Friday, August 01, 2008

Astrological Mango

I was born at 05:15 in the morning on the 1st August, 1961..

In Northampton, England..

Me, yesterday, standing next to a recently planted fruit tree..

The time now is 06:00 in the morning, 1st August, 2008 and I'm in Sydney, NSW, Australia..

Thus according to my calculations, allowing for the time difference between the 2 opposite sides of the globe.. I am.. I believe 10 hours and 15 minutes short of being 47 years young..

According to my astrological chart, I'm, I think, a triple fire sign..

Me, in garden, burying the compost..

Not that I understand or am even fully without skepticism toward such things..

Curious, and a little fascinated, maybe..

Leo's monthly predictions

Mayanwise I've been told I'm a blue electric dog (might not be correct!),

Yesterday, standing in front of 2 recently planted fruits..

and Chinese, I'm a buffalo (ox) with a metal element..

Enneagramically, I'm a number 5..

And if you are in to Iridology, then this is my left eye..

My Left Eye

I just eat fruit, and my favourite is most definitely the mighty durian..

Now do you feel you know me better?


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mango!
I hope you enjoy some fantastic fruit today.
Best wishes on your special day,
Harmony :D

Anonymous said...

Hey there, born the same year as me I see.

Happy Birthday to ya, I'm still waiting for mine this year.


Anonymous said...

happy birfday mango!
Well, the place you are now is where you are supposed to be. As long as you're feeling good there. May this day bring you joy & love.
Best wishes.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Mango,
hope you get some Durian for your Birthday 'cake'.
Have a fruitful year.
Love and peace,
from Anne

kveta said...

happy birthday to you sweet mango

in love & fruit

Ps: i love you and all you do, thank you for sharing...

The Annie Within said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad to share in the anniversary of the day you were born! I was born in 1961 also, but on December 17th.

Hope you had a lovely day. Have a great weekend.

The Annie Within said...

Oh, by the way, I love the close up of your eye! The things we will do to please our public! I certainly know you better now :0)

Autumn said...

Happy Birthday! (a little late)

You look great too.

Damn, triple fire sign.

Anonymous said...

hey! thanks everyone,
for your kind thoughts and b'day blessings..

very nice of you all..

hugs for all,

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday