Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Crazy World News - 12 - Breast Milk Ice Cream anyone?

Now here's another bizarre bit of news Kvĕta recently made me aware of...

Get this.. Back on my home shores of Britain, some London shop recently began selling ice cream made from human breast milk...

Apparently the women expressing this milk all responded to a newspaper advert, and are, or were, at least, being paid to supply the shop with whatever amount they feel they were able to comfortably contribute.. Now, I recall some years ago how my sister was obliged to express her milk to provide food for her baby while she finished off her last term at a school she was teaching at, and I can tell you it was slow progress, and clearly uncomfortable, bordering on painful, and the amount one can reasonably express is very little.. And what then of the poor baby who in the ice-cream scenario must surely be going amiss..

Breast Milk at £15 a bowl
London shop sells breast milk ice-cream - Baby Gaga

I don't know, I'm sort of in 2 minds about this one.. Part of me thinks that at least in such cases, there is a certain degree of free will within the process (I guess also that many women choose to force ween their babies at early ages, or forgo breast feeding entirely in favour of supposedly nutritionally superior powdered milk formula), clearly not one found within the dairy industry who inhumanely systematically rob the poor calves of their naturally given foods, if not of their lives entirely, and cruelly deprive their mothers of the pleasure of their child's touch and comforting proximity.

I know there's that poster going around with the cow camouflaged painted woman, ready to offer her udders to the milking machines.. I think it's one of those "Got Milk" PeTA (People for the ethical Treatment of Animals) posters, meant to shock, you may know the one I'm referring too. It's designed to make one see more clearly what milk actually is, and I have no doubt, bears with it a certain degree of effectiveness.

Surprisingly, Kveta also stumbled upon one of those opinion polls on a Czech newspaper website, asking whether or not readers would consider trying the ice-cream, and an unbelievable 50% plus voted that yes, they clearly would..

Also, and this is going back 2 years or so, PeTA actually contacted some large American ice-cream producer, and suggested they begin substituting their Cows Milk for human Breast Milk to produce their ice-cream, and from the looks of this video, there wasn't much enthusiasm..

Anyhow, I see from the video that there is some Swiss company that had already tried the idea of using mothers milk in their recipes, but I'm guessing through popular demand, were forced to cease with their activities. It looks like the same fate awaited the London Cafe, as within a week or so of announcing their wares to the public, and surprisingly selling out much faster than expected, they were also forced into ending their short-lived business venture, as stocks were seized by overzealous council officials on the pretext of the milk being potentially health hazardous.

Breast Milk Ice-cream banned

Yeah, now why can't they step up and do the same thing with "normal" conventional ice-cream, who's milk may contain any number of pathogens, residue hormones and drugs, pus and of course it's enhanced mucus forming qualities, and that's not to mention the sugar enhancements, fats and whatever else they deem will make the product more relishable, addictive and moreish.


Amelia said...

The amount of breast milk produced varies from woman to woman and some have to express milk before they offer breast to baby for the baby not to feel overwhelmed.
So these women providing breast milk to the ice cream shop doesn't necessarily mean baby is going without.
Helena x

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks Helena,
so it sure looks to me like breast milk ice cream is a far better choice than ice cream from a completely separate species. that is if one should at all be using the comparative better in a case like this..
hugs to you. x.