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Interview with a Fruitarian - 33 - Sandrine

This is the 33rd interview of a fruitarian.. You can see the others interviewed so far here.. Any fruitarian reading this that would like to volunteer to be interviewed, please contact me. The criteria is that you should have faith in a 100% fruit diet (no nuts, seeds, leaves, roots, animal products etc. just simply fruit), and be either eating that way already, or have serious intentions and making good headway toward doing so..

Hi Sandrine,

Hi Mango

Sorry i've been so slow getting this to you, but thanks for letting me interview you!

no problem ! my english isn't very good, so feel free to correct any mistakes.

No worries, I'll do that of course..

OK, Could you please start by telling us a little about who you are, your age, where you are living/grew up? etc..etc..

I'm a french girl in my 30's, living in the south of France, near Nice. I grew up in Paris and decided to come here when I was 19, to be closer to nature and sun.

Diving in to the sea

Since I was 20 years old, I've been searching a lot on how to live life as simply as possible, spiritually, mentally, physically.

Do you live alone, or share living with family or a loved one?

it changes... currently, my mother is with me.

Do you have a website/blog or some way people can get in touch with you or follow your progress? Any places you like to hang out online?

I have a blog :,, I also testify and answer and ask questions on diverses forums (eco-bio, iheartfruit, onnouscachetout, doctissimo...).

So, Sandrine, I know you have recently come off a long fast, can you tell us a little about that and what prompted you to start it?

I've known about fasting for ten years now, but never had the energy to do one.

During the first month on fruits, many people told me again about fasting, their experiences, short ones and long ones.

I started by doing some fasts on water for one and two days that same month.

I observed some intense detox after this month, but decided to accelerate it by starting a longer fast after I had informed myself as much as i was able about the fasting process.

My motivations were mostly to be more in peace with my emotions and heal some cysts on ovaries and sciatica inflammation and simply to have the experience of not eating.

I was alone on my home, resting most of time, and communicating with friends, family and fruitarians by the web. I felt some days extremely exhausted (particularly at night) and other days/times with a giant energy that was unknown for me.

going in to the sea
I started a blog because friends asked me many questions about the fruit diet (often the same ones) and fasting, so I decided to pass on information I had found, links, personal reflexions and to do a daily narrative of my fast.

I would have liked to do a 21 day fast, but for some reasons I stopped it one week before.

I kept a fasting diary on my blog ("carnet de je√Ľne") to keep track, to motivate me and inform my mother and friends.

Very amazing that on the 9th day I had a long walk, and the 15th day, I took my car and went to the beach with my mother (where I stopped the fast).

That must have been quite an experience, were you able to not binge on food after breaking the fast, I know that's a mistake that many people make..

I broke the fast on a sunset beach, with a grapefruit, and after continued to eat just fruit. I ate a little too much (only fruits), but it was ok.

The mistake that I made was to eat fruits too acid, not very ripe, so it give me hemorrhoids (horrible sensation !).

Coming from France, I am sure that you must be familiar with the Instinctive Eating movement started by Guy Berger?

I've heard a little about it.

What's your personal opinion of their method of eating?

according to what I know, I don't feel in phase with the idea of eating raw insects, it is not instinctive for me !

Eating raw and of good quality seems to be better than many other diets but you know, I've never been able to digested raw vegetables well.

In some way, I find it interesting, to eat what seems good to ourselves, but I think, because of the distance with our instincts, and that we are intelligent humans, it is important to inform ourselves, to share knowledge, experiences, to see clearly what are the consequences of different foods.

I heard that people who eat a lot of raw meat often get cancer of the colon...

Now that I better observe our body, I think it's evident that we are not made to eat animals.

In the passed, I have tried this, but always felt bad with that, because I have such love and compassion for them.

When I was child, I can remember a time when I returned to the sea a fisherman's bucket full of fish...

I looked briefly at the sea, to notice that half the fish were dead... and then ran away as fast as i could :D

Growing up in France, was your diet pretty typical at the time? - Give us a brief run down of what you used to get through, foodwise, on a typical day.

from around age 3 to 19 : milk chocolate with slice of bread with jam or honey, I would eat lunch at the school cantine, various sweet things (more or less bad) for mid-afternoon and for dinner, often had some fresh orange juice, raw vegetables, cereals and meat or fish.

Sometimes junk food, but not too often.

Compare that to today, what does a typical days food intake look like for you now?

Click to enlarge
since I started eating just fruits, my days have changed, I tried various ways of eating fruit.. The common point is that fruit is now my food :D

For the past three weeks, most of the time I've been eating grapes, oranges and grapefruits. Also kakis (persimmon/sharon fruit) and some avocados. I eat when I feel hungry, and/or too much detoxing.

Around 1.5 to 2 kgs of fruit minus the skin.

Some days, I fast (1 or 3 days mainly) or just take juice diluted in water.

Neat, So when did things start to change for you? Did you progress slowly to vegetarianism, veganism, raw food and fruitarianism, or was it more of a sudden change?? What sparked those changes?

After moving to Nice, I started making changes to my diet, I ate organic food, vegetarian most of time, but it was not very balanced. Too many refined things, to many grains (and tea and chocolate). I switched to a vegan diet, but didn't feel well, and returned to an omnivorous (fish) diet.

I wasn't too happy about that, but the problem was that I couldn't find a healthy balance, search though I did.

I heard about the fruit diet in my 20's when I read "autobiography of a yogi" but I don't recall too well as I think it seemed so far away from my possiblities...

The last 3 years had been very painful for my body, I was more and more invalid (spine and leg) and the problems on ovaries were unable to be resolved by doctors and naturpaths. On january, an alternative doctor advised me to eat fruits at lunch (nothing for breakfast) and "normal" meals for dinner. She also invited me to stop : milk, dairy, tea, coffee, chocolate, cereals, sugar, all refined food, all condiments (mostly salt).

I wondered how I could have enough energy with just fruit during the day ! But I decided to give it a go, and it changed my life !!! I was in a Pilates (between yoga, dance and gym) training which required a lot of physical and mental energy, and I was very surprised to see that I had so much more than before ! I stayed on this diet for roughly three months, and then went one month to a friend's home, where I abandoned a big part of this regime and started to feel bad, physically, mentally, emotionally. Then I returned home and did lots of research on the internet to know more about the diet of my doctor.

I discovered hygienism and one day, I read on a Shelton's revue that a woman living on fruits, healed most of her serious diseases and felt very very good, better than she'd ever felt before, even when she was a child. Shortly afterward, I read that Shelton believed that fruit is ideal and the best food for humans. The same day, rich on the experience, I started to eat only fruits, it was the 20th april 2009.

Has anyone else in your family made such changes??

my mother has started improving her diet over recent years. She listened to my discoveries and sometimes she follows me to her rhythm. She eats more and more fruit, and some days only fruit, or fasts.

my aunt also eats more fruit. My stepmother asks me questions sometimes and my brother is intrigued.

Taken on the 9th day of the fast

What do your parents and the rest of your family make of your choice of diet?

my mother understands very well, my father was a little scared in the beginning, but that's ok. During my fast, he advised me to make a psychoanalysis and to be careful of anorexia !!! :-)

The rest of the family don't care about, or were scared too, or don't know my diet. When I feel and see fear, I try to explain my best, but also if the person stayed in fear, at the start of my changes, I took some distance not to be infected and to continue my way without conflict.

After six months now there's no more problem, it's accepted by my main family. And they are more and more amazed and curious...

Can you tell us a little about your health before and after the changes you've made? What about your weight, any major changes?

It changed my life ! A friend said "it's a miracle" (and he moved on to fruit just after !).

I had been diagnosed as having spasmophilia, fibromyalgia for several doctors. The symptoms just flew away...

physically: eyes, better vision, and no more hypersensitivity toward the sun (no need for sun glasses) ; a sciatic inflammation disappeared, lots of back pain disappeared, I gained a lot of flexibility...

Also, I'd had bad sleep since adolescence, and now sleep very well and adopt a more natural rhythm (go to bed early) : what happiness to wake up with so much vitality, slight digestion (had a lot of difficulties before).

Cysts on ovaries seemed to vanish, specially during the fast. I didn't get diagnosed but all the symptoms decreased significantly, and I observed mucus excretions.

No more skin problems, acne (excluding when I eat too many avocados).

emotionally: anxiety, joy, can better manage emotions, can face problems with much more serenity.

mentally: less scattered thoughts, mental really more efficient and calm (I observe that, and others tend to agree).

- all that had gone wrong while I ate other things !...-

Do you sometimes crave foods other than fruit? If so, how you deal with that?

During two months, no cravings. After, around 10 cravings in 6 months. When I eat others things, I observe the taste, the feeling during eating and the consequences (body bad smell, digestion difficulties, skin, eyes...).

Whenever I'm craving, then, I want fruits !

I've observed that some foods and condiments are very very addictive: salt, wheat flour, milk, sugar.

After I eat foods other than fruit, I am more and more persuaded that fruit is the best !!!

I try not to feel guilty but to learn from the lesson.

Last month I had various experiences and made several observations.

the B12 issue had been puzzling me, and I had some difficulties to find good fruit, invitations to restaurant... So I tried several things (but continued to eat fruit in majority).

All my conclusions redirected me to fruitarianism.

When I ate other things, my diseases reappear a little, and I particulary noticed that my digestion was painful, my sleep not so good, go to bed later, my nose became blocked, my perspiration smell bad, my thoughts were more confused, me more excited, and depressed.

What kind of foods did you found most difficult to leave behind?

strangely in the beginning it was the bad junk food (pizza, hamburger, dishes very cooked). I had never being really accustomed to eat this but I think it is what I missed the most because those things are more concentrated in their addictiveness.

Given that my body was detoxing, it shouted for the lack of such things, by giving me images and desire of those horribles foods !!

Recently it was more food that I had been accustomed to eat (steamed vegetables mainly).

Strangely, I used to like very much chocolate but have had no great desires for it. I just re-tested one time and didn't like it much, very heavy and not so pleasurable, but feeling this addiction of it.

Do you feel any needs to supplement your diet at all?

no, I stopped all that, even plants.

If I observe some symptoms of lack of b12, maybe I might take supplements for a while, to let the body re-adapt to this new kind of food.

Are you happy with the choice and quality of fruit you are getting?

now it's ok most of time, but I ran all around to find good places to get my fruit.

Now I eat less variety of fruit than in the beginning and take as much local and seasonal fruit (all organics) as possible.

Ever tried a durian?

yes ! a little part, very special, like the texture and a little the taste, but it was unfortunately not so fresh and I think too ripe.

Any plans to travel or relocate to a warmer climate, or are you happy living where you are now?

I thought to go on island :D maybe I'll go later, but for now I'm happy here !

I have sea, sun and mountains, the climate is sweet.

Do you normally tell people how you eat? If so, what do you think is the most common question people ask you about your diet?

yes, I like to talk about. If I feel a space to exchange on that, I do. When I explain that I eat fruits, only fruits, people often don't react immediately. After I re-make clear and they have a very surprised expression on their faces ! It makes me smile :)

they usually say "fruits, only fruits, from morning to evening ?!" or something like that.

The common questions, I don't know, obviously there is the one of the proteins but I find lots of people who are more open minded. So I can't remember the most common question, maybe if there are any lack of vitamins etc and if I am good healthy, not tired.

And how I do with my social life (invitations...).

Some others say it's foolish, and try to put me on my limits to see how I react.

All these are interesting and instructive for me.

Taken on the 9th day of the fast

How do you answer their questions?

I sometimes reply by posing my own questions back..

I try to not intellectualise too much, I talk about my experience (my healing and all the activities, sports I do ; my emotional and mental states also), the experience of others (Arnold Ehret, Anne Osborne and her children, you and Kveta, a woman who has only eaten apples for 20 years and is a yoga-dance-pilates teacher -in India-, Richard Blackman/Jericho Sunfire etc) and give some information I've read, and things that they can reflect on, like the blood menstruations which can disappear without being unfertile.

Where and how do you see yourself living and eating in 10 years from now?

no more material eating !? :D or juice, or fruit.

Where ? maybe like to have a little place in France and travel in the world.

How ? simply, learning from relation, transmit the others about nutrition, hatha yoga, and others therapeutic approaches. All that can be grouped under the term yoga.

Do you think you could improve on your diet at all??

yes, I think we can always improve our diet ! even if I was only on prana, breatharian, maybe I could use the respiration differently and continue to evolve.

On fruits, I feel differently depending on which fruit I eat...

Do you know any, or many, other fruitarians? Any that would care to be interviewed?

I know some fruitarians that you already know. But all the people I know don't eat only fruit. (several eat only fruit on the day and on dinner some vegetables and sometimes cereals).

I never thought that I will talk with so many people who eat so much fruits and want to be fruitarians and breatharians !

Many of my friends eat more and more fruits. I've been contacted by several people who eat fruits in majority or want to do.

How many fruitarians do you think there are in France?

from talking with another fruitarian here, I gather we are around 30. but I think the majority don't eat only fruits. It seems like the fruitarian movement has grown some over the past few years (and months around me)!!!

Thanks to internet and all the people who share their experiences, and also the thoughts that don't need any support to be transmitting ("telepathy").

How do you feel if people tell you that you must be crazy, and that you can't possibly survive eating the way you do??

I may have a different response by the moment, but I've already said that "some people made it before me" and just smile.

Most of the time, my experience, -health and vitality- speaks for itself.

A friend said to me in the beginning : "ok, it's cool... now I want to see you in 6 months !" so, now I will call him and say that the time is passed and we may meet again !...

But it's true, we must be a little crazy to change so radically our diet ! :D "sweety craziness"

* human wisdom is foolishness in the eyes of god and man's folly is wisdom in the eyes of god *

Finally, is there anything you'ld like to add as words of encouragement to those that are aspiring toward fruitarianism?

go on, take information, communicate with others, listen to your body, nobody can know more than you what's good for it.

it changed so much in my life, healing, feeling an energy I've never felt before, even as a child. The physical, mental and emotional sides are more and more calm and effective.

anxiety flies away, joy takes its place, feel liberating, life becomes more and more simple, it smells good (and us too, no need for soap etc).

more able to live in present moment.

it is not a coincidence that all wise people end up adopting a special and light regime.

- we all have a wise person within us !

fruitarian sandrine
Practising yoga - about a month ago


thank you Mango for all that you do to share you experience and making fruitarianism more known in the world.

I read all your interviews on my long fast and I loved to read of the diverse experiences of others. It encouraged me a lot.


hemorrhoids said...

I did fasting and I really recognize that about feeling very tired one moment and then with a incredibly high energy. I recommend it to everybody.

sfauthor said...

Nice interview. Do you know about these yoga books?

Anne said...

Lovely interview Sandrine ♥
I also love your photos.
Thank you Sandrine and Mango.
Love and peaches XX♥

Frederic said...

Great interview Mango.
Mango rocks!!:)
Bonne chance Sandrine.


Frederic said...


I am reading this article about Fruitarian & it is a little scary.
They mentioned a lot of deaths due to a Fruitarian or strict vegan diets. Tell me what you think.


wo_dao said...

Fred, those articles are a load of crock, and merely isolated cases.

They go back and forth "sourcing" amongst themselves and their own webpages and biased ones like "beyondveg."

It's all there to scare and wreak the morales of those who aren't truly devoted to a fruitarian or vegan path.

This whole "DEFICIENCY" that they love to chant like some "HAIL THE PROTEIN GOD" mantra comes over and over. Such occurances only happen when the body is not well-clean within.

If someone wants to suffer such symptoms, they should be my guest and overeat on any cooked junk, and then go cold turkey on raw, and undereat on fruit, when the body is still dependant on big quantities of fruit to self-rebuild.

Those idiots that try to make raw vegan "look scary," they love to embellish and hide other factors such as cacao powder & other ridiculous "non-raw" items being used. Then they try to make it look like the raw vegans are the ones hiding things. Maybe if it's a David Wolfe supporter...then of course there's gonna be problems.

wo_dao said...

Mm. Love the interview though.

When I notice those who are ACTUALLY devoted to fruitarianism and actually pursue it the way they should (no additions of cacao crack powder, etc etc.)...

I certainly indeed will not "forget" that calm serene & how anxiety just vanishes. It didn't matter if I was such a stature was merely temporary.

Everytime I think about people "just do it" by going fruitarian....I think how much I gotta stop screwing around and contemplating and wasting so much money on cooked foods and do what I must do....

I think about it again and I'm sure I'm prob. the only one or one of the VERY VERY few that have such a devotion to walk on the path...

Despite "enjoying the moment," I guess one for such as me...every moment I gotta get myself ready, then get ready...and GO! hahah

Oy, I notice Sandrine mentioning being much flexible also when being fruitarian.

I sure recall that "being much flexible" and less prone to muscle cramps and "minor rips" also. Fruit being a part of the flesh, after cleaning everything out is indeed....truly light, hard, soft and effiecient as ya want it.


Sandrine said...

thank you for your feed-back dear Anne.

Fred, luck is given by the universe and also the motivation and good thoughts, thanks for yours.

wo_dao, thanks, hope you'll find your way to fruitarism if you want it. do you get enough in contact with others people in the same trip ?

light and joy in your heart

wo_dao said...

Hey Infinity,

I'm sure I'll get back on the path. It's gonna be a rough journey since it's a path that feels so...universal that I'd be taking on many things...including people's fear mongering thoughts against fruitarianism, etc etc.

As for getting in contact with people and whatnot...I would like to do so. But I decided to remain solitary for the time being.

I've such a bitter & brutal attitude that you won't believe. So brutal that if it was really in real life, since we got laws and all that around, I'd end up challenging to a duel with bokken sticks instead with a "OoOooH? SO what if I got a small frame? Well then, LET US DANCE! YOU SHALL SEE WHAT IT MEANS TO DANCE WITH ONE SUCH AS I!"


No really, when people really want to judge or stereotype directly, I will be direct back at them...this is why I don't socialize much....I'm so blunt...despite how friendly and charismatic work colleagues and friends find me..hah

But when conversing with fruitarians and those with such a similar like-mind and all would be nice to really open up...even things that people hate talking about....but it just doesn't seem to happen where I am..either that or people just ain't got the morale to listen to such difficult things. Which is fine.

I guess I should start somewhere. =)

Sandrine said...

wu_dao : Yes I believe that we should start where we are, like we are. Sure that the environement will change. We all influence each others, even those (parts of us ;) who judge can also change.
In my experience, fruits make me more tolerant, open minded, sociable person also being more happy alone, calm and more walking on my way.
Like I find the original way of living, doing and being.
Without many modern perturbations, and it's a treasure.
When I start fruits, I had nothing to lose, that's why I have continued despite of some times of doubt.

Anonymous said...

Sandrine, I really like your comment and opinion of instinctive eating. :)

"In some way, I find it interesting, to eat what seems good to ourselves"

Some fruitarians have this idea that we all started off as vegans or "were inspired" by veganism, which I find a bit odd.

I have no more faith in whatever ethics or "rules" we make up about what we eat than I have faith in our ability to process food properly. To me they're both unnatural.

There's a coincidence though that fruit is the food of choice for nearly all primates (especially those related most to us, they only choose non-fruit when fruit isn't an option).

So we should all forget about all this (alleged) "paleo diet" or (alleged) "instinctivo diet" rubbish when fruit is clearly what we're designed to eat and what paleo man most definitely ate exclusively in good times.

What bugs me is the blatant misinformation. The only people who take those diets seriously are fat people whose metabolism has been destroyed by processed foods (the high protein diets only work for them in the medium term, not in the long term), and people who think it will help them build muscle and is the actual diet of our ancestors. They all eventually get obsessive carb cravings and fall back again and again after wasting an unbelievable length of time and thought-energy on it.

Tinah said...

I really liked that.

* human wisdom is foolishness in the eyes of god and man's folly is wisdom in the eyes of god *

mmm I like

"We all have a wise person within us."

Thanks for your telling of your experiences with your words. You have a beautiful way of writing~

Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi all,
sandrine.. sorry I didn't get to it quicker, but i just made the small changes to your interview you requested.. not sure when i will be online again next as i'm in an internet cafe..

peace to all,

Sandrine said...

thank you Mango for the corrections and thank you Tinah for your kind comment.

with heart

Sandrine said...

I just eat a fresh durian and I just totally loved it........