Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fruitarian Interview - 28 - Randall Gal

Hi Randall,

Firstly, many thanks for letting me interview you.. I'm always pleased to see my list of fruitarian interviews grow!

OK.. The first thing I'd like for you to do is tell us a little about yourself, just a brief introduction, tell us your name, age, where you are now, where you grew up, add anything else that you feel important to get an insight into who you believe yourself to be?

My name's Randall Gal, I'm 24.5 years of age, grew up in Ocala florida US

Do you have any photos you could share with us?

no pics right now maybe later i have no way to get them on the comp

Are you working at the moment Randall, if so, can you tell us what line of work you are in?

i am not working right now but trying to find a job that will be just as useful if the economy disappears.

Do you have a website or blog?

no website or blog

You have complete faith in the 100% fruit diet right? Do you think that being a fruitarian is for everyone, and that ultimately we would all benefit from adopting a fruit diet?

complete faith in human(including myself) but not yet for my dog.. - yes i believe it is definitely for all humans at least eventually.

Thanks, before I go on to ask you about how things are now, could you first begin by telling us a little about life growing up, particularly What kind of diet you grew up with? Could you give us a rough idea of what you used to eat on an average day?

My mom was/is a nutritionist and fed me according to food guide pyramid with an emphasis on moderation-some veggies, protein-meat or beans, bread, fruits before the meal and sometimes after the meal which they were adamant about me eating, and most importantly lots and lots of skim milk (like 16 oz per dinner meal and with lunch whenever she could get me to) also pb and j sanwhiches or turkey/ham sandwhich on whole wheat grain bread for lunches. she taught the importance of milk at her job so i was drinking lots of it. no snack foods like cheetoes, gummis, fruit drinks(besides real oj juice),ect. only soda on one per week pizza night in which i would try to drink as much as i could because it tasted so good.

Compare that to the present day, what does a typical days food intake look like for you now?

My food intake now is the cheapest foods i can get with emphasis on fruit; ripe bananas and dirty grapefruit(dirty on the outside rind) amazingly the cheapest food appears to me to be also the healthiest! i let the bananas get very very ripe to let the starches breakedown to maltose and sugars for max sugar intake. i buy them on the last market day of a nearby flea market and haggle down the price. the dirty grapefruit i got at 25 for a dollar a few weeks ago and recently another flea market guy gave them to me like 80 for free! the banana i am getting at a record low of 19.5 cents per pound! I open them out of the peel to let them get ripening but keep the plastic bag closed tight so the flies don't get to them and then halfway though the ripening i prep another bag for ripening. i also peel the white paperstuff from the grapefruit so it is not bitter. i eat this and so does my dog but he is getting too skinny and i am going out today to get supplemental veggie dog food to make sure he survives.

Sounds like you found a good place to do your shopping and are able to get some good bargains.. Do they sell durian there too? Have you ever tried one??

there is no durian at these flea markets-i used to get them from asian/oriental stores and markets. i have eaten many durians and i consider them to be the best way to feel full in your stomach.

Durian featured in Time
durian, king of fruits

Has your dog always eaten that way, or was he also eating more conventional stuff previously?? If so, apart from loosing a little weight, how did he cope with the transition, and did you notice any other behaviour changes with him?

the dog kept on weight when i fed him vegetarian dog food which i gave him for a month while he was a pup, and also starting again yesterday, because he is too skinny to try a new fruitarian diet i have for him. while fruitarian only his breath has no bad or good odor, like tap water and he never got fat like other dogs i see and his messes on the lawns are clean citrus most of the time

And when was it things start to change for you? Did you progress slowly to vegetarianism, veganism, raw food and fruitarianism, or was it more of a sudden change for you?? What sparked those changes?

I was freaked out when i was 5 by the site of aged people like my grandparents and other elderly i would see and i vowed to do whatever it took to not let this happen to myself or anyone else-to fight it. i got a chance to fight it during college when i had an all i could eat buffett availeable to me and internet-i organized colors:bowl white mushrooms, bowl purple onions, bowl chick peas, bowl spinach, bowl carrots, glass milk, glass oj, half glass grape juice, bowl cereal--this was hard to keep down-i got a very high paying job and started juice diet-bolthouse juices drinking them in incrememnts all day; vedge, 100% carrot, green goodness, soy thai protein, and c-boost.

my mom told me this could give me diabetes because of the high sugar content. she was right only when i took too much too fast and it hurt so bad!

I also have been taking lots of psychadelic mushrooms and weed during my life which helped show me glimpses of a better way to fight for.

any ways the juicing was expensive though simple and eventually i figured it could not be the way-i sifted through chart and nutrional tables on many websites for days and days until a diet of what i thought would cover all the 'science' needed vits and mins for a person( greens, lemon, garlic, crimini mushrooms rounded out the minerals, tomatoes, etc)-herb, seed, leaf, everything. then i got hooked on quinoa as superfood, then tried a "mayan mix" as i called it of quinoa, tomatoes, garlic, and spinach i think, then i had thoughts it had to be about the seed (beginning and end theories) this started me purchasing every and any seed i could from the wild oats market in tampa fl US. i tried everything from black and tan mustard seeds to cardamom seeds. eventually i mixed seeds with my pattern recognition of the nutritional tables form many websites to come up with a 1.3 pound pumpkin seed, 1.5 pound sunflower seed, and some spinach i think and some other stuff i dont remember. this was very very difficult to get down(all those seeds per day) next i tried mono-only avos and meditiation, only tomatoes and some avos, only orange/corn/tomatoe/strawberries/kiwi, only kiwi, only bananas, only bosc pears--the only avo made me feel like i was dying-i think it was ketosis. then i tried medjool dates-the only way to get enough fruit sugar but not so much water while i was working(kiwis, pears, watermelon had too much water and my coworkers got mad at me for always taking breaks). then i tried medjools and tomatoes with avocado for dinner, then i was eating avo corn tom mixes-this made my stomach heavy though. ate lots of durian and never felt better at one point! buying lots and lots like 4 cases per week from asian market. then i got into persimmons hayachi and was in heaven yet again with toms/dates/hayachi/mango/avo without any structure,

during all of this i would slack with chips or a date with girls because of feelings of unfullfillment not completely physical in nature.

skip ahead to now i quit the high paying job and tried to live off picking up aluminum cans, selling to recycle center and camping at a forest. the only way to live this simple was to get cheapest fruits possible: dirty grapefruit and very ripe bananas on the last market day with a little haggling. according to nutritonal charts this covers my nutritional needs.

very sorry for the longwinded answer.

Don't worry, just take the time you need to say whatever you feel to..

So when do you think it was that you realised that fruit was the ideal food, and how long has it been now, that you've been eating just fruit??

I realized fruit was the best about 2 years ago. eating exactly only fruit happens for only maybe a month at a time and i feel i should explain not as an excuse because i am 1000% sure of fruitarianism - i am not like a nonbelieving fruitarian that eats seeds on the side out of faithlessness:

i was at a very stressful job which gave me intense cravings for chips-something that i had a nonstop supply of to bring me comfort like i would get from fields upon fields of berry bushes, i eventually replaced the chips with cherry tomatoes which did the trick only when they were on sale - then i quit the job and i didn't have this craving (chips the word is like a derivative of chipper like to be happier know what i mean?) after i quit my body was enduring a lot less energy expenditures, so those cravings disappeared - my girlfriends mom made beans and rice haitan style and i could not turn it down and the love that came with it surpassed fruitarianism at the time if you know what i mean. (the chips did the same) this was only twice. And yesterday i had a huge life change and i went and bought lots of hot fries, 4 boxes of cereal, 3 types of soymilk, bag of sour cream and onion chips, rice crispy treats, and cajun boiled peanuts and i went to a greek restaurant with my girlfriend last night with spaghetti, cheese, salad with feta, dolmades. You see my gf is pregnant and i have been ready to live in the forest nearby and live off cheapest unwanted fruit from flea market that i could afford with 4 pounds of aluminum cans i find littered about the town. my gf then said i have to help with her rent while she is preg. i say camping is free why not do that? she says the courts will agree with her that this is not enough support (the emo kind). so she convinced me i need to get a job and i got over my intense fear that she was just trying to get money out of me when i thought she didnt need it like i don't (free camping, walk to flea market for cheap fruits, collect and recycle aluminum cans for the daily 1.25 i need for feeding my dog and I) -

- so long story shorter i am convinced i must get a job and so that coupled with our yearlong anniversary it is a quarter life crisis she told me but these snacks i just bought are making my body heavy and my teeth sticky and my money disappear, and more. i will prolly start only fruits again maybe today or tomorrow. please understand this. this is like my only slacking since chips 7 november 2008 and a few cajun peanuts from the flea market which i could have just had an avo

You mention that you had a high paying job, what line of work were you in ? and what made you quit it?

I was dealing poker. i quit when i felt i didn't need all that money to afford the best foods --- for a time i thought i needed boxes and boxes of medjools which were very expensive but now i know i can eat just dirty grapefruit and very ripe bananas which are both ultra cheap.

So I gather the plans you had to travel with your dog through south america and the amazon, have been put on hold or canceled?

Yes, i wanted the equatorial rainforest for my dog and i - instead i got a pregnant girlfriend and now i am going to work to provide support and let her lead me (gainesville forida - actually farther away from my intended destination haha thats life!)

Surely it wouldn't have been easy travelling with a dog anyway? I mean, Customs would certainly not have been easy, I'd've thought..

customs would have been tricky i if i wasn't prepped to die trying!

Do you know (or know of) many or any other fruitarians at all - Perhaps someone who might volunteer to be interviewed too?

i know of no other fruitarians except you

Can you tell us a little about any health changes before and after the diet changes you've made?

changes i feel are; i feel cleaner fresher lighter more energetic, stronger, more part of the earth, more religious

What do your parents think of you going fruitarian? What about the rest of your family? - your partner/children?

my parents including my nutritionist mother think i am crazy

my preggo girlfriend thinks it is too extreme for her but accepts it for me

What kind of diet is she on? And have you talked about the diet your child will get? How will you deal with it if you can't agree on that?

she eats whatever she feels like-raisin bran crunch with soymilk, few pieces of pizza and breadsticks the other day, a sub like 2 weeks ago, and sometimes a blended shake of almond/strawberry/soymilk -- i just bought her 4 cases of strawberries so she will have more shakes! : )

My kid: my gf will feed it breast milk if it will take it and if not she will try soymilk or some alternative milk creation she says. after that i have no idea because she herself is getting more into these shakes nowadays --- she is changing and we are always living in the moment - i of course would hope it eats ripe bananas and cheap grapefruit -- i am sure we will work it out

What's your take on vitamin pills, spirulina or similar? Are you at all concerned about not getting enough calcium/protein/B12/whatevers??

no supllements needed-a multivitamin is an avocado, b12 is not need i think (a little dirt here and there on my fingers and fruit should cover it but i seriously doubt the need for it at all

Now as a fruitarian, do you find yourself getting thirsty at all?

thirst; ha! no problem where else can someoene get so much unboiled/unpastuerized fresh grapefruit juice without added preservatives and/or high fructose corn syrup?

Can you tell us a little more about cravings,and how you deal/have dealt with them?

half of diet is about not working so hard, - also, working hard brings about mental and physical strains that gave me cravings for the salty chips ( i explained this to myself as a way to make myself feel happy that there is within my grasp a plethora of nonstop food - like there would be on a berry bush) also the more time i spend indoors the more i want avocado and tomato - the more time i spend outdoors the less i crave those. In fact the avo tasted weird and unnecessary after being outside for two days straight.

Do you normally tell people how you eat? If so, what do you think is the most common question people ask you about your diet?

i dont tell people how to eat anymore - some people get the same health benefits from cake that i do from fruit because of the emo, mental, phys state they are in.

(astrologically speaking-cancer personality[chinese astro:ox,sheep]) and my boss reminded me: you can lead a horse to water but not make him drink

Do you have a favourite fruit?

uh, cheapest fruit is my fav.. - if i could have any fruit at all at any time it would beeeee, uh, sometimes mango, maybe lots of no pesticide berries black and rasp although i have never tried this, midsweet real oranges, sweet apple, persimmon, - mostly i need to be thirsty as well to truly feel the most goodness

i recall a mango after waiting, being thirsty and it was awesome

Do you enjoy travelling? Have any favourite places as far as fruit goes that you could recommend to us all?

i dont travel but i think of it all the time especially the jungle- i would hope to find myself some mango trees to lay my head near in some tropical place

Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

10years from now i will prolly be hanging with my kid or kids eating the cheapest fruits i can get and survive off of while giving money to my child or children to do with as he or she chooses (within reason hopefully)

Do you see yourself living in Florida still, or do you think you'll be somewhere in the jungle by then??

i will prolly be in florida until/unless my gf wants to go somewhere else. - logically closer to the fertility of the equator is best but there is stuff like closeness to her family and comfortability of a place she is used to to take into consideration -- it is up to her however i hope to see the jungle one day

How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly survive eating just fruit??

when they say i am crazy i say they are crazy for being a form of cannibal(eating muscles of a fellow being), crazy for eating solar panels(leaves), crazy for spending so much money on food that only makes them sick, crazy for digging their hands into the ground to eat some root (carrots, potatoes, and other roots)

Finally, is there anything you'ld like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

i would say hi and shake their hand

Thanks Randall, Please send some photos when you are able, and I will include them here in the interview..

Peace, Mango.


Anonymous said...

Leaves = solar panels. Hadn't thought of it that way. I learn something new from every one of these interviews.

Anonymous said...

Mango, I'm praying you look at your comments section soon. This is the only way I spotted contacting you. The news is below. I'm beginning a fast (water, hot bath, breathing, and exercise) tomorrow as a means of further prayer on this issue.

Email received from a raw newsletter..

Hey there health fans.
I got this in my email today and was compelled to send it to as many people as I can and I urge you to do the same. Please review and take the necessary action.

Criminalization- of-Organic- Farms-222 video below

House and Senate will vote on bill to end organic gardening . . HR 875

Subject: FW: House and Senate will vote on bill to end organic gardening. . . HR 875

I recieved this and am passing it along because I don't want my


Subject: House and Senate bills to kill all organic farms (FAST
track bills in 2 weeks)

Food Safety Modernization Act (HR 875): Criminalization of Organic Farms

Bills are:
House H.R. 875
http://www.govtrack .us/congress/ bill.xpd? bill=h111- 875

Senate S 425
http://www.. govtrack. us/congress/ bill.xpd? bill=s111- 425


There is an enormous rush to get this into law within the next 2
weeks before people realize what is happening.

Main backer and lobbyist is (guess who) Monsanto

Bill will require organic farms to use specific fertilizers and
poisonous insect sprays dictated by the newly formed agency to
"make sure there is no danger to the public food supply".

This will include backyard gardens that grow food only for a
family and not for sales.

THIS IS DICTATORSHIP in any way you look at it.

If this passes then NO more heirloom clean seeds but only Monsanto
genetically altered seeds that are now showing up with unexpected
diseases in humans.

There is a video on the subject.
http://www.voteronp il..php?Food- Safety-Moderniza tion-Act- HR-875-Criminali zation-of- Organic-Farms- 222

The name on this outrageous food plan is
Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009
(Really makes it sound like the feds are trying protect us. LIES )

Let me be crystal clear here......
This has NOTHING to do with food safety.
This is only about TOTAL CONTROL by the feds in our lives.

Get on that phone Monday and burn up the wires. Get anyone else
you can to do the same thing.

The House and Senate WILL pass this if they are not massively
threatened with loss of their position.... . they only fear your
voice and your vote.

Anonymous said...

Good to meet you Gandall!

I read some really cool things in your interview, so neat how you could get grapefruits and bananas for very cheap. So true about the emo components of eating styles~ I hope I can experience this type of love not having to do it through food, just through singing, praying, and meditating in Nature... I'm an ox in the Chinese zodiac as well, neat observations.

hope you are doing well and you and your girlfriend are really blessed!