Saturday, October 09, 2010

Topsy-Turvy world - 14 - Reconstituted Flesh.

Any reader out there a fast food addict? If so, you need to see these pictures..

This is what is known as mechanically separated chicken, which is pretty much how all fast food chicken nuggets and burgers originate prior to being burgered or nuggeted.. It is also where most processed frozen store bought chicken comes from..

This video with it's sickening elevator music shows the latest 21st century technology to manufacture mechanically separated meat (AKA MSM)..

Basically, bones with some flesh, tendons, fat and muscle still intact are forced under high pressure through a type of sieve.. The idea is to separate the supposedly edible parts of the carcass from the inedible bones (thus squeezing every last cent from Gods innocent slaughtered creatures).. However, machinery is a crude mechanism for such a delicate process, and inevitably some of the bone gets crushed through to fine powder, and I have read too that it's often the case that occasionally even pulverised fur, feathers, beaks, eyes, intestines and more make it through to the finished blob of seemingly regurgitated flesh product..

Due to the abundance of thriving bacteria inevitable around such a process, additional ammonium hydroxide is regularly included with the meat mix as an antibacterial agent, meat packing plants typically also use anhydrous ammonia for refrigeration purposes, which occasionally results in ammonia leakages that have been known to infiltrate the processed reconstituted meat destined for sausages and the like..

In order to satisfy consumer preferences for colour taste and texture, additives (those often carcinogenic little E numbers!) are frequently used to artificially enhance the finished product.. Making it appeal to the eye (beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder! because I see nothing appealing about it), and taste so yummy yum yum.. NOT.

This final video I find particularly disturbing.. It shows how mechanical even the people are working in that industry, and how totally unfeeling, cold and lacking in love their environment is..


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Cosmic, what a great one word sum up of it all.. my thoughts exactly!

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Thanks for the graphic images... Made my stomach turn. I sure is no meat eater!