Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back online....

Hi folks..

after basically several months of next to no cyber activity, kveta and i have finally gotten ourselves hooked up onto the wide eyed web once more..

we've been online for a little less than a week so far, and are slowly easing back into the comfort and pain of being once more able to check our emails on a regular basis, look up useless facts on wikipedia, check out what's happening in cyberspace.. etc etc..

but seriously.. i missed not having my regular internet fix, and even if we did connect up briefly and inoccasionally through internet cafes and the like, we did naught much more than check our most important emails and sign off again..

so now that we're back, what next?

Feasting on australian durian

to be honest, i'm a little uncertain of the direction of this blog, over the past couple of years, i think i've said pretty much most of what i've felt to on the subject of fruit, diet and ethics.. Sure, there's always more to be said, and no doubt, i'll be saying it.. as and when the inspiration takes me.. but as a regularly updated blog, i really don't know any more whether i need to..

I still want to keep posting new interviews, as and when they happen, (speaking of which, I have one video interview I need to get youtubed and uploaded still), and I'll still keep updating my journal on a semi regular basis too.. and i guess i don't really know fully what i'm saying here myself, because I don't think I've fully settled the destiny of my blog..

I guess, I just want to say, don't expect too much to be forthcoming... but then again, don't expect too little.. either.. What was it Kwai Chang Caine learned - expect the unexpected I think it was.. but don't expect anything too profound (that's me talking again)..

Anyhow, nice to be back and talk more later..


Anonymous said...

Man, you definitely look like you need sone physical exercise. Trust me, it's great! And it's easy. You can either dance like if you're possessed or jump the rope or run in the forest or play basketball or go cycling around.
Take care! Destroy the f**king PC!

Little Sparrow said...

Firstly, I just want to say I love following your blog (and Kveta's...she's quite a ray of sunshine!) and find it to be of great interest!

I'm on a CRON diet for the long term, and I am a vegan. I know what it's like to get flack over dietary choices, so please understand that this is far from my intentions.

However, I have noticed that you are very thin and your muscle mass appears to be waning (perhaps it could be the photos though). Do you feel physically strong on your current dietary path? This is not a criticism, just genuine curiousity. I know that for some people they can feel strong and vibrant, but yet appear very thin.

I am interested in fruitarianism...however I just love vegetables WAY too much! but you do have my respect as you are doing something that I don't think I'd have the willpower to do, despite my love of fruit.

Congrats on the new internet connection!

Namaste! :)

Debbie said...

Mango -

I love reading your interviews. Please keep going with them.


Bill Berggren said...

I love this blog. It is an inspiration you only have to eat fruit. Keep the interviews coming.

durianrider said...

Mango's next adventure is to become a fruit powered athlete? I reckon so! :)

Where was that durian from champ? Is that at fruitopia that photo?

Darrick is in Phillipines and says the durian is going off!

We are still down the gold coast and Im back racing A grade and getting some great bananas and drinking lots of blended dates aka datorade.

Hope yous are cruzn and life is sweet.

Keep up them calories, water, sleep and keep on rock'n bro!

Unknown said...

Mango~I love this blog and the interviews! I miss your regular posts!

Wishing you and Kveta many blessings!


FruiTanya said...

Hi Dear Mango, how are u? Just finished to write my fruitarian biography and wanted to share it with u and Kveta

FruiTanya said...

ooops, sorry, I did notice just now I already linked u to my biography in another post...I forgot :/
Anyway, a popular TV program here in Italy asked me to go on air to talk about my fruitarian choice..
This is not a scientific program, just a talk show and u know, I'd like to have your opinion. My friends here told me to pay attention cos talking about fruitarianism on tv could be dangerous, they say, u know all the stuff about freedom from processed food, freedom from doctors/chemicals....
I do not think necessarily this way but better I share with other fruitarians my doubts on this issue..
What do u 2 think?

Thank u

Ryan said...

that durian looks beautiful.. fresh, not imported, i assume by the appearance

Fruitarian Mango said...

carlo, yes, i could definitely move more.. i've been pretty lazy lately, waiting for things to happen instead of making them happen.. it'll change, it always does!

Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks for your concern over my skinniness, i have lost a few kilo since the beginning of last year, but i've not been concerned about it. i've been around 60kgs most of my adult life, and am around 55kgs now, and although i could stand to put on a kilo or 2, i don't feel that my weight is an issue.
for what i need to accomplish, i have strength enough, and generally a good feeling of well being.. my faith in the fruit only diet has only been strengthened over the years, and should me health ever seriously decline (no plans!), I would most definitely write about it most honestly.
fruit rules,

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi debbie,
thanks, glad you like the interviews.. they'll keep coming, but maybe not as thick and fast as previously.

Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks bro, yay! fruits all you need.
(and fresh air, warmth, love, clean environment, gentle exercise etc too , of course!)

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi bro' Durianrider!
nope.. i can't see me ever become no fruit powered athlete.. athleticism is not one of the things i strive for in this life.. though, i find it great that there are folks out there like yourself that are following that path so successfully!

yep, the durian was local.. probably from cape-trib way, and the photo was taken at fruitopia.. the season finally trickled to an end about 1 month ago..

i figure a philipines trip will have to be on the books for a later date. Something else to look forward to!


Fruitarian Mango said...

yeah, sorry i've been so quiet lately.. have just not had much of a feeling for writing.. hopefully that'll change. still a lot that needs saying, and folks that need interviewing!

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi fruitanya!
thanks for sharing your blog link! maybe you might be a potential interview victim?

as far as the tv show goes.. i see it as any publicity is good publicity.. i would go for it personally.. even if they make you look like a fool, there will be a percentage of the audience that will be open minded enough to see through the editing, and understand where you are coming from.. it'll be worth doing it just for them..

one thing I seriously dount would ever be an issue is any threat to your own safety from big business and powerful thoughts that oppose you.. maybe if you became an internationally acclaimed powerful influential speaker, there might theoretically be such issues, but one or 2 or 10 tv/radio interviews is no threat to anyone.. i hope you ssay (said?) yes, and i'd love to hear how it goes (went?)

Fruitarian Mango said...

Ryan, yes.. mighty fresh.. probably from within 100km radius.. the durian season has lengthened a good deal here from when i lived here last time 12 years ago..