Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm allergic to Calories.

I'm allergic to calories. They make me sweat and fart and froth and burp. Carbohydrates are killing me slowly, when I look at photos from 30 years ago, I can see how much they've aged me. Vitamins have played their role too, with some hair loss, and not to mention the minerals that have destroyed my teeth. And then there's those dreaded glycogens, proteins and fats which who knows what havoc they've inflicted upon my body over the years.

Oh how I wish I had grown up in a world full of fruit and with guardians with sense enough to understand it's life giving properties. I could have avoided all those ghastly amino acids and sugars that have (rav)aged my body.

My simple understanding of a calorie, is that it is a unit equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure, and as such I fail to see what business they have playing vital parts of our diets. It's rather like eating empty hot air don't you think?

In my opinion, all that pseudo science, of microscopically dissecting the molecules of our food before eating them distances us from the pure simplicity of eating the fresh juicy ambrosial heavenly scrumptiousness of fruit. It degrades the sweet and saporous nectarine to a mound of health threatening sugars and other pathogens. The durian gets transformed from a delectable lump of tantalizingly custard creamy peerless irreproachable bliss into a bunch of dead and decaying vitamins, nefarious fats (god forbid!), and gremlinous amino acids.

The truth of fruitarianism, lies in simplicity, but we live in a world that revolves around fear and scaremongering that simplicity renders simple, and that the true pillars of reality are too complex for the likes of the simple masses..

Thus we have the meat and dairy industry that cleverly marketed us the protein myth, the raw fooders that sell us their goji berries and all it's miraculously magical built in ingredients, and now the new set of fruitarians that want us to think that still wish to insist that we need to understand food content before we can do it properly.. Suddenly, we can't do it ourselves, but need expert opinion and guidance to get there.

I've written this before, but I think it's worth repeating. Take a simple apple and cut it in half. After barely 10 minutes what do you observe? The 2 halves exposed to the air are likely already beginning to discolour.. Slowly becoming increasingly more brown. Put very simply (because, let's face it, I aint no scientist), what's happening is the life force of the food is slowly dissipating. The longer you leave it, the less value it will have as a food.

Now, try grating a different apple, if your observant, you'll notice that the smaller the pieces, the quicker they'll discolour (oxidize). IE, the quicker the true value of the food is lost.. (If you start doing stuff like subjecting the morsels to heat or similar, then the process is yet more rapid and devastating!).

In order to observe those pesky elusive little vitamins and their ilk, food has to be dissected so small that by the time it's sandwiched between the glass under the microscope, you can be sure that any vital, once present, life force is long gone..

Same goes for the amino acids, glycogens, carbos and who really understands what a calorie is? I mean, yeah sure, you might text book quote me any of it, but really you're just blahing stuff that you have no idea about.. How many of us would even recognise a plate full of pure b12 if we saw it, and yet so many tend to talk about it, feigning a familiarity that is entirely within their imaginations.

I don't care for any of it. I also don't believe that anyone can rightly say what anyone else should specifically eat at any given meal.. If you think that you need someone to guide or tell you, then you surely haven't understood the simplicity of fruitarianism. I don't care if someone tells me I ate 40 calories yesterday, or 4000, to me it means nothing, so I'm not into calorie restriction, or the opposite of forcing myself or guilting anyone else into believing they need to get a certain amount each day. I don't give a damn how many (douglas) grams of food I ate in my last meal, and i'm not into ritually forcing drink down my gullet to stay hydrated in the future.

The simple truth of true fruitarianism, 100% fruit, is eat what you want, when you want, drink and eat when hungry, don't eat or drink for tomorrow. we're not camels living in a desert. To avoid issues of not getting enough, avoid situations where there isn't an abundance around you. It's no good planning to do a bike ride or long walk, and eating and drinking everything you think you need before you start out.

If you stick to just fruit, ie fresh raw fruit.. (no leaves, seeds, roots, flesh, etc and none of this dried fruit and nuts that many raw fooders subscribe to), then you will also observe that the desire for water will diminish and provided you are not manically exercising for the sake of it, then probably disappear altogether.

If you stick with fruit, only you can know what and how much appeals at any given point in time, don't ignorantly expect someone else to tell you what to eat. It is folly to believe that anyone knows better than you do.


Don't be mistaken in thinking that avocados are fat. avocados are a fruit. the 801010 people have made a grave mistake in lumping avocados in with the nuts in their pseudo science. All commercially available nuts are cooked. There are no exceptions, even if someone tries to convince you they are not.. the truth is they've all been heat treated, thus their overall effect on the human physiology is bound to be, comparable to cooked food, ultimately detrimental. Avocados are not nuts, and not cooked, or heat treated so their effect is very different and not comparable to that of nuts. Don't be afraid of them, be afraid of the pseudo-scientists that would rather blind you with their half-arsed science and bring you to a sense of fear that they alone have the complex knowledge you need to stay healthy. The truth is free, it's lies that must be paid for.

The next time someone comes up to you and tries to get you to eat protein or calories, be strong, say "no thank you", and turn and walk the other way.. resist the temptation, eat fruit and prosper.

PS don't take this article too seriously. I'm aware that it's unlikely that fruitarianism would stop the aging process completely, I'm just writing tongue in cheek, is all..


Freelee said...

Oh Mango!! haha gosh that is hilarious! We both just cracked up so hard. You're a smart creative cookie that's for sure and we honestly do like you guys even if you don't think we do :(

Now onto the cals (please none of this is meant to come across personally but I'm not always the best at communicating through text I will do my best)....

The only reason we break down fruits and greens into calories is so people can understand the quantity of fruit they need in order to thrive and not fade away on this lifestyle.

If you give any sort of recommendation that includes a certain quantity of fruit then you are still recommending calories just not using the *term*. Most people who try to do this lifestyle and don't calories either fade away or go back to eating meat and dairy :( We do all in our power to keep people from going back to their SAD flesh eating diets...and we see people giving subjective advice all the time and it really doesn't help anyone.

"The simple truth of true fruitarianism, 100% fruit, is eat what you want, when you want, drink and eat when hungry, don't eat or drink for tomorrow"

With all due respect this type of advice is very subjective and in this day and age where people are soooo far removed from their instincts - most people's translation is...
a) eating what they want = *burgers and fries* because their body 'craved it'
b) eat only when you want = * I only want to eat once a day*
c) eat only when hungry = *but i'm never hungry*...
d) Don't eat or drink for tomorrow = *and don't plan on achieving your fitness goals* - if you want mangoes in 5 years time you have to plant the seed now :)

When you've been training people everyday in succeeding on this lifestyle you may understand that more objective advice is necessary. I personally think it's dangerous to advise people not to be concerned with calories.
I'm curious Mango how many people you have successfully assisted in staying on a fruitarian lifestyle? Surely that would be a good testament to the effectiveness of your anti-calorie views.

I do understand your point that breaking a whole food like a fruit down to a scientific level is not doing the beautiful fruit absolute justice but when trying to assist others and communicate quantities on this lifestyle we have deemed it absolutely necessary.

lots of fruit love (all 4000 calories worth)

Julie Groenewald said...

Dear Mango,

Thank you for the post on calories. I cannot help but to agree with you.
The fruitarian lifestyle is all about simplicity.

What I always say to people is that for the whole world out there – fruits are just too good to be true.

Simplicity does not sell.

fruity greetings,


JG said...

I would have to agree with what Mango has said.If I have to force myself everyday to eat according to calories IE stuff my face, I am already feeling like barfing "How yellow is your vomit?"I am not yet in your guys leage with with regards to fruit only, I eat about 80 % fruits and 30 % salads sometimes with beans , lots of avo and also green juicing.I feel it is best to eat when I am really hungry and then stop and not force food down my gobbler and think I will recieve more strength or energy or calories for this matter?
I am not that much active during the day but do intensive boxing and wieght training for 2 hours in the afternoon.I always have lots of energy and lots of strength and it is stable for everyday? Why should I start counting my calories? Will I one day just colapse after my 300'th punch at my bag? I am scared and confused please help me :(
Perhaps we should tell people to eat a bit more when they feel really weak ( Perhaps they should just breath a bit deeper or get some sunshine? ) Walking around with a calculator ( I do not do sums in my head it makes me tired ) will just confuse and frustrate and make my day's feel like I am a mad food scientist.I eat fruits and raws because it makes me feel healthy, full of energy and most of all simplistic, as simple as that.If one day I start fading away in a puff of calory clouds I promise I will buy myself a proper calculator and notebook and start making sums, until then I just love eating and enjoying jummy fruits and raw's. I also think when Mango ( Maangoo ) talked a about eat when you want, drink and eat when hungry, don't eat and drink for tommorow, he was not not talking about coca cola and beer?
People eating Mac'ds and really enjoying it will not even look at our stuff until they have made a mind shift..Please don't make me worry this much. I do not want to sweat out the little calories I have left from this mornings banana breakfast ;)Peace and love and fruit madness, Janus PS. Almost all my sentences start with I because I am woried..

Amit said...

Mango, you know i love all your posts, but this is even better than usual. Especially the part on the pseudo science of calories. Counting calories is a waste of time. The human body is a biological machine, not a mechanical one.

Unknown said...

Well, I guess everyone has to find what's works for themselves and what don't, in relation with the actual condition of their own bodies.

The trap is to think that those conditions are the same for everyone.

Everybody doesn't start with the same body's state and thus, there is no protocol or pattern that can help us in order to meet the condition of the actual body and maximize its nutrients absorption.

It can only be understood by personnal experimentation.

And I would say Mango, as the body evolve gradually, on high raw fruits diet, probably in the long run, one will abandon his beliefs and theories to meet the condition of the new body, not because it was false, but because as the body evolve, the needs evolve as well.
Mark L.

JG said...

And one more thing. Mango does not have to cash up on the people he has kept or brought to a frutarian diet?
His story has led possibly hundreds ( We won't know ) of people to eat more healthy if not leading them to eat fruits only.
(Including myself and my wife)

The moment people has to be coached it is not about a lifestyle any longer, it is then becoming a controlled "machine" like program.

I think people want to see the benifits and then find their own happiness and best benifits and thus creating a new lifestyle to be proud of for improving health and mind.

I am sure all of us have been given enough inteligence to at least know when we are going to die of starvation and should have then the inteligence to pickup more bananas, or watermelon to prevent passing out and death?

We should all also have enough inteligence to recognize when we are not able to get up in the morning because we did not get enough calories, or start fading and then make a wise decision to perhaps eat some more fruits?

Now coaching people to enter a healthy lifestyle antil they can conquer their lust for cooked foods etc. makes sense, but surely at some point one will stop listening to mommy saying, my boy you must eat up yout whole plate of food otherwise.. and start listening to our bodies and measuring our strength, health and personal experiences?

I am sure all the people on those islands they always talk about don't live to be a 100 years of health because they had some coaches flown in to teach them to be healthy?

When one makes the lifestyle decision to be healthy, there is no way on earth that 6000 extra or 3000 less calories will make them more happy and healthy.

So who is right? I don't care! And I am sure I won't ever as I am alergic to calories too..

Just another 2 cents,


Mr. Zed said...

Mango, I think that if Humans live as we're perfectly evolved to eat and instinctively eat in the wild (all fruit), that maybe we won't have ANY of the indications of aging.

Think about it: all these so-called "diseases of old age" such as alzheimers, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration etc., have all been shown to be from vast nutritional deficiences in some areas and overloads of toxins in others. So why should it be such a stretch to say that perhaps EVERY signal of aging is eliminated when you live perfectly adapted to your environment. I don't see why it should be.

I do think we would still die however, one of the very, very few things in aging "science" that I actually subscribe to is the "Hayflick limit". Your cells can only divide a certain amount of times and then they can't divide anymore. I think the people of Okinawa do the best out of aging for a population, they are in fine health and then at a very old age they suddenly die. Interestingly, in very old age, people seem to stop aging altogether. They still have a very high chance of dying every year, but this risk doesn't increase. So I wonder if you could somehow stay in that limbo forever...

I share your distaste for this "calorie" and "carbohydrate" nonsense though. People think "calorie restriction" will help them live longer? Yeah right, wild animals who can eat as they were evolved to eat far outlive any of those mice or other animals they did these stuuupid experiments on, where they feed the "control" animals artificial foods.

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi freelee!
aha.. i like systematic questions that can be answered one by one..

1. eating what you want..

You seemed to have approached that subject without bearing in mind that I wrote 100% fruit too, remove that from the equation, and i'm in complete agreement that people are at a loss. So I am not just saying people should eat what they want, when they want, etc, but very much meaning to state within the boundaries of 100% raw fresh fruit.

2. eating only when you want.

I don't mean they should eat once a day, and do so even when desire for food is otherwise present. I mean people should just eat when they are hungry. If they happen to only be hungry once a day, then I'm all for it. naught wrong with that in my eyes.

3. eating only when hungry.

ok, of course i mean here that people have to understand what hunger is and when it is present. but if they do, and they don't feel hungry, then i believe it is folly to eat.. if they are coming off some kind of eating disorder, I can concede that in certain rare cases, recognising hunger may be difficult.

4. don't eat or drink for tomorrow.

that analogy you quote about mangoes is in my opinion not really relevant. I'm not proposing one doesn't eat or drink! Just do it for the moment, and let the future take care of itself. To me, thinking oh, tomorrow is a big day, so I have to eat twice as much, is erroneous.. It taxes the system unnecessarily, as does likely the possibly theoretically excessive big day "coming up".

5. Don't plan for fitness goals(?)

Who said anything about fitness goals? go for them if you have them, but don't impose them on others that don't see a need. Personally, I'd rather just go swimming leisurely do a spot of gardening, take the occasional bike ride maybe, but not with intent of being faster at it than yesterday, but rather because it's a fun way to spend time.

6. Calories (again).

ok.. a calorie is the amount of heat it takes to raise one gram of water 1 degree Celsius. in the past, the calorie was used in the engineering field, where it's usage probably made much more sense. I don't eat heat. Calorie content of foods is scientifically calculated by totally killing the food with heat first. Seriously I have never seen a calorie, so how can I recommend people to eat them? and how can you seriously think it dangerous if i don't occupy myself and others with them?

7. 100% fruitarianism.

Jules is right, simplicity doesn't sell, and I recall you telling me the exact same thing yourself at fruitopia. You basically agreed at some level to the simplicity of fruitarianism, but stated clearly also that it was not something that could be sold. And that's true. I could tell you everything you really need to know about diet in 10 or so easy to understand paragraphs and be basically done with it.

8. how many people have i assisted toward fruitarianism that stay there?

honestly freelee, i have no idea, i opened my website in the year 2000, i ran a forum for a couple of years, my blog started in 2003 or 2004, I've had countless people write me emails thanking me for making sense to them, almost as many comments to the same effect, not to mention positive feedback in my guestbook and the people i've met en route that have been touched by the idea.. I don't actively keep in touch with that many people, so I have no idea how many people are able to stick with fruitarianism. but let's suppose there were zero people, are you perhaps implying that you believe that my words have no value until I've started up my own mentoring business? For the record, there have been times when i've gone out of my way giving away free advise to people seeking the beliefs i have, and i like to think i have been at least somewhat of a positive influence.

Glad you found the video funny, did you pick up on the kath and kim-ism?

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Jules,
thanks for getting it! true.. fruits are truly gods intended gift of food.
peace and nice to see you blogging still!

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi Janus,
haha, looks like you are giving it 110%! (unless of course the salads are a subset of the fruit, so there's some overlap?)

simplicity has to be the way to go. Instead of calorie counting, i say, chew more, bless your food, don't be in such a rush, enjoy each mouthful for the flavour of joyous fruit.

good luck on your path Janus!

Fruitarian Mango said...

Amit.. well said! I certainly don't feel like a robot!

Fruitarian Mango said...

that is really the whole point of the simplicity of fruitarianism. Everyone's needs are different at every given point in time. which is why i state again, if you eat just fruit, and whatever appeals at the moment, then that is the correct meal for you. You don't need to buy someone to give you a recipe plan for the week. you just need the knowledge and courage to follow your true instincts.


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Mr. Zed,
hmm.. no aging at all? maybe.. i'm not going to start setting theoretical limitations. but isn't growing up part of the aging process too.. anyhow.. whether or not aging can ultimately be prevented through an ultimate diet and lifestyle, I am sure that it can be at least slowed gracefully, and real old ages still in health and fitness reached. can't say i've ever heard of the hayflick limit.. i'll be checking that out shortly..

FruitLover said...

Hi Mango!

I love reading your blog. This entry was like a breath of fresh air! Eating fruit is simple and easy and we don't need to think about the science behind every calorie. Do we thing about every O2 molecule when we breath?
When I read sites like 30BaD, I get stressed out because they make eating this was seem so difficult! Like, you have to go buy tons of fruit in bulk and build an extra room just to store it in and get an extra job so you can afford all of the fruit you're going to need just to survive. blah!
Thank you for reminding us that eating this way is simple, a pleasure and wonderful!

Unknown said...

Lol very, very funny.
Yesi said...

Your comments about avocados are very interesting. I've always liked avocados, but I've recently eaten very few of them. I'll have to buy some during my next grocery shopping trip.

Fruity Jules said...

Dear Mango . . .

Once again, you are the voice of reason. Thank you for this intelligent writing. As usual, I'm in total agreement.

Great post, fruit bro, and BRILLIANT video! I really did laugh out loud. Super funny and clever! Love it!

I have to say that I love and support all folks who are out espousing the vegan/fruitarian lifestyle. It's true that we do seem to differ on some details, but I see that everyone has a place and a purpose. We are all doing important work in the world, each in our own way. Thank you all for caring about the animals and all beings.

I love all of you fruity peeps! ♥


Mr. Zed said...

Fruitlover, to be fair buying fruit in bulk can be a good idea just so long as you eat it on time. I don't know about having a specific room for it.

Something rubs me up the wrong way about Freelee and that whole site. When I first replied I didn't even bother reading all of her post here because I don't find what she says worth listening to (I read all the other comments), but I find it amazing even for her that out of nothing she tried to start up a flame war and used words such as "dangerous" etc. DANGEROUS. And the argument about the amount of people Mango has converted to fruitarianism is just pathetic.

I hope Freelee and the others on that site can find peace in themselves and with others. I don't know what has caused this, maybe she is having difficulty keeping to the diet long-term herself.

I don't like how Freelee comes in first with compliments, compliments, positive remarks and then makes these wild remarks and asks a question she knows the answer to, she knows that Mango hasn't "converted" people to fruitarianism. So why does she ask it when she knows the answer? Hypocrisy, contradiction, underhand tactics... I think they are the scourge of the world and hurtful in ways that we cannot all yet foresee, just like how artificial foods are hurtful in ways we can't yet foresee.

I really like your name "I Trust My Body". :)

electricmel said...

Great post Mango! I am on board!

I'm not 100% fruitarian but I know that fruit makes me feel good - and the more I eat the better I feel. Calories be damned!

Seriously though - you are quite an inspiration to me and, I feel confident in saying, many others.

Chickie said...

I don't understand the idea that Mango should be speaking more "objectively" than subjectively.
All he can really speak about is his own experience, and that's really all I want to read about.
He's not giving advice, he's sharing experience.
I don't want objective advice/methods that are objective guesses because that's all they really are.
everyone's process, mind, comforts, bodies etc. are at a different place. How could anyone tell me better than me what my body is saying?

I do not stuff myself full of calories, although I once did, thinking that it was the only raw way to go, which actually was going against what my body was screaming at me. what it needed was less.

I am at year 5 1/2 with fruit, and have not gone back to meat or dairy. it just does not seem to be true across the board for everyone that you HAVE to eat millions of calories or fail. I would've quit if I kept shoving it in beyond capacity.
It seems from here, that there are several long term fruit eaters that only eat what they want and don't get anywhere near the 2000 calorie/day mark, and are healthy, comfortable with themselves and what works for them, and do not go back to cooked food.

I also don't think it's true that people are so far removed from their instincts. something brought them to fruit.
i guess I just don't like the idea that anyone is dependent on someone else's ideas/methods.
It can set up a distrust in one's own body. "Oh no, I've done so much damage that I can't possibly know what I need. That person knows more about my body."
Human instinct seems much more reliable than the human mind trying to control anything.
At some point, I had to drop listening elsewhere, because by always following advice, I was actually going AGAINST my instincts.

Just because Mango doesn't train/assist people as a business, doesn't really say anything about him being able to write down his own thoughts and live a lifestyle that works for him.
I've made a living as a musician in NYC for 10 years, but I would not choose to teach about it, or lead someone, or be paid for it. Not to say it's right or wrong, I just don't really feel I know anything about anyone else's process.
Does this mean I can't write about my experience? If people choose to read, that's their choice.
I can't recall a time actually where Mango ever said or implied "This is what you have to do."
that's not what this blog is, and that's why I read it.

I also don't think you can really say someone is longterm successful at this, unless they've hit at least the 10 year mark.
I don't think it's this complicated. Even a two year old somehow knows it.
I'm not saying that high calorie/high intensity training doesn't work and isn't helpful for many people. It seems to be.
Just that it's not the only way, and I am appreciative there is a place to read where no one's telling me there's one way to do it happily and successfully.

JG said...

Wam bam kapoweee Michele! Well said.

It's all about following what our bodies tell us.. now following what our minds tell us sometimes could be dangerous especially when it is telling us to follow others "good example " and then somewhere along the line we get lost, frustrated, and then we get that familiar good idea of " Why don't I start over and find what works best for ME and my body and what makes me happy being just me"

I think there is nothing wrong with what Freelee and Durian rider is doing ( And if they make the extra buck why not! ) But still I would rather believe everyone will eventually find true happiness in themselves and realize that it is about a lifestyle change and one better eat and play the way our hearts want and not the way that is popular or looks good or sell like hot bananas..

Most importantly firstly find Jesus ( God ) and He will give as He is giving already to all of us true peace true joy and true meaning in life.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matt 6:33

Jesus is soon coming back to get us His children and then we won't compare or disagree or differ as we will all just be dazzled with every blissful moment, eating fruits and tasting flavors we cannot imagine now, thanking and loving each other and God every moment we life in eternity with the One who has given His life to save all of us.

I love you all as brothers and sisters and I pray that we all will be in heaven so that we can share more words and love.

Fruity loops over and out.


Ellen Holmes said...

Hi Freelee, we haven't met mango, but I can say that he has been the biggest voice of reasoning toward me and my hubby going raw and now eating most days only fruit. We also sometimes read the 30 bad bananas forum, but haven't joined because neither of us like the way you ban anyone that questions your philosophy. i think mango is spot on about calories, and in his reply to you.

Anônimo Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe the body starts storing fat because it thinks "man if i am getting this stuff i may be starving soon", on a non fruit (non food) diet.

Mr. Zed said...

"Yeah, maybe the body starts storing fat because it thinks "man if i am getting this stuff i may be starving soon", on a non fruit (non food) diet."

Nail on the head hit. Humans resorted to eating fats and animals when they were about to starve.

I think it also says: "man this stuff sucks, I'm going to have to eat a lot of it to not be malnourished". Of course, with modern meat, it doesn't matter how much of it you eat... you will still be malnourished... if it was organic, raw meat it would be much better for us - it would of course taste rotten to us compared to fruit as fruit is the food of choice for Humans and all the other great apes, and you would know times were REALLY bad if you had to start eating it, but at least it would be of decent nutritional value.

Anônimo Anonymous said...

"it would of course taste rotten to us compared to fruit"
Haha, actually rotten fruit doesnt have any taste at all.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi all, so nice to see that the majority of visitors that leave comments get where i'm coming from..

@fruitlover, i understand your anxiety, i believe at best nutritional pseudoscience is incomplete, and at worse, I would say outright misleading, with it's reduction of foods to a level of complexity that makes eating a fearful business seemingly in need of much vast self education.

@itrustmybody, nice to hear! go for it!

@jules, thanks! I agree.. I think we're all doing what we believe is best, even the scientists amongst us.. Who knows, maybe even, I concede, there are likely to be a vast number of people out there that fully believe that they need that side of it, so it's good, i guess, that there are those that can lead them through that path. too. My aim is just to show that ultimately the truth really is simple and doesn't require additional complications.. I believe there are people ready, willing, keen and needing to hear that side of things too!

@MrZed, yes.. may we all find peace! I succeed sometimes, but it's sometimes easy for us all to forget and lapse back into a state of conflict with our surroundings. When I'm clear, it's all good.. Once confusion enters the picture, we all tend to be on the defensive.

@electricmel, nice to hear it! thankyou so much!

@MicheleZ, thank you for your comment, that's a great reply and so true on many levels. If you yourself believe in 100% raw fresh fruit and are doing it already, or plan to, don't hesitate to contact me for an interview if you're up for it! (same goes for you Jules when you're ready!)

@Janus, hi again! and thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's always good to be reminded that there's a spiritual side to things too, and I think we could all do with letting the spirit more into our lives at all levels.

@Ellen, haha! 30 bad bananas! like it.. i'm sure they're a good bunch really though, and mean well with where they are coming from, as do we all. i hope. i'm so pleased to hear that you and your hubby are doing so well with raw fruit! excellent news! keep it up.

@Anonimo, rotten fruit has plenty of taste, just not good ones. Yuck.. beware of it!

Chickie said...

Mango, I'd be happy to do an interview...
love, Michele*

Jérôme François Falcon-Guay said...

I love that post! :)

Fruitarian Mango said...

@Michele, cool for the interview.. My criteria are that 1. you believe in and are practicing 100% fresh raw fruit fruitarianism, ie, nothing but fruit.. no nuts, greens, sprouts, supplements, condiments etc etc. OR 2. you believe in 100% fruit fruitarianism, and have serious intention of eating purely fruit and foresee that as a definite happening in the (not too distant) future. Just send me an email, and we'll be in touch. (use the form on my fruitnut website).

@SuperAstro, great you enjoyed it.. I was a little disappointed that Freelee gave up so easily in the debate she began. Hey.. I recently read your post about being banned from 30 bad 'nanas, well said!

thanks all for your support!

Jérôme François Falcon-Guay said...

30 bad'nanas hahaha :)
It's no surprise that Freelee didn't answer back, she reasonably lost the debate.

I really appreciate your blog mango, it's the best! And thanks for reading my post. :)

I feel so free these days as I finally embarked onto 100% fruitarianism, it feels like I don't need to worry about diet anymore after almost two years of transitioning from a SAD diet. It was rought the first two weeks last February leaving all greens and veggies behind - I was addicted to some degree! And I didn't expect so much detox and cravings - cravings not only for greens/veggies but then later WAY stronger for cooked foods (pizza/pasta/french fries/...) which I didn't expect and which were even stronger than when I first went raw a year ago or when I went vegetarian/vegan for meat and cheese 18 months ago. The detox is still occuring right now to a deep degree everywhere in my body, and now my eyes are starting to be so beautiful! My skin glows even more! My joints are starting to feel so light, and I feel like exercising is becoming more and more painless and satisfying... I'm so happy! :)

Unknown said...

How come freelee did not come back with anything. I think mangos arguement was sound. And he came back with explanations to freelees comments. Freelee did not come back with anything when she probably read the comments after what she wrote. Hmmm.. Makes me think about them two. They seem too aggressive although there message is good. However so is mangos. I would like to see you guys debate This topic for a while through YouTube or something. Thank you mango. You have been an inspiration for me. You Michael arnatein freelee and Harley. Peace

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Kenneth, thanks for the feedback. I suspect the reason why Freelea never replied again, was because I pointed out that she said to me "you can't sell fruitarianism". We are just on a different page is all, and calories and the rest of it is something she has a vested interest in.