Tuesday, November 24, 2009

back online..

our funky new laptop arrived last thursday, and we are back online..

however, i'll likely not be blogging much until we get relocated..

lots of stuff to do between now and when we leave, and not much time for writing..

and to be honest, not sure when we will be settled with an internet connection again.. could be weeks, could be longer, but for sure i will blog again once we have found our piece of paradise, or sooner..

meanwhile, i have noticed that someone else is blogging and writing stuff around various places on the net, using not only my name, but also my picture. someone pettily getting their kicks out of doing so, and this persons views do not reflect my own... So sorry for any possible confusion those other posts may be causing.

Not much I can do about it, but frankly i'm not too bothered, it's almost comical.

Life's good,


Fruity Jules said...

Hi, Mango. . .

Just want to let you know that there is something not right with your site here. I can't read anything. . . your page is blank and your writings appear only slightly in the far left hand column.

I'm surprised that I can somehow leave this note.

Hope all is well with you and Kveta. . .


DeleteMe said...

All looks well here at least.

Hurry back :O)


Anne said...

Dear Julie and Mango,
just to let you know that I am having that exact issue too, using Internet Explorer as my browser.
Then I thought I would try a different browser. And the page works fine with Google Chrome browser.
So, Julie, maybe if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser too, it could be an issue with the browser.
Love and Peaches to you both.
And best wishes with your move Mango (just in time for Mango season, the trees are laden here)

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi all,
hey, thanks for telling me about the internet explorer problem.. i've no idea why.. julie or anne, do either of you know if the problem is recent/how recent? i haven't made any changes to my blog for over a year now, so i'm wondering if IE has always been showing it that way? Personally I use flock/firefox or chrome, and looks fine under those, but just tested with ie, and for sure it looks not good.


Anne said...

Dear Mango,
I usually use Internet Explorer as my browser and until a few days ago your site always worked fine for me with Internet Explorer.
As Tanawana said he had no probs then I thought I would give Google Chrome a go to see if your site worked with it. Which it did.
So for me it has only been a recent issue with your site and Internet Explorer.
Hope you are able to get it sorted.
Love and Peaches XX.

Fruitarian Mango said...

Thanks Anne..
Actually, I just went over to internet explorer, to try and figure it out, and somehow it seems to be working fine today, even though i made absolutely no changes.. not sure what that was all about.. a temporary glitch no doubt..

thanks for letting me know anyhow.. much appreciated.

Sonia, I am aware that you are fred, and that you appear to have jealousy/anger issues.. I think it might be wise if you concentrated more on your own issues.

I have written several times previously how I make ends meet, most recently:


but nevertheless, I fully sympathise with your personal need to conform. That is your choice.


wo_dao said...

I wouldn't even recommend using Internet Explorer.

That thing is a brutal kick in the rear. I would NOT recommend any of you to use IE, unless it's really needed. My old childhood friend was even annoyed.

He did a "test" of sorts, seeing what trojans and whatnot would enter his comp, if he were to use IE for a time, and then scan his Windows system.

Then he would purge the computer then use Firefox. The results? You're in big trouble if using IE, though you won't see it..unless you're REALLY one of those "elite" Windows techies that somehow alter the system's interface by "granted permission by Windows." hahah

Heck, I don't even use IE [and for a long time] anymore due to all the malware and junk that gets flung around and out of my control.

I'm viewing your blog through my Firefox as time goes by, and I've not any issues. There are sites that will have different results to different browsers. That's why some HTML programmers [varying on the intent of work] try to make websites work with all browsers through rough experimentation...with all that "professionalism and aesthetics" in mind.


Whao, I'm intrigued how someone would use your name and photo for such funny purposes. It's a matter of time before "they" get foiled.



I've noticed a similar pattern happening to a certain someone else whom I view his videos and blogs.

Buncha fools getting angry over anything that says "vegan" or "peace."

If someone wants to have a problem with Mango doing his own thing...that someone should come here and have a frigging cow and problem with the people that plant pot and other illegal drugs in their basement and start flagging at them and gang relations. All they ever do is use that extra money to look "I'm so GANGSTA WITH A LARGE P****" and act like as if we're all suppose to be punished for being our harmless selves. There's more to it..though it's a complicating story. Wish I was actually aware of the specifics. The annoying ego is sure easy to sense though.

We've no clue in 100% what Mango does with his life...nor would anyone would with mines...

I trust Mango and his works...I'm happy that he does what he does. It's how it should be.

Work is a vainful thing that I am stuck to myself. I feel joy "when" someone with a non-misguided intent lives a harmless life that actually offends people for no reason. Much like my long hair that flutters and swings in the wind.

Oh well, people that get offended for the harmless things.....I'm sure they'll all change..so I'll just keep my hands from typing blunt things.

It's just a matter of realizing that we only need the simple things. Yet letting go of "material possession" that we hold in sentimental means..is also hard to let go..and ends up sticking to you when you wanna be free and wander. I suppose I'm somewhat stuck like this myself.

Anyhow...keep on blogging and keep on blogging Mango. I'd rather read your blog than fall into anyone's sadistic "giving up on peace, stereotypical perceptions" as a friend would say...HAH!

Fruitarian Mango said...

Anonymous messages in this thread have been deleted, as have freds. i feel sad to inform that i have set comment moderation on, and no longer allow anonymous comments.

BlakeA said...

I like what you are doing with fruit. Check my blog out, its the start of a book i am writing involving the fruitarian movement


Fruitarian Mango said...

hi Blake,
thanks.. good luck with your fruitarian movement book!!