010 diet at a later point, but as I'm slowly regaining inspiration to write, I'll no doubt be channeling many of my thoughts out to my book instead of my blog..

Anyhow.. I've already waffled on for longer than intended, and sort of want to thank Harley for bringing to my attention the inconsistency of saying no seeds or greens etc, and then breaking my own rule.. so hence forth, I will endevour to stick by my principles, and continue on my path toward dietary perfection.. - I'd like to be able to truthfully write, "never again", but I know that on a practical level, it's likely that there'll be times when I eat against my beliefs.. Perhaps out of curiousity, or in situations where I'm no longer faced with an abundance of the right foods.. And I'm well aware of the need to make even further changes, even within the fruit diet itself..


PS I've written a little more on were we're at over on my journal (there's a link to it up there on the top left somewhere), as I'm trying to get my thoughts updated..


Anonymous said...


being direct and honest is fine.

But hey, despite you having VERY few non-fruits....BIG DEAL!

At least your body is still clean and not tainted as I.

Even when last year I felt ready to go 100% fruit...without the nuts, seeds, and greens, etc. as you would....

I messed up, due to my RASH RASH curiosity. I fell into Pandora's Box big time and got snatched right in the face.

And being bounded to other minor financial and family issues.....heh....

I won't give up either.

People always ask for "proof" when saying "whether this is possible or that is possible."

I say the hell with'em. Why?

I won't be asking for "proof" when I will & MUST KNOCK OUT an opponent who has a gun pointed to my head, and ready to nuke me. Oh great, will I falter to "oh but I must surrender, it's logic, and accept fate, so people won't ridicule me" type of BS? NEVER!

Same goes with the fruitarian path. I have no doubts of being there whatsoever. Same goes for you, and a very few others whom I've seen blogging. We'll SLASH that gun in half.

Being fruitarian for me....will be the cure of many ailments that haunt me to this day. So I'm not gonna debate in some "pompous logical style" and kneel and try to gain false "respect" from people who would hate you (due to their misguided conditioning). "OH BUT THERE'S NO PROOF THAT FRUITARIANISM IS POSSIBLE." I won't be dependant on proof, I will ALTER REALITY WITH MY OWN HANDS! Hence the gun will split in two.

Yet getting on fruitarian and splitting the gun....of course there will be MUCH hesitation. And so...I am one of the stubborn few...who I thought my morale was...what it was..yet it is not. Perhaps when I won't flinch and hesitate on this bloated cooked food path......maybe I'll tap into the Eternal aura and abundance of fruitarianism.

Don't forget, fruits are eternal, great in only becomes difficult due to the rape of the many lands we cherish. Even in cold climates like mines...I'm sure fruitarianism would be "possible" in great abundance.

I mean we already have many varieties of ancient fruits extinct...though I lost the "information source" for such a thing...

Regardless.....even though my lungs are tainted due to the animal-laden cooked food setting I'm stuck in. And my body still bloated by salts and acidic cooked foods...I won't give up.

If there is a necessity..I plan to train with the sword as a fruitarian someday, unless if I get signs that..I should just live in peace. doubts and hesitation on being fruitarian...isn't heavy at all.

Well're close to the abundance of close that your body isn't tainted as I would be. I'm glad. Keep staying that way and live that way. You've got your realizations of life. Such realizations made me contemplate less when I was in a "WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO NOW?" moments.

Keep on blogging...and ROCK ON!

DeleteMe said...

You summed up pretty much why I shy away from labels now. It's just picked apart too much and everyone defines things so rigidly in most cases these days. So if a person goes 10 years on nothing but fruit and one day eats some lettuce does that exclude the fruitarian label?? Putting labels on modes of eating seems a leftover habit from the masses to me and should be done away with. Same with those dogmatic raw fooders and their desire to push their point of view on fellow raw fooders as the best way. Silliness all around on so many levels I think.

Keep your thoughts coming, I enjoy them.


Frederic said...

You are so full of shit Mango!! LOL
So now you are eating carrots and salad:) Bad boy!!! I am telling you man , I am a Rawfoodist because I can't afford eating only fruits. Nothing wrong with that.

Fruity Jules said...

Wow, Mango. . . really beautiful post. So honest and intelligent. Well, I just have more respect for you than ever. And you raise some interesting questions about energy and activity. Yes, why the difference between you and Harley, for example?

I agree completely about compromising in this world. I admire you for even attempting to live by high standards. We are all doing the best we know how in the moment, factoring in circumstances and such, but we can all do better! Continual improvement seems part of the plan.

But hey buddy. . . in my book you are in the top tier already. No need to apologize. You are an amazing but humble fruitarian. Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with us. We are all learning from each other, and let's keep supporting each other!

Love to you and Kveta,
Julie ♥

Cosmic said...

No need to justify anything, Mango, you are true to self that's all that matters!

Keep up the excellent 'work':)


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Brian,

thanks.. You are soo right about the possibility for fruit to be in abundance everywhere.. Many think the idea of enough fruit for everyone to feast on is far fetched, but only so if the switch were to be immediate.. a more realistic gradual change, could easily see the increased demand giving an equally gradual and realistic increase in suply.. Fruit trees of some kind could be relatively easily grown in most places that are void of them, and so much arable land is fully wasted on uselesss monocrops destined to feed livestock and the gluttony behind the zombie salted animal flesh diet.. More fruit trees would help save the planet.. Ultimately the need for localization could be dropped, there could easily be an abundance, and the logistics of sharing that abundance could also easily be solved using hitherto surpressed and new clean transport technologies.. I'm envisioning such a world, even though many of the finer details are still blurred, and believe that if enough people can do likewise, positive change will be unavoidable..

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi rick,
Yeah, I guess I'm certainly still guilty of wanting words to be used in the way I think they should be.. But the majority of the world appears in many ways to be semantically challenged, so I'm thinking now along the lines of why just use 1 ambiguous word to describe a person or situation, when 30, 300, or more can do so far more precisely, dropping the ambiguity.. I guess that was partially the point of my post.. to iron out any possible confusion between reality and any possible preconceived notion..

One thing though, at many levels, I do understand the needs and desires some people may have to push their points of view.. I think ultimately they may all mean well.. Even many of the missionaries.. I am trying to take a step back from being attached to what others may or mayn't think, not always successfully mind, and just state my point of view passively (through this blog, or by answering questions directed at me), and attempt not to be overly concerned with the reactions I get. I have found, through trial and error, that for me, it is a more effective way to get my point across than being pushy.. however, some people have good messages to share, and are pushy and persistant with it, and get good results in being that way.. I'm sure it's true that the pushy door to door salesman gets more sales than the passive guy who gives up immediatly.. Just that's not my particular flavour of personality..

I'm also trying to feel nonattached to other peoples possible emotive responses and opinions/reactions to my choices.. even if someone wishes to insist that they are right and i'm wrong, it is ok that they think that way, and pushyness is alright too, provided i let it be.. it's all lessons (i often get them wrong too!)..

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Fred..
actually, that's was eating carrots and salad.. I stopped eating both more than 3 years ago.. except the occasional salad of tomatoes, cucumber and avocado..
maybe you should consider relocating to somewhere with a greater fruit supply.. Texas is mostly cattle country isn't it?

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Julie,
the difference between me and Harley? well.. he's a trained long distance endurance athlete.. apparantly he's got more medals for biking than anyone else in australia.. or maybe it's that he's been on the podium more than anyone else.. i forget.. on a raw vegan diet. he's also about 16 years younger than me, I think, and likes pushing himself and keeping fit.. Me, I'm more of a laid back sort of hippy fellow, that has no desire to excert energy just for the sake of it.. I'd rather do a bit of work in the garden, than run around it..

But harley's approach is good too.. By being who he is, and the way he is, he is a very inspirational talker and great example of someone on a very high percentage fruit diet. and many people will surely look up to him and use him as a role model.
thankyou julie, for your kind words!

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi cosmic..
thanks.. i will endeavor to do so..!

Unknown said...

You and Kveta are still my heroes!

I think a little leafy food or a pea is quite natural. I doubt the earth minds your casual grazing - squirrels do it, monkeys do it, even my dog will plunder the garden for sweets and greens! Fruit is beautiful, and leafy plants are friends too :)

I appreciate your honesty and all the wonderful thoughts and ideas that expand my world awareness that you share on your blog. Thank you!

Julie Groenewald said...

Dear Mango,

Thank you for being honest. It is a great confession.

What I have learnt in the past 6months about fruitarianism is scary.

There is so much confusion on what the fruitarian diet should be and should not. Some say seeds, nuts, legumes, beans, pumpkin, olives etc are all considered as "fruits". Some even believe millet/grains/ are fruits of herbs and shiitake mushrooms considered as fruit of the ground. Wikipedia does confirm these as "fruits" classified by our science of today. But how far should we trust science, that is the main question. There are also frugan (cooked fruitarian meals) which are 100% fruitarian, based on these ideas. But then again, what is better? Raw food or cooked fruitarian meals, because cooking destroys nutrients etc.

So what I think, we as a fruitarian community should get together perhaps, reason on what exactely a fruit is, leave out science and base this knowledge on common sense. Also to establish our reasons for being so radical. Why we are fruitarians, is it because of health optimization?Then raw food diet ex. 801010 could be optimized. Or is it for ethical/karma/religious reasons towards anti-cruelty practice, then a frugan/raw-fruitarian would rather be suitable. It depends where you are at, what stage in life I guess. I am also only guessing and trying to figure things out here. Oh yes then you get the fruitarians who believe they are fruitarians when following a diet of 70% or more fruits.

But for me, since I was small, I have not seen even tomatoes/avos as fruits. I have seen this as veggies, even logically they can be classified as fruits. But for me fruitarian diet means sweet juicy fruits all eaten raw, in a large quantity.

But yes, practically speaking, like your confession, I guess we all have confessions to make, me included. So do not feel bad about it, be inspired and uplifted. I believe fruits can be sufficient to live on, but we all just need to figure out together what exactly a fruit is. I think it could do fruitarianism good in practice to establish a foundation, because for me as a beginner, I got confused by all the many definitions of fruitarianism.

Anyhow, lets continue to be inspired, and be healthy and happy!

I wanted to not, I see there is another Julie person whom is also a fruitarian. Please do not confuse me with her. I am from South-Africa, fruitarian since June 2009 still stuggling moving from vegan to fruitarian to say the least♥

Something I noted also, you joined my blog as a follower some time last year, but I cannot see you there any more. I guess something went wrong. I have changed my blog a bit. I will start keeping it up to date soon again.

Send our regards from me and Janus my hubby to Kveta. May this year bring you all the love and fruits you need.

Have a blessed weekend Mango!

Chat soon.


Sandrine said...

Dear Mango,

your post really touch me, by not being a guilty, a slave of ourself or other but your sense of responsability and desire to be really honesty.

I'm curious to know how you felt when you eat others things, like steamed vegetables !? I mean what do you observe in your body and mind ?

Peace and fruity Love

1l7 said...

Thank you for the post Mango.

You have certainly been fruitarian more than 2 weeks :) Seriously, you've been fruitarian since your fresh fruit part in your diet was more than 3/4 - you may decide, would you like to give the number of years or the dates, I'd be thankful for that.

I think, the easy way to inform people about your diet is by giving a percentage of fruit intake (for you it must me 99-100%) and listing, as you did here the exceptions of the rule.

Thank you for making highly ethical choices for your nutrition for so long.

Take care

Ryan said...

you are a very gifted writer mango.. cheers

Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks! .. all things considered, i'll be agreeing with you to an extent.. i mean relatively speaking, the odd pea, or occasional leaf, is pretty innocent in the grand scheme of things.. i just happen to see more clarity with fruit.. i mean more of a deeper ultimate truth to which i strive.. i don't mean to be telling others what they should or shouldn't do.. just what i feel is best for me, and should others agree, or not, is really their issue.
i see fruit as superior food, and hope to continue being a good example of a fruit eater.

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi jules,
thanks for your comment.. i think as far as what a fruit is, i don't have much problem defining it myself.. i see fruit as being the edible flesh that surrounds the seed of the plant, in some case, like kiwi, passionfruit, tomatoe, it is intricately entwined with the seed..

i'm an admitted predominantly ethical fruitarian, and from a be nice to plants perspective, this is an easy way to understand fruits.. so nuts, and beans and grains i wouldn't classify as fruit, as you are clearly destroying the seed, unlike the flesh of the plant which destroys nothing.. (or in the case of the tomato and such, actually ultimately can benefit through the digestive process).

on the other hand.. i have no issue in calling pumpkin and olive fruits, or eggplant and zucchini, although of course none of them appeak much to me.. not all fruit is intricately physiologically designed for humans as food. many are poisonous.

naturally also, when i refer to fruitarianism, i'm on about totally unprocessed (hence uncooked), as the idea is to partake of our food as nature intended, not addictively enhanced by fire..

and naturally true fruitarianism is 100%.. no lesser percentages.. so i can safely say now i've been adhering to that part since december last year..

i'm not sure why i'm not listed as a follower of you blog anymore, but personally i now follow many blogs through my browser (flock) and rss feeds.. so i probably wouldn't appear on any list there..

hope all is well with you and hubby, and sorry for taking so long to reply!

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi sandrine,
thankyou for saying that. the odd time i picked at steamed vegetables, i noticed the effect mostly in my body more so than my mind. my body is quick to turn such stuff into mucus, and will also feel dehydrated and require water drinking..

will you be at the fruitarian gathering in france this summer?

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi lena,
well.. i guess it depends on whose definition of fruitarian one uses.. sticking to the 100% rule, i've been fruitarian since december last year, if i say 100% most of the time, but with small glitches (like the odd pea), then since 2006, if i say 95% fruit then some time in mid 90s,, i turned raw vegan at start of 90's and have believed in 100% fruitarianism since shortly after that time.. even though i slipped back into cooked vegan a couple of times due to unfortunate circumstances that i wont go in to here....
really, i have written this is in more detail elsewhere..
i have been a committed vegan since i was 25, - 23 years ago..

Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks for that.. i try.. or as my dad would say, "I'm trying". i mean, i'm a very trying person..

Sandrine said...

Hi Mango,

Thanks for your reply.
I don't know if I will go on the Fruiktifest this summer, I am a very improvising person.
But if I go I will tell you.
I know some french friends who will go, and I will surely talk a little after (or during) with Yann, the one who organisate this event.
So, we (french people) will make a post in english to share this experience, shares about fruitarianims and breatharianism.

Did I tell you I've made a french forum (frugivore.ning) ? We are a little good band to share on it and it's really good for each others and to let know more the fruitarian diet for francophones folks.

Take care, enjoy with Kveta all time.


Fruitarian Mango said...

hi sandrine,
be sure to pass greetings on to yann, should you go.. the documentary with kveta and i might be shown at the gathering.. the filmmaker, emile, is working on that bit..

Julie Groenewald said...

Thanks for your reply Mango! Much appreciated, eventhough I only saw it now hehe.

Yeah I agree with what you are saying. Cooking fruit is not natural nor is it healthy.

Thanks so much for the insight!

All is well with me and Janus! Just cannot wait for summer to come along!! This was the coldest winter we have ever had!

Take care and send regards from us to Kveta!

Jules - RSA

Unknown said...

Hi hi mango I just saw your documentary on youtube you are amazing!!! And so were youre wife so beautiful spirit, im a raw veganism for three years and this is my first year try tansition and becoming a 100% pure fruitarian so far three months not bad, I lived in Taiwan R.O.C. Wheres tropical fruits all year around I love lychee, citrus, mango, mangosteen, rambutan, peaches, jackfruit, and durian! See we have so much in common, hahahaah im 22years old im half russian(white) half taiwanese(asian), I was quite curious whats ur definition of some fruit as bell pepper, chili(hot bell pepper), cucumber, and bittermelone( its a common plants in asia which is bitter you may juice it or make soup with it, its alright to eat in raw and cooked, I may not eating them but sometimes I may want to eat due to it reminds my chilhood), personally so far I dont eat these foods while I start my 100%fruitarian diet, especially no squash cos its seems too starchy to digest and im not a big fan of fruits is so picky and not easy to bite hahahah, but still as your wife's parents some of them has get convience by me and let me go for this journey I love them, but theyre well educated as we all does so they're questioning me those speechless controversial subject I dont know how to reply, please tell me thx ^^ by the way im trying on dry/water/juice fasting for detox, water is my least favorite!!!hahahahaha im the same people like you fellows I get plenty and more water by fruit I consume and my stool and urine are stinkless and clear hahahahah everyone see me as unicorn weirdo but I do it for my health, hopefully I can live the rest of my life as you and your gorgeous wife does and I really want to be your friends you two are such beautiful people and I really admire you guys, I dont wamt anything from you but if its possible be my friends or perhaps share some of yoyr thoughts to educate my ignorance thanks hugs and love
and my email: