Friday, April 08, 2011

13th International Vegan Festival..

Admittedly, I'm a tad late getting this news out there, but for whatever reason, the grape vine infoline must have been moving trickle slow, as I've only just heard word of the event.

It seems that Spain this year will once more be hosting an international vegan festival.. The 13th of it's kind, and 2nd to be organised by Francisco Martin, who just so happened to have also organised the 7th festival which took place in Tossa del Mar (North East coast of Spain in September 1993).

The International Vegan Festivals are by no means yearly events, but get organised purely when someone is brave enough to do so. Their focus is on promoting veganism, and bringing more vegan awareness to the world... Generally there are several guest speakers that turn up for the event, with talks ranging from creation of simple vegan cuisine, to renowned doctors talking of the nutritional benefits of a vegan diet (as oposed to an ominvorous one), a lecture or 2 on raw foods, if you're lucky maybe even one on fruitarianism!.. Some informative videos might get shown too, and there's always the odd walk arranged, outing, or early morning yoga meditation sessions. Each event is different.

The events normally attract a wide range of visitors from all corners of the globe, so I reckon it'd be a good guess that there'll be at least double figure countries represented..


This years festival will take place in just 2 months from now, in Malaga, southern Spain, at the beginning of June.. (June 4th to June 12th, 2011).

I've been fortunate enough to have attended 3 of the festivals myself in the past, the 6th held in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England in the summer of 1992. The 7th in Tossa del Mar, and the 9th which was hosted by my good friend Zalan, at his guesthouse/retreat in Hepburn Springs, central Victoria, Australia, during the Christmas week of 1998..

Francisco Martin, the organiser of this years festival, is himself a raw food vegan of very long standing, probably some 30 odd years or so, give or take, and it was actually he, and a lecture he gave during the 6th festival, that helped me finally wake up and see the sense of becoming a raw vegan back in 1992.


I'm sure this years event will prove to be equally mind opening for many, and am sorry that I never got the news out earlier..

Should anyone out there wish to attend despite the ever so short notice, or just find out more, then go here: 13th IVF, Malaga, Spain.