Monday, August 03, 2015

Comparative Anatomy of Carnivores, Omnivores, Herbivores, Frugivores and Humans ..

Here's a wonderful chart showing our anatomical / physiological / taxonomical classification as frugivores.. It's a comparative anatomy chart, comparing the carnivores, omnivores, herbivores and frugivores, and it should be abundantly clear that we are neither Lions, nor tigers nor bears, oh my! So all those people screaming balance of nature as justification for eating other animals, please recognise that by choosing to eat the butchered remains of other animals, you are actually upsetting the balance of nature, not aiding it!


Mr. Zed said...
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Mr. Zed said...

Great so see you blogging again Mango.

As Darwin concluded and any fair-minded individual would agree, man is clearly a frugivore and a reluctant omnivore.

I was a fan of modern scientific epistemology until modern science started telling me that what I was seeing with my own eyes was wrong, putting huge weight on spurious things such as test tube experiments involving fructose, and ignoring things that gave overwhelming evidence to an unwanted alternative theory.

I've found Man the Hunted to be a very interesting book, it explains how the whole "Man The Hunter" theory came about and how man isn't a natural hunter at all but the hunted. You can see how once such a theory is set up and people have their reputations based on it, it's extremely difficult to overturn it. It is nothing but a glorious allegory and fairytale nonsense, like the whole of civilization. They do think that hungry man regularly scavenged on already dead animals though

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this comparison will be very interesting to study a bit more! Cheers to you and lovely Kveta from a fruitarian newbie, although a passionate one :)
/Anneli, Sweden

Unknown said...

This is a great chart, I'm writing a report for school on the subject and would love to get this chart and to find out the science behind it as I need facts for my report, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bradley Goss

Unknown said...

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