Friday, November 19, 2010

What's the best fruit to eat to cure ..... ?

One of the most common questions I get asked from people is "what is the best fruit to eat to help recover from such and such a disease?", or "to receive this or that result?" - Like someone might read of my eye colour change on a fruitarian diet, and then ask me "what's the best fruit to eat to change my eye color?".. or they might have some weird form of ailment, specific type of cancer, or wish to know how best to recover from chemotherapy etc, and they want my advice on what particular fruit would be best for them to eat.

Hanging out on a rock.

Well, firstly I want to state that I'm clearly not a "doctor". Which is really ultimately who you should see if you want something to be prescribed to you.

Secondly, I can really see that anyone asking such questions does not fully get fruitarianism yet.

The thing wrong with the whole specific question "What should I eat?", is that it supposes that somebody somewhere has a better idea of what one should eat than you yourself do. And you are truly mistaken if you think that to be so.

The simplicity of true fruitarianism is that a fruit diet is by it's very nature cleansing and healing, thus whatever it is that might be unsettling you, dis-ease-ing, bothering or generally plaguing you, provided things haven't been pushed beyond a theoretical point of no return, then adopting a fruit only diet will eventually render things right once more. Or as right as the body is capable of becoming..

Thus, if your eyes are brown because of any previously health degrading diet, then eating fruit will eventually clean things up to the point where if you live long enough you're eyes will once more return to the colour they should be..

"How long will that take?" Is the question I then get asked.. But how can I or anyone else possibly know the answer to that? Especially when we all have such specifically differing histories, different ages, states of health, varying genetic backgrounds, different living environments, etc etc. The truth is, changing ones diet to all fruit may still not be solely enough to attain the results one would like to see. For instance, one's eye colour may naturally be brown, and no amount of cleansing will alter that, or ones living and working environment may be so polluted that results may be much slower in occurring, or ultimately hindered or prevented until one makes changes or moves out from whatever circumstances one is in..

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Live in a clean environment, and adopt a steady fruit diet, and I believe within weeks one will see results already, within months most semi-serious afflictions should be history, and within a year or more, you should be content with your path and singing the praises of the fruit only diet..

But the truth is, there are all manner of obstacles that stand in our way toward that one year goal. - Addiction and cravings being likely foremost, and it is unlikely that few will be capable of adopting and sticking to a purely fruit diet. Then socially we will be under a lot of pressure to stop being stupid and eat more sensibly, and if you don't have strength of character and conviction that what you are doing is right, then of course failure at fruitarianism is a likely result.

Don't take my word for it. I am not really telling you that fruit is right, and will definitely help you out. Quite frankly I don't want that responsibility. This is not to say that I personally don't believe what I'm writing. I have 100% faith in what I talk about, but that still doesn't make me right. Perhaps I have grossly erred. That is for you and you alone to decide..

So back to the specifics.. Why can't I help on which specific fruits are best for any given occasion? Well, the truth is that much as I believe human physiology is basically the same for every individual human on the planet (thus I personally have no doubt that a 100% fruit fruitarian diet is ultimately the correct diet for all humans), the specifics at any given point in time can vary greatly. Thus if I'm hungry right now, and the thing that appeals most is orange juice, then orange juice is what I should eat/drink.. But it would be complete folly for me to think that that is what you need right now too.. You need to go for what your own inner body intelligence and wisdom tells you is right. Don't listen to anyone else.. Not even me. Especially not me, I'm just some has been IBM system programmer..

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Of course, you might think that macdonalds is what you truly desire, but I am obviously talking within the boundaries of fruitarianism. So when I say eat what appeals most, I mean eat whichever fruit appeals most, and you can be sure (or at least, I can! - it may take a while for you to personally gain such certainty, or you may never do so, the choice is yours!), that that fruit is the one that you need to be eating right now, and that that fruit is the one which is ultimately speeding you on the way to your goals.


Cosmic said...

Wise words, Dude!


FruityFree said...

Hi Mango! I'm a newbie to the fruitarian world... have been a raw vegan for a long time but have found myself at my heaviest weight... gah. Too many nuts, raw dark chocolates! I'm turning to fruitarisnm not only to shift the pounds, but too feel my best, save money (fruit is so much cheaper than other raw foods!) and to release my obsession with planning/thinking of meals.

However, there is no way I can eat as much as advocated in 811. Is it okay to eat significantly less, and just when I feel like it? Second, my body has a terrible time digesting green veg. It renders me tired, constipated, irritable. I do find that juicing my greens gives me an abundance of energy without the digestion woes. Are green juices acceptable in this lifestyle rather than eating copious amounts of leaves? Thanks!!

ywm said...

Hi, Mango & all readers. I find that it is so hard for me to be on the raw and fruit diet. I deeply believe in it, but my body&mind resist for my solution. I have tried so many times, but never reached the end.. I also noticed a strange feature - my weight so increases with raw food.. Maybe it's because in my region (Russia) is impossible to find organic foods and I always feel hungry. Maybe it's because that sometimes I eat more cashew and dates that I needs. I don't know, but I'm still trying. Your example very inspires me, thank you for writing about your expirience.

Mr. Zed said...

I think it goes hand-in-hand with the medical industry's insistence of having a strict protocol of: 1) Disease/Ailment 2) Symptoms 3) Go to the doctor 4) Diagnosis 5) Prescription 5) Cure/Palliative pill.... and then perfect health again unless you are "unfortunate" enough to get into "bad health" again.

That's how it's supposed to work, that's the only way that makes sense for the doctors and pharmaceutical companies, that's how they "roll". Of course it has almost NOTHING to do with actual health. There are as many shades of health as there are shades of light.

Biology isn't something you can box up and prise open. And yet there is huge pressure on people to pretend they are discovering things about it when they're not, and pretending to make progress, it makes me really sad and angry.

Fruitarian Mango said...

@cosmic & all, thanks for your comments!

@Hollie, bear in mind that i can only offer you opinion, and do not necessarily "know". I am not an 801010er, but my personal view is that they tend to be obsessed with calorie counting, and eat according to charts, rather than according to genuine bodily needs. So, yes, I believe it is very ok to eat significantly less than they set out to. So long as you can eat enough to satisfy your hunger, why would you want to eat more?

If you're body is having trouble digesting greens, then I would question any sense in eating them. As for whether or not they are "acceptable", that is something for you alone to decide. As a fruitarian, I personally don't see them as an ideal food (for various reasons given throughout this blog!), so therefore don't eat them - pure or blended. I wish you well and success!

@ywm, well.. if you are eating nuts, they are not "raw".. nor are dried fruits. For me, raw means in their natural state, fresh, ripe, ready. Nuts are like cooked foods for the body, and easy to overeat on. I sympathise with your geographical position though, and it's likely you may be doing the best you can given your situation. Getting organic is really not as important as many think. many organic foods are far from perfect anyway. ultimately if you are not getting enough proper fruit choices, then you need to consider escaping your environment..

@Mr. Zed, yep.. doctors are little more than glorified government mafia supported drug pushers. A reflection of the sad state the world has gotten itself into.


Heartofflesh said...

i'm in agreement with your post and your answers, so far, to the previous comments. thanks for the inspiration, Mango!

Fruitarian Mango said...

welcome! glad to be inspirational!