Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fruitarian Documentary

The Fruitarian documentary featuring myself and Kveta is finally finished and available to watch for free for one week, online.

Emile (the director) has created a facebook page called "Pure Fruit", with more details.

The film can be seen directly here too:

I have stopped blogging. Not sure if it's a temporary thing or more semi permanent.. In any case, Kveta and I are both doing well, and enjoying living in our new home which fulfils many/most of our dreams. We hope to spend the rest of our days here surrounded by fruit trees.

I hope to one day continue writing my book, and let all the story be known. But for the moment, the garden is our priority, together with enjoying life and sunshine.

peace to all,



EpiNeo said...

Hi Mango!
Nice to meet you again :)
Peace to you.

ebokaer said...

Thanks for sharing the film here on your blog, Mango! And on a greater level, thank you for your time, energy and patience helping the documentary idea become a reality.

I hope I get to talk with you and Kveta soon - in the meantime, hoping that you're enjoying your new home...

cheeky said...

Great film. Would have loved to see lots of avocados!!

Withnail said...

lol, you just reminded me of the song 'fruit tree' by Nick Drake. listen to it on youtube!
I saw your movie last night, it's the best I've seen in a while.
Good luck Mango! cheers

Mr. Zed said...

Awesome!!! I will miss you Mango if you really do go. Unfortunately, it is so hard for anyone to tell when is enough or too much with technology, in complete to natural things like fruit. But I feel you are shining a very bright light in the darkness and long may that continue.

Yuliya said...

I really enjoyed the Pure Fruit movie, Mango.
I hope you will continue blogging.
I think your blog posts are healing to the world and make the path for others a bit easier.


Kevin James Shay said...

Hi Mango,

I included information on your walk project in the appendix of my new book called Walking through the Wall.
Info on it is at

Happy walking!


Shelah said...

Dear Mango,

If you are reading this then I feel fortunate to have found a way to reach you :)
I just wish to tell you that I have always enjoyed your writings. You and Kveta have been great sources of inspiration to me and as my fruitarian experience deepens, I find that I return to reread many entries where I always find peace and joy.
I am missing your presence in cyberspace. True fruitarians who speak a truth my heart understands are hard to find!
I hope to one day have the means to travel your way and that we will be able to meet and enjoy one another's company!

With great love,

Fruitarian Mango said...

My Book is finally finished!!

I started it in 2000, so it's taken me 13 years. So happy to finally be able to say it's done!
Warm regards,