Friday, July 25, 2008

National Plant a [Fruit] Tree Day..

This coming sunday, the 27th July, (2 days away!! Sorry for short notice!) is Australia's national plant a tree day...

Now, 2 things..

1. although it's only been announced Australia wide, as far as I am aware.. there is no reason why you shouldn't join in regardless of where you are at..

Heck, it's no secret how much the world needs trees, what with all the logging and land flattening and reliance on mono crop grain cultures heavily dependent on chemical intervention, that are sadly, slowly but surely, turning fertile soil to barren desert landscapes..

2. Now although they say "plant a tree" I say, plant a fruit tree... I mean why not? Not only it'll be a tree, but it'll give fruit..

I don't understand (well unfortunately I do.. sort of) why the state doesn't put in fruit trees in replace of new trees that they occasionally put out around the place..

Imagine a world full of fruit trees.. the parks and the forests..

Of course, I'm not proposing to get rid of the native none fruit baring plants.. far from it..

So, go on.. plant a tree with me.. I've planted 10 fruit trees out on common land over the past month (all well mulched and seaweed fertilised and looking very good!), and will most definitely be putting another one or 2 out on Sunday too..

Mango the Fruitarian.
PS Write me a comment if you plant a tree!

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