Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rabbit Proof Fence

Watched this very moving sad film yesterday..

Something called Rabbit Proof Fence..

It's a true story from some 60 odd years ago of 3 young aboriginal children that were forcibly separated from their mothers by the state, in a barbaric attempt (that only ended in 1970!) to somehow eradicate the aborignal race, through interbreeding them with white people..

The girls are taken over 1500 kms from their homeland, where they are then imprisoned with a whole bunch of other kids suffering the same fate..

Through bush survival skills, these 3 girls escape the home they are forced to live in, and miraculously (2 of them) find their way back to their mother..

It's an incredibly sad movie that had me crying through the most of it, and even now, just thinking of it, the tears are welling up again..

I find human behaviour often extremely incomprehensible..



wo_dao said...


I saw this video back in my last year of high school...

Tinah said...

Thanks for sharing about this. Never knew anything like this was made. I will make sure to watch it.

Swayze said...

I saw this film recently as well in an Anthropology class. My poor professor has seen it several times and yet she was crying by the end!

tinah said...

Mango, I just finished watching it. That was very sad.

I'm really glad you posted about it.

Orange said...

Thanks Mango, Looks like a really good movie. I'll watch it right now.