Friday, March 11, 2011

The Woodstock Fruit Festival - August 2011

It appears that this year too, an international fruitarian (of sorts) get together will be held:

The Woodstock Fruit Festival.

I believe last years fruitarian gathering held in Brittany, France, ran along the very roughly interpreted guidelines of a rainbow gathering, an open invitation to anyone interested to come along free of charge, and with little or no prior thought put into it.

Beyond the focus on fruit, this years gathering bears likely little to no resemblance to last years event.. It appears to be far more structured, with a prearranged schedule of events already outlined for each day (available to peruse on their website), guest speakers, yoga, workouts etc etc.

Sadly though, unlike last years event, judging by some of the guest speakers on hand, it is highly unlikely that their flavour of fruitarianism will fully envelope the true meaning of the word, but will more likely revolve around the unnecessary complexity of calories, exercise, sugars, fats and the far from complete and thus highly flaky science of nutrition. I guess for some that's something to look forward to, and I have no doubts that many people need to approach things from this angle in order to have confidence in their success.

To be fair, it's probably unjust for me to be making comparisons to the gathering of last summer, clearly the 2 gatherings are of very different natures, as are the organisers. I gather this one is being organised by Michael Arnstein who I'm told (though unconfirmed!) has previously openly admitted to eating fish on occasion, and thus I'm supposing will no doubt also lack the ethical component that I believe fruitarianism requires for completion.. Though, giving him the benefit of the doubt, it is possible he has since made further refinements to his habits and lifestyle.. shucks, I've eaten fish in the past, and other equal atrocities, I just wasn't calling myself fruitarian at that time.

Prices to attend range from a more basic camping arrangement at $795 for the week, to queen rooms with own bathroom for $1,395. Although the event is supposedly nonprofit and I personally believe these prices to be a tad steep, the organisers have promised to let you eat as much durian as you like, so no doubt they'll be some attending that'll be getting more than their moneys worth. I know I would try! .. But no.. So, although there's a part of me that would certainly relish the idea of participating, I've no plans to head anywhere this year. Certainly not overseas anywhere.. Oh.. I should mention also that those on a low budget can ask to work as a volunteer there for the week, thus working in exchange for attending. Likely a good option for those on a shoe string budget.

The Woodstock Fruit Festival will be held in New York state, between August 18th and August 25th this year (2011), with details of precise location and directions available on the website, together with more details about the guest speakers, a FAQ page and even a forum.

Overall, it is very positive to see such fruit centered events happening increasingly more frequently, and I have little doubt that this one will most assuredly inspire and influence many, and spark a bountiful supply of new friendships. I sincerely wish for many new free thinking fruit fruitarians to hatch and spring forth from it.