Friday, March 20, 2009

Durians sweet fragrance..

To find the aroma of durian offensive, is a sure sign of ones inner toxicity
Now I've said it before, and I'll no doubt be saying it again, after, that is, that I've said it once more now, here..

Durian smells good!!

Now, in my opinion, that's a gross under-exaggeration.. There are few other smells in this world that are as enticing and appealing as that of durian..

It has a sweet fragrance that to give it full credit, is frankly beyond comparison..

durians in the czech republic

So it saddens me a little when some people make a derogatory comparison, and find the smell offensive.. I have to ask myself, why might this be? Comparing it to sewage or rotting stewed onion dumplings, dog mut (pardon my albanian), or whatever else creatively negative they are able to come up with?

Just yesterday I was walking past a couple of paper-bark trees that are in flower.. They're just outside our apartment... Anyhow, this one fellow walked by and commented on the awful stench in the air. I knew immediately he was referring to the very pleasant odour of the paper-bark flowers.. (incidentally, one of my most favoured flower fragrances!)

This guy is, I know, a heavy drinker and smoker..

I'm sure, no doubt, he would feel like vomiting if I were to put a piece of durian under his nose..

And yet, he would find appealing the stench of a burning cigarette, the burning smell of fatted animal flesh, stewing in its own juices, or the mould stench oozing from blue veined cheese..

Walking past a butchers, or a fishmongral (sp.intended!), or a fried fast food chip pizza burger restaurant, is barely bearable for myself or kveta anymore, even the once appealing smell of fresh bread is no longer appreciated..

Toxic people like dead smells. They like the smell of perfumes and aftershaves, soaps, shampoos.. Often I've heard the comment of how "fresh" newly washed (in washing powder) sheets smell, when the fundamental truth of the matter is that they reek of toxic chemicals.

The sense of smell changes as one cleanses and purifies ones physiology through fruit eating, and as a consequence you start to fully see things in a new light... Things that may have once smelt perfectly normal and acceptable, become no longer tolerable.. And on the other side of the coin, smells that we may not have once appreciated, or only very slightly, suddenly take on such a life giving aroma, that we wonder why we have never given them credit before..

I have yet to meet someone eating mostly fruit, that does not enjoy the scent of durian.. I am totally convinced that should someone find the aroma of durian offensive, then this is a sure sign of their own inner toxicity..

I consider myself highly fortunate that I had already undergone a good deal of cleansing before encountering durian for the first time.. I wrote of that experience here: My first encounter with a durian..



. said...

A durian connoisseur(I had to look that word up in the dictionary,just to check the spelling)knows that the best durian is a fresh variety/cultivar of durian from Malaysia.
And the durian ,in the image in this post by MangoDurian,are Malaysian durian.
Round and small Malaysian durian.

The fresh smell of washed sheets is from the sun having dried out the wet sheets.
Sun is also a great bleacher of washed white sheets.
Sun puts a clean taste into a used toothbrush.
Sun puts a taste into RO purified water.
How many years of eating raw fruit did it take to not enjoy the smell of cooked foods?

Anonymous said...

Hi Father,
I'm not too sure I can agree that the best durian are any particular specific variety of durian.. I've tasted many varieties that are pretty darned good ones..
- I especially like some of the locally grown ones in Indonesia..
- And for the record, the round durians in the picture were grown in thailand, and I believe called "durian ban", or something similar.. - they were all eaten by myself and kveta.

You're of course right about the cleansing effect of the sun, an all together different smell to that of bleach soaked chemicals in washing powder, which some people actually consider as a "clean smell"..

And in answer to your last question, there is no simple answer.. different things became unappealing at different points in time.. I don't think I was ever fully aware of when those changes occurred.


Anne said...

Great post Mango.
I too love the smell of Paper-bark blossom; it is one of my favourites.
So my nose has been having a good time of it lately!
I agree that Durian tends to smell good to fruit lovers.
Love and peace XX.

todd glasco said...

i am in 100% agreement Mango. Not that you need my But it was refreshing to see this expressed in exactly the way i feel about it. Thanks brother.

On the negative makes me hungry for Durian!! Which i cannot obtain at this time, but hopefully will be able to very soon.

Grace and Peace be multiplied to you.


Unknown said...

I feel so good when I smell durian it is a smell I wait for every year very soon here in Thailand.
I agree the people who think durian is an offence odor are the first to be drinkers or smokers I think there sence of smell has been corrupted by eating unnatural dead foods.
Love Peace and Happiness,

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Anne, Todd & Thomas,
thanks for you comments... Yeah, it's hard to find somethings smells as good as durian.. chempadek tries though!


Anonymous said...

what I find puzzling is that people who don't like the smell loves the taste. How is that possible?

I've never tried one yet, but I saw some in a asian foods store,and I stood around them to see if I could catch the smell. They seemed to smell sweet, but it may have been the fruit juices they were placed next to that gave off the sweet smell.

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

hey Mango,
love your blog. Ive been fruitarian 100% for approx 5weeks, and I am getting closer to ready for your interview.

I have been following the durian trail for one year now through Indo, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and now back to Bali. I have eatin this creamy, carmelized cakebatter bliss most every day for one year.

The challenge still remains to stop eating it before over full. I am successful most of the time with conscious effort and discipline. The flavor of durian is something that gets better the more days I eat it.

How do you and Kveta stop eating after sharing only one? I believe you must be filling your stomach with other fruits before or after?


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Tornerose,
I guess that some find the smell unappealing, but still love the taste is another of lifes mysteries.. But to be honest, I reckon those people secretly enjoy the smell too.. The smell is no doubt pungent, but if someone really loves the taste of durian, I would imagine that they find the smell at least a little appealing too.. If not, then they would surely grow to love the smell too..

Next time you go passed a shop selling them, be brave, pick up the fruit and have a good smell of it, to be sure that what you are smelling comes from it and not something else!!


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Darrick,

Ive been fruitarian 100% for approx 5weeks, and I am getting closer to ready for your interview.

I look forward to the day when you feel ready.. Just contact me when you feel the time is right, and I'll be very happy to interview you too..

How do you and Kveta stop eating after sharing only one? I believe you must be filling your stomach with other fruits before or after?

Well, stopping at one is more or less a forced issue.. There is not exactly an abundance here, and they're also not the cheapest of fruits, so we limit ourselves to one every day, or every other day (though generally, recently,, we are averaging about one a day between us).. We normally eat durian on an empty stomach, and then, grazers that we are, probably eat again about an hour or so later..

Sounds like you are really enjoying your life and making the most of those durians.. Excellent!!