Thursday, July 31, 2008

What we ate in June, and how much it cost..

As per usual.. here's a list of the food we bought last month..

Fruit Quantity Cost
Avocados 100 $81
Bananas 8kg $7.60
Capsicum 5 $1.00
Cherimoya 1kg $3.10
Durian 25 kgs (including shells) $76.85
Grapefruits 8kg $5
Grapes 32 kgs $62.00
Oranges 50kg $44.30
Pears 2.5 kg $2.18
Pineapple 3 $6
Tomatoes 10 kgs $11.30

Which is a total of $300.3.. Divide that by 30 (number of days in June), and split that in 2 (Kveta and I), and you can see we spent $5 a day on our food/fruit..

Now, this is even less than we normally spend.. Probably because we still had some food left from the previous month, but also you need to bear in mind, as always, that I fasted on the Fridays, and we did a juice feast too.. (details here)

And to see one totally random average day, then I recorded what we (kveta and I) ate on the 7th of June 2008:

07:00 juice from 3 oranges (me only)
09:30 half a durian each
11:30 juice from 3 oranges and 1 grape fruit (hand pressed)
12:15 half an avocado each
13:30 another half an avo each
16:00 3 tomatoes, 2 big avos, 1 chilli - mixed together (each)
17:30 another half an avo each
18:30 1 banana each
after 21:00 2 bananas and 1 apple (kveta only)

We don't really have a pattern, no 3 meals a day thing, generally we just eat when we feel to.. and as a very rough rule of thumb we are generally ready for food at about the same time.


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