Thursday, August 29, 2013

Destination Eden

My first book is finally finished and vailable to order online:

it has taken me 13 years!!

I need a break from the keyboard.



dangph said...

Congratulations, Mango. Will you be releasing an electronic version at any stage?

Lissa said...

Congratulations, Mango, you must be so proud! Great to hear there's another book on fruitarianism out there.

I would be very much interested in the electronic version as well.

Kind regards

Israel Dlg said...

Great, to hear from you Mango, I googled your name to see what were you up to, and I find out you posted on your blog, yay!(: . Thanks for taking the time to write such a wonderful book, Can´t wait to get money to get my hands on it. Anyways, please don´t disappear for another year hahah, much love from Mexico! Wishing ripe fruit,wherever you are.. Peace..ॐ

Mr. Zed said...

Thank you very much Mango. I did much better when I changed my country to Ireland at the top and made a new account. It is indeed a woeful thing that we are forced to damage ourselves by using technology in order to try to in many ways escape it.

Fruitarian Mango said...

There is an electronic version now available:
Destination Eden Ebook
I'm not advertising it really yet, as I want to know first how it looks. I don't have an ereader to verify it myself, so if someone buys it, please let me know if it reads ok, or what I should do to improve it.

Fruity Jules said...

Dear Mango . . . I am so happy for you and excited to receive your book. Just ordered my first copy! ♥

You are the truest voice of reason out there and I look forward to escaping into your world and your vision.

Thank you for persisting and creating this book for the world. I imagine it took a lot of work which is much appreciated. : )

Much love to you and Kveta,

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks Jules! My parents received the first printed copy at the beginning of this week and although I still haven't seen a copy myself, they assure me it looks very professional, is printed and bound well and they are very happy to finally have it in their hands.

I wish I could say the same about the ebook.. I had trouble converting the book to ebook as I use many many text boxes throughout the book which caused a lot of technical issues during conversion..

Anyhow, please let me know when you get it, and share your thoughts/feedback etc.

Jan Fran said...

Hello Mango,

I'm a jouranlist from the SBS show The Feed. I'm very interested in producing a feature on you and your fruitarianism. Please get in touch on or 0415 302 107


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! This made me so happy. I just purchased the ebook and it looks great from what I can see by looking through parts of it. I can't wait to start reading!

Thank you for your incredible work!
I understand that you need a break from the keyboard now but I would love if you updated your blog once in a while, thank you.

All the best to both of you.

Fruity Jules said...

Hello there again, Mango! Just want you to know I received your beautiful book yesterday. And I am loving it! I've read about half . . . looking forward to the weekend when I can really indulge myself. : ) I will definitely be buying more copies to give as gifts.

It is quite thought-provoking on many issues and I do need this challenge in some areas where I am not quite living up to my own beliefs. It's not so easy to break away from conventional thinking and modern society, as much as one wishes they could. It's very inspiring the way you have forged your own path and I look forward to your autobiography which will perhaps shed light on the more personal aspects of your transformation and journey.

But for now I am very happy to read your logical conclusions and hopes and dreams. Very well done, friend! You can be proud of this creation! Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and wisdom!!!

I am grateful you are here. The world needs you. ♥


Jeff57 said...

Already got my copy. I already know this will be one of my most treasured books. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & experiences with us Mango!


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Erik & Jules!
Thank you so much for the positive feedback, I am so happy you have received and are enjoying the book. I felt quite inspired writing certain parts of it! I hope you continue enjoying it and are up for all the challenges ahead!

Feel free to write a review and rate it on the lulu website.

kind regards,

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Jeff,
your message came through as I was sending my last one. I sincerely hope it will indeed be a treasure!
warm regards,

Mr. Zed said...

Hey Mango, I am really loving your book and find it outstanding like I knew it would be!!! So much essential information and inspirational thinking, everyone in the world would benefit reading this book. It must be said I don't agree with everything in it and I'm not vegetarian for various reasons, but other than that I find it highly illuminating, interesting and informative. I like it how for claims such as riding on a horse's back, you don't just reject them out of hand but go and actively search to see if it could be true. I find durianrider and freelee to be such pretenders and ridiculous by comparison.

There are so many questions I have. For example you say that rescuing dogs is a bad idea because something like you think in some ways it may legitimize the pet trade. However what is your view on the adoption of orphaned children? Isn't the breeding of humans and putting them in their boxes cruel also?

I realize 95%+ dogs are treated horribly.... but aren't 99%+ of humans treated horribly also? We're all victims, compared to what it should be. Some pets do have freedom... my old family dog had no problem showing aggression and biting if anyone crossed or annoyed him in a bad way. This is how you knew his feelings were genuine when he licked and was so happy to see you. I would say that I learned more from him than any human. Animals aren't infected and damaged by things such as language, they just follow their heart and instinct. Why is it such a bad thing for comparatively sick individuals like us to try to learn from them? After all, we probably do have the ability to make a greater difference in this world the healthier we are. I find this a fascinating issue and am neither for or against the ability for someone to keep pets that are treated very well. I would be in favour of laws and regulations making sure pets are treated as well as human beings.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Mr. Zed, glad you are enjoying my book, and hope you continue to do so..

In answer to your question/comparison of orphaned children & dogs.. Orphaned children are not bred for profit, as are dogs, so it is not like you are supporting an immoral trade by adopting an orphaned child. For sure, the fact that "unwanted" children are conceived is disturbing too, but the dog/pet dilemma is different as animals are clearly bred for profit and financial gain.

The fact that humans also receive unfair treatment is completely separate to the fact that dogs do.. neither ultimately should be, and supposing that because humans are, this somehow justifies that dogs also should be, is strange logic. That a dog "feels free" to bite you is hardly the kind of freedom I am talking of. Dogs are just a neurotic demented version of what they once were as a species, and sure, there can be a certain amount of freedom for them, but not complete autonomy, which is what all beings deserve. I don't believe we really learn anything deep from them, sure every being can teach another, a slave owner can learn from the slave too.. and in some cases maybe have a friendship with them, but that does not alter the situation.. We stand to learn more from observing wild animal interaction.. but ultimately it is we as a species that should be teaching.. that we should be the role models..

As for laws and regulations.. the RSPCA exists already to ensure fair treatment of pets.. it is a farce though, making us think we are in some way fair to animals, when clearly we are not seeing the full picture, and countless billions of other animals not bred for family entertainment, are treated abominably..
warm regards,

Fruitarian Mango said...

If anyone wants to buy several copies of the book.. 5 or more, let me know (send me a private message if you can), and I will send you a link to a discount page for bulk buying..

Gabriel Beauchemin said...

I also buy the book :)

After I read it I will give you my commentary, what does the book make to me and also the question that I have...hope you'll have some time to read it because I'm sure it's not gonna be a small message! There's something in your perspection of the life that fascinate me. I need to at «thi» to my own perception.

love, Gabriel b-d

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks Gabriel,
I look forward to reading you comments.. I believe there are plans to translate the book into Serbian or croatian.. Possibly Italian.. I hope some day someone may choose to translate the book into french too, i have french friends that don't speak english that i'd love to read it one day..
warm regards,

Mr. Zed said...
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Mr. Zed said...

Hey Mango, this may be of interest to you and your readers: I know, this is not new stuff at all, but I just like to keep talking and posting about fruit and paleo etc., surely they are things worth posting about. :) I want to talk about your book but I need to digest it better also.

Of course what they say there about humans preferring nuts to fruits is complete nonsense as all of us can taste today, and it's terrible they are so blind. However they say that the fruit hasn't changed much, while vegetables etc. have changed a lot and they can't figure out why! Clearly humans and apes have ALWAYS selected fruits to eat and much less for vegetables so there was always primate "selection" in progress for fruit. Not to condone artificial selection in fruit but it's still never as bad as in vegetables.

Anonymous said...

Mango, you really are an inspiring man!

Durian Star Fruit said...

hi Mango! i started to check out your fruitnut website in 2005 and have been anticipating your book since then. i just checked it again today after a year or so and CONGRATULATIONS! i cant wait to read it! the email link is not working for me on the fruitnut page, would you mind posting it here so that i can arrange purchasing a signed copy from you? cheers! ~ lili

Fruitarian Mango said...

If you are on facebook, my profile there is:

mangodurian on facebook

please send me a private message there..

If you are not on facebook,

please try again here:

email me

if neither work for you, I will (reluctantly) post me email address here..

In every case, thank you for your kind words, and I will be happy to arrange a signed copy to be sent to you.. What country are you in so I can work out postage costs??

warm regards,

Durian Star Fruit said...

not on facebook, but i will post my email instead. it is

i'm in the usa. look forward to hearing from you via email. thanks!