Friday, July 01, 2011

International Fruit Day!

It's here again! Today marks the celebration of the 5th International Fruit day, held each year on July 1st.

Get real! Eat fruit!

This year the day of fruits stands in the sign of the mango which is the chosen fruit for 2011.

Mango, Mango, Olé!

To celebrate, all you have to do is just eat fruit for the day, share a fruit meal with friends, surprise family members with a big fruit salad, buy a fruit you've never eaten before, give a fruit you've eaten before and didn't enjoy, another chance.. the options are endless, but all focus around bringing more awareness of the goodness and life giving qualities of a fruit entered lifestyle.

For us, it'll be just like every other day. Filled with fruit meals and fruit thoughts. Plus of course other activities.

Mango Fruit of 2011

We lead a very simple lifestyle really, most days we start the day with a freshly squeezed fruit juice, maybe do a spot of gardening, burying compost (all our fruit sraps get buried in the garden, and produce the most nutritious soil when biodegraded, - the proof being the little fruit we are able to grow being of above average sweetness.), weeding, pruning off dead leaves, etc.

Maybe a swim in the local river, or a visit to friends out at fruitopia..

I'm also currently spending a fair bit of my time studying the Czech language. I'm using a website called MEMRISE.COM, to aid learning, it's a great website that enables one to learn pretty much any language through the use of mnemonics.. SO far though, it's really only me working on the Czech language side, and I've added about 600 or so words there.. The websites free, and still in Beta, and I'm told to expect big changes. Language learning is fun, this'll be my 6th or so I've learned, but I guess one never stops learning a foreign language..

Meanwhile, through it all, way wait, practicing impatience, yearning for the Divine to provide us with a house on a plot of land, with privacy, seclusion, good soil, and water, to live out the rest of our days on.. So far, the issue is really about lack of money for such an investment, and lack of available places that are up for long term leases.. Never-the-less, we are confident that such a place will eventually be manifested for us, and in this area too, which has a near abouts perfect all year round climate.

Anyhow, happy international fruit day to you all,


Mr. Zed said...

I will celebrate this day until the curse of genetically modified food has destroyed all fruit, and then I will mourn the death of real food.

Fruitarian Mango said...

ha, mr. zed, although that is admittedly one possible scenario, I choose to think that real food will never die for those that care and make an effort, and that sooner or later, the world will reach a realization crisis, and that things can and will eventually improve, heal and blossom.

But that of course, may just be unrealistic optimism. In any case, it gives me a sort of peace to share that believe with you.


Mr. Zed said...

My humblest apologies, the link I posted didn't seem to post right. I am also sorry that this is a bit off topic.

Hmm... my best hope is that an airborne HIV virus or something similar will wipe out all Humans to give all other life a chance to survive.

I found some cheerful news yesterday though. It turns out that chimpanzee brains don't shrink AT ALL as life goes on, much to the shock of researchers.

I wonder why this might be so, any guesses...? :)

This gives further credence to the notion that our body parts are designed to perform optimally, if they are in a perfectly natural environment, right up until we reach the Hayflick limit and then we die.

Mr. Zed said...

Ah... it seem that the "l" in html is going over the side of the page to where you can't see it or copy/paste it. So you must add in a l after the htm in the link above. Of course this mix up isn't my fault and you also said to comment rather than to email you.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Mr. Zed, that's your best hope? Hope is a flexible thing you know. It can extend way beyond the probable and likely. I don't really think I have a "best" hope.. whatever I think of, I can think of something better.

why do you take cheer in the fact that chimps brains don't shrink? Is it because we must clearly have the same potential? But if you hope us all exterminated, what does brainsize matter? you puzzle me a little sometimes.

True, Mr.Zed, I do prefer comments to emails.. It's more that eventually I get around to answering most comments, but emails have a habit of getting lost. also, you should know that you can use limited html in comments, so you can add a url that appears as a link, by surrounding it with the correct html.. if you're unsure, it's the open pointy bracket a href='' close point bracket then some text about the link then open pointy bracket slash a close pointy bracket. do a search for html anchors to find out more.

peace oh pessimistic one

Mr. Zed said...

Hey Mango, I didn't see your comment until now since I somehow thought this article had five comment after mine were included. I didn't really feel too happy with my last comments here, with the negativity and going off topic. I do think total honesty is always a good idea, I guess how and when to express things is key. I do think that it could be very positive if you went on that show about "extreme diets" (omg... this is making me laugh hard... the idea of your diet, the most natural instinctive evolutionary diet in existence since man came out of Africa is an "extreme diet" when it's your diet that is NORMAL and the modern one is crazy)... and could express to the world about how good fruitarianism is, though I hope it doesn't end up like the Oprah Magazine one.

You are right about "best hope" possibly meaning anything. However I daren't even consider the idea that the whole world would become fruitarian and go back to nature in a matter of decades which is all it seems we have.

"why do you take cheer in the fact that chimps brains don't shrink? Is it because we must clearly have the same potential? But if you hope us all exterminated, what does brainsize matter? you puzzle me a little sometimes."

It is because we humans must have the same potential. However, mice fed high protein diets have significantly lower brain mass. It could be due to prions, which could caused microorganisms which are what causes "alzheimer's disease". You know I don't think there is really any such thing as "alzheimer's disease", it's not a disease at all... just an accumulated loss of brain function. After this has gone past a certain, arbitrary point, they call it "alzheimer's disease".

But it matters to me while Humans exist. It feels terrible to me that something about someone should perform less well when they are older "just because". It always felt extremely wrong to me. It is good news to me for my thought-processes also, that my instincts and feelings are not so messed up.