Saturday, December 12, 2009

On the Road!!

Kveta and I have up and left Sydney!! We left on Wednesday morning, (the 9th of December), saying goodbye to all our neighbours with a fully loaded car.. today is Saturday (12th).. Morning, to be more precise.. 09:00 ish to be even more precise, and so far we've traveled just over 1500 kms, and are in some place called Miriam Vale in a Motel, (i'm estimating a little over 200kms from Rockhampton - that magical town that rests snuggly on the lattitudinal line known as the tropic of capricorn.. where the coconut palms suddenly start appearing..

We spent the night in a small rest area, a little south of here, and have just caught up with the film crew who were ahead of us a short ways in Miriam Vale. We had our first shower of the journey in the guys room, and are taking advantage of the internet access they have in their room..

Otherwise, things are going well.. the travelling can be a little tiring at times, and we still have a good 1300, 1400 kms ahead of us.. so will be on the road for a few more days yet..

Very excited about having left sydney for good, and finally passed over the sydney harbour bridge, waving goodbye to the opera house and the big little city..

We've been camping in our trusty little tent since leaving, and buying fruit along the way.. munching mostly on cherries and lychees which are in season here now, but even managed to score a couple of durians from a woolworths yesterday, and after feasting on one last night, still have one left in the car.

We also visited tropical fruit world, and scored a few tropical fruits as small samples of what to expect once we find our new tropical home (white sapote, yellow sapote, mamey sapote, green sapote.. but no chocolate pudding fruit yet.. not the season for that one)..

It's a pleasure travelling with the 2 film guys who are filming us as we head northward, and are making their doco on fruitarianism, focused initially around our search for a new home..

anyhows, will sign off here.. not sure when we'll be online again, so ciao for now!!

hugs to all,
kveta and mango..
(Kveta says she'll blog too as soon as she gets a chance.. probably after we are a little settled somewhere - even if only temporarily - no real time frame on that one though!!)..