Monday, August 18, 2008

Laptop problems..

Just a brief update as am in internet cafe..

Our laptop has failed us again.. the shop says it could cost 3 to 400 dollars to fix!!

shoot.. I'm not sure if fixing it is the right thing to do.. Perhaps it's a sign to leave the internet..

Hmm.. has anyone got an old spare laptop they don't use anymore?



Anonymous said...

Hey Mango,

The "laptop" VS "desktop" thing usually comes to mind. I'm gonna have lots to say, so I hope it's fine. (Oh, I don't have a laptop to spare...)

Aye, when it comes to laptops...the modern ones usually have optimal hardware..with dual-core CPUs..which come in handy, in case of overheating comes, and both CPU would work together somehow. (Just gotta get that feature working right.).

Also what I had in mind, since I would need one myself someday (I dislike being bounded to the desktop, though I'd rather have my laptop as my desktop comp.), I would find one where I would easily be prepared to fix it on my own once trouble comes. Not only that, being bounded to the desktop, I'd keep my AC adapter in all the time.

So if aiming for an old one...well..if buying a cheap old would be a huge rip if it dies out too soon. Fixing is hectic/expensive too as said by you.

Yeah, I guess I am being rhetorical.

I guess my needs are, email, net browsing, work processing..and "software package compilation" (which is usually CPU intensive, and raises the temp in my current PC).

Well, whatever your needs are..perhaps might there be a way to diagnose the laptop problems? Might come in handy to sell the working parts, and safely discard the unworking part I suppose. :p

I just thought I should ramble all of this, as I'm no seasoned laptop techie.

I hope you find a solution anyhow though.

Wo Dao

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, since Mini PCs and all sorts of small computer systems are out there, best to really decide which wouldn't break down easily, or which ones are easy to repair, etc etc.

Not sure if it's anytime soon whether they'll have "modularized" laptops or not. Then again, noticing myself talking like this, I feel so wasteful since there's so much production and earth-using resources as we speak!!

*bleh* Talk about compromises eh?

Well, whatever choice you make...I wish you well on it too.

Wo Dao

Anonymous said...

Hi Mango,

I think you should try and find out whats specifically wrong with the laptop then perhaps buy the part that is faulty. Should be cheaper than getting someone else to repair it or just buying a new one.

kveta said...

sweet mango,

everything happens for a reason. i know you know i just like to say it anyway.

enjoy all you do.

in love and fruit,

Manuel said...

You could buy a brand new laptop for about $100-200 more than that guy is asking to fix your old one. It isn't worth it.

Like Matt suggested, try to find out what's specifically wrong with it. If it is one of the removable components, it is very easy to fix. You would just have to purchase that component. The net is littered with how to guides that can help you out (As I'm sure you know already).

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mango,

If you do decide to leave the virtual world I think alot of people would appreciate you leaving your blog up because I think it will help alot of aspiring fruitarians.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Mango but nothing is free in this life !

If you were expecting receiving 100 used laptops from your dear fruitarian friends or fans then you were mistaking !!


Autumn said...

Ha, that's not true, if I had an extra laptop I would sent it to you right quick! It's important we reach out to each other whether it's to give or in need.

I'm so sorry you've been so brainwashed by the mainstream western society dear Oriello! It's time we create a new reality, but that's going to mean we alter our collective consciousness, please jump on board & give up fear based living darling. Lets give to each other! There is sooooo mush shear abundance in this world! I mean helloooo people throw perfectly good laptops in the freakin dumpster!

Lets break free of this slavery & be of true service to each other! Embrace our value to each other!

I miss you & Kveta. I bet you are enjoying your off line life immensely, but I pray you are able to come back to us soon.

Fruitarian Mango said...

hi all,
thanks for all your comments, feedback and suggestions..

still unsure about what course of action to take..

but one thing is for sure, Autumn, you are so right.. there is an abundance out there, and so much functional, good quality stuff just ends op in land fills as people that have too much ae constantly upgrading..

sooner or later something will somehow manifest itself..


Anonymous said...

Aye, constant upgrades because of the bloatedness of Micro$oft's overloading/overheating Windoze Vista. Hence I personally promote GNU/Linux, since we should all grab what we only need. And use the programs that we need, without having to "upgrade" to fancy new hardware so much, just to run a few unneeded and heavy things. ;)

Ah Mango, despite my absence, I really hope you won't be off the net. I still have so much I need to hear from you. :D

Also, I love the interaction I see with everyone else around here...this is truly that "home" feeling.

Not sure if QDL has non-profits like FreeGeek (a North American non-profit that has a few locations, that takes in discarded old hardware for educational purposes, etc.), if there is, that might be a fine source to pick up what you maybe seeking. Though I am uncertain at the moment. Just thought I'd bring this up.

Wo Dao

Anonymous said...

mango, maybe we could all chip in to get you a new laptop - i could spend you $20 via paypal to start it off! Do you have a paypal account? Whats the email address? i don't want to see you leave yet, as i only found this blog recently.

Anonymous said...

Aye, just to drop by and also mention, all of us, dropping by like this, even strangers like me; not even ridiculing fruitarianism, nor mistrusting it, without any harsh judgement (maybe except from my angry ranting comments. :p)....ahh...

Well, just to be somewhat sarcastic, IT IS NOT YOUR TIME TO LEAVE THE INT3RNET$ YET! :p hahah

If I really had cash myself, I'd chip in. Heck, I'd chip in my unsharp collectibles sword, if it wasn't for shipping costs (*sigh* being in North America. :p).

Yep, we all here (even us lurkers and strangers) sense that you're no scam Mango. :D

Not sure why I'm being so rhetorical and sentimental at the moment, I guess just reading people's life experiences (oh yes, I'm somewhat up to date on readin. :D); just inspires me to endure and compromise some more in this frigging "western influenced" society; instead of making really "unusual" and radical plans that would get folks worried (such as living life as a Bretharian Hermit; without saying a word to anyone.).

I just felt like saying this anyways.

So no matter how many people ridicule the vegan movement, let alone, slander the movement for fruitarianism (heck, those dogmatic info "officials" and "nutrition experts" that have to play by , ain't even scratched their way into this small community that really feels like an "internet home" :p

Even though I had past wishes to go fruitarian, coming about here, really kept me at ease, assuring my uncertain and sealed instincts; that I may go at a relaxing pace as a fruitarian, instead of having to be militant in person, and trash talking people.

(Yeah, I have YET to do my interview *AHEM* in the future when the time is right :p )

I'll definetly chip in some..once I generate a certain amount of income, actually get use to talking to strangers in person, especially when "doing business," and sell this 5lb sword that should accumulate quite a bit. And once I get this whole credit/paypal thing working (I'll be asking some of you for advice when I intend to start), that's where it too shall help me help Mango. :)

Wo Dao

Manuel said...

I appreciate the comment anonymous.

Mango I would also be pleased to donate something if you are willing to take donations. I don't have much, but I'll offer what I can.

If not, then I'm sure things will work out as they are intended too. Good luck with whatever happens.

Anonymous said...

yes mango, come back! don't go yet! i really miss reading you thoughts and views on this "topsy-turvey" world of ours.

Anonymous said...

You guys are Anarchist or what? There is abundance out there?? !! Yes, but you have to work and earn it!! You can't expect free things!!
That means that Mango needs to shave & go out there and get a JOB!! I know that you rarely work but that's the way it works in this world!! It's rare when donations happens unless you are a religion or charitable institution. Oriello.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi all,
I'd just like to thank you all for your thoughts and suggestions while I was offline.. And many thanks to those that offered to donate paypal cash!! That was very kind of you.

There is a paypal donate button toward the top right of the blog, but as you can see I am back online again, and using the same laptop that has been repaired.. How long it will last though, is anyones guess, it still has issues.

Oriello, It seems that you may possibly be a touch jealous..My advice to you, grow a beard and take your shoes off.


I have the laptop back

Autumn said...

Good Lord! I'm absolutely surrounded by abundance! (well except for an extra laptop, but keeping an eye out)

I barely work! But I'm adventurous & I don't really like new things even.