Friday, December 03, 2010

Topsy-Turvy World - 16 - Truly Weird Diets

Now if you happen to consider fruitarianism as extreme and radical, perhaps you need to look around you more..

I mean, to me, the real reason why fruitarianism may be viewed as way out there, and unbalanced, is because generally speaking, the average diet of the average citizen has moved so far off the track of sanity, that the garden of Eden diet has suddenly become some whacko weird abnormality.. Whereas  the general run of the mill omnivorous diet has through time adopted a glow of normality that makes it difficult to see beyond it.

Recently a bunch of school kids in the US were taken on a field trip to see how "beef" was produced. Faced with the plain cold bloody goriness of the reality behind their burgers, the trip had to be cut short, with many children left traumatised from the experience.

Traumatized kids after a field trip to a slaughterhouse

From the loading bays, to the pneumatic bolt to the brain stunning process to the blood on the floor and anguished cries from the cows and stress loaded air, to the chained back legs and brutal "bleeding to death" end..

Now that's extreme! Extremely unnecessary! Read more of the pleasant days outing here:

Compare instead a trip to an apple orchard where apples are being harvested.. The kids would potentially have great fun and get home happy without the need for counseling.

OK.. I've just this second been informed via facebook, that newsweak actually provide 100% fictional stories, but fiction or not, the results of such a supposed day trip would likely result in a similar outcome..

But wait! Things can get even more bizarre, people all over the globe eat things that are just so weird it'd make any sane alien wonder just what's wrong with this planet..

I've even heard several reports of human fetuses being a valid culinary fair in certain parts of East Asia..  Apparently they're considered a delicatessen and, obtained through abortion clinics, fetch a high restaurant price. Some of the pictures supplied as evidence for this practise are pretty disturbing so if you search around for it, be warned.. Here's write up I recently stumbled upon..

From an online Swedish newspaper, I also read recently that people are even eating shit medicinally, - And not even their own!

In my opinion not anywhere nearly as bizarre, in Italy one prized (and illegal!) dish eaten is called Casu Marzu, and is a decomposing sheeps milk cheese, infested with maggots! - Make sure you chew the maggots fully, as apparently they can survive the stomach acid and take up internal residency, -  even making use of diabolical mouth-hooks that can lacerate your stomach linings or intestinal walls as they attempt to drill through your internal organs! Yummy!

Over in China, if you're a russian roulette fan, one can feast on blood clams, they're found on the Shanghai black market at exorbitant prices, and are famed for harbouring hepatitis, typhoid, and dysentery, but only a small percentage (less than 10%), and supposedly delicious, so worth the risk (I think NOT!)..

Maybe in light of such meals, a bowl of strawberries doesn't seem so unappealing?!

Well.. some might point out that pointing from one extreme to another doesn't stop extremes being extreme, and I'm not denying that. I believe humans have somehow fallen from grace, and from living one-time purely natural healthy existences in a garden of eden setting where compassion and love ruled supremely, they have fallen into a deep dark pit of despair anguish and suffering fully reflected by demented food choices.. I do not believe the middle of these 2 extremes is a healthy balance.


Deco Dolly said...

This was a fantastic post! Thanks mango :) I'm eating a vegan diet transitioning to raw, probably up to about 75% at the moment, eating mostly fruits and juices. Still trying to kick old habits of a traditional diet that have been ingrained in me since birth, and also sometimes one of the hardest things is convincing the people around you that a raw and/or fruitarian diet is the sane way of living and the wacky "foods" most people eat are not the way humans are ment to live. Not that I want to push my beliefs on anyone, just wanna eat my bananas, mangos and raspberries in peace without being accused of having an eating disorder or being a weirdo! haha

Masood said...

Exactly right; because almost all people eat extremely off from the diet they’ve been designed for, then someone who eats the right food, would be called extremist. Weird World!!! Excellent job Mango! Thank you.

Cosmic said...

Excellent post, Mango! Just remembered how much I love fresh, locally-sourced raspberries(soo scrummily-delightful delicious:)


Mr. Zed said...

I think if they want to eat a chicken, they should have to strangle the chicken themselves. Get a rock maybe. See if they are up to it.

Also for when they kill other humans, they should do it with their bare hands if at all... so they can see the true pain of it. It's too easy to pull a trigger... I don't think the human soul truly appreciates what its doing when it does that.

And you are so right about the crazy diets they have nowadays. People get so uptight about the idea of eating cats and dogs... yet think nothing of eating chicken.

Mr. Zed said...

Oh Newsweak is meant to be a crazy, silly, fake news website like theonion?

Aha... I can't help but find this turn of events a bit darkly funny, there's an awful irony somewhere there...

Personally Mango on a wider scale, I think you are one of the most normal people on the planet. The abnormal people are the ones following the new fad known as the civilization diet (of course many are addicted/pushed into it while wishing not to be). In the grand scheme of things, you are a normal human being, while the vast majority of people born in the past 10,000 years or so are eating extremely abnormally. I hope we all keep eating as normally as we are able for.

AnĂ´nimo Anonymous said...

The determinant that puts fruitarianism out of the radical line is that it has full capacity to sustain (healthful) life by itself.

Fruitarian Mango said...

yes.. i think having the bulk of the rest of society moving in the opposite direction really doesn't ease transitting, does it? It's really one of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome, especially with cooked traditional foods being so devilishly addictive, and the constant surrounding of temptation. But not to worry.. there is light at the end of the tunnel.. you can break free, just keep believing what you do, and progressing in the direction that you are!

@Masood, Cosmic!
Glad to be appreciated!

@Mr. Zed,
agreed, killing, or the actual process of it is done far too far from the actual reality of it. We're soo distanced that we are basically unaware.. Like you mention, the paid assassins just line up their target and pull the trigger, or plant a bomb, or press a button. The general carnivore just buys their slab of thigh wrapped in plastic, and thinks nothing of the true meaning of "lamb chop"ped.

And the people protective of their dogs and cats, think nothing of feeding them butchered flesh of other life-time tortured, finally slaughtered beings.. Sad reality.

@Anonimo, yes, clearly the case viewed from this angle of perspective, but sadly most people are far too convinced otherwise to ever accept that this is even possible.

peace to one and all..