Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fruitarian Interview - 29 - 1 - Fruitarian Mango

Yesterday, I was contacted by my friend Zalan in Victoria. He informed me that ABC radio were looking for a fruitarian to interview live, yesterday afternoon.

He gave me a no. to ring if I was up for it, which I decided I was, so I contacted the radio station, and at 16:20, they rang me back for a short 7 or 8 minute interview with Richard Glover..

It was short and sweet, and needless to say, I only got to say a fraction of what needs to be said, but it all went pretty smoothly, and despite perhaps stumbling a couple of times, I think I managed to get the idea across in a reasonably level-headed enough manner, to hopefully make some people think..

If you want to listen to the interview, the ABC website has made it available for anyone to play or even download.

Just click on the image below, taken directly from the Australian ABC website:

ABC Richard Glover interviews Mango

I will publish another Interview with myself at a later date.. I am busy working on a couple of other new fruitarian interviews first..



Anne said...

Great Interview Mango.
Enjoyed it, you did a good job.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks Anne,
Playing through it again, I realise there's a couple of things I could/would have said differently if I'd had more time to think, but overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it went too..

By the way, we read your interview in the Good Weekend.. Good stuff, I noticed someone blogged about it after: blog about fruitarian interview.

Peace, and a hug for Cappi!

sovlibcnst said...

good job mango.
The host was reasonable and considerate.
I think you planted some seeds for thought thru the radio waves.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mango,

great interview!
I really enjoyed listening...it's always nice to notice that there are people out there that do not make us look like weirdos ;)
Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris & Cat,

thanks for your feedback, yes, the host was reasonable, and there was no mockery.. I'm happy that my words made some kind of coherent sense!

peace to you both,

Unknown said...

You did great in that interview excellent.
The host was good and fair and let you talk.
Love Peace and Happiness,

Anonymous said...

Great interwiev

Unknown said...

Good life Mango, here in Brazil..i will come back ehre definitely. maybe there are tastier coconuts mangos and pineapples but people are definitely beautiful, awesome. will come back to you soon with email. mine is same sweetfruit78@gmail.com
greetings from Itacare, Bahia

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

Hey Mango,
I just heard your interview. I love how you speak. Very clear and concise and you are a quick thinker. The interviewer seemed to focus on silly specifics and you were able to reply back with well thought educational inspiring information. I suggest you be speaking to the masses asap if that interests you. Also, that you are a barefoot for so many years gets me sooooo excited as I love this way and plan to live where it is acceptable to be barefoot and shirtless 24/7...any suggestions on where in AU? I can do this in Asia away from cities but even in villages I get the constant question of why no flip flops.

I hope to be interviewed by you soon....i had a some more learning to do on this fruitarian path apperently, because I did eat some cooked foods after 6months of successful fruitarian streak....I will come around asap....I am in Penang, Malaysia eating durian again which is the best transitional food in the world I believe because I would rather eat this than any cooked food....heading to Chanthiburi to enjoy some raw company from Harley and Freelea soon.
peace and love to you and Kveta!!

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hiya, once more, thank you all for your encouraging words everyone!
Marcin, nice to hear from you again, hope you are enjoying your time in Brazil!!
Darrick, keep us posted on your progress, I'm sure you'll get there, and I look forward still to that interview as and when you feel up for it!! - Hope you're enjoying those Penang durian, and say hi to Harley and Freelea!!


Orange said...

That was awesome Mango! Spreading the word! :D

Fruitarian Mango said...

thanks orange!