Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crazy World News - 9 - Mysterious global deaths of Birds and Fish

Gleaned from the popular press, I've been reading about the bizarre cases of common species of birds and fish dying mysteriously.. Dropping dead from the skies, or, in the case of the fish, being washed up on shore, dead on arrival, with no yet apparent satisfactory cause of death known..

I think the first of the most recent reported cases was the small town of Beebe, Arkansas, where New Year's revelers spent the holiday weekend cleaning up several thousand blackbirds that littered their town landscape.. making dents in roofs and cars as they plummeted dead earthward.

Tests were done, but no official cause of death could be ascertained, though seemingly the birds died from shock caused from some unknown clearly traumatic experience.. Some initially hypothesized that an annual firework display was a likely cause, but given that blackbirds are not prone to flying at that time of night, this explanation seems rather unlikely.

Barely days later, more than 500 red-winged blackbirds and starlings were found dead strewing a stretch of highway in Point Coupee Parish, near the city of Labarre, in Louisiana, just under 600kms south of the Arkansas incident.

A disgruntled shark seeks revenge on a sonic boom tester.

Also recently in roughly the same neck of woods, about 83,000 dead and dying drum fish washed up along a 32km stretch of the Arkansas River, about 160km west of Beebe. .

Both birds and fish were sent away for detailed biological analysis, but so far nothing conclusive has been made public, with the only official verdict being that "They died from massive trauma". Which leads me to suspect that the government or military have once more been conducting their experiments with no consideration taken for possible environmental consequences.. Rather like that bout of washed up whales and dolphins that occurred on several occasions a while back, with conspiracy rumours abounding on how at the time the military were conducting something called "sonic boom" testing, which with the whales reliance on sonar for navigation, completely disorientated and unduly over stressed them to the point of many dieing traumatically.. again with no official reason ever given for the apparent bizarre happenings that I am aware of. Who knows what effect that particular supposed testing may or may not have had on other sea life.

Across the oceans, up in the icicle land of Sweden, a similar incident was reported in the town of Falköping, where up to 100 jackdaws suddenly fell from the sky for no obvious reason, and over in Italy it was reported recently that over 700 dead birds fell from the skies, in their case, countless turtle doves were scattered about the town of Faenza, many with strange blue marks in their beaks that some officials suggested may have been signs of hypoxia.

Dead fish washed up en masse onto the shores of New zealand, and according to the Huffington Post, an estimated 2 million fish are dead and floating in the Chesapeake Bay (Maryland,US). Hundreds of tons of fish have washed ashore in Brazil since last Thursday. Fish found washed ashore in New Zealand had many that were missing their eyes, (returning boats reported witnessing a carpet of dead fish floating belly up in the sea!). And in the UK,  An estimated 40,000 dead crabs were also reported to have washed ashore on Englands' beaches. While each countries supposed scientists have theories as to why this is happening, the fact that it's happening all over the world at the same time has not been explained, and leads this particular blogger to assume there is likely an explanation that will never be made public.

Sure, it could be that each incident is unrelated, but the more you search around for it in the news, the more cases seem to be surfacing, and with an intensity that seems beyond coincidence..

What's going on??


Unknown said...

Kyros has been reading about this and suggests that its either some kind of electro-magnetic thing having to do with the poles shifting or something to do with the sun (more sun-spots and other activity)

Anônimo Anonymous said...

Off topic. In order for me to exist there must be a self in relation with other, to deny the other is to deny the self. To kill the other is also to kill the self. Or to kill to eat because I like it, is I like it so I kill it, circular logic (denying the other wants) making no self or other possible. To say that animals or plants doesn't want to live is impossible otherwise they would already be dead by natural selection. This makes fruitarianism the only possible ethical living. At least vegetarianism. If this makes sense.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Lindsay, yes.. i'd come across that theory, but somehow I think there'd be more of a pattern.. similar longitudes or such.. There are many theories being circulated at the moment that I'm aware of.. ranging from freak weather and meteorite showers, to Alien intervention and Government testing of genetically created species specific viruses that have the ability to melt the insides of their victims.. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but believe something untoward is afoot..

Fruitarian Mango said...

Anonimo, yes.. clearly all life struggles to continue existing, so i think it's a correct assumption that life wants to live, and therefor I agree that we should avoid terminating or harming all life unnecessarily.. Treat others as we ourselves desire to be treated, and broaden our concept of "others"..

Fruitarian Mango said...

Back on topic.. Just stumbled upon this list:

theories for dead birds and fish

Virgo said...

Two hundred cows found dead in Wisconson:

10,000 cattle dead in Vietnam:

Fruitarian Mango said...

Virgo, thanks for sharing those links, I haven't heard anything more recently.. but then I haven't particularly been looking out for any. I wonder what the governments/military are playing at..