Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's in our kitchen?

OK.. here's a quick rundown of what's in the kitchen at the moment..

Bare in mind, Kveta's out of town at the moment, so all this yummy stuff is just for me, for the week..

Here's a pic of the fruit currently in stock:

Fruit in our kitchen

As you can see, there're 2 rock melons, a box of oranges and grapefruit, about 6 pineapples, the cucumbers are home grown from our little garden (I generally eat about one a day of that size, normally somewhere between 16:00 and 18:00) ..

OK.. what else've we got.. local grown organic avos, local custard apples, tomatoes from ravenshoe (probably less than 50kms as the crow flies).. Passion fruit from the garden (actually, from next door's garden, but they can't eat them all, so they kindly share them with us)...

1 organic watermelon I picked up from the market on saturday, a few 'nanas, some beautiful red fleshed pawpaw from our pawpaw man.. and a handful of persimmon fruit.. End of the season for them, so they're the last ones left..

There're also about 6 medjool dates left, sitting in a bowl on our "oven". (Yes! we have an oven.. or stove, or whatever those things are called.. It was in here when we got here, and has to still be here when we leave, so we just use it as a table top, and have bowls and a blender piled up on top of it (and the 6 medjool dates too!)..

There's also a box with about 15 to 20 mandarins, and with a finally quick look around I spot 3 lemons too.. but they won't get eaten, the lemons we use to wash our hair with..

In our garden, we have fruiting tomato and cucumber plants, and they get eaten daily.. the tomatoes are tommy toes, the little cherry sized ones, they seem to be the easiest to grow, although one of the plants has grown from the seed of a conventionally grown tomato, and is doing pretty well..

freshly picked cucumber from our garden

We also have now quite a few pawpaw trees that are about thigh high.. grown from seed when we moved in here in february, so you can see how quick things're growing here (you can see one pawpaw tree in the picture above, growing up between the tomato plants)..

Ξ€hen there're a great many fruit trees of all sorts coming out of the ground (we bury our compost in small holes and then cover it with soil and mulch and continue our garden on top of it, thus wherever there's garden, there's fruit tree seedlings sprouting out too..

Still dreaming of being far more rural, and planting out garden everywhere. (unfortunately we have a lawn here now, and we're not really allowed to do much with that except cut it..)..



Cosmic said...

oo, it looks Divine and beautifully-stored / displayed, you are extremely-blessed in abundance with Mother nature's bounty!

Love, love, love this Divine post, thanks for sharing, Mango:)

I love the simple and peaceful life!


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi, thanks Cosmic! I'm especially enjoying the homegrown cucumbers which have got such a rich creamy fresh taste to them.. I guess being fed by all the rotting compost under the soil beneath them is giving them that extra boost!

Peace and abundance to you,

Niya Om said...

Mango, you are a lighthouse in a stormy sea of crazy cooked food eaters, as a new warrior fruitarian, Iam loving your energy, dedication to sharing info and openess of your heart with the world.
Thank you for being you.
All Love
Niya, the free xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi Niya,
thanks for that! I deeply appreciate being appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Um,Um I love you.