Saturday, August 09, 2008

Topsy-Turvy World - 10 - The Health Industry

You've probably heard me say it before.. - that the medical industry is predominantly naught more than an institute of symptom bashers.. Whose intent is little more than too classify symptoms, and prescribe a toxic substance of some kind that will effectively "knock the symptom on it's head"..

They apparantly have little, to no, real clue to the real causes of human physiological discomfort, or dis-ease, and seem to be working under the logic that a headache is solely due to lack of aspirin intake..


To say the least..

Now, I've mentioned before, too, (I believe it was somewhere in my journal), that we have this next door neighbour who is morbidly obese.. Some time ago, probably at least 3 or 4 months ago, I went for a visit, and proposed that I start making her a fresh juice daily..

Surprisingly she agreed to the proposal, and ever since then I have been making her a fresh juice every day.. mostly fruit based, but sometimes she has carrot, celery and tomato too.. I'd estimate, that she drinks more fresh juice than either Kveta and I do on the days when we just take juice and nothing else..

Of course, she is still eating all the other stuff she does, the breads and meats and beefy greasy fry up roasted stodgy winged things, which she somehow manages to prepare for herself..

But the juices are most definitely, without doubt, beneficial.. And despite the fact that she still overeats other stuff that clearly isn't helping her, she is happy to report that she has more regular bowel movements, she claims to be eating less as the juice replaces her inbetween meals, or some of them.. at least.. and the last 2 times she has been to hospital to be weighed, she has lost 2 kilograms (each time)..

OK.. she doesn't get weighed regularly, probably only once every 6 to 8 weeks, but 4 kilos weight loss is enough for her to understand that the juices are definitely a good thing in her life..

At the moment, she is sick with the flu, and pounding headaches.. She just got back from her doctor, who, ever-so-wisely (sarcasm naturally intended), prescribed her a course of antibiotics..

This together with whatever other medications she is on, and the occasional trips in an ambulance for heart or other obesity related dilemas she has inflicted upon herself, must be costing her, or someone, a small fortune..

The medical industry clearly has no desire for her to get better as she is undoubtedly one of their best customers..

This is soo sad.. and so wrong..

Kveta said to me the other day, that the neighbour should be paying me for making her juices.. That is the only thing she is doing that is genuinely helping her, and perversly enough, the only thing she is getting for free..

She (kveta) most definitely has a point..

Now, I'm presently not considering to charge her at this point in time, because I really would love for her to keep losing weight, and because money was never any part of the deal and I really see the juices as a positive good thing in her life..

But it does go to show once more, how blatantly screwed up so many things in this world truely are..

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Anonymous said...

The medical industry is fucked up.
Have you heard of David Icke and what he has to say about all of this?

Anonymous said...

I hear you, I see it daily here myself all the time. Frustrating, yet sad all in one.


The Annie Within said...

Mango, I know it can be sad and depressing to see how our world has changed from trusting our bodies to trusting the medical community. We, and our ancestors were taught to trust the doctors wisdom as gods, and so many now put all their hope and faith in what these overworked, overpaid and sometimes narcissistic people diagnose. My mother-in-law has cancer, for the third time. She has been battling with this for most of her adult life, (she is 70)but still she follows the doc's orders and takes all the pills/potions (note that the only diference between the spelling of potion and poison is "it's" potion=it's poison). She is slowly killing herself with the very thing that she hopes cures her from this sad dis-ease. I know just how you feel about your neighbor. I think you are doing the right thing. Maybe she will see that she can change her life around without the doctor, or in spite of him. You're a good neighbor.

cyberryan26 said...

Unfortunately, in industrialized countries, we have to trust medical professionals over our bodies in a lot of cases, because the food our bodies naturally desire is not found everywhere due to the idea of mass production of food, which requires monocropping.