Saturday, June 19, 2010

Breatharian - 1 - Prahlad Jani

I recently stumbled on to this news article about an 83 year old Indian fellow, called Prahlad Jani..

Apparently he has gone the past 7 decades without food or water...

Now, I'm fully aware that the skeptics will be up in arms screaming hoax!, and frankly I don't blame them .. After all, the evidence does tend to point toward an inevitable outcome of starvation should we prematurely cease nutritional nourishment..

Prahlad Jani

However, I've read about enough of these cases to believe (perhaps falsely) that this need not always be the way things work..

Certainly, I believe that as far as nutrition goes, and our apparent physiological dependence on it, I really don't think science has done much more than scratch the surface, and should even just one case such as this of Prahlad Jani, be truthful, then clearly what little understanding we might think we already have, would most obviously be flawed..

Prhlad Jani was observed by a team of military doctors who confirmed that he neither ate nor drank, nor, naturally, needed the bathroom. He was under constant surveillance from a team of 30 medics, and also monitored by cameras and closed circuit television.

I especially liked one of the medics closing statements:

"As medical practitioners we cannot shut our eyes to possibilities, to a source of energy other than calories."

You can read more about this here.



Debbie Took said...

Hi Mango

Although I wouldn't say I'm a skeptic - am open-minded and fascinated by these accounts - unfortunately the only thing this tells us that he managed to do it for two weeks, and two weeks' fasting (even dry fasting - discussed recently by raw fooders such as Tonya Zavasta) is not so unusual. I very much want to believe he's done it for 70 years, but...

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi debbie..
well.. let's suppose that the 2 weeks were planned/staged..
firstly it would have had to have been some days longer than 2 in order to avoid toilet issues, and 2ndly, have you ever tried dry fasting? i find it difficult to believe that 2 weeks dry fasting could be staged, especially without a significant visible decline in vitality..

Padraig said...

I think it's bogus. Why would all other apes and nearly all primates prefer to eat fruit when it's available if they could get their energy from sunlight? People perform all sorts of tricks to try to do this sort of thing.

Even if a thousand American doctors and all of the channels were reporting it I still wouldn't believe it, I would still know for a fact that it was bogus.

Even if it were actually possible to obtain a bit of energy from sunlight and survive, I wouldn't do it because I think it would be far inferior to eating fruit. Getting energy from sunlight would be like getting it from bark or another inferior source like Orangutans resort to sometimes.

I don't believe it is even theoretically possible to obtain a source of energy better than fruit, because fruit is what we're evolved for.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Padraig,
sure, we all have to make our own minds up on what we believe is true, and what not.. that's the point of beliefs..

Actually though I would like to state that even though you say you "know for a fact that it is bogus", you actually don't know at all, you believe it is bogus.. I understand that.. Belief and knowledge are 2 very different fish.

By no means am I reporting this as fact, I don't know whether or not Prahlad genuinely lives without food, but certainly I am not close-minded to the possibility. (This was the 2nd test he has undergone in recent years indicating that he might be).

I think comparative anatomy is interesting, but setting our limitations based on them is not something I am in to..

Also, let's suppose for a 2nd, that it was hypothetically possible.. I can think of many reasons why it would be advantageous to be living that way, and in no way would I consider sunlight energy to be comparable to eating tree bark..

but hey, that's just me.. I could be wrong!


Dean said...

Hello Mango ...
I like your attitude on this ... it's the ONLY way to be! "LIGHT ACCEPTED BRINGS MORE LIGHT, LIGHT REJECTED DEEPENS THE NIGHT".

There's a very simply reason why "all other apes and nearly all primates prefer to eat fruit when it's available if they could get their energy from sunlight?" ... they haven't risen to the level of evolution that mankind is now shifting towards. "Doubt" is a seriel killer... always utterly slaying those who want to believe. A great master once said: " If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth".

... Dean W.