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Interview with a Fruitarian - 34 - Tord Lyseving

34th in my series of interviews with fruit fruitarian fruit eaters

Hi Tord

OK, Could you please start off by introducing yourself? Just tell us who you are, where your from, where you're living now, your age, family situation, or anything else you think will give us a quick insight into who you are..

Once (I think it was in 1983/84) I was sitting in some meditation with closed eyes and saw 12 of my earlier lives. It came like tidal water waves, first one very clear picture, then one more and ….in some kind of historical time succession. I will only mention a few here. This experience was very strong and hit my mind with obvious consequences. It started in Africa where I was a medicine man treating a sick woman in my place, a little aside the village. I prepared a natural medicine with red berries in a wood vessel, I stirred and smashed the berries to a paste for her to eat and I also smeared this outside her body. Several people standing in a circle was expecting a healing miracle as before. I had a high position in this African village. Later in 1990 my former wife flew me to Africa, Gambia, where I stayed for a while and met many people, even an old medicine man in the bush who liked me to stay at his home to teach him my skills in natural medicine. I was honored to hear that and it was some kind of confirmation of my earlier life experiences.

Another strong "historical tidal water wave" hitting my mind was among Maya or Inca people in Mexico or Guatemala. I saw a colourful dressed man with a lot of power and also cruelty. Still I can paint this colourful man with a huge feather headgear on his head. In this life I have also visited Guatemala and came close to the old temples especially the Chichen itza temple was a great "deja vue", or recognition.

A third earlier life was in America, Canada, as an Indian chief. A funny thing is that even other friends in my surroundings expressed my connection to American indians as a famous indian chief. In 1960, in this life, I visited a place in Canada and at that time I was dancing with real indians in a camp, reserve. I was dancing with my history. In Russia I was, at different times a young and a famous piano player and very close to the Tsar Peter the great, helping to build warships. In this life I have also been in Russia twice, some kind of repetition to understand my own history!?

My last earlier life experience was as a war pilot in England during the second world war. I was a wing chief but quit, landing in the Netherlands on a farm and married a beautiful girl, the daughter of the farmer. In this life I have been (in a small scale) involved in aerobatic and gliding flight. Also some kind of recognition.

That was some of my background and of course I have also been poor, slave, put in prison and other life experiences but these 12 incarnations were so strong and clear like a branded pattern in my brow. I have also been involved in many battles....

In the present "Gregorian" time I was born in 1943 in the city of Luleå, in the very north of Sweden. I was a very active, sporty and talented boy and I never used any kind of drugs, cigarettes and just small amounts of alcohol. I was often put as a group captain in the school and the teacher often chose me to demonstrate things. Helping people has been an obvious "karma" to me. Probably because of my earlier life of cruelty and sacrificing other people. As a health, natural doctor I still have this task to help and inspire people to a better health and life. I have also been a so called coach for some top sportsmen and musicians in Sweden who got successful outcome.

When I was young I was very interested in art and I started painting very early and my drawings were often on the wall in my school to demonstrate how a good drawing should look like. Crazy thinking! Today, all the students paintings are on the wall.

I was studying at KTH (Technical collage) in Stockholm and as a researcher. I was also connected to FOA M (Swedish National Defence and M stands for section for material research, my speciality was plastic and rubber). I followed the studies for a doctor's degree for about two years at my institution of Polymer technology. I wrote several reports about my work and one international research article in Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 1973. At that time I was very proud to get this work accepted by the experts in the editorial board in USA. After that I was called "Dr. Tord Åredal" (my name at that time). This title, Dr., came on letters from all over the world and from the editorial board of the magazine. So I am not a real traditional technical doctor because I never got through the traditional trial with opponents.

I did not make any career in the common industry, just jumped on a new trail and bought two health food shop, where I could start my new life. I had all my patients in my shop and my loving mother (who became 92 years) often helped me with the customers.

I have three children (boy-40, girl-38 and girl-15 Gregorian years). My last wife was a flight captain and we travelled around the world with the hope to settle down in a place with a good climate and a lot of cheap and tasty fruit. We tried to settle down in Tenerife, La Palma or Brazil. We were anyhow and in some loving way taken back, by our spiritual friends, to Stockholm in 2006. Now I live with my girlfriend Lisa, look at the enclosed picture. We are helping Lisa’s parents to build at their farm and also in some extent in their business. My son is just going to start a new building company and I also help him in some matter. Lisa and I have, at the time, contact with people interested in the fruitarian lifestyle. Some young school people, mostly girls, like to make interviews with me and write project works about the fruitarian life and health in common. I am happy to see this interest especially from young people. The spiritual world sends old souls in young bodies to make the world more fruitful.

My website is: This site has not been updated for several years but my intention is to make a better one soon.

My best career of all was when I became fruitarian 1984/85 in Sweden. It has been my most exciting journey so far and I am expecting more interesting research and new discoveries in the future.

Congratulations to your nice website, Mango! Perhaps my site can be as good as yours?

I'm aware that in comparison to other Scandinavian countries, Sweden is more switched on in many ways regarding diet, especially with the work that Lily Johansson and Alf Spångberg did.. Were they at all influential in you becoming fruitarian?

In 1984, I was at that time fruitarian with nuts and some seeds, I was responsible for a health home in Norway for a time where we had a mixture of Raw Food diet and Lilly Johansson’s vegan diet. This health home was at the time close to a bankruptcy. They called for me and the business became successful. We were also in the Norwegian television and after that the ”flow” of people came to the place.

I visited Lily Johansson once with my mother to cure her gallbladder stones. She got out all stones, with help of olive oil cure and lemon juice and vegan food, and never after that any problem. I talked with Lilly and she said that she should like to eat more fruit and even to become a fruitarian but she could not because of her reumatic problems. She got pain when eating some kinds of fruit.

I tried to explain why and something about fruits ability to solve this but not with much success. Lilly died in 1999, age 79. Alf Spångberg was born in 1924 and I believe that he is still alive. I was already fruitarian when Alf Spångberg became a little known in Sweden.

I became a fruitarian because my spiritual guides helped me with this career. A common reaction when I became a fruitarian was that most of the people, including ”esoteric alternative", medial or not, looked at me to be very extreme. Even some medial friends thought I would die of malnutrition eating only fruits………????

So I'm guessing that growing up there, you would have been eating a more standard diet of the time and location? Can you tell us a little about how that was?

When I was young I loved fruit. When my father came home with a full box of oranges I could easily eat 7 to 8 of them directly. I also mention some of this behaviour in the book you got ”My Path to Freedom”. I could also eat lemons 4 to 5 at the same time without any problems. I loved tomatoes when I was young and some of my friends and I visited some tomato land where we could grab it. I was really born as a fruitarian child but my parents had no understanding of that. I was eating the food my mother served and not until the late 1970´s I became a vegetarian. In the beginning of the 1980’s my family lived on only raw food so called living food. My first wife and I went to Hippocrates institute in Boston to learn their program with sprouts and wheat grass and………..My wife got much better after that. We, my family and I, lived in that way for 2,5 years.

After my revelation (also in my book) in a state of meditation, 1983/84, I became a true fruitarian. During my transition I have of course, a few times, got some temptations sometimes for bread, potatoes, fish (salmon) and even a few times meat. The few times I tested the common food I got very bad reactions. I like to call it cleansing reaction. Once, 1993, I tested a chicken, potatoes and bread. The reaction after that was just a loving experience. I got a lot of mucus from my nose and my right foot went to sleep or became paralyzed so I could not lift it for one week. I had to drag my foot and I also got pain in my right leg and tremblings in some muscles.

As soon as I was eating common food, just a few times and only one meal for test, and also vegetarian cooked food I got directly a lot of mucus from my nose and a creeping feeling in my legs and of course I had a heavy, unpleasant feeling in my head. It was obvious how the food effected my brain. This ”food regression” can be seen as a part of my experiments and to give me better understanding of my body reactions. A god part of my private research work.

Do you know that Shakespeare’s (Hamlet..) once expressed ”I am a heavy meat eater and I am aware that this will harm my wit”. Still he is well known and famous. Do you know what Shakespeare’s mean? It stands for shaking pears, so perhaps he was a potential fruitarian……???

What was your health like growing up? And your weight?

I was a healthy boy with just a few colds. I was in motion all the time with different sports, dancing, cycling, boxing, swimming, running, jumping, table tennis, football, ice hockey, bandy, tennis………

How does your health then, compare to your health now? Do you feel your age?

My age is today 66 and I never before felt better. I am together with a 35 year old girlfriend and I don´t feel much older then she, physically. Her father, a nice and creative man, who is my ”father-in-law” is one year younger than me and my ”mother in law”, also creative and nice business woman, is one year older than me!

Tord and Lisa

When was the last time you felt at all unwell?

Thirty years back in time. It is a question of definition but no diseases during my time as a fruitarian. When I was on the raw food diet I could get some cleansing reactions which are both good signs and normal. I will, as long as I live, never get any kind of disease. I have decided that, and will live the rest of my life without any kind of so called disease. The people who read my book carefully will understand my point.

What does a normal days food supply look like for you? Do you eat fixed meals at fixed times of the day?

The time doesn´t direct my eating. My wish is that the Gregorian time will not exist after 2012. I only eat when I am hungry. Some days I don´t eat at all, I am only drinking some small amount of lemon water. My intention in the near future is to minimize the food and to be independent of food. Lisa and I have the same goal. Many days I make a mixture in a blender of a few bananas, avocados, blueberries and a little soaked dried fruit. (mango, dates and pineapple). I mix this with juice from two hand squeezed grapefruits. Nowadays I take some berries, strawberry, blackberry, cloudberry, raspberry or some berries I have due to the season. I put it on the surface of the mix and sometimes with a little shredded coconut. Sometimes even carob. This mixture can last for two days.

I know you wonder about Durian fruits in Sweden. Once I went to Indonesia and Sumatra with my former wife and 8 year old daughter (at that time). We where eating Durian every day and the cost for one Durian was less than half a dollar. We usually carried a sack full of Durian. For me Durian is a favourite fruit like Jackfruit which I was eating a lot of during my visit in Australia. It is possible to get Durian in Sweden but the taste is mostly not good and the price for one Durian is around 40/50 dollars.

I gather you've written several books on fruitarianism, mostly in Swedish, but also one in English, when did you write the first one?

The first book was a Living-Food-book i.e a raw food book in 1983. I printed it myself and sold every book I made, around 600 copies. My first fruit book was written in 1986, ”Maten Din Medicin-fruktstadiet (The Food Your Medicin-the fruit stage)”. Still this book is selling and I have sold around 1000 copies so far.

Where can someone order them from?

In some health food stores, bookshops and from me directly. People can also get them from a library in Stockholm.

You mentioned that the 2nd of July was declared as World Fruit day in Sweden, I really meant to blog about it, but the day slipped past and I plain forgot.. How did you go about declaring the day, and what kind of response did you get?

There were at least 120 people who participated in this first World Fruit Day in Sweden. You participate by eating only fruit that day and many people liked this idea and manifestation, so for Lisa and me it was a good start. We will of course declare the World Fruit Day even next year, same date. Maybe we will organize some public event that day, we will see.

How many fruitarians do you know, how many do you think there are in Sweden, and why do you think there are so few fruitarians?

I think there have been 2-300 trying to become fruitarians. Some for short times, some for a few years with fantastic experiences. Many of these people fall back because of social conditions. They can’t stand the social pressure.

Of course all temptations, old dependence and cravings of the common food play a roll. Many try for short times but slip back.

Can you tell us a little about your transition to fruitarianism, was it overnight, or more of a gradual thing?

As I said before, I was meant to be fruitarian already when I was born. All kind of food in the childhood and when growing up I like to look at as a regression of food energy and to fit into the social world. I created my own reality which was just given with love and meaning. In my books, even the last one ”My Path to Freedom” I mention 6 different stages which can be a help for people trying to become a fruitarian. All people are not meant to be it. My own transition was from vegetarian over to raw food and then a quantum leap over to the fruit stage. The spiritual guides helped me to take this leap.

What did your family and friends make of your revelations?

Just to be a vegetarian, in the end of the 1970s, made reactions and to be so called fruitarian was a very radical and frightening thing for most of the people in my surroundings. My way was starked out so I just followed that path without any regard to my family or friends.

Has anyone else in your family made such changes??

No one.

What kind of foods did you find most difficult to leave behind?

In fact, it has not been any difficulties to leave the old food for only fruits because of my love for fruits already in early years. When I became a fruit eater I was thinking, “at last I can eat and live on only desserts! What a wonderful world……”.(Louis Armstrong).

As I mentioned before I had sometimes longings for bread, potatoes, salmon….. My private research with my body as a laboratory gave me a lot of understanding of cause and effect from the food I took. This was a loving experience. When we make a food transition we have to be aware of that it is a kind of regression i.e. when we are cleansing the body cells the cell memory will act as finding archeological finds and sometimes these finds will take you back in the history even with your body.

I used to say that to become a fruitarian is equal to become an esoteric archeologist.

You are digging and polishing your own history and a lot will be found during this expedition of challenge.

Do you feel any need to supplement your diet at all?

Not at all!

Are you happy with the choice and quality of fruit you are getting in Sweden?

Satisfied, Yes! I know from all my travel in the world that the taste in warmer countries, eating directly from the trees is superior. I can find my paradise only inside myself so the geographical place is not the first priority. Once I was very close to settle down in Cooktown in Australia but……Sweden seems to be my land at the moment.

So any plans to travel or relocate to a warmer climate, or are you happy living where you are now?

I never say never but as the world looks like just now I am satisfied to stay in Stockholm or close to this capital (sounds like money because kapital in Swedish means money).

Sometimes I long for a warmer climate where I could grow my own fruit trees and have a fruit garden with at least 50 different sorts of fruits. What a Paradise!

If we could get more sun in Sweden with half a meter humus soil layer we could easily grow any kind of fruit trees in a short time. I hope this climate change will come soon.

Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

I will probably still eat fruits in a limited way making many lectures because of the increased interest in energy savings. Especially among young people the change in consciousness will influence a lot of scientists making many works for doctor's degree about food and how it will effect the society and the human beings brain and behaviour. This because the fruit energy will effect every subject in the society. This understanding will get a break through starting 2012. Then it will escalate.

Do you think you could improve on your diet at all??

Me and my girlfriend Lisa have a goal not to eat i.e. not any depending on food. The reaching of this goal could be in this lifetime or the next. We improve every day because we have a plan…

How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly survive eating the way you do??

Today, no one asks about that any longer. I just bless every question in that way.

Is there anything you'ld like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

Fruit is freedom and freedom is love!

Finally, I know you are working with a Hydro - Atomic Institute there, could you tell us briefly what that project is all about?

In fact I am not working in this company, just supporting it with little money, ideas, contacts and to integrate Free Energy into the building industry. I like to be a ”free radical inspirator for new thoughts”. If I am connected I am not free. The New World needs new thoughts. The project of free energy is built upon water and hydrogen, even to get water directly from the air. This is not any new but…… To succeed with an introduction of a ”new technology” in the traditional industry is a hard work and also dangerous because it creates a lot of threatening conditions. We need new leaders without greed and hunting for money and power.



Anne said...

Very interesting Interview Tord,
you and your girlfriend look in great health.
Thanks for sharing ♥
Thanks also Mango for the interview ♥
Love and Peaches XX.

birchbarkbobananda said...

Thanks Mango and Tord, another awesome inspiring interview. I feel in many ways reminded of my own way of thought and life, and have been drawn to this fruitarian and even Breatharian concept since i lived in Alaska for 6 years in the 90s, building haybale house and birchbark canoe reading Viktoras Kulvinskas, and Arnold Ehret and dreaming about moving to Hawaii. For me this all keeps coming in waves, it's stronger again right now, and for the past year approximately i have been eating 70% fruit perhaps, some days only fruit. But I seem to not be able to make the total step into only fruit eating as much as i am drawn to fruit and not vegetables. Right now i am in Åland, close to Tord, 8I am waving now! Hahahaha) living mostly of fruit aswell which i have for the past 3 months rescued from the dumpsters of the local shops. I started documenting the waste while dumpsterdiving with my camera, and after a public/newspaper encouragement of the local government here, to not waste so much food, i was inspired by Mangos blog to finally crank out one myself, to document the wastefulness of our consumer society
also with info about vaccines and my travels, since i came up here from switzerland by bicycle this summer.
Anyway, such an incredible waste, and who can leave the multiple beautiful banana smiles go unseen in a dark bin after all this long travelling from a sunny heaven.
They had me in the news after a letter to the editor today, it was great fun, even found flowers for the reporter! I'll post it soon,
here the articles

Tord if you read this, perhaps my email to you asking if i could come and see you for an inspirational chat/fika, didn't get to you, perhaps you are too busy, it would be fun to see you on my way south to portugal soon via Stockholm and the rest of europe between here and there. Hey perhaps we can go banana hunting for an afternoon!!?
Anyway thanks so much for the interview, best wishes and great health to you you all

Julie Groenewald said...

Thank you Mango for such a great interview. I am newly inspired!!♥ What a beautiful life to be able to choose a life of abundance!

tinah said...

Each of these interviews have been enjoyable to read, widening my spectrum of the possibilities of living a fruity lifestyle.

Tord is a stellar exemplar of the fruity lifestyle! His skin is shining, you know he's in great health. I wish for all the men (brother, father, future husband, friends, etc.) in my life to be shining in health all their life like him.

Thanks for making this interview happen!

Peace and hugs,


Xerxes said...

I diddin't know there was a line such as “at last I can eat and live on only desserts! What a wonderful world……”.(Louis Armstrong). in the louis Armstrong-song. think I must listen to it again.

Lovely interview ♥

Unknown said...

Heh, I felt just the same, when I went on raw vegan diet. "Now I can live only on apples for real!", went to grocery shop and started buying all kinds of fruit with joy.
...And became fruitarian in the end. :D

And I was so happy to find you, guys, especially you, Mango. It was exiting to find, that my thoughts about ethical side of eating only fruits were not crazy and that people do live like that , so I don't have to worry and just eat my favorite food. Thank you very much! :)

Unknown said...

Heh, I felt just the same, when I went on raw vegan diet. "Now I can live only on apples for real!", went to grocery shop and started buying all kinds of fruit with joy.
...And became fruitarian in the end. :D

And I was so happy to find you, guys, especially you, Mango. It was exiting to find, that my thoughts about ethical side of eating only fruits were not crazy and that people do live like that , so I don't have to worry and just eat my favorite food. Thank you very much! :)

Unknown said...

Heh, I felt just the same, when I went on raw vegan diet. "Now I can live only on apples for real!", went to grocery shop and started buying all kinds of fruit with joy.
...And became fruitarian in the end. :D

And I was so happy to find you, guys, especially you, Mango. It was exiting to find, that my thoughts about ethical side of eating only fruits were not crazy and that people do live like that , so I don't have to worry and just eat my favorite food. Thank you very much! :)