Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interview with a Fruitarian - 37 - Yann Fanch

Well.. before I begin with the questions, maybe you could just introduce yourself, tell us who you are..

I like to be called "Yann Fanch", that's a breton name. I was born in Brittany and I love this part of the Earth.

Your age,

My official age became 43 in may 2010. But people usually think that I am 23 years old and ask me "are you a student ?".

Yann Fanch

where you are living/grew up? etc..etc.. - anything you consider relevant to get better insight into who you are..

I grew up in Brittany and live in Rennes. I used to go the beach everyday in summertimes when I was a kid. I used to catch sea shells and lobsters with my father when the tide was out, I realized they were struggling to save their live.

We had small chicken also as pets, and to make me eat my pet contributed several years after this sad event to make me a vegan.

We had lots of fruit trees also, I loved to climb and stay in trees.

OK, we met for the first time in Denmark I believe, at a small vegan gathering back in 1990/1991 right?


And then once more, a year later at one of the international vegan festivals? - Was that in the UK or in Spain, or both, I'm no longer certain..

in the uk biggleswade

that was a fun festival! I recall at the time, like myself, you were interested in moving to a raw vegan diet.. Did that happen quickly for you?

no, quickly no, I tried many times to be strictly raw but too hard. I hadn't the tips how to succeed to stay a raw vegan. The main tip is to eat fruitarian : fresh uncooked undried quality fruit always available.

I'm presuming you grew up on a standard french diet,

Until 17 years old yes.

how long had you been vegan before we met, and what made you switch to a vegan diet?

About 1 or 2 years : I became vegan in 1989.

Were you influenced to go raw after hearing Francisco Martin give one of his talks?

Yes, but also raw vegan books showed me it existed and was healthier.

and when did you first hear of the fruitarian diet?

In vegetrian books a long time ago, perhaps in 1990 ?

Was that something you "understood" from the beginning, or something you had to think about a little first?

It was obvious to me, but very difficult to put into practice.

So how long have you been eating purely fruit now?

Since 2002.

No nuts, greens, roots etc?

No greens except a few salad leaves once or twice a year in a restaurant for social reasons, because restaurant raw salads that are nearly fruitarian often contain some lettuce or batavia leaves. I do not like the taste of leaves, I like the fruits on top of them.

My ideal is no nuts but in the winter I eat generally 250 grams of nuts every month.

I find carrots difficult to chew because of too much fibers, and a bit bitter, and fried patatoes give me stomach ache as it is too heavy to digest compared to fruit.

Are you currently living alone, or share living with family or a loved one?

At the weekend I share living with a vegan nearly fruitarian girlfriend and an omnivore child.

Do you have a website/blog or some way people can get in touch with you or follow your progress? Any places you like to hang out online?

I like to watch Youtube videos and SMTV.

I like to listen to

I know you are organising a raw fruitarian festival happening very soon.. Can you tell us a little about that?

I searched in all forests of the world and brought the fruitarians I have found to this festival :

Coming from France, I am sure that you must be familiar with the Instictive Eating movement started by Guy Burger? (they eat flesh and live maggots and >stuff) What's your personal opinion of their method of eating?

Speciesist, dangerous excess of protein, also fanatically against fruitarianism. But it does contains interesting ideas, such as the
avoidance of cereals, I should get the book. I know some instinctos.

So what does a normal days food look like for you?

fruit in season : peaches, melon, tomatoes in summertimes, oranges, peas and apples in wintertimes.

Does anyone else in your family understand your choices, or eat similarly?

Yes. My girlfriend only.

Can you tell us a little about your health before and after the changes you've made? What about your weight, - any major changes?

I feel healthier on raw fruitarian food. I master better my sexuality also.

Do you sometimes crave foods other than fruit? If so, how you deal with that?


What kind of foods did you found most difficult to leave behind?


Do you feel any need to supplement your diet at all?

with fruitarian sea buckthorn B12 vitamin.

Are you happy with the choice and quality of fruit you are getting in france?


Ever tried a durian?


Any plans to travel or relocate to a warmer climate, or are you happy living where you are now?

I'd like to travel to discover other fruits. But I am happy here.

Do you normally tell people how you eat?


If so, what do you think is the most common question people ask you about your diet?

"Have you not liquid shits ?"

How do you answer their questions?


Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

A breatharian here.

Do you think you could improve on your diet at all??


Do you know any, or many, other fruitarians? Any that would care to be interviewed?


How many fruitarians do you think there are in France?


How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly survive eating the way you do??

I calmly convince them.

Finally, is there anything you'ld like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

Be patient.


Anonymous said...

Lol, how do you "catch" sea shells. Anyways, great interview.

Anonymous said...

Pecten maximus (scallop) and Haliotis (abalone) escaped or resisted me trying to catch them

Cosmic said...

Thanks guys!


Little Sparrow said...

I really enjoyed this interview - well done Mango! and thank you Yann Fanch :)

Fruitarian Mango said...

glad you enjoyed it..

at least one other interview is in the pipeline!


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