Sunday, August 15, 2010

koala bear encounter

Hi Amelia! This is a special blog post just for you!

Last summer, for a short period, it got so hot in certain parts of Australia that Koalas started coming down from the trees in search of water..

there were several cases of them even approaching humans and more or less begging for it..

Koalas, as I'm sure you probably know already, mostly stay up in their eucalyptus trees, eating and sleeping all day, and rarely feel the need to supplement their diet with water..

As you can see from these pictures, this one even went into someones house to escape the heat..

These pictures were taken when the house owner offered the koala a bowl of water to drink..

now that's one cute looking animal!!

Since spending time in Australia in the 1990s, and arriving again 2006, I have only ever observed one koala in the wild.. they are very shy creatures, difficult to spot as they tend to blend into the tree they are hugging.. You have to have really keen eyes and be very patient and observant to spot them..

Kangaroos on the other hand.. once you get out in the country they're everywhere..


Amit said...

Awsome pictures.

Cosmic said...

Gorgeously-cute(LOVE LOVE LOVE KOALAS:), Thank-you for sharing these precious memeries with us all, Mango!

Fruity-green blessings:)


Anonymous said...

These must be the cuttest animals ever!

Unknown said...

These pictures make me feel good all over. Thank you.

Love & Light, Esmée ♥♥♥