Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie Review - 2 - La Belle Verte

I recall, I believe it was sometime around the mid 1990s, when this movie was first released in France. Several members of the small community I lived in, drove in to Perpignan to watch it and came back with mostly favourable reports, and I regreted not going with them..

I made a mental note to myself to watch the movie whenever I got the chance, and then mostly forgot about it..

Until recently when Orange (thank you!) made reference to the film in a comment, and consequently told me that it was available in 9 small bite sized chunks to watch on youtube.. Here's the first morsel:

I loved the idea of the movie.. La Belle Verte translates as "the green beautiful", or, if my rusty knowledge of french still works, I think it could also mean "the beautiful green", and is, I'm guessing, a reference to the planet we currently reside on..

The movie's about an alien race that have already been through, and survived, an industrial revolution, politics, borders, money and similar nonsense, and ended up being a spiritually advanced race of peace loving raw fooders, skilled in the arts of telepathy and teleportation..

And more particularly, about the story of one particular of those aliens, who visits earth, and offers her insightful impressions..

Actually, I noticed that the subtitles were not always correct, and one thing which was translated strangely, was "on mange tout cru" which got translated to "we eat simply" or maybe it was "we eat simple food" instead of "we eat everything raw".

I guess, that much as I enjoyed the movie, I was a little disappointed at some inconsistencies, most noticeably the fact that the sons were not shocked by their desert meals, and that the planet still abused cattle, and made shoes from animal skin.. But hey, that's just me, and knowing a little of the mindset it originated from, I guess it was to be expected too.. In fact, I think I would have had a much more fruit tree orientated background on the other planet, and definitely no clothes..

But overall, a movie worth watching more than once, as some definite valid points to it.. Showing how the world we live in is, as I've stated on numerous previous occasions, totally bonkers!!

The other 8 parts of the movie can be seen by clicking these links:

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

Enjoy!! - Peace,


Anonymous said...

I learned about playlist today. If you put them all in a playlist you can watch them all back to back in fullscreen. A quicklist is similar however, it seems not to work in fullscreen. Make a playlist, then a quicklist, then put them in the playlist and play them. search youtube playlist for more info.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Anonymous, thanks for the tip.. It may be useful for others.. - for us though, our internet connection is unfortunately too slow for us to take advantage of it..


Michele Z said...

Just watched the movie today- a bit late after this post, but still wanted to comment. Thanks to the person who mentioned it in the comments, or I wouldn't have come across it.
I noticed a lot of excitement in me while watching it, but it went up and down with a reminder that I have yet to locate somewhere where people all have these values and can live like this together.
It was nice to see in a visual form, and definitely came the closest to some idea I have in my head.
Mango, before I saw your blog about your thoughts on the movie, I was struck by those exact same details! Why were the sons not at all shocked by eating animals, yet told the girls with assurance that they never ate meat, and that beans were good.
Also, the shoes that he sent them to earth with...but aside from this...really promising movie, and I was happy to see it...