Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why so few succeed at fruitarianism

I've said this before, but it's definitely worth repeating.. So many people fail with a fruitarian diet, or give up thinking it's not for them, purely because they never fully give it a chance..

They fail to understand, just how seriously their health has been previously undermined, just what the amount of damage is, that has previously been inflicted upon the body.. and just how long it will take, to put things right..

In the Edmond Szekely book, "The Essene Science of Fasting", The story goes that Jesus (who was supposedly an Essene, thus borderline Fruitarian with his dietary wisdom), took people into the wilderness to fast.. There he told them, that for each year they had sinned and indulged in eating impure foods, they would have to fast for one day to recover.. Thus a 40 year old, to regain the given birth right of health, would need to fast for 40 days..

Of course, this was just a rule of thumb, and in todays more hi-tech society, with it's excessively denatured greasy fast food burger pizza fries sugar chemical concoctions, I have no doubt that this basic rule would have to be at least tripled, to bring it into the reality of 21st century living..

And of course, too, fasting is probably the most intense form of cleansing the body can undergo, leaving the body with little choice other than to fully focus on detox, elimination and the inevitable healing that comes with such...

So back on a fruit diet, how long do you expect it'll take to fully liberate oneself from previous flaws in ones diet? How long do you think it might take before those erred foods finally finish their influence upon us?

Of course, there is no one answer to those questions, it'ld all depend on ones age, state of health, environment, and more, and the answer may vary greatly from individual to individual, but I'm afraid one thing is for sure, most people quit far in advance of the visibility from the light at the end of the tunnel.

They walk away, disheartened and disillusioned with fruit, thinking it is to blame for their apparently waining health; unaware that in order to get better, the road is tough, and all manner of physical ailments may befall us.

I want to remind everyone of the little story I told (here) of Morris Krok, and how it took him a week to fully free himself from the effect that half a bar of chocolate had on his body.. And for us all to understand the true impact that the conventional diet will have on our frail physiologies.. Actually, I take that back, I think our physiologies are far from frail, given the abuse they are somehow miraculously able to withstand over the course of a lifetime..

Recounting from my own life experience, I recall that after vagabonding my way south, from Norway to the French Pyrenees (an event that took me approximately one year, and 5000 kilometers on my pushbike), I settled for a while in a French Community called "Douceur et Harmonie".. On arriving, I fully believed in the fruitarian diet, but was met with a good deal of opposition there..

Me and my trusty bike were reunited briefly
in Northern NSW 2007.
(after not having seen each other for roughly 8 years!)

I admit, I fully understand their skepticism, as very clearly at the time, I was still regularly battling cooked food addiction, while otherwise struggling to live on a raw vegan, predominantly fruit diet.. The consequences?? Well, I was pretty much constantly detoxing, and thus was undoubtedly far from being the great vision of health I desired to be.. I also had a couple of other major health issues that the universe threw at me, and although both were completely unrelated to the fruit diet, the severity of them sent the community into panic mode, thinking that I was slowly killing myself through lack of culinary wisdom.

I reckon this was the only time in my life, that I've ever experienced anything that was bordering on depression. - Probably due to the ever present detox, my emotions were pretty turmoilic at the time, and I was often experiencing anger too.

I brought my bike and myself to Australia back in 1997..
.. But that's another story

Thankfully, I eventually had the determination enough to move on with my life, and pursue my destiny.. I see everything that has happened to me to be significant in some way, and praise be to the great white spirit, that despite any hardships that I've endured, I've managed through it all to stay focused on what I believe is right, and despite that my own journey to fruit has taken so many years, it is truly joyous to be here, and to know that the path is forever unfolding.

Peace be to all,


Fruity Jules said...
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Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Jules,
thanks!! And great to see that you have started your own blog now!! Perhaps you'll soon feel up to being interviewed as a fruitarian too??


Fruity Jules said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Mango. . .

Sorry, but I goofed! Ha! Just playing around and not ready to put it out there yet.

But when I get back from a trip in a few weeks, I'll contact you for an interview!

Looking forward to it. . .

Anyway, beautiful writing and I do appreciate your intelligence. Thank you!

: )


Orange said...

Hi Mango,

Another interesting subject, well explained, Thanks for all your effort and enthusiasms,
I am just sharing my personal experience here. I’ve heard from some Raw Vegans that for each year of your age you need to be on the diet for one month, in order to completely cleanse your body. My experience does not completely agree with this rule. When I was around 20, I went on a nine-month Raw Vegan diet. All changes happened in no time, and I stayed the same for the rest of the time. Now I’m 47 and have been on Fruit diet for fifteen months, and I think still I’m in the detoxification process. Probably that formula is good for older ages like my age now. Younger people need much less time than what the formula says.

I totally agree with you that cleansing period varies from individual to individual, and besides the age, weight, and significance of individual’s diseases, depends on many more factors. I’m not sure if this is right that every seven years all our cells replace with exception of some such as neurons, or teeth enamels. If so, we can assume whatever your age, or other conditions are, if you are on any diet for seven years, you can be pretty sure that all your cells are made of that specific diet’s food. In other words seven years would be the worst-case scenario in order to cleanse a body regardless of age or any other condition.

Happy Fruitarian,

Mike said...

How healthy is that fruitarianism"?

Adam said...

Hi, Mango!

Very interesting post! I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and I want to ask you a question. I'm 16 years old, vegetarian. About how long do you think the detox is going to last? And what's the best way possible to start? Fast with only water or juice? Going fruitarian at once?


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Jules,
That's great news! I look forward to hearing from you when you get back! Hope you enjoy yourself!!

Orange, yes, people have such varied backgrounds and diets that rules of thumb are hard to come by these days.. I would have thought that 7 years on a consistent fruit diet would be more than enough time to fully transit, regardless of whether or not all cells would be renewed in that time period.. - Thanks for your input!!

Mike, - extremely! You should give it a try.. It's the food we are physiologically most suited toward.

Hi Adam, - there is no simple answer to your question, even if I knew more about you and your background history, hereditary, diet etc, I would still not feel confident giving you any time estimate. But you'ld be starting young, so that's a big plus!! As for the best way to do things, I think the easiest would be diving straight in on a fruit diet, but detox pretty much always occurs faster by fasting..

It would depend on what you felt most comfortable with, and I guess whether or not you were under any pressure from well meaning adults to eat/live otherwise..

Good luck on your journey!

Carlo said...

Hi Mango! Your article is so true, many people can't win their addictions, it is not so simple, also because everybody around a fruitarian-to-be tries to oppose this choice as if it were falling into drugs or something like that. Have you ever heard about Ehret's Mucusless diet healing system? It is a way to gradually improve your diet until your body is ready to fruit, using fasts and vegetables in a very specific way. It is veeery interesting, and I think it is also one of the first "Philosophy of Nutrition" books ever written.
- a fruitarian-to-be :D

Fruitarian Mango said...

Carlo, yes, the opposition from the rest of the world can be a big hurdle to cross, that's why we need to stay focused and be strong. Fruitarianism is definitely not for the weak minded,and those too easily influenced... Well.. - by that I mean, they will have the toughest time reaching it, but of course, I believe everyone would ultimately benefit from eating a fruit diet.. And yes, I'm familiar with Ehrets works, and enjoyed reading his books at the time too..


Darkmoon Doll said...

Hello Mango,
I really appreciate this blog that you took time to write for all to see. I have been having a battle with overeating cooked foods. I went for 2 months straight just fruit and felt amazing but stopped because friends and family were concerned about the weight I was losing too fast. I have gained way too much weight returning back to my way of eating and I have decided to get back on track. Thank you for the inspiration. I am blogging again
Warm Regards,

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Trina,
I feel for you fighting the cooked foods! It's been many years since I won that battle, but I still recall, all too well, the pull they had on me, and the difficulty I had breaking free.. Unfortunately well meaning friends and family can often slow us down too.. I'm sure with perseverance you too can overcome these obstacles, and with time they will be just memories too.. Good luck with your progress, and keep updating your blogs!!
peace, Mango
PS I appreciate your appreciation!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been Fruitarian for about a week now, Vegan prior to that. Last night I ate a bag of potato chips DX
But what happened is I dumped, I felt absolutely terrible afterwards, as well as I still feel terrible now. The same thing happened when I became a vegan, if I ate meat I would dump.
But what happened is good I suppose, that would just be my body warning me.

Fruitarian Mango said...

anonymous.. yes.. you should be rejoicing! your body is healthy and reacting quickly to any dietary abuse you heap upon it! I know it hurts.. been there, done that.. Keep persisting and you will one day look back and laugh!


Unknown said...

Hi i am 17 years of age and i really need help i was k on the fruitarian diet for about a month than i slipped and ive been eating cooked foods of and on for about a week i really want to stop and i get really depressed and i really love food the taste but i hate what it does to me please help me